Karma and You

The Big White continues apace, and even though this week has been nothing short of a train wreck time wise, I’m still on track, though my ability to stay that way feels fragile. Row 39 accomplished, seven rows (and that long cast off) to go, and seven (or eight) days to go until shawl deadline. One thing I can say with certainty at this point – I’m not going to run out of yarn or beads. There’s tons of both, so there’s one layer of worry I can take off this.

bigwhiteagain 2016-06-10

Row 38 took a long time, with three beads and two nupps in each repeat, but from here -even though the rows are longer, they don’t have as much going on, and that should help. It had better help – progress needs to keep being made. The red-eye was a terrible mistake that turned me into a coffee fueled organism who limped through the next two days, but I was needed at home, and there was a bike rally meeting, and there are wedding plans and I had stuff to do for people important to me and … I don’t want to think about it. Onward. Next steps. Somewhere in all of this I have to do a long training ride this weekend, and stay on track with all things Rally – which brings me to Karmic Balancing Gifts… as many of them as I can get up until I have to go out the door. (I’m going to try and work on the big white at a BBQ for Joe’s work. It’s probably not going to be super productive, but every stitch counts right now.)

If you’ve forgotten how it works, or you’re new, here’s how it goes. You sponsor a member of Team Knit – that’s Me, Ken, Cameron or Pato (with honourable mention to some stray knitters we’ve picked up, Heather and Val) and then send an email to me at stephanieATyarnharlotDOT.ca with the subject line “I helped”. In the email you tell me your address, and if you’re a spinner or not.  Then other knitters send along emails about beautiful things they’d like to share, and I draw names and the Karma gets redistributed. You do something nice, maybe you get something nice. There’s details here.)

Deb has three gorgeous skeins of Rios in Sunset from the Dizzy Sheep, and copies of her three beautiful patterns Mai Sola, Volo and Lenai. (The yarn is enough to make one of the shawls) and I hope that Janet A really loves the combination.

yarnforshawl 2016-06-10

Your fellow knitter Kerry over at C.S Literary Jewelry (careful with that link Knitters, careful) makes beautiful literary themed jewelry, and she’s offering up one of her charming (get it?) necklaces. They’ve got a teapot, a vial of real tea leaves, a quote, a cup. Devastating.

literarynecklace 2016-06-10

Jaclyn A will pick her favourite from the list, and I hope she loves it (or has one of her Christmas presents all sorted out, because man, I’ve got a list that would love this.)

brownies 2016-06-10

Karen from Greyston Bakery is giving away a A twelve piece assorted brownie gift box.  Greyston Bakery is an over 30 year old social enterprise in Yonkers, New York focused on creating jobs for individuals with barriers to employment – including homelessness, incarceration, and chronic, generational poverty and providing access to the resources needed to improve their lives, their families lives and the health of their communities. Click on the link. They’re doing amazing things, and Kelly Y is going to get to eat the brownies.

Corrine, purveyor of fine patterns, has a nice  thing for some knitters.

sweetjenny 2016-06-10

Janet H, Jenny E, Elizabeth M, Linda B and Maggie S can all have their choice of a free pattern from Corrine’s whole list.  I know they’ll find something they love. (The picture is of Socks Called Sweet Jenny.)

Jill, a charming and generous knitter, went into her stash and found two cheerful skeins of yarn that she’s somehow able to part with.

jillsyarn 2016-06-10

She’ll be sending those along to Bonnie, and I’m grateful to them both.

Lisa made a similar dash to the stash, and she came back with three balls of Wool and the Gang Sheepaca, that she says is really nice stuff…
woolandthegang 2016-06-10

and my random knitter-picker says it is for Alex E.

Jen at ClimbingTree Woodwork has a beautiful gift, made by her two little hands.  (You should look at her shop, there are lovely things.)

jennyspindle 2016-06-10

It’s a handmade drop spindle, nostepinne, buttons and a shawl stick, and the whole shebang will be going to live with Andrea L.

Another one for a spinner, Susan has this lovely braid of 100% Masham wool from Indigo Dragonfly…

indigofibre 2016-06-10

and after consulting with the fates, it’s going to make its merry way to Judy S.

Finally (I’ve got to go put on some matching clothes and get out of here) there’s some lovely gifts from Signature Needle Arts. (I know – such good friends of the show.) They have two lovely things. A DPN Gift Set for Elizabeth L

signaturedpnset 2016-06-10

and a Signature Gift Set for Ginni G.

sgnaturegiftset 2016-06-10

I’m sure both of them just died and went to heaven, along with everyone else who got something lovely today. Thanks for your help everyone.  Think of Team Knit this weekend, will you? It’s calling for rain, and we’ll be on our bikes.  (More gifts next week, there are millions.)

(PS. I’ve emailed all the lucky knitters and spinners mentioned above. If you think it’s you, check your inbox.)

28 thoughts on “Karma and You

  1. I have a wise friend who keeps me sane when my schedule starts to look the way yours does this week. She says,
    “Only do what only you can do.”

    In other words, do what you have to and delegate as much as you can!

    you’ve got this…

  2. I am shuddering at the thought you are taking the Great White to a BBQ. Here’s best wishes that BBQ sauce, greasy fingers, smoke from the grill, etc. stay far away from your knitting!

  3. As a wise teacher once said to me, “Sometimes there are larger oughts.” At the moment, aside from some issues like wedding plans, The Big White is one of the largest “oughts’ on your list. Simply accept that you can’t do everything and let go of some of the more time-consuming/energy-consuming chores. Right Now. Without Guilt.

  4. Wow I love the karmic gifts because you get to see great yarn, accessories, and tasty food made by great organizations. It is with such joy that I click on to see the possible patterns, other choices, what people gave up from their stash, and ideas for gifts. Besides a wonderful blog that inspires me as I knit a lace shawl for a charity auction, I got to be dazzled by how well the shawl is coming and all the supportive love for the bike rally and a terrific cause. Keep biking and knitting.

  5. I get stressed for you reading your posts — the shawl is beautiful, I can’t wait to see it finished (I bet you can’t either!) your “rows per day” is a good plan, but what about blocking? I’m hyperventilating for you!!!

  6. Give yourself permission to skip the BBQ, blog posts, fund raising and laundry for the next eight days. If I (and I am sure many others!) were in Toronto and could take your place at bike rally rides or meetings, I would!
    Knit like the Wind!

  7. While I’m still a long way off of my goal, I’m happy to say that it was knitters who put me over my fundraising minimum this week. (Not the blog though – the last bit was a cash collection at my stitch night!) I’m so grateful for all the support coming in from the blog.

    Steph, you know how you need to train to feel ok, but I’d humbly suggest that skipping this weekend’s ride probably won’t be a dealbreaker for your training. (I have 2 weekends in a row where I just can’t fit rides in coming up.)

  8. I’m sitting here shaking my head at your schedule and wishing you all the best that things fall in line and you make all the best things happen.

  9. I think you should tell your other two daughters right away that they are not allowed to have a wedding less than three months after they tell you they are getting married (four months if Christmas falls between the announcement and the wedding).

  10. Oh, my! Wishing you only the best of luck! You will probably warp the space-time continuum and not need it, but sending you my best wishes nontheless!!

  11. I started my new job 2 weeks ago. When I get my first paycheck next week, I will donate to Team Knit. That’s a promise. And the Great White is beautiful beyond words.

  12. Steph,

    you know … you stay busy … but this is crazy. Can the bike ride, do it after the wedding. Do a 10 miler, to keep the bottom in condition, and be done with it until the shawl is done and the wedding is over. Geezsh! Woman!

    Over and out!

  13. Even though I check the blog every day hoping there is a post, it will not kill me to wait until after the wedding for new one. I worry you will wear yourself so thin you’ll get sick, Stepanie. Please take care of youself. The Blog will understand if you decide to wait on announcing karmic balancing gifts, etc. until after the happy day. Great White looks gorgeous as ever. Keep it far from BBQ sauce tonight.

  14. So glad to hear that enough yarn and beads are already on hand, although I will miss the drama of Blog members offering to meet you at the US-Canada border to hand over brown bags containing, of all things, yarn! Or beads.
    This year’s gifts are a treat for the eyes! I tripped and fell into the shop at CS Literary Jewelry-oops! Most of my Chridtmas list ,too can be filled out with her creative creations. Thanks ( sort of) for that link!

    • I loved the Canada/US adventure! and also fell into the jewelry website…sigh…such pretty things. Please please be careful with the BW Steph at the BBQ – we’re all worried.

  15. I don’t comment much (ever) but: I will make a generous donation to the rally if you would please just stop tending The Blog for 7 days while you finish the Big White. We’ll all be here when you come back in 10/11/12 days time, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling guilty at taking up your time that you could be pouring love into that shawl. Go: knit.

  16. What is wrong with everyone steph will stay out of the sauce and the shawl will be finished and blocked before the wedding cause this is after all the yarn harlot

    • I nearly died laughing at this. I’m sure she’ll stay away from any BBQ sauce but the stress must be close to driving her to drink right now.

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