Buried Alive

Well, not quite. It is really snowy though. I’m giving up though, I’m not even going to try and leave today. I’ll make a couple of calls to clients, write half a column, then I’m making soup, I’m baking bread and I’m working on the sweater that shall not be named while drinking coffee and watching a James Bond movie with Joe.
I’m also going to spend some time admiring this.
Be still my heart. It’s what the “broken” blue ended up being yesterday. It’s about 30 metres of the loveliest purple blue fingering weight wool. I love it. It’s the nicest accident I ever dyed. Naturally, I have absolutely no idea how to do it again. My chronic low-self esteem also means that I always expect disaster, so I only dyed one little handful. What to do with 30 metres? For now, I’ve put it on the coffee table so that all may admire it.
Child Labour
Sam and Megan celebrated “Tuesdays are for spinning” with me yesterday.
Megan spun the version plied with white, and Sam’s work is the pink. I don’t like to rave about my kids, but I’m just going to point out that Meg is 12 and Sam is 9. That’s right, 9. You can figure out for yourself how smart that makes them. Where’s Amanda’s spinning? Amanda is almost 15. She is far, far too hip for spinning. I’m sure that she finds it all humiliating, like the way I wear my hair and the way that Joe answers the phone. I try not to make direct eye contact with her these days. It’s too bad that she isn’t interested though, I’m starting to think that I could cash the kids spinning in on Ebay.
While I’m snowbound I’m going to try and add some stuff to the gallery. It looks like I never finish anything. How much snow does it take to keep me in? Here’s the same shot from yesterday, with much more on top. As much as the snow makes getting around sort of epic, I love it. It makes me feel…..Canadian.