You want socks?

I love knitting socks. I love the portability, I love that I don’t need a pattern, I love that you can knit them in the dark, or on the subway. I love sharp metal DPN’s. I love the seemingly endless supply of sock yarns. Self patterning, striping, heathered, varigated…. Oh yes.
I love socks enough that this is my current problem.


I’m not even showing you the ugly ones. (Why are there ugly ones? Why would I be knitting something that I willingly admit is ugly? Let’s just say that I can get a little worked up about self-patterning yarns. Sometimes – I can lose my cool a little over a sassy little stripe and forget what really matters in the world. Like, brown, white, black and turquoise are not a “go”)
Why you ask, do I have so many darned socks? (let’s pretend you asked). Well my curious little friends, I watched three movies. Let’s walk it through. The large red thing in the photo is Fiber Trends felted clogs. This is a great pattern and I’d like to apologize to anyone who’s had to listen to me rave about being in “clog hell”. It’s just that I’ve knit a lot of them and I’ve kinda had it. Those can’t go to the movies because you need to see what you are doing.
I have to knit at the movies, so I cast on Joe’s socks.

These are toe up socks with a really cool celtic cable up the leg that didn’t show up really well. They are my first toe-ups, I used this pattern, and added cables. (can we talk about doing the heel stitch in toe ups? You know, k1,sl1 across, purl wrong side etc. Is that possible? Would it make the heel less…well, pouch-like? Maybe mean that Joe could walk to the corner before they wore through? Not make my sock efforts a wasted, empty, meaningless time? )
These worked for the first movie. By the second movie I had made it to the cable, taking Joe’s socks out of the lineup. so I cast on these.

These are socks for Megan. She bought the wool for me as a Christmas present. It was especially touching that she stuck a piece of paper on the label which read “socks for meg”. The child is subtle. These went to the second movie, and took a few trips on the subway. It is worth noting that this is the new Patons Kroy Socks “stripes”. It is also worth noting that despite having the same gauge on the label as the regular Kroy Socks it is actually thicker. It is worth noting this before you knit most of a sock and have to accept that the thing is huge. Last night I was at the turn for the heel (for the second time), and I need light to be able pick up the flap stitches. So I cast on these.

Fleece artist sock yarn. Oh yeah. I’ve been saving this.
Three movies, three pairs of socks. You know, I thought that I had a lot of works in progress, I thought maybe I had a problem. Now that I break it down it all starts seeming pretty reasonable.
What is unreasonable is that it took 3 hours and 20 minutes for me to do this post. I did learn how to do links and pictures and I did take the pictures. I think I’m having a pretty steep Movable Type learning curve. I drank 4 cups of coffee while I did it though, so the upside is that I’ve got LOTS of energy for the rest of my day.