What was his name?

This here is my favourite cardigan, or I think it might be if I could ever finish it.
favourite cardie
It’s mistake stitch rib in Patons Ballybrae, a discontinued but fabulous light worsted weight yarn. The pattern is from the Spring 2000 issue of Interweave Knits, designed by Kathy Zimmerman, who’s designs are generally lovely. I’ve been working on it for three years. Because it’s for me it tends to fall to the bottom of the pile. It’s been shuffled to the top because I’m freezing, and all it needs is 3/4 of a sleeve and a collar.
When I first saw this pattern I didn’t know if I was going to be able to knit it. There was one thing about it that just sent a shudder through me. It made me want to run screaming, and before anybody saw me thinking about knitting it. It took me a long time to get over it, and even now I’m a little worried. What could possibly deter me from knitting a pattern I adore?
It was the name. Brace yourselves.
“The Very Thought Of Him”
I know. It still makes me a little nauseous and I’ve spend three years trying to accept that I’m going to own a sweater named something as completely…what? What do you call that? Girlie? Mushy? What? The blurb in the magazine says that it’s designed to evoke the feeling of wearing a boyfriends sweater.
My worst nightmare is that I finally finish the thing, do the making up, sew on the buttons and put it on with the perfect shirt (yeah I’ve got it picked out….I like to plan ahead) and gleefully go into the street, with all the confidence that comes from wearing something that you think is perfect…only to have somebody walk up to me and say “Hey, isn’t that “The Very Thought of Him”?
The very thought that I would buy yarn, a pattern, spend countless hours knitting, sew on buttons (I hate sewing on buttons) all to evoke the memory of a boyfriend I never had is a little more than I can bear. Nevertheless, it’s a darned nice sweater so I’ve put all that aside and I’m going to wear it anyway. If the above mentioned nightmare ever actually occurs, I’m just going to look the person in the eye and say “No, it isn’t”