I have chosen to ignore the cardigan’s note. I understand its pain, but I have way too many unfinished projects to respond to threats like that. If I give in to the sweater, it will be mutiny…and I am very badly outnumbered. I did go buy it some buttons, and sweet talked it with promises of no-rinse woolwash. I think I’ve bought myself enough time to show you this.
laceweight white
It’s about 10 million metres of snowy white laceweight yarn. It’s a two ply, and it’s got a lovely halo from some fuzzy fibre. Fibre content is somewhat unknown, but I’ve burned it, bleached it and felted it and it’s absolutely 100% natural fibre. My best guess is wool/mohair. I knit a little swatch.
This is (appropriately) “Snowdrop Lace” (Feb 2nd from this handy dandy calendar) The picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It’s soft and delicate and I feel happy when I look at it. Guess where I got it. C’mon, just try, humour me. Give up? Value Village. (Insert maniacal laughter here) That’s right, a thrift store. People are always telling me that they get this good wool in thrift stores and then I go there and all they have is 17 balls of beige acrylic and a ball of red and green Christmas wool with a silver thread in it. Yeah, well…Not this time baby. I scored big time. There’s enough here for probably 2 shawls. Big ones. Maybe a cowl or a wimple too. I have never wanted a wimple, but I’m hopped up on cheap laceweight and the world’s my oyster. Do I hear somebody asking “How cheap was it?” Sit down and take a deep breath. Ready? $1.99. HA! Think maybe you read that wrong? One dollar and ninety-nine cents. CANADIAN. What kind of crazy deal is that! Wish you were me? Sure you do. If we were in a bar I’d buy you all a beer. What’s the laceweight celebration equivalent? Scarves for all my friends!
(PS, if you live in Toronto and you were thinking about e-mailing me to find out what Value Village? Forget it. I got it all)