Welcome to Yarn Harlot. I’ve been toying with blogging for a while, and My good friend Ken must have agreed, since he’s gifted me with this setup. Pretty slick eh? It’s gotta be a coincidence that he agreed right after I started e-mailing him pictures of wool. I think he thought blogging would give me a broader victim base. I feel pressured to come up with something good, and what with this being the first entry ever, I decided to go with a healthy dose of justification. Without further ado..I give you The Top Ten Reasons I Should Do A Knitting Blog.
10. I knit.
9. I write. Usually about knitting. This should help.
8. I have a computer, high speed access, and a friend who knows how to work it. I myself do not. (As an aside, if anyone has translated the Movable type manual from whatever the hell language it’s in into English…I’d like to hear about it) My good friend Ken speaks fluent blog, has been plied with wooly items, knows how to knit and is making this site go. He’s a genius.
7. I spin too. It’s gripping. Really. Since I spin pretty badly, this blog should serve as an ego boost to other spinners out there. Visit often, feel better about yourself. It’s just a little public service I offer.
6. I have the attention span of a gnat. While this is a drawback to life in general, I think it’s a plus for blogging since it should mean that what I’m on about today will bear no resemblance to tomorrow. Makes it hard to get things done, but why would you care?
5. If I could find a network of other knitters who would be interested in what I’m doing, then I could conceivably stop harassing my non-knitting friends and family who currently have to pretend that they care about knitting, yarn and my lumpy, overspun spinning escapades.
4. I got me a digital camera, and what is probably an unhealthy degree of interest in taking pictures of my knitting.
3. I make mistakes, tons of them. If I can save just one knitter from the tragedy of knitting error…well, My loss should be someone’s gain.
2. I am an equal opportunity yarn harlot. I’ll knit anything, oh…except toilet paper covers, super bulky sweaters, barbie clothes, willie warmers, most things in yellow, neon variegated acrylic yarn, or crochet ripple stitch baby blankets in…well, any colour really.
1. I have a cat. While she doesn’t knit, and so will not figure largely in the blog, a survey of other knitting blogs has revealed to me that it might be a prerequisite.