That’s what I’m doing today. Stripping wallpaper. I thought that for interest I would throw in knitting clogs (one pair down, two to go), spinning the last of my mysterious rainbow fibre plan, drinking too much coffee, bitching about the snow and trying to convince Joe to do the grocery shopping. I’m staying close to home since I’m on call for a birth. I was hoping the mama in question would have the babe yesterday, since I thought it would be hysterical to get a chance to make all these great “If he comes out and sees his shadow…” jokes.
The mysterious rainbow fibre plan is something I’ve come up with over the last week or two. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be mittens, but I’m open to suggestions. There is very little of each colour, so it needs to be a little project. I leave you now with a photo of the mysterious rainbow fibre plan, and the realization that my cat bears a strong resemblance to a pound of black alpaca roving. (Millie the cat is the black blob of fibre on the left)