Happy Birthday Sam

Breaking news – This reporter is happy to write that dutiful rocking, nursing, walking, pat-a-cake, story reading, time outs, knitting lessons, bike riding, talking and laughing has successfully turned this
into this.
When contacted for comment this morning the child’s mother was heard to say “I’m thrilled that Sam is 10, she really seems to be working out for us…how old are they when they can do their own laundry?”
Samantha is a delightful child, and has been since she was born. Sources tell us that Sam cried so little and slept so well that her mother questioned the midwife about the possibility of brain damage. Reassured that Samantha was normal, her mother simply adopted the view that this baby was her reward for not having killed the first two. Samantha has gone on to excel at everything she tries and much to her mothers delight, is an adept knitter and spinner. When we reached Samantha for comment this morning, we asked her if it felt different to be 10.
“Well, I feel almost the same” she replied, “I might be taller…but I think it’s my shoes”
We questioned Sam about the hand knit blanket she is wrapped in on her birth day, but she claims that she doesn’t remember that day “really well”. (This reporter wonders if that means she remembers it at all…I thought about asking but it creeped me out)
Her mother remembers it very well. “The blanket was finished at midnight, after my labour had begun, and 7 hours before Sam was wrapped in it. Sam was born at home, and I remember blocking and pinning out the border while I waited for the midwife. I knit a white lace blanket for all of my daughters, and they were all born the day I finished their blanket. One 10 days late, one 10 days early, Sam right on her due date…but always as soon as I cast off.”
Happy Birthday Sam.