Shawl issues

I love this shawl.
and er…this one.
I love them so much that I have knit this shawl, in this yarn, in three colourways (the red is really nice too..) more than once. I have, in my obsessive and compulsive manner, knit this shawl upwards of six times. There is something about it that just gets me. I knit the shawls, I give away some of them, but mostly I hoard them, unworn, in a box in my bedroom. From time to time I take them out, stroke them softly and think about going down to the yarn shop and, since I heard a rumour that this yarn is discontinued, buying all that she has and keeping it to myself. Forever.
I love these shawls so much, that I gave posting the pictures of them on this blog serious thought. One of you is going to want one. And then there will be less of this yarn in the world for me. Even though I can’t afford more, have more, own several of the shawls, have given one of the shawls to everyone in my life would could possibly deserve one and some who don’t….I still don’t want anyone else to buy the yarn and reduce my chances of finding it again. That’s healthy….right?
PS. Hank wore the mittens.