Hear ye, hear ye. After due process was served yesterday in this blog the Farmyard Jacket was convicted of all charges and sentenced to death by kitchen garbage can. A stay of execution was suggested by a number of jurors who attempted to convert the jacket to a pillow, and one member even offered clemency and a new home to the accused. Unfortunately it was a miserable piece of ugly knitting and this court took immense pleasure in heaving it into the garbage can and watching a little coffee grounds get on it. For the record, I would like to note that the Farmyard Jacket was a toddler size and I never had any intention of wearing it myself.
Moving on. One of the Mamluke socks is finished. Be still my heart.
I love it. See the band of “m” shaped fancies at the ankle and toe? It is “Allah” written in cufic/ arabic letters. Sincerely…how cool is that?
At the same time, I am knitting these. “Welsh Country Stockings” also from “Folk socks”
Only, mine look like this
In a daring move, I am spinning the wool myself. I’ve spun enough for the cuff, heel and toe of both socks (I think) and I’m ready to begin knitting in the darker grey pattern and leg. The yarn for that looks like this.
Catch that? It was subtle. Yeah, small problem. I’ll get it looking more like grey yarn later today. I keep trying to figure out how much fleece becomes how much yarn….does that look like enough to anybody? Can you imagine anything that would make you want to run in front of a public bus more than spinning your own sock wool and only being able to knit 9/10ths of the second one? If anyone knows some voodoo figuring out thing, would you drop me a comment?