Way more fun than camp

I think I may die of fun any minute now…or at least keel over a little from it. Our schedule around here is going to need to be pared back a little, or we are never going to be able to survive this much fun.

Here are some things we did. (Note: due to the extreme fun and the time that takes, todays entry is brought to you alternately by me and Juno. It’s an efficiency measure. Blog camp.)

1. We played with wool in our dressing gowns and home pants until later in the day than it is reasonable for grown-ups to lie around. (Juno’s note: This depends on your definition of reasonable. I am working on getting This One to loosen up a bit. Vacation baby. Albeit vacation in your own home.)

2. We went out as a family and ate our own body weights in wicked good Japanese food.


3. We took the subway to the baseball game. (This is a very good thing to do with tourists.) (Juno’s note: Because I have NEVER seen a train before, uh huh. OK, maybe I got a little confused at the ticket gate. I’m used to swipey cards in NY. Steph’s Note: You can’t tell me you don’t think there’s a difference between the two subway systems. First of all…our rats spell with all those extra “u”s.)

4. Megan (Lettuce Knit Megan, not my daughter Megan, who is not old enough to suggest this) spoke of the benefits of drinking baseball beer with a straw.


Juno speaking now….Steph has gone to the bath, but we’re going downtown, so we need joint blogging or the afternoon will go away.

5. This made Steph unreasonably happy. Brother Ian with his…knitting bag. He asked her to hold it for a minute while he tracked down a missing member of the party. She was charmed. Steph speaking….I was more than charmed. I was stunned. Dude just stood there holding it. “Here…Hold my knitting bag.” I couldn’t believe it. It was like a miracle.


6. Juno Speaking: She’s making me blog. Dude, I left my laptop home for a REASON. (Which is that it is broken, but that’s beside the point.) Steph speaking: I am not making you blog. I handed you the computer and your instincts kicked in.

7. Birthday PIE! (Yes the six is backwards.)


7. Sometimes if you wave to the California Angels in the Bullpen, they wave back. But not at the sock.


8. Rachel H and Megan found the game surprisingly absorbing. Not at all dull. (Me, I wouldn’t know, I spent most of the evening untangling my boucle. That ball winding incident from yesterday continues to have repercussions.


9. Joe. He bought me beer. He is a Good Man.


10. The sock enjoys the view from the outfield. It wishes you were here.


11. All kinds of knitters having Big Giant Knitting Fun (I think the Stitch n Pitch was the only sold out section of the stadium. The drink vendor looked around at one point and asked the air “Why all these people were sewing?.” As Rachel H said “We’re going to keep doing it until you know this isn’t sewing, dude.”



12. Toronto is fun. You should come and visit here. Juno out.