Stash Diving for a Solution

Here’s an idea.

(Can I just take a moment to tell you all how blogging just never gets old? I mean, here I am in my kitchen, getting ready to shift off to LA and anxious to take this project with me, and I can have the opinion of all you interested knitters in minutes? That’s really something. That seriously beats the pants off of following Joe around the house saying “pink or green? Joe? Joe….. is the green too subtle? The pink too bold? Honey? JOE. LOOK AT MY YARN.” For the record, this technique has never been satisfactory. Joe usually just gives up and says he likes the green, and then I accuse him of not even looking at the green and just saying green to get out of talking about yarn and then Joe looks at me like “Yeah. That’s right.” The blog is better.)

The Bleeding Heart Stole is knit from the ends in two pieces, and grafted in the middle. I’m thinking that I should divide the bleeding heart yarn in two equal portions, knit the border end pieces out of my beloved, then switch to a complimentary colour for the middle. (I wonder what the designer would do?) The question is, which colour? I went diving in the stash (much easier since the big toss and reorganize) and came up with a wool/bamboo/nylon yarn from Jennifer. The weight and lustre is same, and I think they could work. Which one? I dunno.

A) Pale pink in almost exactly the same shade as the background pink in my bleeding heart yarn, but is either too woosie-pants washed out or beautifully subtle. I can’t decide which.


B) Green is sort of good. Kind of like the leafy part of a bleeding heart, could be an organic outgrowth of the colorway or way too unrelated to work.


C) Deep pink, sort of like the darker parts of the bleeding hearts, and is either elegantly rich or one step away from being a pair of whore’s panties.


A, B, or C. You pick. I can’t tell, and frankly, neither can Joe.


1,356 thoughts on “Stash Diving for a Solution

  1. I liked both the darker pink center and the paler pink, but I liked the darker pink better. I think the paler pink won’t offer enough contrast to the lovely bamboo variegated yarn. For my taste, the green is too much different. YMMV

  2. The green – definitely the green. I didn’t even have to look at the other pics to know…I guess that makes me like Joe?
    Whatever you use – it will be scrumpdilicious!

  3. A, i think.
    but C could also work.
    men are not so helpful in certain situations.
    have a good trip!

  4. C.
    Or b.
    Um. Maybe a.
    No, c. definitely. Yes.
    Unless you think b would be better.
    NO! C. Really. That was my gut reaction.
    My second gut reaction is “Glad I am not having to make this decision. I would either miss the plane or have 3 balls of yarn with me and be dithering for hours and not have a damn thing knitted.”
    Good luck!

  5. Pink, definitely. The green is too much of a contrast, and the fuscia just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. My first comment ever, mostly by virtue of the fact that there aren’t already 500 comments. I vote C. The pale pink is too subtle. The green is too different. The darker pink matches, but is different enough to give a nice contrast.

  7. You have to go with the green. Anything else will be way too girly. And we can’t have girly.

  8. I go for the elegantly rich and choose C – the contrast is just enough without being too little or too different.

  9. I think A is the winner as well. The high contrast on the other two could really backfire, IMO. But I am not known to have fabulous color sense, so take it for what its worth. The handspun is beautiful, though:)

  10. K, I asked my boyfriend and he said “green”. A is just to “safe”, C is “too drastic”, B “blends in nicely”. So there.

  11. I vote A. It would blend very subtlely. Or if you don’t want subtle, go C.

  12. I vote for C. I think it will make the pale “beloved” yarn look like the lighter edges of a bleeding heart blossom. Gorgeous.

  13. I’d say A because it’s subtle and doesn’t take away from the gorgeous handspun. Second choice would be C which compliments it by doing a deeper pink. B is my last choice because, much as I love green as a rule, I think it takes away from the Beloved yarn. Just my opinion!

  14. A is best. Subtly different, but different enough.
    B would be lost in translation. You don’t want to have to go around explaining the shawl (bleeding heart green) all the time, right? Or you do, but then my opinion is: don’t.
    C. Whore’s panties. You said it better than I.
    Just my opinions, of course….

  15. A. Definitely A. I think the other two colors contrast so well that they will overwhelm your beloved. The pale pink will let the pretty handspun steal the show.

  16. Oh my goodness no wonder Joe stays out of these decisions. This is one big dilemma as I like all of them. For me it would have to be either the B or C. for you —whatever turns your crank is good and what ever it is it WILL be lovely. I don’t think that there is a bad choice to be made. That’s what you get for finding all this beautiful stuff in your stash. Please let us know what you do eventually decide . I’m no help at all am I ??

  17. A…. or possibly C. A is matchy and C is complimentary. B is too contrast-y.

  18. B
    I like the green, I was thinking green all along. The handspun border will suggest the flowers coming out from the foliage. There is a bit of green in the handspun isn’t there?

  19. Go with the green. The pale pink is too washed out–it’s a different value than the bleeding heart. The dark is way, way too dark, although your description of it is a tad…um…unusual… Annie

  20. Either A with your original pattern idea, or scrap the original pattern idea and think of something new that will use all of them.

  21. Green, definitely choice B. But looks like A is outvoting the others. I’m sure what ever you decide will be lovely.

  22. All are lovely. Alone I love C, but with the bleeding heart homespun, I vote for A.
    I am so very impressed with the speed of your spinning/plying. Clearly you are a dedicated if fickle person.

  23. I like the pale pink too. Never did like pink and green together, and I don’t think the darker pink actually blends with it – it seems like a bit of a clash.

  24. Definitely A. Although the other colors are beautiful, I think A lets the handspun take center stage (and this is coming from a person who would almost always pick green over pink!).

  25. I like A and C. But A more than C. I don’t like B with it and green is my fave color and I’m so not a pink person. So that should say something. But yeah, I’d either go with A & C, or just A.

  26. I vote for B. I saw a beautiful scarf in a shop recently that used that color combination. It was so lovely that I almost bought a $30 skein of yarn to duplicate it.

  27. I like A. It sets off the stubtle varigation of your handspun. The green seems a little too “off”, like it’s in competition with the paler pink. The dark pink seems a little overpowering, too. It’s just my thoughts, though. You’re the knitter!

  28. C! C! C!
    A was way too subtle and B just wasn’t quite right (and green is my favorite color).
    To me A looks like a the good bits of color got washed out. IMHO truly the best shade would be a pink about halfway between A and C.

  29. Girl, that’s a tough one, especially when looking through my monitor. My first choice would be A with B a close second. Choice A would flow together for a subtle and soft romantic effect. Although B would be more contrasting and might make your bleeding heart yarn pop, but kind of reminds me of baby blanket colors.

  30. A! I think the others are just too different to work (though I am sure if you pick one of the others I’ll be proven wrong in a fit of stunningness!)

  31. I vote for C. I can see it now. Dark pink on the outside and light pink on the inside – not whore’s panties at all.
    It will be so beautiful.

  32. C. But all of them are good choices. Do you want to bring out the pink/rose of the bleeding heart, or surround it with the leafy bits?

  33. just to add my idea:
    A next the border and shifting to the darker C in the middle (next the grafting.)

  34. I vote for A. It totally compliments your gorgeous handspun. To my eye, the other colors overpower your yarn and say “look at me instead of that beauty over there”. Choice A compliments, but doesn’t compete.

  35. That’s a really tough choice! I think A, the pale pink would give your handspun the most chance to shine, but I don’t think there’s a bad choice in the bunch!

  36. I pick B. I love green and I love that shade and I think it will showcase your yarn instead of hide it like the light pink ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I was so excited to hear my three year old say “A B C yarn” when she saw your picture that I granted her my vote. I quote: “C yarn” why” “because C is kind of a pretty color”.

  38. I really like A.
    Though, in the last picture, you can see some lovely green in your bleeding heart yarn – if there’s more of that, I think the green would be divine.
    I am totally blown away by “B”‘s suggestion of a swatch, and think that’s a fabulous idea, though I would never have thought of it, being the swatch-hater that I am.

  39. Take all three colors with you, and swatch them together. (Or simply start knitting with the handspun, which would work just as well.) I would tend toward A, but I can’t really make a decision until I had seen the handspun knit up in pattern, so I would know how the various colors would play with the solid. Maybe C would really pick up the darker notes in the handspun . . . maybe A would let it shine . . .
    So, there’s my vote. ;o) Have fun!

  40. Absolutely A. By the way, the handspun is beautiful, absolutely to die for! Good luck with the stole/shawl.

  41. hard choice. definitely not the third. It depends on if you want it to be close to the actual plant (which would be the second one) or if you want to keep it analogous for the most part (which would be the first one). I like green, and I think going with the plant idea would be really cool, and it would be a good contrast to your yarn (complementary colors (red/green-but not christmassey) and whatnot). So I vote green

  42. Definitely, absolutely A! The handspun is just so lovely and soft and delicate that I fear the darker colors would overpower it. If not A then I’d go with C.

  43. The green looks a bit different in the two pictures. If the paler one is more accurate, go with the green. Otherwise, A all the way.
    Can’t wait to see it, no matter what you choose.

  44. C
    A is just too close–but not close enough. I worry you’d get into it and decide they don’t match enough. And I worry the green will be too stark a contrast.
    I think the nicely saturated pink will set off the ends beautifully. Best of luck on your choice!!! We’ll be watching…

  45. A or B. C is the wrong shade entirely. B isn’t the right shade of green on my monitor, but it’s better than C. (If B really is the same as the darker green in yesterday’s picture, then I’d go with B.)

  46. I vote C, except maybe it’ll be too old-fashioned-looking? So if we’ve got instant runoff voting, my order would be:
    What about knitting the ends in saturated pink and the middle in lighter pink? Except I suppose you might not have enough lighter pink…
    You know that the only satisfactory solution will be to spin more yarn…

  47. C or possibly B, but not A. But you can always swatch to be sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just lovely, lovely stuff… thanks for sharing.

  48. That is the best rationale for having a blog yet!
    Okay, I go with knit up the handspun, then swatch the other colors to see what really goes best. My first inclination is with lavender (D?), then A, then B, then C, but it is really hard to tell at this point, so… take them all!!!

  49. I vote for c (I think) a looks too woosy foosy suble. But maybe pink is too bring??? sampling?? ach here’s my indecisive problem… I get stuck here myself, and then UCK@! SAMPLING has to come into it. Sorry about that. The yarns are lovely, especially your handspun. I Just got a spindle and will try it out in a week or so… so many project, so little time. I resisted spinning until I saw all the great yarns by beginners on

  50. No matter what the other choices in any given project, I will always pick the deep pink — so don’t go by me! Which is to say, do what YOU want, in your heart of hearts. Remember, it’s only yarn.

  51. You’re just going to have to do 3 little 2-part swatches. just enough to get a feel for the how the colors really look next to one another. The green looks close, but I also like the pale pink. No whore’s panties please. just swatch a few rows of each together and see how they REALLY look next to each other.

  52. A, for sure. The handspun/C combo reminds me too much of little girls knickers – you know, the ones with the contrast bands and the little bow on the front?
    And B, well, its very pretty and could work, but its just not for me.

  53. I think you should use the green one as it brings out other colors in the muted yarn

  54. A.
    I like the other 2 colors with your handspun more, but I think that if you are using the handspun as a border, you should use A as a center piece. You don’t want to lose the beauty of the handspun, and the darker colors will sort of dominate it, unfortunately.

  55. I like the A it does not overpower the Bleeding Heart but compliments it, looks softer and not bold. The Bleeding Heart is so beautiful. Have a great trip!

  56. Light pink, but can you somehow weave in bits of the dark pink and the green and use them as accents, more in the proportions that bleeding hearts are in real life? The reason that B and C are too jarring and A is to light is because real flowers have many hues and tones all in one. Duplicate that!

  57. I love green, and I have an epic hate for pink.
    In spite of that, I really think that the light pink (A) is the best choice. By blending rather than contrasting, I think it will allow your lovely handspun to take centre stage.

  58. Just gotta mention that Anne Hansen (the designer) is SUPER accessible for questions about her designs! Actually… I should have looked to see if she commented already… lol!
    Hmm… i just want to wave my magic wand and make that ‘A’ yarn match better! Really I would go with a pink, but i would seriously love to see it match your beloved better than it does. Though if you are stash-thinning for any reason then I would definitely go with the pink… just go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see!

  59. I should also say, that I am also glad that you are coming to the Chapters store in Kingston again,it will be nice to see you again, and have a good laugh and a nite out

  60. the plain yarn should definitely go in the border (like the plain color of the leaves in the real plant). it would be really neat to also use the second color in the side borders, to make an entire frame for the center, but what a pain in the arse THAT would be (i wouldn’t actually do it, being a lazy knitter ,myself). the light pink “goes” better with the handspun, and recedes from it a bit which will make the center pop. but it is a bit fey.
    the green is classier but it overtakes the handspun too much i think . . .
    so; that’s what the designer would do . . waffle for as long as you have, and then go with the first choice after all. and believe me, i have.

  61. I had a whole reasoning behind option A, but then Vellan’s comment above said exactly what I was going to.

  62. For standalone knitting, C would be my preference. But I honestly think A goes better with the handspun a scosh better than B does.

  63. A, fer sure. . . Somehow the other two just don’t work as well. But that’s IMHO, of course.

  64. I think A is very, very pretty and would go perfectly with your handspun!

  65. Is it wrong that I want to vote for C strictly because of my new favorite descriptor, “whore’s panties”?
    Honestly though, I think A looks better. And I don’t even like pastels, so that means something.

  66. oh yeah, and someone on ravelry already made a scarf-sized bleeding hearts so you might be able to wheedle her scheme from her.

  67. a…definitely. I agree with the first comment from Gina. (Somehow the other two bring to my mind a crocheted poncho. Not that there’s anything wrong with a crocheted poncho!) A

  68. I’m going to say A. And then I’m going to explain why and I hope my understanding of aesthetic makes sense when translating into words, but basically, the green and the fushcia are too “heavy” in comparison to the lighter bleeding heart yarn. If you could reverse them so that the bleeding heart yarn were the core and the solid were the edging, then I would say to go with the “heavier” color. But as it is… I just feel like the colors wouldn’t balance with the proportions they way they are.
    So… A.

  69. I would go with B for sure, but I like blues and greens a lot. If I couldn’t have B, I think I’d pick A. C is so intense, I think your eye would be drawn to it instead of the fancy yarn. Good luck choosing! =)

  70. I really agree with those saying “swatch” though I am far too impatient to swatch anything.

  71. Live dangerously. C. For sure. The green looks too much like a baby’s sweater, the pink is too matchy-matchy.

  72. The green!!
    However, I do like the light pink as well. Just not C.
    And that handspun is gorgeous. <3

  73. B!!
    I think that would make it just lovely! It would look like the flowers growing out of the foliage! PLUS – the green brings out the green in the handspun and keeps it from being too pink.
    (I also liked “d” – lavender. Just cause I love lavender.)
    Regardless – pretty pretty yarn! and excellent job spinning! Very very nice and a perfect match. I don’t blame you at all for wanting the perfect yarn to match the beloved. (You haven’t said but I’m assuming that you are unable to get more roving in that colorway? Or – I’m not a spinner at all so I don’t know about this – would it be too difficult to spin something that matches what you’ve already spun since it wasn’t all done at the same time?)

  74. Like there’s something wrong with a whore’s underpants? I think you want a brighter pink than a, not so dark as c. Go and shop.

  75. My recent attempts at purchasing yarn on-line makes me a bit hesitant to offer an opinion (I opened the box that arrived this afternoon and said “You call that “cosmos”? why? It looks mucky to me. As a matter of fact, it looks like the other yarn I ordered which is named raisin) but I will…. I vote for the subtle pink (as seen in the first photo) or for the darker pink (as seen in the last photo). Oh well, I’m probably not much help after two glasses of wine.

  76. A!! I think the darker colors would take away from your handspun and the pattern. But of course that’s just in my head, who knows what it would look like in reality.

  77. A. It let’s the handspun realy shine and is pretty in its own right and I like the subtlety.

  78. I vote A, but have often been accused of being a woosie-pants, colorwise. (Well, OK, I haven’t been, but I could be.)

  79. Its gotta be A – contrast in garments often makes them look like granny’s afghan… Save the others for another time.

  80. I vote for A. The other colors are too bold. Your bleeding heart handspun should be the center of attention; therefore, the soft pink will compliment, but not draw attention from, the handspun.
    Mary G. in Texas

  81. B … I know I’m in the minority, but I love green and green hues are considered neutral so they will go with anything and complement the gorgeous handspun as a stem and leaf color. I can’t wait to see the stole when it’s done.

  82. Is this really helping more than Joe? Quickly scanning the comments, it seems we are divided. However, if you’re taking a more technical poll, I’d like to vote B.
    A is trying to hard to “match” the handspun (and failing). And I think C is a bit too bold. But green is lovely foliage to your beautiful bleeding hearts. It can only be B.

  83. I’m so not a green person, so you know I’m honest when I say, “go with the green, it looks lovely with it…”

  84. The light pink looks muddy next to your homespun, The dark pink is jarring, and the green is OK. Can’t you find a clear light pink that isn’t so brony yellow?

  85. The dark pink definitely because it’s also variegated with will make little waves of color similar to the lighter handspun. Plus the green in the handspun will look more exciting, so to speak, if there is less of it in comparison. Do you want to look like a leaf or a flower? C!

  86. i vote for…..SWATCHING! Yarn in balls doesn’t really look like yarn knitted up. I’d have to see it in action if I were making this.

  87. B, the green one. I was thinking A for a while, but am afraid that it will look dirty against the main color (I think from the last picture it mostly, but not quite matches…).
    I think C is too much, but B would be lovely.

  88. I like the whore’s panties!
    By the way, let me tell you how jealous I am – I planted some bleeding hearts and they never bloomed and never came back ๐Ÿ™

  89. I’d also do an end first, and then the middle – so you are seeing it up close. A scarf is almost a swatch anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. A. But I’m really bad at that sort of thing. I think I wish you had more of the homespun. That’s my favorite. Sorry, I’m no help.

  91. I so love your blog. Makes me happy every day. I vote for A. Will be fabulous. Lorraine.

  92. My first instinct is to say “Use all three!” However, if you’re choosing just one, I’d have to go with A. I think it goes best with your handspun.

  93. Don’t listen to all those people who said A. You will regret it. You said it yourself, “too woosie-pants washed out.” C is the one.

  94. Well, based on the way you described constructing the piece… I don’t like any of them terribly much. I love the idea of all of those colors generally, because they all pick up elements of color in the handspun. However, I don’t like something about the idea of a darker shade in the middle with the lighter around the outside. I get what you’re doing, trying to have a lot of the impact with the lovely leafy motif and your yarn, but I feel that the big block of solid color in the middle would distract from subtle variegation.
    I personally would either switch out the variegated on the edge for the dark pink or the green, or stick with the variegated around the edge and have the lighter pink in the middle ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. C!
    I think with A, your handspun will just blend in and get lost. It’s too close in color — the bleeding heart yarn will fade away and be hard to notice.
    B is, as you said, too unrelated to work. The contrast is a little jarring. If it was a REALLY deep green, like the actual color of the leaves on the plant, you might be able to pull it off, but as it is, nope. Doesn’t work.
    C, on the other hand, is fairly close to the darker part of the actual flower. More toned down, of course, but as you said earlier today, if it were too close it’d be garish. It feels like it’s in the same color family as your handspun, without washing it out. In fact, it’ll make your yarn really pop. I think it’ll be the perfect background to showcase the handspun, and C will gracefully take the back seat (behind your neck) while the real star of the show is on display up front.
    Of course, I’m basing this strongly worded opinion on what I’m seeing through a computer monitor, so take everything I’ve said with a large grain of salt. And I know that whatever the Harlot chooses will not only look right, it will look like the only possible choice! Such is the glamour of the Harlot…

  96. Option A, but only if there is enough contrast so that your handspun doesn’t get overwhelmed.

  97. I think you should knit a little of the homespun then try the colors with it to see which color dominates. Sometimes there is a surprise in the way the variegated turns out.

  98. I’d probably sample unplying the light pink and the green and replying them a strand of each together. To mute out the pink/green thing.
    Since you’re on your way already most likely to LA and that’s not possible, I’d go for pink. Although it pains me as I am aesthetically allergic to baby pink especially. I was subjected to carnation pink bedrooms – whilst moving every 2-3 years growing up – for my entire childhood.

  99. This asking for opinions isn’t going to help you, you know ๐Ÿ™‚ because you’re getting votes for all three. I actually think there is no wrong choice – any of the three will look lovely, but if I had to choose, my own personal choice would be for the green.

  100. Two part answer – A or B if you follow the stated plan.
    But why follow the stated plan when you could use intarsia to make a frame out of one yarn and do the middle of the stole in another? In that case, you’d want the frame to be darker, I think, yet the motifs on the outer edge are clearly flowers, so…whore’s panties.

  101. Gotta say C. I’m all about the statement, how about knitting it lengthwise, and striping in the dark pink, then a fringe?
    Cheers, and after London, a trip to Australia sounds like a good idea! Best wishes

  102. I don’t comment very often, but I read your blog all the time. You are going to have quite a time trying to pick with hundreds of knitters giving you their opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I will add mine. I would pick C, the dark pink. I think the Light pink will either look “dirty/dusty” because it is not variegated, or will just seem to be missing the lighter and darker colors that are in your gorgeous handspun, the green will try to call all the attention to itself, because it is all bold and very bright, and won’t let your handspun “shine”, but I think C, while in the same color family as the handspun will just support it. But you are likely already on your way to LA, so my input will be totally pointless. It is fun anyway. I don’t really have anyone here to discuss these kind of things with.
    I love the handspun pink, It is lovely!

  103. Even though it’s my favorite color, I don’t care for the green in this particular application. I like the (a)pink best – a subtle but not ‘girly’ combination that really showcases the hand-spun. The (c)pink, while eminently do-able, gives the hand-spun a more lavender cast that I don’t think you want. JMNSHO…

  104. Can you “blend” your new yarn into your ‘bleeding hearts’ yarn? If so, all of them would work. But if it’s a hard-line switch from pastel to option A, B, or C, then I say go with A, because it will blend better. But if you subtly worked in (one row at a time) the green or the pink (or both!) then I think you should go with the more contrast-y colours.

  105. A.
    What do you want people to look at, the yarn so gorgeous it nearly gave me the vapors, or the big block of Yikes! in the middle?
    A. And my opinion should definitely count a lot, because I’m a random person who reads your blog. Hee.

  106. Definately A, and it’s going to be lushcious! Happy travels and just a quick note…I’m taking a Bohus Stickning class from Susanna Hansson at Madrona in August!!!!! I’m so jazzed.
    Liz from Brookings, OR

  107. Option A, definitely! And are you coming to LA for an appearance? Where? When? I missed you last year….Gene

  108. If I had not known this was Bleeding Heart handspun, I would say A for its delicate subtlety.
    But I DO know this is Bleeding Heart, so it MUST be B, Green! Because that’s what I already had in my head to set off the flower colors.
    Did you ever see Miss Congeniality, by the way? “Satan’s panties!”

  109. Is it for you? If so, which colors work best with your skin tones?
    I love the B, but I’d also pay a lot of attention to Anne Hansen’s two comments.
    AND I’d do several swatches.

  110. Although I really liked your description of C, both my hubby and I have to vote for A. You want the handspun to sing and the other two choices are too overpowering.

  111. I think A if you’re feeling romantic and B if you’re feeling nature-y and C… ok, I don’t like C.
    Right now I’m feeling romantic, so my vote would be for A.

  112. Hmm…my gut is A (I agree that the green and dark pink would be too much a “big block of yikes in the middle” (awesome, Carol!), but it really depends on the qualities of the pinks in each yarn. I’m afraid the pale pink might be too blue, and the handspun too peachy! But that’s just me, looking at a computer screen.
    I would love either B or C if the garment design had the contrast colour running vertically between two outside bands of handspun, but not with a big middle chunk of colour between two shortish blocks. Too obviously “I didn’t have enough yarn, so I threw this stuff in the middle”, imo. Which may be what you’re doing, but you don’t want everyone who looks at it to know that! ๐Ÿ˜›

  113. Option C!
    The pale is too washed out with your bleeding heart yarn, and the green is too……something.
    Go with C.

  114. i don’t know about the rest of everyone, but i’m kinda curious about the whore panties. . .
    i like A for the shawl though. . .

  115. C. Definitely C. The deep pink is just enough contrast without outshining the handspun. Pale pink is too washed out and green is too much contrast (even though it goes against my inherent color nature to say anything remotely derogatory about green in any way).
    So, anyway, C. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. A is lovely and subtle, and C is lovely but more daring. I don’t really like B at all. Mostly I just want to steal the handspun. :p

  117. B. I think that A is close but not close enough; so it looks awkward. C is too dark to really go well with all the colours of the handspun. Better to stay with B since its lighter.

  118. B! Definitely B. Then you have the whole bleeding heart/plant/greenery thing going and it offsets the pinky pink pink pink pink PINK of it all. Not that I don’t like pink. Okay, I lied, I don’t like pink. Except in small doses like this. Gorgeous!

  119. Okay, here’s some dissent: I’m not fond of a center that is *that* different from the edges. Is there remotely enough of your handspun to do the center in a mix of yours and A? That would make the mix look more deliberate and less patchwork. I just think any mostly-solid-looking yarn is going to look strange in the center of your handspun (which is gorgeous). Any time I’ve tried to make a piece with a variegated and a matching solid, I’ve been less than thrilled with the results.
    Sometimes, seeing a clever-name coincidence might *not* be a sign the universe wants you to seize on the coincidence. A coincidence is not always an omen.

  120. My gut reaction was A…but I worried about it sending out an Easter Egg vibe. You know, something that reminds a person of a little girl’s easter dress with lots of big flowers…or a pink easter bunny with rainbow ears.
    And then I looked at the last pic with all of the options around the handspun…B. B is a much better choice I think…I dunno, though, colors always make me nervous, and with the handspun a bit variagated…anything is risky. C, though a lovely color, I think is right out, too different for it to look right next to the handspun.
    I dunno, don’t pay any attention to me, you have plenty of other voters before me and you’ve probably already made a decision. I just like to spin my wheels.

  121. I like C best. A would also work, but I think the handspun would get lost. C would highlight it, IMHO. Definitely not the green. So, I vote C.

  122. C is really much too bright. I would go either with A or B. Personally I like the contrast that B makes (and what the heck, I prefer green overall as a color to pink) but if you wanted a more overall subtle and put together look I’d say go with A.

  123. Can’t you just make it really, really skinny?
    If not, go with B. A doesn’t look right to me, neither does C. I think it would look lovely, especially if you gradually brought B in with some intarsia.

  124. I vote A or B. I like B best, but then I lurve green and loathe pink in most of its forms. I liek the way the green makes the pink pop, and then I get all metaphorical and think about the flowers springing from a lush bed of foliage, etc etc.
    But the light pink is also nice. Are you definitely, definitely going to knit the borders in the precious? Would your colour choice change that (ie, would you knit the centre in the precious, if you chose the green?)
    Can’t wait to see!

  125. Dude, bring them all to LA (you know you’re going to anyway- It’s a long flight and you might change your mind) and I will tell you in person. Over beer and japanese food.
    Hmmm. I like the green, but the deep pink is good too. And it’s close to a whore’s panties.

  126. Whore’s panties!!!! And thanks for giving me a chance to say that ๐Ÿ™‚ I also vote for tiny swatches, maybe a longish piece of the precious with little squares laid down in the middle to give you some kind of idea about what the colors will look like together…jat

  127. I like A. The pink is close enough but different enough that it doesn’t look like a mistake (or the wrong dyelot), but harmonizes beautifully.
    If you really hate that, my second choice would be B. And you should take into account that I really don’t like green.
    C is WAY too strong, and is going to wash out your beautiful handspun and will make it look like something that faded and doesn’t go with the rest.
    The original handspun is a beautiful, delicate color that should not be overwhelmed. Keep the rest of it beautiful and delicate.
    If it helps, I’m a professional artist.

  128. A or B, definitely. While the darker pink (C) is really lovely, I think the value contrast is too great between it and your handspun, especially done all in one “center” block of your stole.
    I’m actually kinda leaning towards the green, as an extension of your colorway…..

  129. It’s late, but I really looked at the three colors and thought about the combinations, stressing and worrying about the three beautiful choices, but then I looked away, and then calmly looked back, and my initial/immediate non- obsessing thought was: the green is my favorite!Have a great trip!

  130. A…definitely.
    2nd option…C.
    I’m not a fan of the green with the handspun.
    Regardless the choice, it will be lovely. It always is.

  131. OMG- Wow such brilliant minds. I’m amazed at the creative problem solving. I was going to pick A. because the other colors are clearly going to jump out of the bleeding heart pastel range. But wow- I never would have thought of intarsia or knitting lengthwise and blending B. & C.

  132. On my monitor, B is the best choice. (A is also good but maybe a little too sweet.) C is too dark and saturated.

  133. Umm…have ya tried swatching yet??? A little experimental swatching never hurt anyone.
    And when you are done that – go green or go home.

  134. A! I think the boldness of B and C would draw too much attention away from the handspun.

  135. My first instinct was A, because it really does seem to match almost perfectly, like it was meant for this purpose.
    but then, I like B because of the stark contrast. Plus it’s just a really pretty green.
    Of course, I really wanted to choose C, because I wanted to be able to say “pick the whore’s panties!” Though I suppose that’s not entirely helpful, now is it?

  136. I think the green–part of the pattern looks like it should be leaves. Maybe you could divide it up that way. It would look like a painting, I think.

  137. Although I like C, I’m afraid it would make the variegated look as if it were ‘tacked on’ because you ran out….so A is my choice. Yes, the pale, Springlike A is better. Choose A!

  138. Green. It looks like a vine with flowers on the ends. They are all beautiful.

  139. A – definitely. The darker colors will overshadow the beautiful handspun, diminishing its subtleties and soft interplay of colors. With the green, the shawl might look like what a cowboy’s mistress would wear in an old western; and the dark pink… some kind of panties for sure! A will showcase the handspun, which IS already, face it, “feminine” – so make it classy feminine! It’s OK once in a great while.

  140. Whoa, I’m not sure this is gonna make it easier. I think you should use them all together too, but after reading the designer’s comment I see that that is just wrong. I like A. But B or C could be good too.
    To recap, A. Mostly.

  141. Is it too late to vote? I favor bold contrasts and would pick either B or C, not A. Good luck.

  142. I definitely prefer C. For me, green is out.
    A is also pretty, but I love the darker pink in C.

  143. I really like C.. I don’t think A has enough of a contrast and I’m not really a green sort of person. Now if everythin was purple I’d be on my way to LA to stalk ya right out of the yarn….LOL (just kidding)

  144. If you are looking for subtle, Elegant and timeless, I think you would be best with A. Good for a night out, and always beautiful.
    B is a modern contrast, but not evening material.
    C is ok too, bolder than A but less modern than B. But A is most definately the most elegant. It gets my vote.

  145. Personally, I’d use the Beloved Yarn for the border, make a smaller sub-border in green (stockinet or simple eyelets) and then do the body in C. Or reverse B and C. Either way, I think it needs more than one of them.

  146. I think A. Or maybe B. C might work even more beautifully. But I still think A. Definitely A.

  147. I was going to go with C since I go for complementing but contrasting colors over “matchy matchy,” but now after reading all the comments, I’m waffling all over the place. Are all these comments supposed to make your decision *easier* ?!?

  148. You know, I was just thinking…I think I would stripe it, I would use the pale pink and the handspun and do 4-5 vertical stripes, using mostly handspun, it would be so subtle and funky and beautiful pick option D! Option D!

  149. OK I’m a total dumbarse, I meant horizontally….going the length of the stole. I’ll stop cluttering up your comments now!

  150. I hope you go with the green…the darker pink is too strong. I like the above suggestion about doing a second border, but I would use B and A, not B and C.

  151. The green’s a little too granny. And not fiesty, bicycling granny, but country club, proper granny. Not enough contrast with the pale pink. Whore’s undies it is!! No, really, the deeper rose contrasts beautifully.

  152. I like B the best, but I tend to like greens more than pinks in general. From what I can tell from the pictures, it looks like the green is a very good match for the little bits of green in your handspun, and I like the idea of picking up on little bits of color more than trying to match the larger spanses. Now, I know you didn’t ask, so I should just stop there, but were I in your situation–and this is undoubtedly because I have a very “color-inside-the-lines” kind of brain that leans more toward the literal–I would put the handspun on the inside of the scarf with the bleeding heart motif and use the green for the leafy border. But there are plenty who would tell you I am boring and unimaginative, and they may well be right. Of course, the other option is to find the perfect yarn at your next stop. In any case, I am sure that whatever colors or placements you choose, the scarf is going to be gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it.

  153. C, or anything but A.
    Unless it’s going to be a gift for someone very…sweet. Then A.

  154. A.
    It makes the green in the handspun pop, rather than fighting the subtle shades or overwhelming them.
    And wasn’t there a post (or an essay) a while ago about knitting and grannies and time to rock that stereotype?

  155. I’d go for the pale pink, but that’s me. I think you’d be happier with the green, if you’re the one who will be wearing the shawl. The dark pink doesn’t go at all.
    I did the exact same thing earlier this year with an expensive, hand-dyed alpaca I didn’t have enough of. I used the hand-dyed for the ends, and a lesser yarn for the middle.

  156. I, um, suppose doing maybe teeny tiny extremely small, er, swatches of each together to see if any just wowed you and said “Me, it’s got to be me!” wouldn’t ever maybe work? Or rule them out before you actually cast on and then find out none of them work? Cause I really don’t want you disappointed since the handspun yarn is so beautiful and the project so inspired…

  157. A – not that I’m a pale pink lover but I think it will give the handspun a chance to really shine. I’m afraid either of the other two would fight too much for attention.

  158. I can picture you more with the green than with the other two, so I think that’s got to be my vote.

  159. well, use your lovely handspun for the body, the green for the pointy edges and one (or both!) of the pinks for the loops border. it would be lovely.
    all those colours go together well.
    have a great trip!

  160. I think your handspun yarn is so beautiful that it would be a shame to water it down with something else. It deserves a project all of its own. Such as a hat or a scarf. Perhaps you could take something else from your stash on your trip while you order some more roving to have enough to do the larger piece.
    Aren’t you glad you asked! : )

  161. I’d vote for color B, the green. I think it matches best overall, and as bleeding hearts are frequently surrounded by subtle greenery, I think using the green really highlights this remarkable yarn. That roving and the yarn itself are both amazing. Wow. Second place I’d say color A, then C. I think A is close, but not quite right, and color C would overwhelm rather that highlight the yarn. Although, now that I’ve scrolled up and looked at them again, I’m conflicted, because their all quite lovely. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, I’m sure it will be truly lovely.

  162. A Elegant, sophisticated (and I don’t usually care for pale pink, still…) Most important in my knitterly mind is that A will look “on purpose” and I don’t think that the others will.

  163. This rousing chorus of A through C is probably not helping, is it?
    While I love the green, I vote C, because I think that daring, bold colors make us better human beings.

  164. oops. sorry for the double post. I got an error message when I tried to post so hit post again. (one more vote for the C) โ˜บ

  165. C!
    It’s rich, it’s vibrant, it SINGS of a gloriously, unabashedly fabulous woman.
    I mean, c’mon, what else describes you?

  166. Option C. Because a whore’s panties are far more interesting than a yarn that’s at best “beautifully subtle” or “sort of good.”
    But use the Bleeding Heart yarn for the middle, and Whore’s Panties for the edge.

  167. As I looked at each choice, I liked each one. After looking at the picture of them all together, I really like the green the best, but I would like to see a small combo (if possible) that also includes some of the dark pink, kind of as an accent. I don’t know if the design would lend itself to such a combo, but I just like those colors together. Thanks for the eye candy!

  168. sorry if this eventually posts twice… looks like three of us were sending at 1:21 and mine etherized…
    well, use all the yarns. use your lovely handspun for the body, the green for the pointy edges and both the pinks for the loopy border (between the body and the edge). the yarns are so harmonious together.
    have a nice trip!

  169. How about unplying the green and pink and re-plying them together? Half and half! And it’s the craziest option ergo the best!

  170. I’m totally for A. Personally, I like a border to be similar to or darker unless it’s a pure white border on something bright and crazy. And the B is… you know that god-awful wallpaper/bedspread pattern you find in motels sometimes–pink flowers with dark green leaves? The flowers are way too large and gaudy to do anyone any good, and the color combo just screams “kitch”? Yeah, I don’t know if you want to be wearing the shawl version of that. -_^

  171. This all begs the question: Do whores even wear panties?
    I vote for green. The answer is always green. I love green.

  172. A
    The others would look too much like you added on the handspun ends as an after thought.
    The only way to work with B or C would be to intarsia them in randomly in the border, to blend the handspun border back to the main section, but that is way beyond my designing mind at the moment.
    good luck your choice!

  173. Beautiful all of them! I thought C and my husband (the artist in the family) says A.
    Have fun in LA!

  174. This could get me in trouble, but my gut says… none of them. Green would be lovely, but a pale, barely there green that picks up the hints in your handspun while stepping graciously away from the limelight. A heathered creamy natural would work, too. The light pink is the closest match, but being a plain, flat colour, it seems to pull that amazing yarn down to the realm of the ordinary, and the other two colours will simply dominate it.

  175. I’m into subtle (see: whoozy pants washed out)
    If my only choices are as above, I vote for A
    I’d prefer a slightly greyed out white, so that the handspun colors sort of float off the piece.

  176. basically, if you don’t know, that means the yarn needs something else…. and once you do know, you’ll KNOW, ya know?
    (the Crush never lies. duuude. sweet.)

  177. Embracing my woosie-ness, I vote for “A”, the pretty pale pink. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  178. It is probably best I saw this post late. While reading it I kept thinking “anything BUT A”. But then while scrolling down, I see that is actually the fav.
    Clearly I’m not one to judge. . .

  179. A, I do believe. What about making a small central portion in the Bleeding Heart with that (wonderful – I remember the bleeding hearts in my grandparents’ yard in Winnipeg when I was wee) handspun, and working an edging in the other on after?

  180. While normally I would always choose green over pink…I think A looks best in this case.

  181. They would all be lovely, but I would go for C – you could call it Whore’s Drawers!

  182. C. Absolutely C.
    This is not to say that you would have a piece of hideous dreck if you went with A or B (Because you wouldn’t. They’re lovely.) But C.
    Hands down, C.

  183. I would have picked C based on the individual photos but seeing the group photo of the yarns, I would choose B, the green. Its hard to tell. In the individual shots, the green looks much darker – to contrasty. But in the group it stands out to me as being the best choice. Can’t wait to see it develop.
    Must learn to spin.

  184. B.
    The pale pink is too blah, the dark pink too harsh a contrast. The green sets off the handspun perfectly. Besides, you know how much you love green…

  185. Definitly green. Some may say it will be too contrasty, but I beg to differ. It is a nice soft green and it picks up the green in your handspun that almost gets lost otherwise. Your beautiful handspun has a pink that looks to be a peach-base and the near solid pink, A, looks a little like light candy-apple red. (Could be screen inaccuracy though.) I don’t think it would be too granny, not with your tee shirt and Birks. Since you asked my opinion, though, I have never been a fan of lace knit with verigated yarn. Mind you, I’m an old hippy and I love what others would call “busy”, but I think the pattern gets lost in the multicolors unless it is really simple. I saw your post some time back when you showed us some of your paintings and our taste is similar. P.S. The solid pink and the whores panties would look good together on another project, perhaps a Christmas gift to a girly girl.

  186. I hope you picked A. The green would be lovely, but too jarring.
    And that last colour… step away. My friend painted her shutters at her cottage almost that colour and we keep telling her it looks like a Ukranian whorehouse. Well, it does!
    (and it was Jim that came up with that, and he’s part Uke – imagine, a Newfie-Uke)

  187. I like C. Fuchsia is one of my favorite colors. The light pink is my second choice. Very cool yarn.
    Sarah in Houston

  188. I think A is will wash out the delicate colours of your original skein. I’d go with B or C, both will do well but it depends on how you react to dark pink.
    I like the notion of B being the green plant from which the delicate flower springs. So if forced to pick one I’d pick green for you, but if it were me I’d go with C.
    By the way, thanks to two cool summers in a row the bleeding heart in my garden is huge this year. It is in full bloom, three feet across, and I love it.

  189. I think the green is nice but I have been on a green kick for awhile. But how would it look with No contrasting color?

  190. I vote for A. But then I am a big woosie-pants who fancies herself as beautifully subtle.

  191. C, or A. Depending on how it looks in the flesh. (How helpful is this?). I’d swatch. Any of the three could be great, depending on what you’re looking for. But the green does seem off value somehow. Could be the photo. Your handspun is so beautiful!

  192. Whore panties! Whore panties!
    After all, you are the Harlot and subtley is underrated.

  193. Hello, loved your recent book, first book i have read that you have written, just beautiful, planning to get another on the weekend
    I would choose A, lovely and subtle to go with the hand spun, the other two, too contrasting
    Cya Monika

  194. I don’t think any of the 3 work. The green is bluer than the green in the hand spun. The pink is close…Do you have a peach yarn? I love the hand spun.

  195. I would say pink if you’re doing the stole to keep the flow of the colors going and help the lace stitch stand out. If you were to use the other colors, you would end up losing the stitch definition.

  196. C. The light pink is pastel for my taste, and I don’t the green is quite close enough. Unless you’re making it for someone who loves pastel. Can’t wait to see it!

  197. It has to be green. I picks up the greens in the beloved yarn and ya know, most of the a bleeding heart plant is green. Lovely beloved yarn.

  198. I think you should use the darker pink and also the green together with your “bleeding heart” yarn. I think the pale pink looks washed out compared to the other colors.

  199. C! But then, I like whore’s panties.
    Reasoning (apart from the fact that everyone should at least one pair of whore’s panties) (yes, I just like repeating that phrase. any excuse will do):
    a) yes, too washed out. Too close to your handspun colors and also too far, if you understand what I mean.
    b) yes, too unrelated. I mean, pretty when sat next to each other, but I think in one knitted garment they won’t make enough sense.
    c) related (same color family) but not so close that they will look like something went wrong in the wash.

  200. C for first choice. A is good but would agreed with the comment that it may make the whole thing look too pale and washed out. The green is good but may be distracting, you need to emphasise the homespun.
    I don’t think you should have asked now you have to worry if we are all doing a ‘Joe’. What does the cat think?

  201. The whore’s pants immediately attracted me, but I love rich dark colours. I have to say though that I think A is the true answer.

  202. A or C depending on whether you want sublety or a more bold piece. Either would go beautifully with your yarn.
    Now you’ve asked us all, the question remains: will you follow the general oppinion or just do as you please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  203. A all the way. I think the other two are too harsh a contrast to your border choice. My second choice would be B and C is not working for me at all.

  204. A is nice but B could be really interesting if you start at the right spot in your handspun so its not so much of a “line”. That could to be too much work, so A is the safest solution.

  205. I vote for A. But that assumes the colors are showing accurately on my monitor. Second choice is C. Green is too contrasty for my taste.
    Btw, you’ve inspired me to stash clean. (Well, actually, an upcoming move has forced me to stash clean.) (Pictures coming next weekend.) But you’ve inspired me – its that small space thing – to get it organized. And Plan. (Otherwise, I’ll be ordering yarn mid-move. I can just see it.)

  206. Ok just wind up all three and take them with you. You know now (given the hundreds of conflicting bits of advice) that you’ll have to try and frog all three until you’re satisfied. (and then likely buy something entirely different to get the “perfect” solution.

  207. A is the best match colourwise, but I think C offers more depth to the combination.

  208. Definitely A. The green is too blue (at least on my monitor, LOL) and the dark pink would overwhelm the beautiful skein that you spun.

  209. That really depends on what it is you’re looking for.
    Do you want to emulate the plant as much as possible? In that case, go for B, the green(this is the option that will most likely draw the eye to the hand spun).
    Do you want something subtle, and gentle, that matches well to your hand spun, then go for A (but if you go this route, keep in mind that your hand spun will just blend right into it, and it won’t accent it at all).
    On the other hand, if you want something that’s going to capture the flower itself, rather than the plant as a whole, then you’ll want to go for C (this one will most likely draw attention away from the hand spun though).
    Each one has it’s merits, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

  210. C. I don’t like the “almost exactness” of the colour-match of A. It could like you just couldn’t quite match it, instead of beautifully subtle.

  211. I think B would make the most interesting scarf in the end. However, I wouldn’t vouch for it looking good without having a look at a swatch first.
    PS – Oh my, how long does it take you to read all these comments?

  212. Mixing handspun and machinespun? Grain and grape.
    And you know what that leads to.
    (Do the ends on the trip, come home and spin a complementary middle. You know I’m right. And back.)

  213. I looked at the stole. I don’t think that two colors will work unless you do a neutral cream. The pattern flows and is drapey and two distinctly different colors will look, in my opinion, just plain odd and maybe even bad. I also agree about mixing hand and mill spun, creates texture issues. Back to the wheel.

  214. My vote is for A. Are you sure we’re not all confusing you way more though with our contributions?

  215. A
    the other colours are too strong and overpower the pink. A is subtle enough to bring out the pinks in the bleeding heart yard and not swamp them.

  216. Have you made a spreadsheet to keep track of all these comments? ๐Ÿ™‚ I like A the best followed by C. The green seems too different, but it might look lighter in the pattern. You could… them together and get a better idea how the stole will flow.

  217. All the colours are awesome, but A would compliment the bleeding heart better in my personal opinion – subtle is good sometimes, and will mean it can go with a multitude more things!! :~)

  218. If I had to choose among the stash, I’d choose A, but in reality I’d buy more yarn. Something a little brighter/richer than A but not as dark as c.

  219. I would like to see a swatch. Its between the two pinks. I like the ideas of the darker pink representing the darker part of the flower but I would need to see it.
    Which ever you pick will look just fine.

  220. Oh I have to vote C. Not only is it my favorite choice… I just have to giggle and think of “whore’s panties” when i look at it. Hee hee!

  221. We vote A–we being me and my 10-year-old daughter Katie, who adds, “C would be really ugly.”

  222. edited to add: Katie did NOT say that. She said, “B would be really ugly.”

  223. In this situation, I would probably go with option D, which is go buy more yarn. But I really ought to go join Yarnaholics Anonymous one of these days…

  224. I like A. The contrast between your handspun and the other two colors is just too stark. Someone mentioned something like echoing the nature of the plant before, so I can see the value of using the green, but I still like the subtlety of A best.

  225. woha – are you glad you asked??? I’m going for green. I had to google the pattern to make up my mind and I must confess I dont fully get what you’re planning. Green along the model’s back and then your beloved along the edges and trim?? I think this will work. By now of course, we’re all convinced that any one of these combinations has fans!!

  226. I vote C. I think it would make the contrast just right.
    B is a bit too pale in my opinion, and A definitely is.
    Not that A and B wouldn’t make it gorgeous, of course, just slightly less so.

  227. I’m late to the game and you’ve probably already decided, but I hope you went with B. I don’t even like green, but I like that one!

  228. I like B. And I have to predict that the comments will be equally divided and we’ll have been no help whatsoever.

  229. I vote A. It’s kind of wistful, the whole subtle pink thing. I think your handspun would stand out more with the softer pink.

  230. A is pretty, but it just doesn’t seem like you. Actually, B seems more like you but I don’t like it as well. If this isn’t a good reason to go shopping, I don’t know what is!!!

  231. I am coming out of lurkdom to vote – C, needs some vibrant contrast and you look great with some WOW color and C is WOW color.

  232. I didn’t read each comment so sorry if redundant, but this would have been a great moment to insert a poll. Twigg is a good one.
    For me, the green.

  233. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on your blog before, but I have to jump in on the Bleeding Heart-gate controversy. B is the hands-down winner.

  234. “A” if you’re making the shawl for me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The green is too blue-ish, and the darker
    rose color is too much of a contrast.
    “A” please … and happy travels on this
    next bunch of cities.
    Maryanne / Columbia SC

  235. My vote is A. Go for subtle, it will blend more easily.
    I wish you’d had time to swatch, though, as the only problem I can forsee is if A turns out to have different undertones to the main yarn.
    – Pam

  236. I’ll be the one to say ‘none of the above’. I think that you should find some yarn that matches the lightest shade in your handspun. Is it ivory or light gray? Hard to tell. In that way the handspun will not be overwhelmed and lost.

  237. Steph,
    Shawls are, I think, woosie pants subtle – in the most positive sense. So I vote for the light pink. Second choice dark pink. No green.

  238. Depends what you plan on wearing it with! I love the pink but it’s very subtle, I think the green is a great color and looks wonderful but much bolder.

  239. I would go for the green. The dark pink really is a bit whore’s panties, and the light pink is too washed out. The green makes a nice contrast and shows off the handspun without blending in too much. But that’s just me, I like color contrasts ๐Ÿ™‚

  240. A. Absolutely A. The others are too high-contrast. Especially for a big block of darker colour. Now, if you were to mix up the dark and light together somehow, stripes or something….maybe, but I still strongly say A.

  241. Go with the green. The light pink looks dirty next to your chosen yarn, and the dark pink has too much contrast.

  242. not an easy choice, but I vote B. definitely. although all the colours are pretty.

  243. I pick C. It really shows off the subtle variations of the other skein, without distracting from it.

  244. B. Definitely B. Joe would be right in just saying green and get on with it. And you’re absolutely right that the green is reminiscent of the green leaves, whereas the beautiful handspun is the delicate flowers.
    Go for it!

  245. I vote A.. I like that the colors have the same value (color intensity) I think they will flow the most seamlessly into each other!

  246. I vote for C. I think it would “frame” your bleeding heart yarn and make it pop. Anything too subtle and it won’t be noticeable.

  247. B, I think. A is a bit too raspberry to match the pink, and you’re right about the tart’s ownership of C.

  248. Normally, I’d be green all the way. It’s my favourite colour, and my “go to” when in doublt. But… and this is so unlike me, I’d have to vote for A. I think it blends better with the lovely handspun, and the darker colours will take away from the handspun, which should really be the star of the garment.

  249. OH A. i really think it will allow the handspun to shine. the others may take center stage.

  250. I’d definitely go for A as well. Certainly not the green (although maybe it looks better in reality than it does on my computer screen!).

  251. A. The other colors are gorgeous, but I think they will detract from the variegation that you like so much in the original yarn, which will really be spread out over the edging.

  252. c), definitely – one step away from whore’s panties sounds absolutely perfect to me! P.S. I may steal the term “whore’s panties” for the title of an artwork…

  253. I think green, but not THAT green (it’s not yellowy enough). If those three were the only yarns in the world, the light pink blends best. But for an IDEAL of the Bleeding Heart Stole, I’d want a nice, leafy green with your gorgeous handspun border growing out of it. Sorry (hee hee!) to encourage any more yarn purchases…

  254. A. The darker colors will draw the eye away from the varigated yarn. Let us know which one you pick!

  255. I never comment and stay in the background but this time I just have to say something. If you go with two colors I go with “A”. Your choice needs to look planned and not like a “make do”.

  256. another vote for A! but you can’t go wrong with any of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  257. My vote is A. the others are too dark…..though do you have a soft lavender? I also see that color showing up in the variagation.

  258. Whore’s panties, (C), yes.
    Who is this for? I didn’t think you liked pink frilly frou-frou?

  259. Definitely A…I think it’s a much softer, more subtle colour that will let the bleeding hearts yarn be the centre of attention (as it should be).

  260. C! C! (She says, jumping up and down.) C has a nice punch, and will play beautifully off the subtleties of your homespun. Think of C as the cake and A as the frosting which compliments it so well.

  261. I can see why you can’t make up your mind. A would look the most uniform, like it’s one piece. I like C for the contrast, though.

  262. Four hundred posts??? This was all in the middle of the night?? Do knitters never sleep? I vote for the pale pink. Although I like the dark pink better, the pale pink would be more subtle and classier. The green just reminds me too much of the two 3lb bags of “100% unknown fibre” that found its way into my stash. (I am sure yours isn’t the same stuff, but still)

  263. NO to Green. A or C with a bent toward A. Only you can tell cause I don’t know what my monitor is doing to the color.

  264. I have to say A, although I’m really taken with the idea of the green. But really, A.

  265. Were it me, I would start knitting to see how the three colors look against it as it looks knit up. They’re all pretty colors, I don’t think you’ll go far wrong with any of them.

  266. An opinion on a wool color? Count me in! I vote A). The green looks too dark in the picture. If it was a same shade but much lighter I would like it. The dark pink looks too dark to me, too. The handspun is so dainty and the pale pink in the middle would complement it without stealing its thunder.

  267. B, definitely. It’s a lovely soft green, and goes beautifully with your MC. Like the bleeding hearts and their leaves — they just go together naturally.

  268. B or C. A is very lovely, but I think if you’re going to do different colors, you should DO different colors and that matches too well (I realize you’re doing it out of necessity and not necessarily choice! lol). I am partial to pink, but I think the green would really bring out the greens in the handspun.

  269. Option C — it goes beautifully, and you’re not a pale pale pink chica.

  270. B, green. Too much pink is a little bit boring, and the green is reminiscent of the stem of a plant. VERY pretty.

  271. At first I thought c, but then I realized that it should be A out of all the choices. Delicate, like a bleeding heart. Handle with care.

  272. I vote B or C. The “A” is too light, “C” may be too dark but the green looks good. I noticed most people voted A.

  273. I vote A. I feel the color changes with the contrasting colors might be too jarring. Have a wonderful trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. I voted for A, but then again, maybe you should hold out for more roving. The handspun is really too pretty to just look like it was tacked on to the end of a project. It needs to sing by itself.

  275. Dark pink (C). Light pink comes in a close second.
    I like the continuation of the Bleeding Hearts theme, I think the green would take it somewhere else entirely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  276. I really like the green, (B) but you know, I just don’t think its the right one. My gut says the dark pink will be very nice. A better contrast. A is lovely, but I think will be a bit washed out.
    I vote C

  277. If you want people to focus on your beautiful bleeding heart yarn – go for A. The others are dark and would pull the eye away from A.. (and I feel like your focal yarn is too nice for that).

  278. Umm …
    I like B and C. I hafta pick? C, but only because I think my monitor’s doing something weird to B. And .. well .. I love the thought of the vibrant fuschia – which is also another beautiful flower similar to a bleeding heart – and that gorgeous gorgeous handspun.

  279. I vote B as a first choice — I think the contrast will call attention to the pink. Second place A — lovely subtle combo.

  280. B!! who is counting the votes?? that’s going to be a big job………….

  281. A
    Definitely A
    It would subtle, but perfect and would be ever so delicate a scarf!

  282. I think it needs B. If you use A, it will wash out the pretty variations of the wool/seacell. and C is just too bright.

  283. I vote for the non-existant “D”, which would be a light lavender. ๐Ÿ™‚

  284. THE NEXT MORNING…I still think the green is too blue. The value of the pink is too intense. If you could find the same hue of pink but of the same value as the green. A is dull next to the handspun. Do you have any more of the natural color you plied with.That would be the most subtle. What ever color you choose the handspun needs to be allowed to sparkle. Swatch.

  285. I’m going to vote for A, though I can certainly see the appeal of B and C. As a stole, you want it to look of a piece, which A will give you. And keep in mind that most of A/B/C will be wrapped around your back, so that it’s the prettypretty handspun that you get to admire all the time you’re wearing the stole. “Whore’s panties” – hehehe.

  286. I would do C on the border and the bleeding heart in the middle (I think that the dark pink is too strong and will detract from the b/h the otherway)
    OR your B?H border like you said with the green in the middle.
    You are right, I think the pink is too wishy-washy. If it can’t be THE SAME make it DIFFERENT. not a poor attempt at neither… ๐Ÿ™‚

  287. I love the green !!! How about one other entry, an ivory or off white? Best of luck, wonderful colorway

  288. Ok, I had to look up the pattern to decide.
    B or C. I keep changing my mind with the 2, but green looks more like a sure bet.

  289. Go with A if you really want the handspun to sing. If you want the handspun to look like an afterthought to embellish the solid shades then go with C. From the picture B is too jarring a colour choice.

  290. i agree with both Leslie and Knittaroo that the edging would work better in contrast… B on the border and then, is there a way to intermingle C with yours instead of making big ol’ blocks??

  291. I love the dark pink for this shawl, especially given the photo of the handspun beside the actual flowers — the dark pink does a beautiful job of pulling in the darker flower pink to your gorgeously muted handspun.
    So I vote C. ๐Ÿ™‚ (and failing that, go A, but A just seems like it makes the whole thing more baby-gift in feel. Which is fine, if that’s what you’re going for. :))

  292. I definitely vote for option A. The pink is a beautiful color and looks like it was meant to go with the main color yarn. It will be subtle in a totally gorgeous way!

  293. totally casting my vote for option “A”. I am the color authority at my house, and I have a formally trained eye, seriously. Also? I totally went to Nathania’s shop Purlescence the other day, and bought two balls of yarn to alter an ready made pull-over into a cardigan. The (loathed) pull-over had been moping at the bottom of the laundry pile in it’s unloved state for over three years. I had not looked at it in all that time. But I bought two balls of yarn that I thought would help me make it into a cardigan that I’d actually sometimes want to wear. And you know what? When I got home with those two balls of yarn, they totally matched the rather odd muddy brown, and the tomatoey orange in the pull-over. So you can totally trust me on this one. Use the “A”.

  294. I vote for the green. I don’t like the pale pink because I don’t think it will show off the yarn you spun enough, it’ll just disappear.
    The green will look like the leaves, very pretty.
    Oh, and by the way? You owe me a coffee. I just spit my morning coffee all over my keyboard when I read about choice C being “whore’s panties.” (Thanks for the giggle fit.)

  295. I like the concept of green best, but that is the WRONG green…so my vote unfortunately is none of them! I think you need less sage and more celery…

  296. You must have some white lace weight to do a squiggle shawl. I know you have white lace wight in alpaca, or did you give that to me??? So I say “D”. I know, I know. There was no “D”. O.K. then “A”.

  297. The darker colors will draw attention away from your handspun by the stark contrast in colors!
    Therefore: A

  298. I think A is beautiful. BTW we share the same B-day… can’t wait to KIP to celebrate!

  299. Green Green Green
    A is too pale – C is just not right
    There looks to be enough green in your homespun yarn to be picked up and accented by the green center yarn.

  300. If the green were a little paler, a little yellower, I’d say green. I think C will overpower the gorgeousness of the Beloved Yarn. The A would be the best choice to showcase the Beloved yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. I pick C. I could tell, scrolling through the comments, that I am definitely in the minority though. But I like C.

  302. I’m all over option C. That dark pink just works sooooooo well with the one you already have.

  303. Choice A. What an elegant wrap it will be. I’m impressed that the size of your stash enables so many choices. Clearly, my own stash must be increased. You are an inspiration, Stephanie.

  304. My thought would be definitely the GREEN and if possible use it to go around the handspun at the ends. the best I can do is say use the green in this kind of shape < and the handspun from the right side of the <. That way it will look kind of like the foliage surrounding the flower at the bud end.

  305. A. I think the others will provide a stronger contrast than you’ll end up liking in a project like this.

  306. I would choose A in order to play up the colors in your lovely bleeding heart yarn. It would also help to make it so that the finished scarf would be more easily worn with different clothes.

  307. A for subtle and understated with elegance. B for daring and reckless-ness (your daughters might steal it). C never ever.
    Just me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. A is really nice. Green would be ok…but I am not sure about that red. A is going to be my vote.

  309. A- The subtly is I think what you want. Remember what you said yesterday about we can’t mimic nature exactly or it becomes over the top.

  310. B. Tho there’s a light purple/mauve-ish color in the bleeding heart yearn that would look nice too….

  311. Definitely not C and the green only in a paler shade as in the handspun. The pink is the prettiest, or a white as in the handspun would be pretty as they would both set off the handspun, rather than overpower it.

  312. None of the above. Don’t mean to be difficult, but I think there is something better in the stash that you haven’t found.

  313. A. Definitely A.
    And how are you going to tally all of these results? I wonder if your “webmaster” could develop a voting button for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. I know – you’re already gone, but I sure hope you took Yarn C – the deep pink one – with you. That would be my choice.

  315. I am assuming that you’ve packed all three, because no matter what happens you’ll second (and third) guess your decision. From the internet photo’s I agree that the dark pink is a bit like a whore’s panties; which leaves options 1 & 2….would be easier to choose with a swatch….. (I’m leaning Green)

  316. Delurking for the most important things ;).
    All three of the colors are lovely, and together they are beautiful–I’m worried that the green is too blue to match the handspun, which looks more lime-y (that’s rich, coming from someone in Britain!). And while the dark pink has subtle variegation that makes it similar to the handspun, it’s a bold contrast in color–perhaps jarring from farther away. So my vote is A!

  317. It may be my monitor, but I’m not really sure I like any of them as an option. Your handspun is quite fetching and I think deserves to stand alone.
    My two cents.

  318. I think not B; it doesn’t feel like the right green. But I don’t know if A or C is better. Probably A.

  319. Definitely go with C.
    The others are too pale.
    C mimicks the fuchsia colored outer petals on the Bleeding Hearts flowers. It will bring out the best in the other yarns.
    A and B are too flat and washed out looking.
    Of course you won’t know though until you’ve swatched all 3 combinations.

  320. A. Most definitely. And I understand your “woosie-pants” concern, as I usually avoid paler shades, but you need something to take a backseat to that drop-dead gorgeous handspun.

  321. A, my opinion. Green seems unrelated to yarn, although it went well with the photographed plant in the yard! Color C would wash out the colors in your yarn.

  322. My gut reaction was A, but then I saw C. However, A is still my choice, because from a distance the shawl will look white and green or white and dark pink. With A the tonality will carry nicely and not be jarring from far away. A lovely complement to a lovely handspun. A!

  323. Blue NO Green….ooops watched way too much Monthy Python growing up it seems!

  324. I think either B or C. B would look more “organic” to the piece, but C would be an exciting variation… I think A is too matchy-matchy. Yes, that is a technical term. Good luck deciding!

  325. Whoops, meant to say that with the green or the dark pink, from a distance the shawl will look white and green or white and dark pink. The coffee has NOT kicked in yet.

  326. A. Definitely A. The subtleties of your gorgeous handspun don’t get overwhelmed and don’t have to compete with something darker which will draw the eye to it.

  327. I vote for B and C. What if you had green in the center, followed by the dark pink on each end, and then your fabulous “bleeding heart” for the edging? I think that would mirror your plant nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

  328. I like A, the pale pink. It just delights me, somehow, that it is such a good match. Makes me feel all blissfull. Green’s not bad.

  329. Here’s a crazy thought. What if you swatch to see what you like better? (At comment number 500 and something, it can’t possibly be original, can it?) Then frog your swatch and re-use the yarn. I think it’s hard to tell how the handspun will be when it’s knit vs. in the ball. Pooling and all that.

  330. I vote for C. If you don’t use it for this, you’ll find yourself turning it into a pair of whore’s panties and you don’t really want that. (though you might like to ask Joe about that option first …)
    I also like A but I think it is just a little too subtle. I think that C will visually “pull” the pink out of the handspun.

  331. Dumb question time… do you like to wear more vivid colors or pastels?
    I like vivid colors, so I’d vote C first. If I wore a lot of pastels, I’d vote B. I love the phrase wootsie-pants, but A would be my last choice. O:) (Silver beads like dew might be fun too… you know, the kind that are clear outside with silver around the hole?)
    And don’t worry. A whore’s underpants would have wayyy more black to go with the fuschia. =)

  332. Doesn’t matter so much which one you pick as how the piece is composed. Stoles are best crafted with linear design components, not blocks. Putting one color on either end and something else in the middle could look choppy. Running one color along the top and the bottom, lengthwise, and another color(s) along the length of the stole between, would look better. I know you’re opposed to stripes, but the stripey effect can be overcome by holding the two yarns together for a few rows to give an ombre effect. Of course to do this you’d have to knit the thing along its entire length rather than end to end which might not work for the pattern. Oh, dear.

  333. The pink, unless you find a nice yarn store in LA and find a nice peach color instead, since that is what seems to draw the eye more in the photo.
    Or, all three! But not the green, which looks sort of aqua on my monitor, and therefore doesn’t look like it goes with the handspun.
    The handspun is amazing – it makes me want to run out and learn that next. So much yarn, so little time!

  334. Pink is the way to go I think. I’m no expert,, but the other 2 colors,, as nice as they are,, are just way too dark on their own to compete with your bleeding heart.
    Yup pink it is!

  335. A. The scarf/stole has a delicate monchromatic look that “a” would replicate.

  336. I vote A even though I know I am terribly late.
    This is where a quilt program that allows you to d/l images of material/yarn into the program.
    You could take a pic of all the yarns and throw it into your program and get a better idea of how the colors look together.

  337. Well, aren’t we a lot of help! I can’t help but think that everyone’s monitor is going to show your colors slightly differently (I just checked on 3 different machines, PCs and Mac) and what WE see is not what YOU see…
    All will work well together IMNSHO, but I am leaning towards B or C depending on how the yarns feel in knitting them up. I go for visual and tactile pleasure from start to finish! ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. A definitely. Subtle, It will stand back and let the handspun shine.
    I do like the dark pink and green together though….Wonder what you could do with them?

  339. My husband’s grown accustomed enough to it all now that he’s started suggesting I ask the blog all manner of things. I still tend to force him to fondle freshly-spun bobbins of yarn, though.
    I’m going to say go with the contrasts, because even though the lighter pink is CLOSE, anytime that I go with “close,” it looks a lot less close by the time I’m done, and then I’m pissed about that. But with contrast, I can usually find a way to plan the contrast in there so it looks like an intentional design element. I would almost consider the opposite of what you’re thinking — use some of each of the dark pink and the green — maybe dark pink at one end and green at the other, with your handspun in the middle.
    I’m curious about the blend, too, btw — I have been blending wools of various types with seacell experimentally, and testing seacell alone… I’ll have to show you some yarn next time I see you (because naturally, I travel with various types of yarn and fiber samples just in case there is an opportunity to have an obsessive discussion thereof; surely you do this too, right?)
    I mean, the best solution is get more of the fiber, and spin more, but that doesn’t help you cast on RIGHT NOW, so it’s useless.

  340. B — the green all the way. Nice contrast, but still related to the theme.
    Can’t wait to see how it comes out!
    (BTW – I am working on my first lace project with some wonderful hand-dyed silk I bought at WEBS when you came to speak. Mmmm, love it).

  341. I vote for “A” – subtle, blends well. The other 2 colors are too jarring.

  342. Did anyone suggest all three? I think the A is too little contrast and will make the Beloved disappear. The other two are perfect coordinates but give too much contrast individually, although they balance each other very nicely. So, I think that you could bring all of them together so that Beloved is maximized and fully appreciated. I don’t know how you will do it, but luckily you are brilliant and have the opinions of over 500 (and counting) people to consider. Of course, if you pack it all up and take it with you, you will have 1000s more opinions who can actually play with it.
    Good luck!
    (This is a decision that would take me months to make – so much for kismet!)

  343. I think you should use the bleeding heart for the center piece and the border and use C for the two outer pieces. Don’t you think that would resemble a bleeding heart? That’s my vote and I’m stickin to it!

  344. Definitely A – but then again, I like things that seem to flow naturally from one another and it seems to me the change between the two would be soft and in distinct.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  345. I say A.
    Picture a green or dark pink stole with a pale edging. Not a good picture in my mind. A for sure.
    And welcome to LA.

  346. A from me too. I love C, but I think it would look like you didn’t have enough yarn and picked something that complemented. A is going to look like you planned it that way all along.

  347. Weee-elll, why not use all three and blend, blend, blend! Then it will truly have all your bleeding hearts colors. Besides, Kaffe Fassett always says, when in doubt, add more color!

  348. After looking again at the pattern, I would go for B, the green. Your photos of the roving & yarn with the bleeding heart flowers are absolutely out of this world. An astonishing, amazing blend of colors. I am so sad you don’t have enough for the whole shawl.

  349. I would say green (it’s a lovely combination, especially as the green in your bleeding heart is pretty subtle), but I think for that particular pattern, you need to go with A – contrast is not going to work.

  350. I vote C for the deep pink (which surprise me as I am normally a green person and don’t like darker pinks), the pale pink is too woosie.

  351. I like A.. but snorted about the whore’s panties.
    I also tend to agree with Rams…
    I had to go through to see if Anne left a comment and yes, indeed, 2 of them.
    What a lovely little can of…. :^)

  352. “A” – I think the pale pink with suit the bleeding heart pattern beautifully.

  353. I vote for A, but I think it will look beautiful with any of the choices.
    Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

  354. I think I’m like the 600th commenter so you’ve probably log since stopped reading and have moved on to doing things like actually living your LIFE but I just LOVE that B color. With the bleeding heart yarn or not, I love it. LOVE IT.
    Was that too subtle?

  355. I think the pale pink will work best, but how about swatching just in case (I know, I know — and you probably don’t want to take along all three balls of yarn), since knitting the yarn will change color distribution and intensity again. Have a great trip!

  356. One more vote for A!
    I love C, but I don’t think it goes with the beloved at all. And the green, I think, would just look weird.

  357. random stripes in all three. Or the green (I’m a redhead and always go for the green.)

  358. B – hands down. It sits comfortably in that middle ground between wuss and whore’s panties (my god, that is funny). It’s a good balance.
    Have fun with whatever color you pick!

  359. “A” The others would look like a mistake – “A” will look like you did it on purpose – which of course you did.

  360. Green. That’s my gut.
    Of course, green is my favorite color. The color of my sweater, the color of my eyes, the color of my lawn which reminds me that I need to mow, the color of the monstrosity of an afghan that I’m 4 feet short of finishing for a graduate who graduated a week ago….
    maybe the light pink. It doesn’t remind me of any work I have to do.

  361. I like A the best. I think B could work, but that it’s not quite the right shade of green and that C is just too dark.

  362. For a delicate stole/scarf/shawl, A would be my choice.
    But I really, really like C best.
    I’m no help – it’s a good thing so many others commented before me.

  363. I vote A. While C is very pretty, I think that A would highlight your handspun while C would be highlighted BY it.

  364. Even though you’ve undoubtedly worn yourself out with reading the gazillion responses you’ve gotten, I’ve got to go with A and agree with those who believe it is gorgeous and subtle, the others are too harsh and contrasting. Love this blog.

  365. I vote for A, though I’m sure the others would be lovely. There’s just something about the subtlety of it that speaks to me.

  366. I feel like A compliments your handspun the best, but I’m partial to pink ๐Ÿ™‚

  367. After looking at the pattern, I vote A.
    Enjoy your trip, and I’ll
    see you at TNNA.

  368. Definitely A. I think the other two would overwhelm your precious. The subtle nature of A will make your bleeding heart color variations stand out more.

  369. I prefer C–It would emphasize your handspun. I think the values are too close between A and the variegated. And B is not my favorite color (so I’m a bit biased).

  370. OK, in my comment yesterday, THAT’s what I was trying to explain! Either you got it, or that’s already what you were planning to do. Good show. My vote though, has to be the green. Green goes with everything; look at nature. I think the pink is a little too girly looking somehow, and that may just come from living in a house with 3 sons. The deep pink I think overpowers the subtle colors in the bleeding heart yarn. Besides…Go Green!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  371. A, So that the handspun can shine. The other options are too contrasty for lace, and the delicacy of the handspun colors are overwhelmed.

  372. I vote for the green B. Its pale enough to go with the pink and also picks up the green in the pink yarn. The pink A is too whoosey and Pink C to bold.

  373. I vote for the green B. Its pale enough to go with the pink and also picks up the green in the pink yarn. The pink A is too whoosey and Pink C to bold.

  374. I think you should use all three…graduate the pinks and use the green last in the middle. That would really look like the bleeding heart.

  375. Well, I posted and then read the comments and I’ve changed my mind! This is not an easy decision when you only have pictures online! My opinion: spin more, because your Beloved is SO beautiful that adding any other yarn would detract from it. Of course, if you are needing to use up some stash…
    I think, though, that you could make a nice stole using all the colours, shifting from one to the next, etc., but what would happen to Beloved only representing an eighth of the stole?
    Again, you are brilliant and will make a perfect decision, because, after all, it is Kismet!
    Have a wonderful trip to LA and Cols, Ohio!

  376. A. But only for what you have in mind. I’d choose one of the others (or both) if you were using them as an edging or stripes.

  377. I’m going with A. The yarn is so delicately colored, when changing to the new color it might not be as noticeable, but more of a blending. Softer, more elegant. I can’t believe there are 628 comments already – there will be more by the time this is posted! The photos are gorgeous, and you are right about Mother Nature’s colors (how Does She Do It?)

  378. I think A would give you a lovely stole, very girly. What about starting the stole with a little of A at each end and the middle? Then it may look like you planned the whole thing. Are the lacy borders separate, perhaps you could use a tiny bit of the other colours in the border to include them too… it might work or it might be horrible.
    after over 600 comments I bet you hadn’t mentioned it at all.

  379. I can’t make my own decisions, let alone someone else’s but I think rams might be right.
    However, if the whore’s panties fit…

  380. B. I think it is the best representation of the whole plant.
    Wait. You’re coming to LA, as in Los Angeles? Your calendar doesn’t say anything about that. I missed you last year because I was out of town. Update, please!

  381. I say the green. It is different enough to offer a contrast but not too different. Runner up is the light pink. Definitely don’t do the dark pink. Your instincts are right- that would totally look like whore’s panties.

  382. I vote for A. The other 2 would overwhelm that beautiful handspun. Would love to see the other 2 in something together where they would harmonize nicely, but they drown out the bleeding hearts. IMHO.

  383. A is the natural choice.
    I prefer blending in rather than shrieking, but that’s just me. tina has the right idea. After all it is lace and a sharp contrast will just look like you’ve run out of yarn. Mix it up a bit and I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

  384. B or C. Personally i’d use C, but i have a hunch you’d like the B better and wear it more often that way, so maybe B for you?

  385. My first time ever, but I post because I have just been photographing Bleeding Hearts here in Rhode Island,(USA). I think a pale, pale bluish green might be good for a contrasting color.

  386. I’m waffling between A and C (and even B). But if you were to put a gun to my head, I’d say A. Not woosie at all.

  387. I say start knitting the ends with the homespun and then decide. I say this because your opinion may changed based on how the colors do or do not pool. On the ball it looks mostly pink with just bits of other colors peeking through, but once knitted you may find it has splotches of green, and if those splotches of green do not go with the solid green, they will not go.

  388. A. Truly beautiful, and tones with the new yarn without all that strong contrast. Both the green and the darker pink are lovely colors, but they’re so much darker. Have fun in LA!

  389. A is nice, but I personally think that C would be the most stunning. The *idea* of B (a green of some sort) is great, but I think that the green you have is the wrong shade. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  390. B, with a thin stripe of C between the B and the Bleeding Heart.
    If you choose C (Whore’s Panties) it will look like you dipped the ends in bleach.
    If you choose A, all caucasians will be washed out when wearing the final product.
    B is lovely, and adding stripe of Whore’s Panties will make everything pop, will insulate the slightly non-matching greens from each other, and will look awesome!

  391. A!!!! Yarn A will let your beautiful handspun take center stage – just where it should be!

  392. I like “A”.
    You’re gonna need “survey monkey” to tabulate all these opinions!

  393. I vote for A. It blends nicely with the handspun, and lets the handspun be the standout color.

  394. A – subtle – and will make the other colours in the bleeding heart pop right out.

  395. Hmmm I was going to say B, but no would should trust me with color selection when green is one of the offerings.
    Then I read Rams comment and I think she has a valid point. Listen to Rams.

  396. I’m horribly late to the party – 620 comments at this point. However, I think there could be a way to use all of these. If you go back and look at the bleeding hearts in your garden, you’ll see a shift in colour from the green of the “plant” part, to the deeper pink of the top petals of the flower, to the softer pinks and whites of the rest of the flower. From the end of the stole inwards to the grafting area, can you duplicate those shifts of colour? Start with your handspun, shift to the light pink, shift to the darker pink, shift to green and at that point change to a leaf pattern?
    I know, I’m no help at all, but what I’m envisioning is a translation in yarn of what you see when you look at the plant.
    On the other hand – are you a pink person? If not, I’d go green with a leaf pattern.

  397. OK just because my curious mind has to know. I counted the votes. Yes weird I know,but I had to know. Now keep in mind after approx 580 comment I did not count twice and everyone got 1 vote. I will say this is an approximate number so if anyone else wants to count and my math is off a bit I wont get slammed. Also there we so many for the option of swatching or buying more yarn(which always makes me smile).
    So here is what I counted:
    B- Got 118 votes Go Green!!Bleeding Heart, think people could figure out on their own what the green is for.
    C- Got 127 votes Whore panties do not bother them!Plus they like the contrast.
    A- Got 262 votes Go subtle ,classy, elegant(mind you using words I read)
    So that leave about 80 that think you should swatch, send them swatches, can’t decide(good luck),use all three or maybe two,buy more yarn and then decide(yep still makes me smile)or take all three with you.
    Since this probably way late and you have already left.I still thought this was fun to post.My vote hmm….still thinking about. I can’t decide. Have fun!!

  398. I can only imagine the people you’re going to attract by mentioning whore’s panties. I like option A. I think the green is too literal a representation of the flowers. And the dark pink IS like whore’s panties. ๐Ÿ˜€

  399. I love A! But, if you are still undecided, what if you swatch a couple of rows of each yarn, and hold them next to each other. B or C might work really well, once you get to hold them up to each other ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see what you choose! Have a safe trip!

  400. Goodness by the time I counted and posted this the comments have jumped up to 620! Haha sorry not doing a recount.:)

  401. I once learned this trick on a design show that if you have a patterned fabric with several colours in it and you want to pick up a theme from the fabric (used on curtains, bedspread, cushions, whatever) to use on wall colours, accents, bedspread, cushions, etc., squint and the colour you see best is the colour you should use. Which means A.

  402. Maybe keep it subtle, more flexible for wearing, and allow the focus to be on the end patterns — A!

  403. I honestly think it depends on how wide the handspun portions will be. If they are narrow enough to be “accents” I don’t think it matters WHICH color you go with: they are all lovely. I like the green best, personally. If they are going to represent, say, half of the shawl (1/4 on each end) with the other yarn making up the other 50 percent, you probably want to go with the light pink so it isn’t so contrast-y.

  404. I’d go with A, definitely; it’s the classy choice that you won’t tire of.
    Now if I could only be so decisive with my own projects (I am currently selecting my knitting for a (very) long plane trip and vacation!)

  405. Option C, definitely. I don’t think the others are going to show off the loveliness of the handspun at all.

  406. I vote for A. but I think B. is more “you.” C. is just too much with the soft colours of the handspun. You need to find a poll widget to put up so you can see the results of the voting at a glance!

  407. Stephanie, go for the green and the deep pink multicolored. That way, when you make something and everybody oohs and aahs, you won’t have to say you couldn’t decide between either or and everyone will think you’re brillant!

  408. Wait a minute, I just re-read the above! MAN! I love the idea of whores panties-maybe I’ll do something like that for Christmas gifts!! Great idea!!

  409. Now I realize I probably shouldn’t add another choice, but I think just a simple off-white yarn might showcase the handspun better than a colored yarn can.
    Limited to the three colors, A or B seem even choices to me.

  410. I find the pink (A) to be more delicate with the seacell and would use it as the border color.

  411. C!!!! Who doesn’t like whore’s panties?
    No but really…
    It has the nicest contrast

  412. I like the darker pink best – I’m more a “bold/bright” kind of girl – and the contrast will compliment the varigated really well. The pale pink will work if you want subtle, but the green doesn’t look right to me.

  413. I choose A too, although by now I think you have enough votes, it may be hard counting all these comments!

  414. I vote for A but the richer red of C would be nice too. Best way to figure out the best one is to swatch so that you can see if the colour washed our the other colours or compliments.

  415. I am totally unable to abandon a lovely color, so I suggest that you totally re-design the shawl so that you can use all of them. You’ve got a few free minutes before heading out, right????

  416. A. Definetly. I’m more of a subtle person, so I like the Idea of being able to pretend it’s all the handspun yarn.

  417. I would go for the green — but I might do the homespun in the center and use the green for the edging — sort of like a flower.

  418. I’m all for C. But I’m starting from the bias of not really liking light pinks, which, on my monitor, is all that A looks like. It’s not conveying much of the subtle that I’m sure is there.

  419. C! A is too wussy, and B would be great if it was a little closer to the green in your BEAutiful handspun, but its not so.. C. Definately ๐Ÿ™‚

  420. i would do the handspun in the middle and the green on the outside, like a previous poster suggested. but then, i can be overly literal.

  421. One step away from a whore’s panties?! ROTFLMAO!
    I’ll never look at the shade of pink/mauve-ishy the same again….*giggle*
    I vote for A ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  422. A. I think. Actually, they’re all good choices, but if the choice were mine to make, I’d probably go with A. I like how the light pink matches the beautiful yarn you spun.
    I’m impressed you can find 3 good choices in the right weight in your stash, just like that.

  423. I don’t want to put a damper on your project — and, trying to budget myself, I don’t want to be a shopping enabler, either — but maybe you should knit the edges with your handspun and then decide on a yarn for the center.
    It’s been my experience that the inability to choose means you don’t have the right options. If you have the perfect yarn, it will scream “pick me.” And the difference between “perfect” and “almost prfect” usually is the difference between something you adore and something you barely tolerate or end up hating.

  424. A is more complimentary… I think B and C contrast too much with your handspun and overwhelms the delicate subtlety of it. Your bleeding hearts yarn will be washed out with the other two!

  425. Can’t laugh enough – best way: swatch it.. Maybe a lot of knitters have recommended that already – but I can’t drive myself to read all 696 comments !!

  426. I adore choice C. I saw those colours together and I melted. The deep jewel red and the soft seductive pink just go fantastic together.

  427. I vote A. I think subtle would be great in the stole (I looked at the pattern). Contrast would be too contrastyyy. A. Go A!

  428. All three. They are fantastic together! I’d knit the shawl with your yarn in the center, then the dark pink, then pale pink, then a green edge.

  429. B. A looks as if it ought to match more exactly than it does (at least on my screen it’s too yellow) and C is very pretty but it makes your lovely subtle variegated yarn look a little washy.

  430. Based solely on how your pictures looks on my screen, I vote “A”. As much as I love green, I think your green is a smudge too dark. And C is definitely too dark.

  431. A hands down. Not that you need my advice after the 700 or so comments you’ve already received. You can’t really go wrong on this one but I would be happiest with A. Did Joe say A?

  432. Green. If you will have MORE of only one color (since you love is varied), then it must be green, just like flowers….otherwise the other colors overpower things….. If you want your shawl to have your lovely show up the most, and “read” as being mostly it, the green will set it off best.
    At least, that is what I think.

  433. I haven’t read all the comment so don’t know if I am just repeating someone’s idea. I like green on the outside and the original yarn in the middle. Is there enough to do it that way?

  434. I vote A!
    I think A will turn it into the kind of sophisticated confection of a thing that you can use to dress up otherwise bleh outfits. And that is a totally useful kind of item to have (especially if you have too many bleh outfits, like i do!).

  435. Do you have a soft yellow that matches the yellow in your yarn? I think the yellow stands out nicely. I think the pink blends, but the others would be too overwhelming in large quantities. When you look at the bleeding hearts in the photos, see how the yellow just pops out? I vote yellow.

  436. Not A. I don’t think there will be enough definition between the two yarns…and really you want to show off your handspun.
    With that said B or C, B or C. Initially I thought B, but I’ve come around to C. I think the dk. pink against your handspun will be very elegant. The green against the handspun will just look like that…green against handspun. Just mho.
    Besides if you start with one color combination and don’t like it, you can always frog the project and start again.

  437. Not in favor of A… I think it would be too girly and too washed out.
    I like the green, but it seems a little too washed out to mimic the green that is in a bleeding heart plant. Not that mine are beyond just pushing out of the ground, but my (sometimes faulty) memory is that the green in the plant is stronger.
    Personally not a dark pink person… but I really like the dark pink with your personally spun pink. It reminds me of the blooms on the bleeding heart plant.
    So B or C work, but my final vote (if I must choose only one – this is why my stash is out of control, I think! :)) is….
    C – Dark Pink

  438. Either of the 2 paler colours would be great – the darker pink has too much of a different value.

  439. “C” – when I look at the three different options – “C stands out the most. I love the contrast.
    Have fun in L.A.

  440. The solution when faced with such indecision is to go with all of the above, moving from the border with your handspun to the pale pink, to the darker pink and ending with green.

  441. for my 1st comment ever even though i have been lurking for years, i have to say, c! c! pick c!

  442. A It will highlight the hand spun but not over power it…you want the hand spun to be the focal point of this project so go with the more subtle color.

  443. At this point, you may not even care any more, but my vote is A–the subtle pale pink.

  444. A, A, A– please! The others will make the stole look like a piece of checkerboard.

  445. All pretty colors but I vote for A. Although the coloring is subtle, I think your handspun will show off more against the paler color.
    Have fun!

  446. There’s the population of a small town weighing in ahead of me but I’ll comment anyway. Here’s what I think: The darker colors will pop out and totally overshadow your beloved bleeding heart. You want to showcase that new yarn, right? Go with A. Besides, that pink looks really good w/ your pink, and that’s really rare to find. It’s a message from the knitting gods that you should use them together. Really.

  447. Green! I think it’ll bring out the (very)subtle greens in the handspun and provide a nice contrast. Lovely work, BTW!

  448. A – it highlights your handspun the best. I think the bolder colors – while lovely – overpower your handspun.

  449. I vote A, and further vote subtle over woosie-pants. I think subtle would be just the thing…the brights might draw the eye away from the stunning handspun.

  450. I like the dramatic contrast of C.
    The soft muted combo with A is lovely, but would you really wear something that soft colored?
    The yarn you spun is gorgeous.

  451. I am going to go with the first thing I thought when I was looking at the pics. I would go with A.
    The other two are beautiful too, but if it was my scarf/stole, I would pick A.

  452. I vote for A – it’s a subtle kind of pattern, and I think the green or darker pink would just be a tad too much contrast.

  453. Definitely C. A is too pale. It looks like the other colors got lost. B is too sharp a contrast.

  454. Green. The finished product will remind you more of the actual plant (the border will feel like the blooms, but green body like the stem).

  455. I vote for B-green. I think one of the pinks is too washed out and the other is too much of a contrast, but the green blends nicely with the handspun.

  456. My first pick is A but it seems a little grayed out in the last photo. My next pick would be B. C is nice as a complimentary color but is too much of a contrast for something as delicate as a stole and your beloved.

  457. Another vote for A. I just think that it will make a more cohesive finished product. (Just my two cents, whatever you make will be lovely I’m sure!)

  458. as if you are even reading the 750th (!) comment, but…I vote for B or C. A is too similar and does not provide enough contrast for the beautiful bleeding heart. I really like B, but maybe a lighter green? Of course, for all I know you are already winging your way to LA, decision made. Just promise you will show us the result!

  459. definitely A, not that you need any more confirmation me thinks. Joe, we know you have other stellar qualities, leave this to us!

  460. A is too much pale pink for my taste
    B is too different and I think will detract from how amazingly gorgeous your hand spun is.
    C is perfect.
    Of course, I just know with all certainty that whatever you pick and knit up will be stunning!

  461. Um, can we do instant run-off voting here? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love C. I love it. I think it’s rich and gorgeous and similar but different enough.
    But I also really like A.
    Whatever you choose, it’s gonna be beautiful–what a pattern!!

  462. A is the one I’d pick. I’m not big on pale pinks but in this case the green & the dark pink seem a little overwhelming.

  463. My first choice would be A, followed by C. Not green, it’s too different, I think.

  464. go with the green! always!!! it would make your “beloved” yarn show it’s radiant varigated-ness off while complimenting and supporting those lovely knitted blossoms…
    as a failsafe, always choose green! lol!
    this is my first ever comment, but i LOVE your blog and work!!! thank you Yarn Harlot!

  465. B I say B.
    B is green, you like green, Mother nature loves green, green can’t clash with something that is pink and inspired by nature…
    it’s green!
    p.s. hoping to see you again in Kingston next week.

  466. I love green, and love green and pink together, but my vote is for A since I think a darker middle would look funny. That handspun is delicious!

  467. I like the pink (a)because it is nice and soft and feminine. I like the green (b)because it is a nice contrast. And I like the dark pink (c) because it is bold. I think it depends on what kind fo a look you are going for.

  468. C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C
    GIRLFRIEND, you’ve got 700+ notes to read through here. Use a little script for a POLL on yer blog!
    But C for sure.

  469. I vote for C – but also second, third, 700th the motion for doing swatches with all three to get a feel for how the colors play with eachother!

  470. B, definitely!!! I really think the delicate color of the roving would be drowned out by A or C. the roving spun up beautifully

  471. disclaimer: I am biased against pastels in general
    A. reminds me of 80s wallpapers. B is organic but kind of gimmicky. I vote C because whats wrong with a whore’s (harlot’s?) panties.

  472. Not B, it has to much contrast. (wrong green)
    I think your hand spun will blend with A. It looks great but will not show off you great hand spun.
    C will make you hand spun pop. It think it would look great.
    I would pick C but A comes in a close second.

  473. A. I like the subtle pink with the handspun. The other two are a little bit overwhelming and too intense compared to the handspun.