A Proven Fact

I’m not really blogging, since it’s a holiday and there’s other stuff to do besides blogging.. stuff like dance in the street while throwing around dollar coins and candies in celebration of the fact that tomorrow is the first day of school, but I wanted to show you this.


This is a back, two fronts and 3/4 of a sleeve of Hey Teach


and actually, when I finished both fronts, I decided I wanted the distance from ribbing to the beginning of the armscye shaping an inch longer and pulled both of them back to there and knit them again…..

and it’s still almost done. It’s still almost done, even though I sat on a patio and drank beer with Ken while knitting a sock, not a sweater… and it’s still almost done even though we rode our bikes to the beer place and there was no knitting while bike riding. (Obviously. If I haven’t figured it out by now, it can’t be done.)


That sweater is almost finished despite the fact that I spent hours and hours on my paperwork… (It’s done. Thanks for asking.) and despite the fact that I didn’t really try really hard. That makes this the fastest sweater ever, maybe.

Zoom. Sort of makes me wish I’d remembered to buy buttons.