This time I have pants

I think I’m ready. I’ve walked through the things I need to do in London in my head, imagining each day and what I have to get done in it, and then putting things in my suitcase as the imaginary me needs them. (The imaginary me surprised me this morning by suggesting that we needed an extra large ziplock. I didn’t ask questions. I just put it in there. Perhaps all will be revealed in the fullness of time.) I’m nervous, which is really more of a personality trait than anything else, and usually the nervous me also suggests putting things in the suitcase which are really just madness… like a first aid kit, lots of batteries and a dictionary. (I am unsure what literary emergency would be solved by the presence of my trusty Oxford Concise – but with a trio of rescue materials like that, I would imagine I would be in high demand should we end up doing a real life version of Lost.) I’ve pared it down to the minimum this time though- since this feels like an undertaking, and I don’t want to be encumbered.

I also packed Hey Teach, which is totally finished, but buttonless, as I couldn’t bring myself to put myself on my bike in the 30 degree heat (the weather turned again. It’s scorching) and ride down to get them. Instead I’ve packed the thing up, with a vague plan to find buttons in London.


I’ve never been to London, but in my mind (admittedly shaped by my families strong royalist bent, a lot of Victorian novels and a recent review of Brideshead Revisited) London seems to me like the sort of city that would have button shops. Maybe even really funky button shops. (I am also looking forward to the chance to use the word “haberdashery” in public, and in context.) If I can get up the nerve and find the time, I’m going on a hunt.

Finishing the sweater meant that I needed something new for the plane, since the Josephine top is on straights, and straights on a plane (holy cow. I just imagined a whole movie) are sort of rude I think. They take up all manner of space and are unwieldy. I needed something on wee circulars, so that I could keep my knitting business to myself, but was small and light, even after 14 hours (there and back) of flying. I’ve been planning what was next for a while, so I wound up this.


Midnight Rainbow from Perchance to Knit, 50% silk, 50% wool laceweight, which has been in the stash for a couple of years now, always with it’s destiny clear to me. Its got another name, which I’m sure will be a hint to you.

Should be an awesome flight – knitting all the way to a whole new place. I’m curious to know… If I leave here just before sunset, and I arrive there just after sunrise… will I ever be flying in the dark as the plane follows the sun?