You Know What Would Be Fun

Some of the greatest (and most interesting) things that have ever happened to me have been preceded by the thought “You know what would be fun?” It’s how I ended up with Joe, how I got the kids, how I became a writer, why there’s so much wool in the house, the Knitting Olympics, Socks in Central Park… you get the idea.

Turns out that the best thing that someone like me can do is make friends with other people who like to think of the same sorts of things, and get thinking together. Saturday I got on a plane, came clear across the country to here:


The Oregon Coast (Yeah. Sucks to be me) and worked and worked and worked (and sort of knit a lot) until we had the bones laid out, the space booked, the teachers talked to and the budget finessed (Ok. A lot of that was done before I got on the plane. Mostly because some of the other people involved are not just knitting fun visionaries, but people who actually think of things like “Wow. We’re going to need a place to do this” or “Cool idea, but teachers have to be paid”.) As of today, I’m pleased to announce that The Sock Summit (2009) (West. Assuming that we ever want to do this again when it’s over) is actually going to get off the ground, totally come together and actually happen in a place that isn’t just in the mind of me, Tina or Cat. (If you click on that link, you can get on the email list for people who would like more info.)

We’re (going to try to) put all of the greatest sock thinkers, designers and teachers of our time together in one place, have them teach everybody everything they know… lectures, classes, presentations – tons of big fun too… like a real sock hop, a sock gallery and fashion show…. a huge marketplace with the best and most interesting of sock stuff…

In short. We’re really excited. We think it’s going to be really, really, really cool. (We’ve said that a lot these last couple of days.) We’ve also said that we think that with the pool of knowledge and planning we have going into this, that we have a chance to really make this an extraordinary event for Students, Teachers, Vendors, Guilds and other Sock people.

That’s us. Sock people. Keepin’ it going on. Thoughts?