You Know What Would Be Fun

Some of the greatest (and most interesting) things that have ever happened to me have been preceded by the thought “You know what would be fun?” It’s how I ended up with Joe, how I got the kids, how I became a writer, why there’s so much wool in the house, the Knitting Olympics, Socks in Central Park… you get the idea.

Turns out that the best thing that someone like me can do is make friends with other people who like to think of the same sorts of things, and get thinking together. Saturday I got on a plane, came clear across the country to here:


The Oregon Coast (Yeah. Sucks to be me) and worked and worked and worked (and sort of knit a lot) until we had the bones laid out, the space booked, the teachers talked to and the budget finessed (Ok. A lot of that was done before I got on the plane. Mostly because some of the other people involved are not just knitting fun visionaries, but people who actually think of things like “Wow. We’re going to need a place to do this” or “Cool idea, but teachers have to be paid”.) As of today, I’m pleased to announce that The Sock Summit (2009) (West. Assuming that we ever want to do this again when it’s over) is actually going to get off the ground, totally come together and actually happen in a place that isn’t just in the mind of me, Tina or Cat. (If you click on that link, you can get on the email list for people who would like more info.)

We’re (going to try to) put all of the greatest sock thinkers, designers and teachers of our time together in one place, have them teach everybody everything they know… lectures, classes, presentations – tons of big fun too… like a real sock hop, a sock gallery and fashion show…. a huge marketplace with the best and most interesting of sock stuff…

In short. We’re really excited. We think it’s going to be really, really, really cool. (We’ve said that a lot these last couple of days.) We’ve also said that we think that with the pool of knowledge and planning we have going into this, that we have a chance to really make this an extraordinary event for Students, Teachers, Vendors, Guilds and other Sock people.

That’s us. Sock people. Keepin’ it going on. Thoughts?

249 thoughts on “You Know What Would Be Fun

  1. Sounds like a great idea! Socks are a very good way to try out interesting knitting ideas without spending months finishing the project.

  2. I’m calendaring now! I’m only disappointed that it’s not actually ON the Oregon coast, although rates in my favorite Cannon Beach in August . . . well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have much money to leave at the LYS (which totally cares STR and other yummy fibers in case you’ll be in the area). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You know, I talked to someone at a festival last week who suggested that 20 years ago the knowledge of how to turn a heel was almost lost forever just because she couldn’t find anyone to teach her.
    I’m so glad that will never happen.

  4. How GREAT!!! And I know the PERFECT city for Sock Summit East…..ATLANTA of course!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh that sounds wonderful! You know how you said you fell in love with london? Want to come back and do something similar over here? Pretty please?

  6. Arghhh…. it’s directly opposite a previous commitment! Please have a Sock Summit East that isn’t in August or September!

  7. If you’re in or near Newport, go the the Nye Beach Scoop and get some ice cream and lunch. It’s awesome. Also you might like Cafe Mundo, which is kitty corner up the street a bit.

  8. I don’t even like making socks and I want to come. Happily I live close by. If you ever turn your hand to world domination-look out! We Yarn Harlot followers will heed your call. Socks huh, yuck I say as I mark it carefully on my calendar. I must be immune to the sock virus, please don’t hold it against me.

  9. So does this replace Sock Camp or in addition to it? Gah, I can’t do both! But it does sound awesome and there are so many awesome sock designers. It would be great if they can teach/attend.

  10. I was very tempted to sign myself up as a teacher; I imagine my talk could be called something like “Poorly Crafted but Utterly Profane Toes”. Instead I decided to sign myself up in the “send me information” side and I even used my honest to goodness real name.

  11. Thank you, my dear Harlot, for feeding my obsession and giving me a perfect excuse/red herring to throw out to the nonbelievers in my world. I have a darling aunt who lives in nearby Vancouver, WA and I can easily call my trip west next August a trip to visit the aunt instead of opening myself to questions and possible flogging by admitting to attending a conference dedicated to the making of socks which, as we all know, can be bought at Big Box Land for pennies and why would anyone make a sock when logic says, “Buy the sock at Big Box Land.”
    Uff. Rant, anyone?
    Great idea. I’ll be there.

  12. Thoughts?
    Simple. Sometimes living in Europe really, really, really sucks. And being a non-earning student sucks even more. Can’t even save up for that. *snief*
    Think I need to go and inhale some yarn fumes to calm down.
    Honestly – I love the idea and wish it was somehow possible for me to attend… You don’t happen to need a german-english translator? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Awww, go east, young woman!! How’s about Ottawa, my favorite city? Or Randolph, NH that has an amazing yarn shop with an incredible view? Yeah, it’s a little out of the way, but what the heck! Love to knit socks and always have at least one pair going. (Okay, usually more. Too bad about having to work at an actual paying career!)

  14. Yahoo!! I just sent all the info to my sock knitting buddies. CAN YOU SAY: “ROAD TRIP”!!!!!

  15. Way cool! Hopefully the cost of airfare won’t be prohibitive. I’d really like to attend. If the planningand execution doesn’t kill you all, perhaps a Sock Summit East could be planned.

  16. Wow! Sounds great! Where and when? Or are you still hammering out details? If I can go, I will. If not, I’ll work on socks anyway!

  17. Yipppppeeee! I’ve marked down the dates, and am setting up my Sock Summit Savings Stockpile. Now off to organize a convoy from Vancouver. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Erm…I guess I should try knitting a pair of socks before next August, eh?

  18. Wow! Something on the West coast. And I love Portland. I’ll be there with socks on (cloths, too).

  19. Come hell or high water, I’m there! I live in Nashville – I’ve never been further west than, well, Nashville – so I’m looking forward to the trip!

  20. OOOH. That’s something I’d like to be a part of. I might have to start saving my pennies now! Plus, Portland in August oughta be a good time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I want to go so so bad! I’m having a baby this spring though and I won’t be able to spend money on airline tickets. Otherwise baby and I would be there. Maybe if I win the lottery….

  22. Seriously. Best plan ever. And on the west coast? You guys are way too kind. I can totally ferry and drive there from Victoria!!!!!!
    I’m just sort of shocked at the date because this August is going to be the first time EVER my manager decides to go on a vacation. If he takes that weekend too I’m hooped. Hopefully he’ll be back right after the BC Day long weekend (first Monday in Aug).
    Seriously, you thinking sock people are the bestest.

  23. Yeah! I am SO there!!! (just bought 10 skeins of self-patterning sock yarn last week-I’m not obsessed…well, maybe just a little). Now I have another reason to knit my little heart out on this newest addition to my stash-besides keeping my toes warm in New England in the winter…and maybe some lacy socks since the Sock Summit will be in August. I’ve always wanted to travel to Oregon-wow! thanks for the opportunity!~

  24. I registered to get the info. Would love to see west U.S.. I live in Nova Scotia, so it may be possible if there are some last minute air sales…(anyone think that’s a possibility these days??)..But, I am dreaming….Yay!!!

  25. Oh, does that ever sound like fun! Those were my thoughts exactly. Then I looked at the details and realized that they are the same dates that I (literally this weekend) worked out with my whole family to have a week together for the first time in three years. That means I will just have to hope that there is another one!

  26. WOW! I really wanted to do something special for my 60th birthday and now I know what it is! Count me in!

  27. No! We start school early down here in the south, and that will be the first week of school. There’s no way I could miss that, even for something as fabulous as sock classes. Why can’t any of these retreats be planned in the summer?!?

  28. Oh dear. Dilemma….I was thinking I might swing a subscription to Blue Moon’s sock club this year…but now, now this is there on the calendar. Oh man. In my hometown. Dang it will be a great fibery 12 months for Portland! Thank you in advance to you and all your cohorts who are planning this! (Even if I don’t get to go, thanks – its going to be cool!)
    (Hey anyone want to do a shawl/lace summit for the futer?)

  29. Well if I could afford the plane ticket (which I can’t being student at a private university) I have a thing I really want to do in California in early August that has a minimal registration fee. And so on. But you know what is always awesome at conferences is scholarships and/or win a spotmost expenses paid. I know, I know, not going to happen . . . but still it needed saying.

  30. Thoughts? Its an excellent location because its less than an hour away from me. The timing is also nice because its exactly in between my 2 youngest birthdays.
    My big question is though, could I bring a child? My youngest will be a year old and if she has the personality for it, do you think it would be okay to strap her in a backpack and attend? Would it be semi child friendly?

  31. See, I knew I moved to Portland for a reason! (And now finally I may have a strong enough lure to get the Cassandras to visit)
    I’ll be there!

  32. I am happy to announce that I am actually starting my first set of socks (they’re for a baby, but they are socks nonetheless!)… the time this event rolls around I may be brave enough in my sock-making abilities to show up!

  33. I totally read through this post and thought, “This’ll be fun to watch — I bet it’ll be next week, and she’ll be tearing her hair out in the most entertaining manner…” Then I followed the link and saw the dates.
    Clearly Cat and the others are a steadying influence.

  34. hmmm….leave my husband alone with four children so i can go cross country to knit socks? how could i?
    naw. how could i not! count me in.

  35. Portland is so awesome!! Although, I thought you were going to say it is going to be at the coast… that would have been a little more awesome.

  36. You’re close to Haystack, you must be, I saw the picture and tears came to my eyes… it has been way too long since I was there…

  37. If you are still on the Oregon coast this weekend you will be 2 hours away from a fiber festival!!!!!! Come to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby OR this weekend and bless our tiny wool party with your presence!!!

  38. Oh, oh, oh. I am so excited. My work is a fifteen minute walk from the Oregon Convention Center. I can’t *wait.*

  39. As usual, more sock fun!! I signed up for more info, but I’m really hoping I’ll be attending The Sock Summit 2010 East one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. And to think of it….my husband was just saying that he had never been to Oregon and wanted to go there! I have already sent him a link to the website with the suggestion that we start there and then drive down the CA coastline like he has always wanted to do. Here’s hoping that he takes the bait ;-} LOL

  41. Miss Presbyteria, you made me giggle.
    I think the Sock Summit may be one of the coolest ideas ever. I happen to think that socks are pretty much the best kind of knitting ever. I doubt I will be able to make the Summit, but I will be happy in the knowledge that y’all are having a blast!

  42. I think it sounds fabulous. With a still-nursing baby there is no way I can attend, but I will live vicariously through everyone’s blog entries and pictures.

  43. Can you remember how much you loved London? and how you promised to come back? Do you want an excuse to come back? How about a sock convention in London? Pleeeeeeeeeease!

  44. Oh, the fabulousity of it all…but I’ll be working on student registrations that week, alas. (You get lots of time off when you work at a school, but not necessarily when you’d like to have it, lol.) Any chance that there might be a workbook or something of the sort published after the event?

  45. Oh geez, I would so love to go. Short of winning the lottery, not happening, but sweet geebers I’d love to go.

  46. What a GREAT idea!
    The only thing wrong with it is that it’s on the opposite coast from me.
    Please make it be (West).
    Because I want an (East) so I can go.

  47. Registered, calendared, and booked the vacation day at work – yay! I’m so there – can we start now?? You realize my productivity for the next 10.5 months just took a nosedive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Sounds wonderful! Please continue to consider a Sock Summit East. Lots of interest in Rochester, NY (and I’ll treat you to liquid refreshment of your choice!)

  49. OH. SO. VERY. COOL.
    (And, I live in PDX. How. very. lucky.)
    I bow to you and the other Sock Goddesses for bringing this about. Three Cheers!!

  50. before i let myself get excited about this… i have a sinking feeling that this event won’t be offered during a scheduled school break and therefore anyone who is a schoolteacher probably can’t make it….?
    anyone else vote for march break 2009?? :[

  51. holy happy day! i should have read the link BEFORE posting! yippee for summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Wow! I just thought i would check in to see if there was a new post and l see a familiar sight. “That’s the Oregon Coast!” I thought so I read and yeas I was correct. I kept on reading and I thought “a sock fest in my town!” WOW! I signed up right there and then. I have no idea if I would be in town. Well, it doesn’t actually matter because I will be sure to be there. Although I’m going to have to start working on a few more daring things, maybe some lace socks, so I won;t feel like such a novice.

  53. Awesome! What a great idea — it sounds like such fun! And thanks for choosing Portland. I think I can bike to all the venues. People should plan for extra time here though. I’m not sure how many LYSs we’re up to (a lot), but at last count I think there were 41 microbreweries. One could easily do a joint yarn/beer crawl.

  54. So. Portland is not across the world from Vacouver, Canada. I knit socks; 5 completed, 3 on needles, innumberable in the planning stages. I have signed up for information. All I need to do is save my pennies and apply for a passport. piece of cake. THIS IS MOST EXCELLENT!
    Thank you. : )

  55. A “Sock Summit”??? “Who in their right mind would go to something like that?” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Watch what bank you get financing from!

  56. Great idea! And for once in my life, I live within driving distance! I’ve never knit a sock beforeโ€”who better to experience my First Sock with than you guys? I’m excited!

  57. Suggestion: (1) When someone fills in the form, the page they land on should really have an obvious link back to the main page. That header at the top is an obvious place to put the link.
    Posting this here, hoping you’ll forward it to the right person, since the site doesn’t have the other thing I’d suggest: (2) a way to offer feedback and either ask questions or suggest questions for a FAQ list. You can put a disclaimer on the form saying volume precludes you from individual responses, if you like, and still get the benefit of free usability research by hearing what people looked for and didn’t find on your site.
    I realize the site’s new, and you probably have plans for it. I’d encourage making these two things a priority.

  58. Well, I’m not a sock person (at least, not yet) but I sure am inspired by your attitude and fun-luvin’ ways! Go Steph!

  59. I’d be there with bells on. Just another reason to go back home to Oregon. Not that I don’t fly up there enough already ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Wowsa!
    I think this should be a monthly event, and you come to Florida, and NOT Jacksonville, which is a five hour drive for me (as I commented in your last post), but maybe Tallahassee, which is half the drive and which I have family to stay with.
    Yes, and you should call it AuburnChick’s Sock Summit, in honor of my grand idea.
    Ok, now that I’ve awakened from my fantasy, I’ll speak coherently.
    FAB idea! How glorious for you to be a part of this!!!

  61. YAY!!! The WEST coast!! I’m totally there!! I have family that lives near Portland so I even have a place to stay!
    I LOVE sock knitting and can’t wait to have all of that sock knowledge in one place!!

  62. I think it’s very mean of you to plan this really cool event in a location 10 minutes from my home when I am scheduled to be on the other side of the country with my husband’s family. Especially since you aren’t coming to Portland on your book tour.

  63. Ditto on Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival – don’t miss it if possible – the best ever venue for fiber arts around.
    At Last! Within reach of me. The Harlot and everything! My calendar is marked.

  64. I’M GOING. My calendar is marked and, as soon as I can sign up to go, I’m signing up. My husband got to go to a woodworking workshop with Roy Underhill; I think it’s only fair that I get to go to this.

  65. would it actually happen in oregon!?!?!? because i live here and would SO SO SO go to it!!!! so glad you got to hang out on the coast ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Why can’t fun things like this happen where I live?
    I think it’s a wonderful thing you’re all doing and wish you every bit of success that the project deserves!

  67. Oooo! I can stay with my sister! It’s nice to be an Oregonian in absentia because I often have a place to stay around the state when I come home for things.
    What is meant by “exhibit”? Is it referring to dyers and spinners who want to sell their wares, or people who want to just display designs?

  68. Sadness is me. It won’t let me sign up. Sez I’m not authorized to perform this action. Woe.

  69. An entire con dedicated to Sock knitting? Right here in my town???
    I am SO there. THANK YOU Stephanie!

  70. Ah, yes, “You know what would be fun” ranks right up there with “What’s the worst that can happen” as a stepping off point for delirium. Just when I was feeling sorry for myself that all the good stuff happens on the east coast: Rhinebeck, SOAR, etc., you plan something for the left coast. And, the advance warning gives me a chance to actually knit a sock before then, so I won’t knit under false pretenses.
    My husband asks if there will be sheep. He’s absolutely on board if there are live animals involved, especially exotic looking ones.

  71. So not a sock knitter. So gonna be there, anyway! (I can knit socks, just don’t feel the love for the really skinny yarn. Love sport weight socks!)

  72. Great idea. And when you’ve done it once, and gotten the kinks out of it, do a Sydney Sock Summit. Aussies knit socks too!

  73. Why there? Why not in my neck of the woods? Thinking Xeres ha the spot organised….I’ll join with that crew. I love the idea though. I have just finished my 14th pair for the season – in amongst working, jumpers and baby clothes.

  74. Two things: One: I’ve been waiting for you to come out here to SF (your were here once before but I was at… wait for it… the Oregon coast!!!) This time I’ll be here but have a previous commitment I’m going to seriously try to get out of. Two: Socks. You got me into them… well KNITTING them… I’ll be on the Oregon coast. I keep waiting to see your name at Stitches West. I’ll settle for a sock seminar.

  75. I started to comment here on how exciting this event sounds, and then somehow my comment disappeared. Anyway, I’m thinking you’re going to need a lot of chairs for this. What a fabulous idea. It’s just so sad that non-knitters will never, ever understand how exciting such an event will be and it would be a waste of breath to try to explain it to them. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea!

  76. First, I have sooooo much more faith in something good coming from THIS summit than any other so-called ‘summits’ of the last 8 years. And, already working on a girls’ road trip for next summer…. I see the destination coming into focus, along with knitting needles and some sock yarn! Totally doable from CO.

  77. Sigh! I spend 5 weeks every summer in WA, but must be home (on the east coast) by August 5 for kid’s birthday. A little bit sooner and I could ditch said kid with grandma. So close, and yet so not gonna happen.

  78. Never knitted a sock in my life….love to know the best beginner sock pattern with a really cool yarn to keep me interested through two socks…wish I could go to learn sounds like fun!

  79. You should invite Judy Carne, the orginal Sock It To Me! girl from Laugh In just to be the honourary chair. Will you play ‘sole music’? Or was that too arch?? [Sorry!]
    Sounds wonderful. Great idea! Hmmm. So how big were you planning this to be?

  80. So now I notice that the rock formations in the photo with this post look like… giant feet. And sockless too. How appropriate.

  81. Wow! Wow! I totally signed up for the e-mail list before I was even done reading your post! I have never been to Oregon, ALWAYS wanted to go,…and now – socks and knitting and classes and vendors, oh my! I cannot wait! Thanks to all the visionaries who are able to manifest! WooHoo!

  82. I’ve just announced to the DH that, for our anniversary, he is sending me to the Sock Summit. He knows better than to argue.
    Though he seems to think I won’t be able to stop buying yarn long enough to save any money to go….humph! Guess I’ll have to prove him wrong!

  83. That shot looks very familiar! Are you in Pacific City by any chance? I hope they took you to the Pelican Pub! That place completely reformed me from a “light beer” drinker to one who appreciates the real thing! They were even nice enough to take my husband, the amateur brewer, on a little impromptu tour. Have a wonderful trip. The coast is gorgeous. And the Sock Summit sounds amazing!

  84. A few years ago my oldest daughter was into wearing un-matching socks. We even ordered such socks on purpose from a company called “Little Miss Matched.” This is a capitol idea for all us knitters who become dis-enchanted and have trouble working up the gumption to knit another sock just like the first one. Could you please consider a class/idea forum/some thingy during the Portland Sock festival to address this knitterly conundrum?

  85. OMG-OMG-OMG!!! Wayyyyyyyyy COOL!
    And here in my home area…. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )
    Does it get any better than this???

  86. Congrats on all that is good knitting. I want to offer my empathies concerning your window. I too live in an old house. In the dead of winter there is frost on the inside of the windows. My girls use to scrape the frost off and think they had a snowcone in the winter. I have left all the pre WW1 windows because … well did I mention they are pre WW1 windows?

  87. Actually I just answered my own question after reading the details on the sock summit website. Sorry –should have stoped to read that first.
    It sounds amazing and would totally want to attend!

  88. Sooo happy to see such a great sounding event will be in Portland!!
    and both my Sr Prom and my sister’s wedding reception were at the Art Museum ballroom, back before it was part of the Museum, but both with heels instead of socks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. Wow, what a wonderful idea. I had no idea this was your brain child. A friend of mind posted a link on Ravelry and I signed up to be a vendor. You make me so proud! Thank you so much.

  90. Wow – I saw the photo and immediately thought, I know where that is! Way Cool! I’ve already got my calendar marked and signed up on the e-mail list. It’ll be great to have something so big just down the road for a change. Only an hour away from home!

  91. Ah! I live in the Seattle area (and attend university there) but guess where I will not be those days! That’s right, I will not be in the northwest! What an awful travesty!

  92. I’m IN! My Tuesday knitting group was just talking about what kind of outing to take next year, and there it was, handed to us on a silver platter. Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. If my hands are still able to knit after my dissertation (to be completed in spring), I’ll be so there! Maybe after several months of enforced rest… I’m dreaming of it already!

  94. Just another reason I want to go to America and Canada, Australia is just a little too far for a weekend visit (well in my non-knitting husbands mind its out of the question anyhow).

  95. I agree with Bibnbub… Do you think there’s any chance you’ll be bringing this to Australia? That way I don’t have to go there! :o)

  96. why sock summit east should be in indianapolis:
    centrally located, lots of airline service (and a gorgeous new airport opening next month, lower hotel prices than big cities, closer to stephanie’s hometown than new york (and she hates o’hare airport, so nevermind chicago!), world’s largest children’s museum in case you have to bring kidlets, lots of sock knitters . . . . just don’t schedule it near the indy 500, brickyard 400 or moto gp!

  97. Ahh the Oregon coast, my old home… and socks in Portland, a GREAT BEER DRINKING CITY!! I doubt I will be able to join in, but I’ll be there in spirit, and follow all the action from afar, as best I can. Great idea… as always.

  98. I had been looking for a good reason to go home in August. It’s my birthday month and a great time to NOT be in Italy. And since socks are all I’ve had time to knit lately I have no need to justify this vacation detour. See you there. L

  99. Brilliant! I’m so glad there are people like you in this world!
    I vote for Charlene Schurch as one of the instructors. She’s a phenomenal sock teacher and the fun never ends when she’s teaching.

  100. This is off topic, but I wanted to tell you that I had a dream the other night that I won an online contest and the prize was that the Yarn Harlot would give you a home permanent. Yarn Harlot curly hair dreams? Craziness!

  101. Sock Summit East, Please!!
    You could have it at Rehoboth Beach, good food, nice ocean, historic museums nearby, camping available, right next to my hometown…just a thought!

  102. I hope one of the teachers will be Judy Sumner of Knoxsocks Designs. If she’s not there, then no matter how wonderful the event is (and I am sure it will be!) it won’t be complete.

  103. I signed up to be notified but realistically I don’t see a cross country trip in my future next summer but New England is lovely in the fall. Think about October in New England, a nice crackling fire, gorgeous colors on the trees outside, the scent of apples and cinnamon in the air and a new pair of warm socks on your needles. Think about an East Coast Sock Summit please.

  104. Considering I spent Friday evening at Carol Breitner’s “Sock Party” at the Central PA KDO, I have to say a resounding “yes!”
    By specifying that students in the “class” should bring several finished pairs of socks and one OTN, Carol made sure that everyone in the class had actually MADE some socks and had some ideas about cool ways to do things differently.
    Now you’re suggesting a “meeting of the minds (and needles)” of the best sock people in the Western Hemisphere? Do you need servants/slaves to hang out in the background? Just to, you know, peel your grapes and wind your yarn?

  105. How about putting together a 2010 Sock Summit schedule for the UK?
    It’s either that or please tell me where the 2010 one will be now so that I have a year preparation to drop hints to husband and daughter that it would be the ideal place to holiday.

  106. Have to run to a meeting, so I haven’t had a chance to read all of the comments, and I’m sure someone has already thought of it, but what about a Sock Summit East? Just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Okay… later! Ta!

  107. Dang. I had officially surrendered on the whole sock thing (the seven pairs with holes was enough to convince me I am not a maker-of-socks). But this — looks like fun. Too much fun. Now I have to rethink the whole sock thing so I could participate . . .

  108. Signed up for the e-mails – very cool. One thing, though, when you submit e-mail address for mailing, the page it sends you to says “Sock Summit 2008” Had to happen, we are only human ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. First I’m going to Rhinebeck; then you’re having a Sock Summit where I *live*? Oh, my aching budget! [g] I’m signed up for emails!
    ::waves to Stephanie and everyone:: I’ve been hibernating this summer, goofing off on Ravelry and not even reading blogs. I just woke up. Fall is here! Now I get to catch up…

  110. I am so there! Who’s going to start a Ravelry group for this, so we can plan extracurricular dinners and outings in my lovely hometown? ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. I live in Eugene, Or, a mere 60 min. drive from the Oregon Coast, and I’ll have you know that Oregonians actually like the Oregon Coast, and think it’s very beautiful. We feel protective of it, as evidenced by our land use laws. So, even if the weather sucks (as it often does)and the wind blows (which it always does)please try to find something nice to say about it so you don’t get a sock lover like me completely distracted from your awesome news. Rant over.

  112. can we bring young knitters? i can think of very few fun adventurous ways to get the pork bun knitting a la Danish – young.
    By the by – she’s coming home

  113. I turned my first heel last night after being enthused to try socks at the london i-knit! So I’m supporting the comment made earlier – could you be encouraged to do comthing similar across the atlantic here in the UK??!!

  114. Hey, mersknits – she was saying she loves the Oregon coast! Go read it again – the “sucks to be me” should be translated “yeah, I’m really, really lucky to be here.”

  115. Will there be a support group for idiots who think they’ll ever actually finish a sock for a male of the species whose feet are not so small? Answers to the question of why all socks are not for, like, toddlers? Mantras and litanies that can be recited to force completion?
    Also, on the “new book” topic, I keep meaning to ask: is there a venue for purchase which makes you personally more money than if someone just goes and picks it up at J. Random Bookstore?

  116. Signed up, and waiting patiently – or at least trying to! I can do this. My poor daughters. They have such skewed ideas of what summer vacations should be….

  117. Could somebody remember to send those nice men at the bank that couldn’t believe the STR Club was real, assumed fraud and pulled their credit transactions a T-shirt?

  118. Very cool! I’ve signed up to get info about being a vendor, being a tiny, tiny, indie dyer. It would be great if there were low-cost table/booths available for small vendors. Booths at Madrona are just too expensive for very small businesses; having an indie rate would allow the incredible creative work being done by small dyers and others a chance at wider exposure. There could even be a dedicated section of the larger vendors’ area for assorted small ventures.

  119. I am with the group for Sock Summit 2010 or 2011 EAST. (Trying to be reasonable here, don’t you know ;)) Can’t expect too many Summits in a year, people will be thinking we are a political group or something.

  120. I think I am jealous, to say the least.
    When you’re done with west, could you please do east?
    (And, that being accomplished, please sally forth,
    To include the folks in the south and north.)

  121. I do believe I’d like to attend this one. And I think I’ll take the bus over to the mainland and the train down from Vancouver so I can knit all the way. What an awesome way to spend a vacation!!

  122. For the Sheep to Sock – does that mean I have to bring a sheep all the way from Maine, lead her into the convention center, sheer her and then make a sock? Ah, gawd! I’ll be so tired after that, still, just picturing the hilarity that is bound to occur during such an ‘occurrence’ kinda awakens the southerner deep within – like the time my uncles decided to bring a horse into my grandma’s living room just to see ‘what he would do when he saw himself in the mirror’ – LOL! Hey ya’ll, watch this!

  123. The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, IMHO, and your photograph is quite calming.
    As for the sock summit, sounds like a great idea. I’m out East, but for those who could do it out West more power to them.
    Good luck with it all!

  124. Sounds absolutely fantastic! Not sure that family etc will allow me to travel all the way there from the UK though… is there any possibility of webcasts (live or otherwise)? I’d certainly pay a ‘virtual attendance’ fee and I daresay quite a lot of European knitters would too…

  125. That sounds like a lot of fun! I still consider myself a beginning sock knitter, even though I’ve worked some pretty interesting patterns because I only know a couple of heels and toes. It just seems to easy to sit on my laurels and call that good enough if you know what I mean.

  126. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing the info as it develops. I soooo want to attend this event and have already begun to think of ways to make it happen. Knitters are the absolute greatest people — uh, right next to dog people.

  127. Yes, I have an idea. You need a beer tour of Oregon. I volunteer for the Eugene portion.
    This sounds very exciting! Have fun.

  128. So how soon before the site does the big crash with all the readers you have alone??? This may be a great test of how good technology really is.

  129. Very Cool! Is there an email list that one can subscribe to to keep updated or view this regularly.
    Also, have a vendor for you to consider. The Weaving Works in Seattle. Contact Marcy Johnson – the big Kahuna. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  130. After 200+ comments and with working so hard, I cant imagine you’ll get to read this but anyway. Any chance you may coming to the Cornwall or the Seaway Valley any time in the future. It is a wasteland here for knitters and a visit from you would be a great boost. Believe it or not the only place I can purchase real wool in this town is Walmart or if Im lucky one of the charity shops like Value Village. The wool at walmart is of the low quality commercial type as well. Urg!!! I love to knit socks but am discouraged as I wont use acrylic and Im running out of decent stash!! I would order online but the shipping would put it beyond my budget. Im new to the area so if anyone knows of anywhere reasonably close to Cornwall where I could find some decent sock yarn please let me know!! I love your Blog Stephanie!,check it everyday!!!

  131. Now I may have to decide between BMFA sock camp and this. *sigh* If only Tina and Cat would come to you instead of you always visiting them.

  132. You know, I looked at that photo and thought, that looks a lot like the Oregon Coast. Of course I didn’t believe it before I read it because what would you be doing in Oregon…. Knitting of course.
    I’m so glad it’s going to be so close by (I’m in Eugene) and would love to come. I hope there will be some sock yarn spinning as well. I recently took Judith’s Sock Caper class at Black Sheep Gathering and it was spectacular!

  133. you know what would be fun?………………….
    if some of this “fun stuff” happened in Canada!
    we want Harlot too!

  134. OOOH! OOOH! That’s my 50th birthday!
    What a great present!
    Happy Birthday to me!
    Happy Birthday to me!
    I’ll be there.

  135. You should invite Judy Becker (Judy’s Magic Cast On) to teach a class (if you haven’t already). She’s right here in Portland; Tina and Cat both know how to get in touch with her.
    Oh, and the PDX Knit Bloggers will SO be there! Hopefully, we don’t act as goofy as we did last time you were here, at the Forestry Center. Or if we do, we promise not to “hijack” the line for book signing again. Or not.

  136. Please, please, please, make it so we have options. My daughters and I would love to attend but have teeny tiny budgets! We are thinking cheap motels, 2 meals a day, and car pooling so we have money left for classes (if we can afford ’em). But at least for the vendors! Big package deals are just out of our reaches.

  137. Fantastic! And in PORTLAND. Yay. I just moved from there to Wyoming three weeks ago, and I miss Oregon like nobody’s business. Hope you spent a little time soaking in the sea air and the scenery.

  138. Now you’ve done it! I’ve gone and registered for the updates. Now I have some serious thinking to do. Portland is a long way from here. But maybe if this one is a huge success, there will be one in the East in 2010.

  139. I’ve got a friend who lives in Portland who has been begging me to come visit. I just shot her and another knitting friend and email saying “Here’s when we’re coming.” It just sounds brilliant.

  140. I have grown up in Oregon…Isn’t the coast beautiful.
    Can’t wait to hear more about the August event.

  141. I thought I saw you at the seatac airport on Sunday mid morning. Did you happen to be flying through? I said Hi, not sure if it was you… you didn’t have a sock in your hand.

  142. Holy wow. This is a fabulous idea. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, but I’m going to try! Is Lucy Neatby on your list of people to contact to teach?

  143. With all the talent and energy located in one area, we may throw the cosmic energy off balance and others may experience a surge of knititous….
    Sounds like heaven.

  144. TOTALLY up for coming to this (flying from Singapore).
    But when I try to sign up, it says I’m not authorised to do that.
    How does it know I’ve never knitted a sock?
    Cool technology.
    I’d still like to sign up though…

  145. i am having the same problem as Andrew. I’m sure if you just post when things are fixed we’ll all continue to fangirl/boy in peace. Also, big hug for you and Helen. May we all be so lucky.

  146. I am in! Must work on sock skills in the meantime so that I’m not (still) a sock rookie by then… and so that I can understand the sock-speak. Woo hoo!

  147. Oh my,do enjoy the Oregon’s beeeutiful~Am looking forward to seeing you in OR…at the sockfest;o)

  148. Is the sock summit International or just in America/Canada???
    I personally would love to join in the fun, so I wonder if things could be arranged over the pond in lil ol England??? Or Europe for that matter. As you know you have a LOT of crazy knitting fans over here and would love to join up.

  149. I hope you’ll get the Grumperina to teach. Kathy’s socks are fabulous — and she’s really prolific, too.

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