Enter, stage left

Very busy weekend (I got on a plane again, more about that later) but wanted to take a moment to post the schedule for the upcoming book tour. It’s short, it’s sweet (it’s with a different publisher – my previous book of essays was with Andrews McMeel, and so this one is too) and it’s being set up by Kathy-the-publicist-that-I-haven’t-mocked-with-a-title-yet, instead of your good friend and mine, Jayme-the-wonder-publicist, who is with Storey Publishing, so don’t call her and ask her all sorts of stuff about the tour or the book because this time it’s not her problem. (I imagine that right now Jayme is remembering all of the times that things got ugly on the road and all I had with me was a big problem, a poor attitude and her phone number, and thinking “Have a good time Kathy.” ) I’ll post this on the tour page as soon as I can.

San Francisco — Saturday, October 4th, 3:00pm, Copperfield’s Books, Montgomery Village, 2314 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA. 95404.

Seattle–Monday October 6th, 7:00pm, Third Place Books –Lake Forest Park, WA, 17171 Bothwell Way NE

(There’s a break here while I attend SOAR. If you’re going to be there too, there will be a booksigning there 7-9 on Friday evening with a whole whack of authors – not just me.)

Kansas City— Monday October 13th, 7:00 Rainy Day Books, Event held at Unity Temple. 707 W 47th Street Kansas City, MO. Tickets are needed– call Rainy Day Books at (913) 384-3126 to get the details.

New York — Tuesday, October 14th, 7:00 Barnes & Noble, Park Slope, 267 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Boston — Wednesday, October 15th, 7 pm , Hosted by Porter Square Books (With Common Cod Fiber Guild)

Event will be held at St. James’ Episcopal Church 1991 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Seating will be first come first serve.


Tel: (617) 491-2220

Jacksonville, Florida – Thursday October 16th, 7 p.m. Mandarin Ramada Inn Conference Center, 3130 Hartley Road (I-295 and San Jose Boulevard) Hosted by KnitWitz

There will also be a signing at Rhinebeck, though not a talk – details to follow.

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  1. Oh my, I’m not a very lucky girl. I live in Jacksonville, FL and have been dying to see “Harlot on Tour”. My husband and I will be on vacation visiting my in-laws in Seattle on October 16th, and we leave for Seattle on the 11th…5 days after you are in Seattle. Oh well, maybe next time. I am happy to see you will be visiting us here in the south and Knitwitz is a great store..we’re lucky to have it here in Jacksonville.

  2. I notice that these are all U.S. dates… will there be Canadian tour dates, too? (Pretty please with… sock yarn on top?)

  3. Yes, The Blog will be looking forward to a name for this publicist. Maybe we can think of a few (like hundreds) for you to choose from – winner receives a signed copy?

  4. Sounds like another (short) whirlwind tour! Have a great time and I’m sure you will have lots of fun stories for us along the way! Good luck!

  5. I cannot wait to read your new essays book. Will Copperfield require we buy a copy there to get a seat again this time? (Which is fine with me.) I can’t wait to see you!

  6. Hooray!I was hoping you’ld be at Rhinebeck!My sis and I are going this year,too!See you there!!!

  7. Hey, do you have a Magical Box in which book tour suggestions ought to be dropped? I know Neil Gaiman tells people straight up, get ahold of his publisher and/or your favorite bookstores, but I dunno, that might be Gaiman-specific and not author-generic? Or perhaps the logic in this comment (or lack thereof) is limited by the fact that it is 1:45 in the afternoon ad I have not yet had breakfast. (Oh, college . . .)

  8. What???? No Webs? I won’t be home for the Boston one I will be in Daytona Beach, not far from Jacksonville I know, but I will be working Biketoberfest in Daytona,so I won’t be able to see you in the sunny south. Could you please add another New England show, just to accomodate me? LOL

  9. I still don’t understand why an event that lists San Francisco, takes place almost 50 miles from said City.
    Wonder if we will ever have an event in San Francisco.
    I’m sure we could fill Moscone Center.

  10. Yippee! I kept hoping you’d come back for a talk somewhere near. You’ve just made Oct. 13 a Red Letter Day!

  11. Is anyone in the southCentral Pa area willing to pick me up to go to NYC? I’ll help with gas money!!! And I’ll bring my own knitting, so I won’t be bugging y’all.

  12. Woo hoo! I used to work at Copperfield’s (not the one in Montgomery Village, but close) and I still live in the area! I might be able to make the October 4th date!
    I saw you at Maker Faire earlier this year and you were hilarious, can’t wait to see you speak again =)

  13. oh good.
    last year at Rhinebeck I went into the authors tent, talked to Stichy McYarnpants, saw you and your horde of fans and completely wimped out.
    this year I won’t, especially since you have the new book out which I want to get.

  14. Awwwww! Aren’t you going to come on down to Austin again? PLEASE COME BACK!!! *Grovels* I was not yet enlightened in the ways of yarn when you last came!

  15. Oh my!!!!
    I was just at KnitWitz yesterday afternoon, and I said something about you when I noticed your new book beside the register. The owner told me that she had just found out you would be visiting in October. I almost passed out.
    The only problem is that Jax is a five-hour drive! You see, my daughter plays on a soccer team there (yes, I’m crazy), but then, after I made my store visit, and we went to the hotel (we were in town for a weekend practice), she QUIT the team!
    So, no more reasons for me to go to Jax…unless she’s on another team and they play there.
    Hmmm…should I drive the ten hours (there and back)…
    What a huge dilemma!
    How about you fit in a visit to Pensacola or Fort Walton Beach (there’s a LOVELY store there too)…that would be much more convenient for me, and you know you want to keep your readers happy…
    To be thissssss close…

  16. Well it all looks great but what about the West
    Coast further south…..like Los Angeles?? or there abouts. Maybe San Diego? Those are alot closer than San Francisco. And you do have alot of knitters in this area too, who love and live by your books and blog. I’m one of many. PLEASE,PLEASE, see if something csn be arranged???

  17. Aaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!
    I could have made the Santa Rosa (listed under San Francisco) date if only I’d known sooner. Now I’m committed to volunteering at an event hundreds of miles away, which I can’t back out of.
    For your next book tour, can you please please please post the schedule a little sooner?
    I’m sure I’m not the only reader who’s willing to drive ridiculously long distances to see you, if only she knew the dates in time…

  18. Looks like we should settle back with our favorite knitting project du jour and get ready for some travel pics and stories from our favorite tour guide. We do wish you smooth travels, honest, though the bumps in the road sometimes bring out your finest moments in writing.
    ~ Dar, who might find a way to be at Rhinebeck for the first time ever

  19. Funny how you always come to Copperfield’s when I can’t attend! However since that day is the day I leave for SOAR (8:15am out of SFO and I’m taking one of the 3 day workshops) I’ll see you at SOAR!

  20. Oh, I won’t be able to see you in Santa Rosa, they were very with it the last time you were here. I will be in PA, knitting while watching my friends show their dogs. But, I will be going to Rhienbeck for the first time, so I can’t wait until you post information for that. I just received your calandar and can not wait for January 1st. Does this make me a stalker?

  21. Stephanie please, please come back to Southern California. We even have a suggested venue for you, that is much better than the LA Library that is hard to get to and expensive to park…
    Vromanโ€™s Bookstore in Pasadenaโ€“www.vromansbookstore.com for more info. They have a lovely large events space, they know authors and they know knitters
    This was posted on our So Cal Knitters Group but to late for the last tour. Please consider the possibility of speaking here. The Ravelry Group will even do more research if this venue is not to your publishers liking.

  22. I am sooo happy. We are moving to Jacksonville in three weeks. I was bummed that we were going to miss you in NYC but now you are coming to us. How cool is that?

  23. Yay, the comments are working! (Was I the only one having trouble?) I can’t believe you are finally coming to florida! WOOHOO!!! Right after I get my incentive check, little less than 2 hours from where I am. This is so beyond perfect! I already like this publicist better… =^P
    BTW: what happened to “hey, teach!”? I finished mine (thank for the heads up, fun knit!) and I was wondering how yours looked on you! How are the buttons??

  24. Yay! I’m so glad you’re coming back to Rhinebeck! It would have been nice to hear you speak again, but I will definitely be there for the signing! The upside is that you’ll have more time to shop, right?

  25. Coming to Portland (OR)? PUH-LEEEEEZE! Maybe even McMinville? (Hint-Hint)
    Congrats on the new book being out & all!

  26. Coming to Portland (OR)? PUH-LEEEEEZE! Maybe even McMinnville? (Hint-Hint)
    Congrats on the new book being out & all!

  27. Wow, you’ll actually be in Boston on the same day I’ll be there – what luck for me! I will try to come. My sister saw you in Burlington last year for the Cast Off tour and got a book signed for me. Looking forward to seeing the latest volume!

  28. Boston: home made ice cream, Burdicks (home made chocolate) and, also, lots of good home brew. Need I say more?

  29. Once again, I don’t see Honolulu on the tour! We have yarn! We have LYS! We have enthusiastic ardent knitters! We have beer n’ ice cream, too! Not to mention beaches, sunshine, and plenty o’ things to entertain you whilst you’re here… c’mon, don’t pass us by again! Pretty please?

  30. I second the comment by JazzDiva. Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena would be a wonderful addition to your tour and all of us in Southern California would love to see you — please come by our way!

  31. nooooooooo!
    From now on you’re not allowed to have Seattle events on Monday nights when Kathryn and I have chorus rehearsals, especially really important ones like on the 6th. Boo hoo.

  32. You’re coming to Santa Rosa? You’ll be in town during the 3-day Sonoma County Harvest Fair — agricultural, art, and craft exhibits, wine tasting, beer tasting (on Saturday), grape stomping competitions, a pumpkin toss, llamas, sheepdog trials (on Sunday), lots of fun. Hope there’s time in your schedule for a visit to the fair. We’re famous for our local wines! Here’s a link: http://www.sonomacountyfair.com/hf_home.php

  33. Oh Happy Day! I am so going to have a great day on October 13th!! My youngest son is turning 4 and I have the chance to see you!!!! My first time ever!!! You have no idea how thrilled I am!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. my knit-group friends and i all hope you’ll come back to indianapolis. if you time it right, you can go INSIDE the children’s museum this time and “experience” dinos with sound effects, scents and more, plus a large collection of “juvenile” i.e. baby, toddler and kiddie dinos.
    and tons of knitters, including a few old fossils like me.
    indy’s an easy stopover between chicago (yes, we know how you hate o’hare) and many other places. better yet, stop by on your way back from florida or california or texas.

  35. I’m sure Jayme added a maniacal laugh. Glad it’s short and sweet this time. Although, by stating that; you may have angered the gods.

  36. See you at Rhinebeck!
    A gaggle of Sock Campers will be there too — Cece, Socktopus/Miss Malice, Carole from NJ, Sam, Joan from Michigan, and Susan Misknits. I just found this out. It’s like a bicoastal reunion! (Well, transatlantic, with Socktopus!) Should be a great time!

  37. WHAT. Did I just hear a suggestion of you being at Rhinebeck during Oct. 18-19???
    Remind me.
    Remind me to bring my Stephanie Pearl McPhee book for you to sign.

  38. Oh, no! You’re coming to, like, six miles from me in Jacksonville, and I won’t be able to come see you because I have a class that night!
    (I must be a grown-up too–as much as I’d love to come see you, I’m not skipping class for you or for God.)

  39. This is my first post and I am so glad you are coming to California. This will be my first event. I can’t wait. I just love your blog and your books. Thank you so much!

  40. Yay, yay, yay! So glad you are coming to Kansas City. The date is on my calendar. I used to work for Andrews McMeel, and I’m so pleased that you are doing another book with them.

  41. I’ll be in Boston during your talk, as I’ll be traveling for work. Very excited. Let me know if you have dinner plans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Suggested graphic for this post: one of those maps that shows the lightning bolt that will be your trip. Dear g*d woman, KC, NYC, BOS and JAX on consecutive nights? That’s a lot of airplane knitting. I’ll see you in Rhinebeck, I’m all out of sock yarn, which is worse than being out of food.

  43. mmmmmmmmmmm boston! and ny in the fall… lucky! speaking of rhinebeck,,, are there any bus tours going or other groups with whom one could hitch a ride from the greater toronto area??

  44. It is beyond believe that you are going to be in Jacksonville, only two hours away. I HOPE I get a ticket, already mail them. SOOOO wonderful. Last year I wanted to go to Atlanta but that is eight hours and could not convince DH to drive. But to Jackson is with or without him. HIPPPPPPPPPPP

  45. Well, Wisconsin is not on the list (we’ll just have to store up our spectacular beer for when you *do* get this way againg) BUT!!! I’m told my copy of your book has shipped!! So I’ll just mollify myself with a nice cuppa, and prop it up to read as I proceed with the 9th foot of knitting on my Dr Who scarf. PS: if anyone EVER hears me griping about knitting toques again, please just lean over and whisper “Dr Who” in my ear and I will be properly chastised.

  46. another request for Canadian dates – how about Vancouver?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of knitters here!
    maybe I’ll have to make a trip down to Seattle instead…

  47. Oy! So tell me what you’d like for beer and I’ll try to have some for you at Rhinebeck. Looks like you’re gonna need it.

  48. I was fortunate enough to hear you speak at the Library in Los Angeles,CA. Copperfield’s in San Francisco is a 7 hour drive but my birthday is next month and my hubby knows how much I love to hear you speak and love your books so he said I can go for the weekend Iam so excitted:)Hugs Darcy

  49. Oh that is so cool that there will be a book signing at SOAR, because we are usually too busy to get away from the both at Rhinebeck! Hurray! (Especially since you won’t be at WEBS) However, I must confess that I’ve already asked a friend to get Franklin’s (and maybe Dolores’ if I’m real lucky!) autograph at Rhinebeck for me LOL! Only 13 more days till SOAR. I can’t wait!

  50. Those are all great places, and Rhinebeck and SOAR mixed in. Lots of fun for you, but I’m sure you’ll be plenty tired when you get home. Have fun Stephanie!

  51. Awww Rats Fannies!
    You aren’t going anywhere near my own sweet self!!! Blessings on the road Stephanie! May there be baked goods, good tea, and great BEER…
    Boston perhaps? Go REDSOX!!!!

  52. Looking forward to seeing you in Brooklyn Stephanie!
    Anyone know of yarn stores near the Barnes & Noble @ Park Slope, 267 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY? I can make it an afternoon devoted to yarn.

  53. Come to Cleveland!! It’s only a quick jump across the lake, we have some GREAT LYS (Soft and Sassy) and alpaca farms (moonlight farms) and a fabulous locally spun yarn by Tuscan Grove. I’m told we even brew a pretty good beer (Great Lakes Brewing).

  54. I’m so glad you are taking just a short tour…you probably haven’t caught up yet from the last giant one. I have ordered your book and I’m so looking forward to getting it. Have a good one….

  55. YAHOO YIPPEE SKIPPEE you are coming to Kansas City. Good thing it is on the 13th cos I get back from Italy on the 12th. My mom is coming and she does not even knit but she says I talk about you so much she wants to see who you are. And yes in true Harlot style I will be taking pictures of my sock in front of things. I understand you can’t take pictures of David now, I was thinking of knitting him a “sock” cover.

  56. Is this where I begin yammering away about how you’ve yet to set foot in I-O-W-A? And that we’re as nice as everyone says we are in the Midwest? And we have loads of veg for you to nosh on? And fiber to play with? And yarn to knit with? Don’t get me started on our fabulous brews…

  57. This new publicist has some pretty big shoes to fill. Your appearance isn’t listed for either the San Francisco/Santa Rosa or the Seattle gig. Kathy’d better get on her toes!
    I’ll see you in Santa Rosa – I was stuck in that (sort of) geographic area after a meeting on Friday and another one on Sunday – but I no longer feel stuck at all, just lucky. Looking forward to hearing you speak again!

  58. I get The Yarn Harlot, AND, Ann and Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting in the same month!! Yeah!
    So Steph….do you want hubby’s Belgian White, or his Maibok this time around? He calls those “chick beers,” so us “chicks” better drink them, huh?

  59. ACK! I just realized that I have to travel from one end of Seattle (from an all-day business meeting), to the other end of Seattle during rush hour to see Steph! Come Hell or High Water, I’m there, baby!

  60. Schnikies.. No events close to me. ๐Ÿ™ {insert pout here} Will you ever be coming to Pittsburgh? I just moved here and my LYS is hosting Cat Bordhi for a couple of workshops… I was hopin’, wishin’, and a-prayin’ you’d find your way here too.

  61. I am so glad that this time-if there has to be a “this time”- you will not be on the road for weeks on end. You seem like someone who just misses your home and family too much.
    We appreciate your sacrifice- how else would we get to see you in real life?
    Hugs to you.

  62. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! you are coming to Jacksonville, I will be there with my first sock, and a bottle of local beer. Can’t wait for the party.

  63. huzzah! SF bay area!
    dympna–we could definietly fill the Moscone Center. maybe we can work on that for the next tour?…

  64. This is just a plot to get those of us in Minnesota and Wisconsin to go to SOAR or Rhinebeck, right? You’ll come back to the Yarnery next year?

  65. How can I resist a comment. You are coming to talk in MY CHURCH! Unreal. I know you aren’t one for organized relgion, but St. James is the place you would probably find yourself if you were. I can’t wait to see you, hopefully I’ll be the church volunteer that doesn’t act too much like a stalker.

  66. Oh ratfarts! You’re going to be in Santa Rosa really close to my birthday, it’s only a 2.5 hour drive if traffic is good, and I’ve committed to a day of baby-tending down here on the Peninsula.
    Maybe I can get Jack’s mom to agree to let me drive him up there and back. I haven’t missed a Bay Area date with you since I found you – and aren’t you running low on jam and soap by now? Maker Faire seems like forever ago!

  67. No wonder you are always exhausted! Start in the mid-Northeast, go West, go Northwest, go back East, go to the Midwest, go back East #2, then South, then North to home — if this is an example of what you usually have to put up with on tour, I find it extraordinary that you are able to even be civil to people, much less accommodating, friendly, entertaining, and unassuming as you are. If you only occasionally have attitudinal difficulty, I salute you as a better woman than I! Knit on!

  68. I’m bummed that your book tour isn’t bringing you anywhere close to Nashville this time around, but I’m glad that it’s a short tour for your sake — I can’t begin to imagine how exhausting all that travel must be!
    I got my notification from Amazon that my book (pre-ordered with overnight shipping) should be here tomorrow! HOORAY! I can’t wait…

  69. I look down the list. I see Park Slope, Brooklyn. I live in Brooklyn. YAY!
    And then I see the date. October is wall-to-wall Jewish holidays this year – all of them midweek – so it’s a lot easier to hit one than miss one.
    Ah, well.

  70. Oh, Jacksonville! I grew up two miles from that Ramada Inn. I went to a homecoming dance there, sports banquets, driver’s classes when I wrecked the car… And now I live six hours away.
    As much as I like Jacksonville, I can’t get there during the week (BOO work!) I missed you in Atlanta Twice! and now you’re going to my hometown. Craziness! I guess I’ll just have to buy your book in South Carolina instead.
    Jax is a nice city. Make sure you get to the beach for at least a meal and beer. It’s 45 minute drive from the hotel, but worth it, even in October.

  71. AFT – About Flippin’ Time! I just received the email update from KnitWitz. Looking forward to seeing you in Jacksonville!

  72. Does posting your schedule for stuff like this ever make you feel like a mum of infinite children? Wow, we fans of yours are a picky (pun fully intended) bunch!
    Stay safe, Steph. And healthy. And thank you for not sending the lot of us to our rooms.

  73. Unbeleivable! I will be driving right by Third Place Books on my way home to Vancouver from a conference on Friday. Just don’t think my family would tolerate missing me for 3 extra days so I can see you!
    Haven’t got my hands on the new book yet but congratulations. You generally make me laugh out loud at least once or twice per chapter much to the distress of those trying to sleep nearby.

  74. Sigh… they always book you in Seattle on a Monday night. It’s a little hard for those of us on the eastern side of the state to make a road trip out of that. Ah well… I’ll continue to wait… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Holy cow! That is a lot of travel in a short amount of time! Do you always travel alone or will someone be going with you? You will be seeing more of the U.S. than I have & I have lived here my whole, long life. Safe travels, take care, take chocolate:)

  76. YES!!!! WONDERFUL!
    Kansas City! THANK YOU!!! *scrambes to find planner and message all knitting friends*

  77. I notice most of your stops are at big corporate book stores I would love to see the list expand to local yarn shops. While in Seattle there are few I would happy to contact. I can also put you up pretty close to the Third Place if you need it. There is a ped/bike trail that will take you there.

  78. I kept scrolling down the list and thinking “Rhinebeck”, “Rhinebeck”, where oh where is “Rhinebeck” – last but not least – Rhinebeck!
    Yeah – cannot wait for the details!
    Vanessa in Upstate Ny – waiting patiently for the
    Wool and Sheep Festival in Rhinebeck, NY

  79. Well, Santa Rosa is about 55 miles from San Francisco in distance, and about 1000 miles from San Francisco in it’s way of life (I mean big city vs small town, urban vs. rural, etc.), but we’ll just be happy to see you wherever you think you are ;o)

  80. I’m going to be sending my sister to your date in Santa Rosa. ๐Ÿ˜€ She’s not a knitter and seemingly doesn’t care for bookstores but I begged her and will bribe her to do this.

  81. AWWWW rats! Northern California, not Southern. But hey– Santa Rosa is NOT noway San Francisco. It’s a couple of hours north of there!

  82. Wow!! I just about jumped out of my skin – I live in Santa Rosa. That store is fairly close to my house. I could ride my bicycle through the park and down the road to that Copperfield’s! I’m flabbergasted and thrilled. AND I will be in town. See you there!!

  83. So, that’s why they didn’t mention that book at your last reading. I just couldn’t figure out this clearly intentional and glaring omission of my favorite of your books! It was also the first one I read, so perhaps I’m a bit biased. : )
    But, only in Brooklyn? Please say it isn’t so. Tell us that a Manhattan site is being worked on, please. Pretty please. With sugar and a cherry on top?

  84. Darn, I’m going to be a the Taos Wool Festival when you are here in the San Francisco area. Oh well, at least I’ll be a a wool event. Maybe next time.

  85. Amazing.. I just moved from Philly to CA and live 4 hours away from San Francisco. Just happens that I’m likely to be headed there for a weekend in 2 weeks. And that’s the weekend you’re there? Lady, you have good timing! Now i hope there’s some sort of public transport to the location you’re going to be in! And the crazy thing… after all the wonderful comments I got on my shetland tea shawl when I wore it to your talk in Philly I decided I needed to knit more shawls – one just came off the needles last week and needs blocking!

  86. Aw!!! Wish you were coming down south to Louisiana. New Orleans is the closest big city, but Lafayette (Cajun Country) would sure do! Good luck with the tour!

  87. wooo hooo !!! yah for Jacksonville FL!!! woo hoo
    I am doing the Happy dance!!!!!!! did I say I was excited?!?!
    yah yah !! she’s comeing to town!!!! and I am going!!

  88. I read this line too fast “There will also be a signing at Rhinebeck, though not a talk – details to follow.” and read it as “singing”, and thought to myself, “Stephanie’s going to sing?”

  89. I was so excited that I was going to finally get to see you. . . .and then I went to class last night and my professor said our midterm is going to be on. . . OCTOBER 13. He might as well have shot me through the heart!! ๐Ÿ™

  90. Uh, have you warned the family yet that you’ll be gone for two+ weeks?
    More to the point, have you realised how long you’ll be living out of suitcase? And more importantly, how much yarn you’ll have to bring with you to sustain you on this trip?

  91. what? no trip to Portland? The Forestry Center was such a brilliant venue! I have it on good authority that Portland, OR is IN FACT, the knitting capital of the WORLD! ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I think you should swing through Rochester, NY on your tour. We have lots of knitters, a few yarn stores but a huge amount of Tim Horton’s. We could ply you with yarn and Tim Bits!!
    Please please please?

  93. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you are coming to Kansas City! I just ordered my tickets! YIPPEEEE!!

  94. Can I bring you anything in Santa Rosa? Cookies? Rice Krispy treats? I’m afraid to bring you beer as you might get so much from everyone you couldn’t finish it before you left!

  95. When you are in Kansas City, you HAVE to eat the vegetarian restaurant called Eden Alley which is located in the building (Unity Temple) where you will be speaking. My family is friends with the cook. She caters events at our daughter’s yoga studio. So if you need yoga while you are here, let me know!

  96. Harlot, you are making me cry!!! I will have to go back to work (from vacation) by the time you make it to Jacksonville!!! Wah!!! And Jacksonville is 6 hours away!!! Wah!!!
    Can you aim for a little further down next time…say Miami, Orlando,or Tampa? preferably Tampa. Pretty please???

  97. Argh! Yet another miss! Hopefully, next time you’re in the Bay Area, I won’t have a previous engagement! (Especially when they start at the time I’d have to leave to make it to the Harlot Talk).

  98. Santa Rosa’s my home town! I’m glad to see you’ll be at Copperfield’s. They’ll take good care of you.
    (You know that it’s not really NEAR San Francisco, right? And that you should allow a healthy hour and a half if you’re coming from SFO, depending on the time of day?)
    If you’re with someone with a car, stop at Della Fattoria in Petaluma on your way up or back: http://www.dellafattoria.com/della.htm and tell the Weber family that Lynn (and Chance & Abby) in Tucson says hi.

  99. I know you had a small crowd the last time you were in Park Slope but I think you came in the middle of a blizzard. That store has maybe 40 chairs.
    The two yarn shops in walking distance are Stitch Therapy on Lincoln and Fiber Nation on Union.
    All the NYC yarn shops are a short subway ride away.

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