A grinding halt

I spoke too soon about Hey Teach being done, since today, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to make any progress on it at all. This is probably because I am trying to do all of that knitting with the power of my mind, rather than by actually picking up the knitting.. which has a way better track record, in my experience.


The parts are done, but it needs seaming, neckband and buttonband and buttons… all of which suddenly don’t seem possible while finishing the actual job that I get paid to do, packing for the trip tomorrow and of course, the rampant and mandatory celebration that the girls are all back in school. (All hail Samantha.. brand new minor niner.) I’m beginning to think that finishing this sweater before I go tomorrow is about as realistic as that clearly psycho recurring dream I have where the laundry is all caught up and there’s nothing stuck to the kitchen counter. We’ll see.

PS. I’ve been alerted that there’s errata for the Baby Yours sweater – though we’re not sure how it snuck in there, what with three of the worlds most obsessive perfectionists producing the thing, but there you have it. It’s not too bad though. Where the sleeves are very obviously worked in the check pattern (as several pictures show) the pattern accidentally reads “cable” rather than “check” at one point. Common sense would definitely show you your true path, but just in case…. the sleeves are indeed in the check pattern, just as illustrated. Every copy that goes out from here on in will have an errata sheet inside and Tina will list it on the Blue Moon blog, and I’ll add it to the Ravelry page, but if you already have yours, you might want to make a mental note not to spend hours trying to figure out why it says cable when it’s obviously check. It’s check.