A grinding halt

I spoke too soon about Hey Teach being done, since today, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to make any progress on it at all. This is probably because I am trying to do all of that knitting with the power of my mind, rather than by actually picking up the knitting.. which has a way better track record, in my experience.


The parts are done, but it needs seaming, neckband and buttonband and buttons… all of which suddenly don’t seem possible while finishing the actual job that I get paid to do, packing for the trip tomorrow and of course, the rampant and mandatory celebration that the girls are all back in school. (All hail Samantha.. brand new minor niner.) I’m beginning to think that finishing this sweater before I go tomorrow is about as realistic as that clearly psycho recurring dream I have where the laundry is all caught up and there’s nothing stuck to the kitchen counter. We’ll see.

PS. I’ve been alerted that there’s errata for the Baby Yours sweater – though we’re not sure how it snuck in there, what with three of the worlds most obsessive perfectionists producing the thing, but there you have it. It’s not too bad though. Where the sleeves are very obviously worked in the check pattern (as several pictures show) the pattern accidentally reads “cable” rather than “check” at one point. Common sense would definitely show you your true path, but just in case…. the sleeves are indeed in the check pattern, just as illustrated. Every copy that goes out from here on in will have an errata sheet inside and Tina will list it on the Blue Moon blog, and I’ll add it to the Ravelry page, but if you already have yours, you might want to make a mental note not to spend hours trying to figure out why it says cable when it’s obviously check. It’s check.


68 thoughts on “A grinding halt

  1. OHH! Don’t we wish that the power of the mind would make it so that we could knit all that we wanted to as fast as we wanted to. Sweet Dreams Kiddo!!! Have a good trip.

  2. My camera cable was lost so long, we finally bought another one, which naturally facilitated the discovery of the lost one!! I heartily recommend getting two…it helps a lot.

  3. Bon voyage! Enjoy! London should be lovely, this time of year. (Not that I actually know that — but with that many knitters in one place, it will be lovely.) Tah.

  4. I have every faith in your ability to warp the timespace continuum to meet your knitting goals 😉
    Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  5. Um… what’s a minor niner? Does it have something to do with ninth grade?
    My son started school today. My daughter starts seventh grade tomorrow, which means she is officially no longer in elementary school. Does eating chocolate, which I am technically not allowed to do, constitute rampant celebration?

  6. Ah, minor niner… Brings to mind the Barenaked Ladies lyrics – described my era perfectly!
    I’m only dealing with grade 4 – lots of time to get ready for this!

  7. Wang a lang a ding dong-
    Have a great beer, I mean trip. Beer too. I’m starting my Hey Teach, just as soon as I finish……….well sometime.

  8. You never know. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard once said, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”
    Have a most wonderous time in one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I know they’re going to blow your socks off (but hopefully not off the needle).

  9. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday in London. I’ll be interested to see if you’re allowed to take your knitting on the plane. I can’t take mine when I go to Ireland or Europe … and I ask every time I fly, hoping they’ll change their minds. Roll on the weekend!!!

  10. My oldest just started graduate school today.
    My youngest has been a junior (or grade 11, as you would say) for a week already.
    I am extremely proud of both of my daughters. My 16 yr.old and I get along better when we have a break from each other during the day. So we celebrate the beginning of the school year around here, too.
    Bon Voyage!!! Have a safe and blessed trip!!!

  11. omg. do you work too? on top of everything else? writing, touring, speaking, blogging, knitting . . . and a job? sorry, i must be dense, but wow!

  12. if you could just teach us all to master mental knitting think how much wasted time in meetings and such could become productive.

  13. Your camera cable has probably warped its way to my house. We seem to have drawers full of extra cables and we have no idea where they come from or what they do. Clearly this is the only solution.

  14. Thanks for the clarification of that Bare Naked Ladies lyric from “this is me in grade 9 baby, this is me in grade 9”!!!

  15. I’m rather glad dreams rarely come true, since the only recurring one *I* have had (over my entire life, lucky me!) is one of my teeth crumbling away…
    But I will gladly hope that *yours* come true, any day now!

  16. D— your good taste. I went out and got some yarn and am now making Teach. Mine is in a forest green merino wool (Crystal Palace).

  17. Good luck with the sweater. I wish I had your motivation. I still haven’t done my summer reading and have been working on a cardigan since last March.

  18. As one of the teachers that gets all those little darlings back, I ask you to not celebrate quite so loudly; and I promise to hold it down in June.

  19. Seem on the plane!!! You can do it. Then you can put it on when you deplane. A girl in my knitting group made “Hey, Teach”. Super cute!

  20. Steph, you need a card-reader for your computer, then you won’t need a camera cable anymore. I got sick of losing my camera cables so I just got a 6-in-1 memory card reader that goes in my laptop. Now I just take the card out of the camera, pop it in the computer, and it works like a disk drive.
    But I have a PC, so I don’t know if such things exist for Mac.

  21. I’m personally trying to use the power of my mind to make what is clearly not enough hand-dyed sock yarn somehow be enough for the rest of the foot. But I may send some of my mind-thoughts to Toronto, since you really seem to need it more.
    Have fun in London!

  22. Check! Now we’ll see if I can get one made before Baby Wily arrives. Knitting in green since gender remains unknown. Thanks for a fantastic sweater!

  23. Heck, even your “bad” pics look better than my good ones! Have a great flight and a fantastic time! Can’t wait to hear the report!

  24. Hey – have a great trip! I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your stories. Tomorrow night, “Bones” is in London, we’ve been waiting for that so we can take a walk down memory lane. I really hope you have a great time, London is so much fun and the people really are wonderful (the food is good too, we haven’t had a bad meal there yet, and we are p-i-c-k-y.) Will you be able to bring the sweater with you on the plane – lots of time to work on it there? Have fun!! Safe trip!!

  25. Ohhhhh *ding – light bulb moment*, so THAT’S what “minor niner’ means? I think I first heard it in a Barenaked Ladies song, lol.
    /is not from Canada

  26. Oh my God, your “common sense would show you” line in your post made me laugh out loud. One of the things that my Dad always says is “common sense would tell you (fill in the stupid thing you just did)”. I was on the phone with my mother while I was reading this, talking US politics and I said that “common sense would tell you that if you run for vice president your pregnant 17 year old daughter is going to end up on the cover of the NY Post” and my Mom started laughing because I sounded just like my father.

  27. I seem to be trying to knit via mind control, too, but that’s not finishing my February Lady! I was planning to do Hey, Teach next, but the Central Park Hoodie is calling my name rather loudly.
    Take Teach with you and finish it on the way. That way you have project, plus something new to wear! Enjoy London. Very cool.

  28. love the picture. when I lost my camera cable, after several days of searching and lamenting, my ever-helpful spouse quietly pulled the image card OUT of my camera, and put it INTO a small slot that I’d never noticed on my laptop. Go figure. I do want to know why he watched me search for days before he showed me this trick though…

  29. Stephanie,
    Beautiful sweater and cool socks, but I have to know–have you knitted a pair of socks for everyone in Toronto yet? As I work through my very first pair of socks..you are, inspiring and I thank you. London sounds OK!, but wouldn’t you like to check out Ohio,USA preferably the southwestern section. How can we get you in this area? God speed.

  30. Your camera cable is in your case because you are that organised person that packs ahead of time. I’m sure that the Iknit audience will be pleased to see you no matter what you wear, the only person that wants you to have a finished sweater is you. My advice is to stick it in a bag, go make coffee and sit and enjoy the silence in the house.

  31. I’m disappointed in you. How could you have been knitting all these years and you haven’t gotten the psychic knitting down pat yet? C’mon. You can do better than that.

  32. I hope your trip goes well. We’re really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at the iknit day! I just hope I can get to the front of the signing queue as small baby + queue does not equal getting home in time for his dinner, so apologies if I don’t get to say hello. Nevermind, there are so many other knitters who will!
    Ella (and Seth)
    (ellatheelephant on ravelry)

  33. Ahh the start of school is always so crazy must get shots updated, get physicals, school supplies,and clothes, haircuts so they look presentable and of course new shoes.I feel your pain no time for the weary.Have a lovely trip.Hugs Darcy

  34. Just remember it’s you we are coming to see with or without the sweater so we won’t mind if it isn’t finished. If you can get a sewing up needle on the plane then you do have several hours which could be used for sewing up. Alternatively I’m sure something could be improvised with a small slit in a tiny straw from a carton of juice! I’m really looking forward to Saturday 🙂

  35. Just bring all the bits with you – we can sew it up for you! I seem to spend a lot of time at shows showing people how to sew up their garments
    Looking forward to the mayhem on saturday, hope you can stop by the Knitting and Crochet Guild stand to say Hello or I can escape it for long enough to hear your talk!

  36. Never mind the sweater, bring a mac. It’s raining here! (yes I know the reputation England has for rain, but we’ve just had the wettest August on record)

  37. We don’t care if you have the cardigan stapled together on Saturday – we just want to see you. As someone else said, bring a mac (waterproof coat). It is going to rain, bigtime.
    Please don’t be too disparaging about muggles in your talk. My muggle husband is coming along on Saturday to a) keep me company and b) carry all my purchases. (That’s love for you.)
    – Pam

  38. Have a good journey and an uneventful flight. We are so excited to be seeing you on Saturday, for evidence see the iKnit forum on Ravelry. Some of us have made badges to try to use up some of that creative energy too!

  39. Strange – I sometimes have that psycho dream (about the laundry and the kitchen counter) too. But mine includes a tidy living room…

  40. I recall you saying you fly to London Weds. Yippee, we can’t wait for you to touch down on our shores. Hope you have a safe knitterly flight.
    JanieB (Bromley Guilty Knitters)

  41. Congrats to Samantha.
    High School (in the words of my minor niner) is “bitchin”.
    My dream includes no tumble weeds of dog hair in the corners, who knew a short haired dog could shed so much.

  42. Funny, I have that same psycho dream! Only there’s an invisible maid in mine who takes care of it all. I really hate waking up from that one.

  43. Camera cable? Left or right hand? Is that what I’ve been missing? NO wonder the darn thing doesn’t work…
    And don’t worry about that psychic knitting thing. It works, but you quit too soon….once done, you have to move on to psychic sweater wearing (sometimes shortened to s-wearing), and all will be fine!

  44. I just got home from London and would love to turn around and go right back. It is the most wonderful city in the world!
    Have a great time, while taking the sock to the many great places you can visit.

  45. Stephanie, at the speed you knit, you’ll be WEARING Hey Teach onto the plane tomorrow! You’ve knit at least five sweaters in the time it’s taken me to knit The Perpetual Manos, so I know you can do it! Bon Voyage and safe travels!

  46. I had a dream last night that not only was I starting classes again for my Master’s program today (I am) but that I was all of a sudden 6 months pregnant (I am definitely not!) and trying to get my insurance to let me into a birthing center and pay for a doula…
    Suddenly I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed with “only” full time work, 3/4 time grad school, a baby BLANKET due in October (rather than, you know, an actual baby) and a very slow moving first sweater.

  47. You know, my kids started school today, too, and as much as I thought I’d be celebrating like mad, I find that I’m sort of moping about. I’m going to try finishing and felting my latest bag and see if it makes me feel any better. (The healing powers of felting…)
    I guess I should forfeit my “Mom” card for the day because I actually MISS MY KIDS. I must be getting sick.

  48. The last time I was in London, we performed at the Barbican Centre! It was a lifetime dream concert, and an incredible experience! My wishes for you and your your trip is twice the magic and three times the fun. Safe home too!

  49. I wish I could knit with my mind, though only when I’m really tired.
    What I would really like is to do the finishing with my mind. I take a stupid amount of time to just get to the seaming and other finishing work!

  50. I was reading an essay at commondreams.org yesterday, and came across this:
    “Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler helped found Physicians for a National Health Program. . .”
    and I thought, “wow! if that isn’t an alter ego for the Yarn Harlot, I don’t know what is!”
    What couldn’t you knit if your name was Dr. Woolhandler 🙂
    Safe & happy travels!

  51. Safe travels… and I have that psychotic dream about laundry and the kitchen too… maybe I’ll meet you some night and we can knit together in our sleep. (I’m not a stalker, I sweartadog.)

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