If you were  here, you would absolutely feel winter looming around at you while you were out and about. There are sure signs that the deep, dark cold is almost here. In the morning now I always put on a sweater, and the afghans in the living room are forever heaped on the chesterfield.  Fetching the paper this morning I could see my breath, and after having been fantastical all summer, the morning glories are gasping along in the desperate last days before the frost gets them.  Leaves crunch under my feet when I’m out, and pumpkins and squashes overflow at market stalls.   I have thought seriously about turning on the furnace at least twice, though it’s often in the back of my mind now.  (I’m waiting though.  I don’t want to be the first to fold-  it was only 3 degrees out this morning though, if it hits zero or snows I’m out of the game.)  It’s dark by suppertime, soup is all I want to make, and the surest sign is right here on the blog. Mittens, hats, scarves…. all I want to knit is quick little winter insurance policies that my family will be warm.

After Meg got her hat, Samantha bellied up to the bar.  We spent a good long time looking at hats.  Cabled hats, cute berets, hats with colourwork, hats with lace, hats with brims- and after all of that, Samantha said that really, she just wanted a plain good hat, with ribbing and a part that folds up to be cozy over her ears.  The only catch?  Blue.  It should be blue and soft, and maybe sparkly, but not too sparkly. She’s sixteen.  The degree of sparkle is pretty sharply defined.

I poked through the stash and didn’t find the right yarn, but did spot perfect fibre.
I had two batts of "natural turquoise" from Enchanted Knoll Farm (I love her batts.  It’s a disease.  They’re full of all sorts of wool/silk/recycled sari silk/sparkles  and you wouldn’t think that I would love them, but I do.  It might be the sari silk. Every time I come across a little bit of it I’m thrilled, watching those threads incorporate into the yarn is really, really exciting.  (That makes me sound like I’m also interested in watching paint dry, but I swear it’s cool.)  I should  play around with it and try to get it out of my system. Darn Good Yarn (fair trade, neat project, have a look)  donated some yarn to the silk retreat the last go around, and  Judith MacKenzie showed me how to unspin then respin it to get more choices and it’s very, very, very cool. I’d never thought of the balls of yarn not just as yarn, but a fibre source, but it works. See? Obsessed.) I found these batts, sat down to spin, and in no time flat had a perfect two-ply hat yarn that passed Sam’s strict quality/coolness control standards. 

From there it was a simple thing.  Two by two rib, knit long enough to cover her ears double, using up every scrap of wool.  The hat got a little wash, and was neatly placed on the head of the nearest hatless pretty girl who was starting to look a little cold.

It reminds me of frost, and the deepest, coldest winter, when the sky is so blue and the snow is so sparkly….
I better make some mittens.  Apparently those should be purple.