Erratic at Best

I tried to smack the random off this Monday with several large cups of coffee, but the random remains and will therefore be embraced.

1.  There are only a few days left until I leave for SOAR.  I am not ready. Rachel H and I will be road tripping it – and I know I shall see my beloved Rams when I arrive, but other than that I’ve done nothing.  No map, no fibre packed, no budget settled on, no wheel  or tools sorted out.  I haven’t even checked the website to see what materials I need to bring with me.

2. Despite this complete lack of planning, I’m not even a little worried. 

3. This is the upside of having your life be like trying to nail jello to a tree.  After a while you really learn to go with the flow a little. 

4. Turns out that I didn’t just knit one sock a medium and one sock a small.  In attempting to duplicate the first sock, it turns out that I knit a medium leg and a small foot on the first sock, and now that I realize how badly I screwed up, it’s easier to duplicate.

5. The irony that I advocate circling the directions for the size you’re knitting to all of my students to make sure that this never happens is not at all lost on me.

6.  Even though it was a mistake, it actually fits great. I’m going to avoid saying anything like "I should easily finish by the end of the month" since I’m pretty sure that’s what sewered me before.

7. Four things conspired against me while I was at Tina’s last week, and when the haze cleared, I had accidentally started Laminaria.

8. Thing the first was that having to rip back a sock that far really, really pissed me off.  I know it’s only knitting and all that, but from time to time I get supremely angry that being an experienced knitter doesn’t protect you from being a dumbass. If I’d have been paying more attention instead of just zooming along I would have seen it way sooner. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Experienced knitters don’t make fewer mistakes than new knitters.  They make bigger ones faster.

9.  My point is that the sock filled me with rage and so I put it in time out, and that meant I had nothing to knit. 

10. The second thing is that the Laminaria shawl has been haunting me something unmerciful ever since I saw the one that Natalie knit. I just love that pattern. I plan to knit it about six times a month. It was really only a matter of time.

11. The third thing that messed me up was that Tina is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Tina, and if you’re in her house than there’s a lot of yarn.  Yarn is everywhere.  All kinds of it. In all kinds of colours. Some of it is even wound up, and if the house wasn’t overwhelming, then there’s the dye barn out back and it’s got the motherlode in there.

12. The fourth thing is that once you get her to unlock the door, Tina has really low security.  There’s yarn in her bedroom, and she let me sleep in there.   

13. She knows how I am with yarn.  Putting me in that house was like asking a frat house to keep an eye on your keg.

14. This is mine now.  Silk Thread II in pondscum.  I’m not sorry either.