Faster than a speeding frog

No sooner had I written yesterdays blog post, effortlessly exclaiming that I would "easily" finish my sock before the end of the month, than I noticed that the second sock was really different from the first.  The first sock was pooling prettily on the leg (I usually have issues, but this colourway is "tidepooling" so it only seems fair) and the second sock was striping.  That was weird.

Sock the first.

Sock the second.
There’s really only three reasons the same yarn could do two different things. Either I had a different stitch pattern, (Nope. Would have noticed that, I should think) or I had a different gauge (I would say not for this as well.  Same yarn, needles, stress and alcohol levels) or I had a different number of stitches. 

Bingo.  A quick count revealed that I had knit the first sock as a medium and the second as a small.  I nipped out and lay in the road for a bit, then came in and ripped the thing into oblivion.  Considering that today looks like this:

(This is what Sock Summit prep looks like.  Fear us. We are the reason that Post-it notes are in business.  Our entire conference is built on them. Other people have software, we have sticky-ware)  I fear for it’s completion by the end of the month, poor wee blighter – especially since I accidentally slipped and fell last night, and when I came up I had started a shawl. 


I fly home early tomorrow, but have a long layover in Vancouver.  I’ll tell you all about it then.  It’s a nice shawl.  I think you’ll like it.