I’m not packed, I’m not ready, but somewhere in the ramped up kerfluffle of yesterday I just thought "Screw it."   I’ve decided to just leave, and I think that will go well.  I have a passport, a spinning wheel and when I get off the computer just now I’m going to take some clothes, toss a few of them on my body and the rest in a suitcase and walk out the door.  I’m stopping at the bank on my way, and I feel like anything else can be solved somehow. Family disaster meant that I missed last SOAR and this one is supposed to be fun- and sort of a break and  the intention when we decided I should go, was for me to enjoy it.  It’s been a hard year and I think I’m a little out of practice, but I’m going to try and stick with that. 

I did finish the October socks last night (that whole giving up on being ready freed up a lot of time) Please meet my nice friends, a pair of Cloning Anemone Rib socks,  in Tidepooling. (STR-lightweight.)

This colourway is one I thought I disliked and ended up loving.  I got it because besides my self imposed sock club, I’m still a member of the Rockin’ Sock Club. I love the element of surprise in a fibre club.  If I don’t like it, someone will, and because I knit for other people it’s always going to work out. 

If it doesn’t suit my taste it’s perfect for Sam, Amanda, Meg or a friend- and frankly that’s where I thought this skein was headed.  (It was the purple, I’m only fond of a few very specific purples and this isn’t one of them.) 

As I started knitting, the charms of the colourway started to amuse me- and it didn’t take long before I was knitting my size.  The pattern was quick and fun, easy to memorize and does make a charming little anemone-like pattern. 

I’m still thoroughly enchanted by my self-imposed sock club, especially since I’m getting closer to the end of the year and closer to 12 whole pairs of socks. Some have been for me, some for my long range planning box, but they’ve all been tucked away so that at the end of the year I can look at them all together when I’m done.  Two pairs left!

The next pair won’t be started till  Monday, so now I find myself in a conundrum. What to knit until then? Do I need anything other than the shawl, if I’ll be at SOAR?   I think I’ll mostly be spinning, but the shawl isn’t really   social knitting  (It demands a little focus) and I can’t remember the last time that I went anywhere without social knitting… but on the other hand, I am leaving very, very shortly and I’m nowhere near clad or ready – and going into the stash now seems like a fools game -as does setting up the ball winder.

Leave without? Grab and go? Stop and consider?