I’m not packed, I’m not ready, but somewhere in the ramped up kerfluffle of yesterday I just thought "Screw it."   I’ve decided to just leave, and I think that will go well.  I have a passport, a spinning wheel and when I get off the computer just now I’m going to take some clothes, toss a few of them on my body and the rest in a suitcase and walk out the door.  I’m stopping at the bank on my way, and I feel like anything else can be solved somehow. Family disaster meant that I missed last SOAR and this one is supposed to be fun- and sort of a break and  the intention when we decided I should go, was for me to enjoy it.  It’s been a hard year and I think I’m a little out of practice, but I’m going to try and stick with that. 

I did finish the October socks last night (that whole giving up on being ready freed up a lot of time) Please meet my nice friends, a pair of Cloning Anemone Rib socks,  in Tidepooling. (STR-lightweight.)

This colourway is one I thought I disliked and ended up loving.  I got it because besides my self imposed sock club, I’m still a member of the Rockin’ Sock Club. I love the element of surprise in a fibre club.  If I don’t like it, someone will, and because I knit for other people it’s always going to work out. 

If it doesn’t suit my taste it’s perfect for Sam, Amanda, Meg or a friend- and frankly that’s where I thought this skein was headed.  (It was the purple, I’m only fond of a few very specific purples and this isn’t one of them.) 

As I started knitting, the charms of the colourway started to amuse me- and it didn’t take long before I was knitting my size.  The pattern was quick and fun, easy to memorize and does make a charming little anemone-like pattern. 

I’m still thoroughly enchanted by my self-imposed sock club, especially since I’m getting closer to the end of the year and closer to 12 whole pairs of socks. Some have been for me, some for my long range planning box, but they’ve all been tucked away so that at the end of the year I can look at them all together when I’m done.  Two pairs left!

The next pair won’t be started till  Monday, so now I find myself in a conundrum. What to knit until then? Do I need anything other than the shawl, if I’ll be at SOAR?   I think I’ll mostly be spinning, but the shawl isn’t really   social knitting  (It demands a little focus) and I can’t remember the last time that I went anywhere without social knitting… but on the other hand, I am leaving very, very shortly and I’m nowhere near clad or ready – and going into the stash now seems like a fools game -as does setting up the ball winder.

Leave without? Grab and go? Stop and consider?

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  1. I think you should get started on the November socks. The last two months of the year always go fast and furious. Have a good trip!

  2. Have FUN. grab and go. someone else will have done the same thing- if you end up grabbing the wrong yarn for what you end up wanting to knit in 24 hours, trade it. it’s like a yarn present/gift.

  3. Forget the ball winder – you can either wind the old fashioned way, or someone will have one. I’d say finish your packing and then if you have time, grab something pretty from the stash. Or take November’s socks and find something else to be the November socks when you get back.

  4. Looking for votes? I say leave without. Enjoy the serendipity possibilities at the other end of your journey. If you can fall down and come up with a shawl, there will be something amazing waiting for you at the other end of your trip.

  5. Grab November’s self-imposed sock club socks. Just think how hectic December is ~ you’ll probably be glad to have November’s socks done early to free up some of that valuable holiday knitting time.
    Have fun on your trip and remeber to drop us a line!

  6. Grab and go. Better to have something and not need it than find yourself wishing you’d taken it and not. Have a great time at SOAR! 🙂

  7. In the spirit of “screw it,” break the rules and grab November’s kit and go! With the holidays approaching, you’ll be glad to be ahead of the game. Have so much fun, Stephanie!!!!

  8. In the spirit of “screw it,” break the rules and grab November’s kit and go! With the holidays approaching, you’ll be glad to be ahead of the game. Have so much fun, Stephanie!!!!

  9. Grab November’s socks! Or just a random one-skein Worsted Weight and size US 6 circs that you can make a hat out of. Either way, make it quick, painless and mindless.
    I hope you see you at SOAR! It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend in Delavan!

  10. Start the November socks! get a jump and then be absolutely delighted with glee they’re done early. Makes more time for holiday shopping.

  11. Um, didn’t you make up the rules? Can’t you just say: “I hereby declare an official addendum to the rules whereby if I finish early, I can start next month’s early in an effort to not lose my mind at Christmas time and upon said early completion, also give myself permission to do a happy dance in the living room, regardless of who can see.” You know, or something. ;o)

  12. Grab and go! Perhaps it’s time for some plain vanilla socks. You can’t go wrong with that and it’s definitely social 🙂

  13. Sometimes when I don’t want to start a project and still want to fondle yarn I wind my skeins into balls. Then I can grab a ball of sock yarn, needles and head out the door. A plain vanilla pair of socks is always in my head.
    But the whole process makes my husband laugh. I’m not sure why because he’s a sock knitter too.

  14. Grab the November socks – it’s only a few days early – but warn them that they’ll be dropped like yesterday’s fish when you get to the marketplace. I recommend taking a wide range of needles with you – you never know what you’re going to want to cast on next!
    Have a blast at SOAR. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. 🙂

  15. When in doubt it’s time for a plain, vanilla sock. If it were me I’d be sad almost instantly that I didn’t have some social knitting.

  16. …or arrive and buy. That’s always my plan B which might explain my outrageously full stash boxes. ;^) Have fun!

  17. I get antsy when I don’t have something to knit. It has been bad enough in the past that I just took a ball of yarn and knit, swatch like, to get the urge out.
    It would have been 100x more productive, if I had a stitch dictionary with me when I last got like that. I hope you have a blast!

  18. Hi! Surely someone will bring a ball winder and swift? Or you could learn the skill of knitting from the skein (I saw someone do it here on your blog, I believe, at your local knit night – Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, maybe?). That would definitely be jumping without a net, eh?
    Have fun!

  19. Buy while there? Someone surely will have a ball winder (or be willing to do it the old-fashion way) Can you grab the next months sock and then come up with a substitution for November when you get back?
    also… by saying there are two more pair to go in your club really means this year is 10 months over and I still feel like it should be March, maaaaaybe June, but no later in 2010 than that… yikes.

  20. Oh come now, are you telling me that on that long drive from Toronto to Wisconsin you won’t be stopping at one yarn store? I mean really, what’s the chance of that? I say you buy yourself something at a yarn store in wherever you stop for lunch. Then you’re embracing the serendipity AND getting a souvenir. Totally the best of both worlds.

  21. Grab and go. Plain vanilla socks work well in social situations, I fail on counting to three when I’m trying to keep up with a conversation either side of me and listen to the one behind me too.
    Have a great time, I know there’s the everlasting mum-guilt thing but they will all be fine without you and you’ll be better for the break.

  22. What to knit….. another hat? A pair of mittens? or get a start on November’s socks. I started my year of socks in June and so far have been able to keep up. However, that’s only because I’ve been knitting thick ww socks for winter. :/ November brings a beautiful hand dyed wool, and for me, a challenging pattern. Will this be the month I don’t get finished? You could choose your next socks and think about them. 🙂 The yarn for your October ones is one I might have avoided, but seeing it finished, I like it a lot! Way to go, and have a great time at SOAR!

  23. Start November’s sock early if you want. It’s YOUR sock club, after all. 😀 And all you have to do is grab the bag and go. No stress.

  24. Grab and go…and if possible don’t look at what you’re grabbing. I don’t know how you organize your stash, but I’m guessing there’s at least one bin or bag where, if you reach in and grab, you’re bound to pull out sock yarn. Then enjoy the surprise. Extra points if you stuff it in your bag without peeking until it’s time to cast on. Think of it as a new kind of spontaneous sock club.

  25. I just looked at the vendor list for SOAR and I see that Blue Moon will be there. Pretend that you are at your friends house and swipe a skein when not one is looking. Just bring the needles.

  26. I wouldn’t consider leaving without some social knitting to do on the way. And you can still get more when you get there!

  27. I was already with another vote for a plain, vanilla pair of socks. But methinks that Prebytera has offered a truly inspired directive.
    Grab the *December* sock package.

  28. Grab the Nov. socks and start them early or any other sock yarn and just do a general no frills pattern. I like your way of thinking about the packing. I get way too wound around the axle when it comes to packing. Have fun a SOAR!!!

  29. You deserve a treat! Buy yourself a souvenier skein or two or three or more there.
    Relax and have fun away.

  30. This happens to me EVERY time I travel. I don’t have an answer for you for this particular time, but I have a suggestion for next time. Make travel packs. Just like your self-imposed sock club, make kits of simple things that you can knit on a plane or knit in a bar. Mittens. A scarf. A hat. Socks. A string shopping bag. A little surprise of comfort knitting. Then, when you’re running around like crazy trying to pack and get a zillion things done, you can just grab a travel pack & some needles and go. (I need to do the same thing, as my DH will attest)
    For this time, I’m with the others. Grab the December socks and go. It gives you a head start on your Christmas knitting, because you need more things to knit in December like you need a hole in the head.

  31. PS- One of THE BEST trips I’ve ever taken was with NO advance preparation. We were visiting family in New Hampshire, but were shopping that day in Maine. I said “We really ought to go up and see Prince Edward Island since we’re already this close.”
    We took off and went without a change of clothes, or toothbrushes, or anything. We just bought what we needed on the way, and it was a BLAST.

  32. Another vote for grabbing a skein of random yarn and some needles for vanilla socks. No need to wind. Someone will either have a ball winder there, or you have friends who’ll be willing to help you out. (Or, in a pinch, the back of a chair.)

  33. Grab one of your self imposed sock club envelopes and a set of needles and you’ll be ready for anything.

  34. Grab and go. Probably some sock yarn that could become socks or a simple shawl. Don’t kid yourself — someone at SOAR will have a ball winder and be happy to let you use it. Good job, good luck, and have a blast!

  35. I like the way those socks went from pooling on the leg to striping on the foot. Now I need to figure out how to make that happen with some of my striping STR yarns.

  36. I would start the November socks early, just to get a jump. On the other hand, you can just let SOAR surprise you with a new project.
    That Tidepool is beautiful and perfectly true to its name.

  37. I went to SAFF last weekend with two projects: a pair of plain vanilla socks for drunk knitting, and your Pretty Thing for car knitting. And then I bought yarn and needles and patterns because I couldn’t help myself.
    So, either route works, really.

  38. Better grab something. Otherwise you can be sure there will be huge travel tie-ups and delays when you will wish you had something to knit. (Can you knit the shawl in a waiting room?)

  39. grab and go! I frequently find myself on a workday morning, half dressed, un-breakfasted, three minutes before I MUST run for the train and rooting through the easy-to-get-to stash for something I can knit on a crowded train.
    Recent success = bright red gloves which I designed on the needles. Yesterday morning’s mad rush is turning into a travelling woman shawl.
    grab and go!

  40. Take needles, it’s not like there won’t be yarn available at SOAR. You’re driving so the travel knitting thing is sort of moot.

  41. I’m thinking, in honor of Presbytera in her absence from the reunion, perhaps the gansey?

  42. Take November’s socks for the road trip, and buy something while there… you never know what Serendipty will bring 🙂

  43. Surely there will be a kind soul somewhere on your journet who would be willing to sell you a skein of yarn and some needles? Isn’t half the fun of the journey seeing which yarn shop you end up in along the way?

  44. Take the December sock kit. When you start the November kit on Monday, put the December kit back in it’s bag. You’ll be so pleased you did when you pull it back out December 29th.

  45. I had the same reaction to this colorway, until I decided that it looked like fireworks and came up with my Hogmanay Socks (on Ravelry).

  46. What Presbytera said…do the December socks now. Or grab a skein of self-striping yarn and just do your usual plain sock for social knitting. Or put needles and a skein of cotton in the car door pocket and have a washcloth always ready for traffic jams, drawbridge openings, and emergency cross-country trip knitting.

  47. You should never go anywhere without some social/keep-your-hands-busy knitting! Fate will give you TONS of knitting time if you do that, just to prove a point.
    At at SOAR, you won’t be able to spin while you are at a table waiting for your food to arrive, or any other number of odd little moments. Definitely take at least one sock project!

  48. I can’t imagine you not having a ball. Sometimes, staring at the stash, the hard thing is letting go of what you thought a skein was going to turn into and just grabbing it on the run and letting serendipity happen in the absence of other yarns and possibilities.

  49. Just go. Drink swill instead of knitting. Grab a spindle if you really feel as though you should be productive.

  50. Social Knitting. You have an uncanny way of naming things for me. I like that term very much. I hope you have a great trip.

  51. Halleluyiah….the Harlot has let it all go. Kudos and Congrats and Hearty approvals from me (I know what I think really, really concerns you…)
    I frequently travel just like that….”I have my passport and a credit card. Anything else I can just buy when I get there”. Quite liberating really.
    When life gets stressful you just have to start unloading the non-essential Gotta-Do’s. And, most times, everything turns out just fine too! Okay, there was that one terrible time when I ran out of knitting in Nepal but who would think it would be so hard to find yarn in Kathmandu?!

  52. I have a dear friend that says ” When traveling, pack light and buy what you need when you get there.” Since we can always use another set of needles and there is neverr too much yarn, buy it when you get there. I hope to make it to SOAR when they get within driving distance of MA. Have a super time this weekend.

  53. It’s cold, I’m cold, so I’m knitting some pretty fingerless gloves. Maybe something you could do while on the place (except I’m sure I’m too late, you’re probably already on the plane and happily knitting away on something!) Enjoy Soar, I so want to go someday….

  54. Something very short term for the car ride – then purchase something you love at SOAR. Have a blast. Wish I were there too.

  55. What you aren’t out the door yet? Get your arse in gear woman. You have a long drive ahead of you. If December’s kit managed to find it’s way into you bag way to go listening to Presbytera! If it didn’t (and I’ll be highly surprised if some form of knitting isn’t in your bag) you know Toni will come through for you. See you tomorrow.
    Oh BTW would you like me to bring the Screech?

  56. November sock gets my vote. I’ve never been to SOAR. I’m assuming there is a market so just pick up something there that calls to you. Toss a pair of needles in your bag so you don’t need to buy a pair.

  57. Who is this laid back person who’s taken over your blog? Grab something? Stuff it in? etc. Wow! Go for it! Oh yeah, don’t plan?

  58. Just grab something, it will be fun and a surprise. Sure hope you take a picture of all 12 pairs of socks at the end of the year. It could be a sock social. They could all meet each other.
    As an aside here, For your Canada day post, could you do a history of our flag, the points and what each point represents, because I think there is an explanation of each point. I’m not sure where you find all this info but I’m impressed you pull it all together. Since I was introduced to you and started reading your blog from the beginning just this past July, I’ve learned more great stuff about Canada than I knew, and I am Canadian. Your explanations of some of our politics has helped me as I’ve been travelling south on a boat via the intercoastal Waterway. Once an american knows I’m Canadian they always want to know what I think of their health care debate, Obama, death panels etc. More than once I’ve used your explanation of our socialized health care, whic is well articulated.
    I’m still struggling with my own first sock, so your speed and the designs and colours you choose totally blow me away. You inspire me. Thanks. Have a great time at SOAR.

  59. Not too sure what you should do for this trip (since by now I am pretty sure you will have done it,) but that last line sure looks like a good book title to me!

  60. You’re probably already on the road, but the obvious solution is to grab a ball of sock yarn that is NOT the November sock and knit your generic pattern. You’ll be done before it’s time to start the November socks on Monday.

  61. Isn’t it nice to say “I don’t care, it’ll handle itself”? Now, pack some plain socks to knit, you need another pair just because, buy what you need when you get there, where someone will have a ball winder, I’m sure, and enjoy yourself.

  62. You’re out the door by now — but with the stash so beautifully organized in its new home (I’m envious), it should be easy to grab some yarn for your standard sock recipe. Have great trip –waving at you from Dearborn, MI.

  63. Bring a little extra cash (whatever extra means in the context of SOAR fiber vendors) and buy yourself some social knitting. You know you will anyway! And have a wonderful time; I wish I were joining you all.

  64. I’d say pick up something at SOAR. I’ll bet you can find yarn and needles there. Have a good time, come back refreshed, ready to start on your November socks.

  65. If you do another self imposed sock club next year I propose planning 13 pairings for just such a situation as you are in now.
    Glad you are fully intending to enjoy your time at SOAR, you absolutely deserve it!

  66. I vote for November’s sock…don’t forget the christmas knit gift rush, you don’t want to add your socks to that stress…

  67. Oh, I vote for taking something to make a mindless Christmas gift for an unplanned receipient. I am sure one of your daughter’s friends will need a hat/scarf/mittens and they have not made it to the planning list.

  68. Hope you enjoy SOAR! And I hope that you remembered to throw undies and socks in that suitcase… oh and nightgear. I had to wear my mother’s raincoat as my nightie once….

  69. Surely someone at SOAR will have a ball winder. Grab and Go. (Actually, I heard Nancy Bush say she only ever winds her balls by hand, because she likes to see what she’s getting. You could try it.)

  70. Grab the skein. Wind an old-fashioned ball around your knees later. You can always rewind it with the ball winder when you get home if it drives you too crazy. You know you need social knitting.

  71. Grab and go, You can never be without social knitting, to keep you sane in the um event that you have… um… need of a calm down from excitement moment.
    (Does that even make sense?)

  72. As I come late to the party…..
    Many Months(cough-hack,years) ago, I had a training class for supervisors. The intent was to teach how people are different with regard to being able to adjust. I was a ‘red’ meaning that I plan every detail; v.s. ‘blue’ (I think) who were people who could get up in the morning and be somewhere else that night, and then there was everything in-between.
    How would you all rate our dear YH? Ya think she was out of the house without SOMETHING to knit? Don’t think so. Like me, she ALWAYS has something to knit in case of emergencies! Who knows if the drawbridge is working, or the car (God forbids) runs out of gas, or she is stuck on a (hahaha) freeway?
    I know that she has grabbed something. Just hope she’ll tell us what it is.
    I’m with Presbytera. December socks.

  73. I usually try to plan my knitting project in advance of my trip (usually to the cottage) but I’d say in your case, grab some sock yarn and go. And have a great time!

  74. You can’t mean that they don’t sell any yarn at SOAR? I know it’s for spinning, but maybe some beautiful handspun sockweight? Really? None?
    I certainly hope that Knot Hysteria sells stuff. Yarn, fiber, and other.

  75. If you do December’s socks before November’s wont that upset some time/space continuum or somesuch? Talk about living on the edge woman. I also think that winding a ball without your winder is actually the ultimate “social” knitting, especially if you con someone into holding the yarn for you while you wind.
    Best luck on you special timeout, and I hope everyone at home stays healthy.

  76. Two words: November Socks.
    It never hurts to do something ahead of time, especially with holiday knitting on the horizon.

  77. I love the stitch pattern on that sock, and chucking yesterday’s to-do list was totally the right thing to do.
    Have a great time at SOAR. If you run out of yarn to knit with, you can always make more.

  78. Who says you cannot start next months sock at the end of this one… grab the next one out of the sock club and enjoy social knitting!!!!

  79. I’m with Presbytera. Go with the December socks. The October socks are beautiful, by the way.
    Thinking of warm socks, what happened with the furnace wars?

  80. I say grab another sock bag just in case. What will you do with yourself if you wind up stuck in a long line or in the airport, or in the plane?

  81. This advice will probably reach you WAY too late, but it seems to me that if you finish your pair of socks for the month before the end of the month, you should consider that month’s challenge finished and be allowed to start on the next month’s challenge if you so choose.
    While you don’t HAVE to start on the next month’s socks, I think you should be ABLE to.
    Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the key was the deadlines: the end of each month, and the total of 12 pairs for the year. It’s your challenge, and I think you can make it whatever you want. I can’t believe that you intended the challenge to leave you without anything to knit at any point.

  82. Hi,
    I live in San Jose, California and I am trying to help a very good friend of ours who also lives here, but is from the Sudbury, Ontario area. His mother was a professional knitter many years ago for the Niagara Falls gift shop and I have had the pleasure of seeing just one of the many exquisite sweaters this woman knit for her son, our friend. He has about eight of them sitting in a cedar chest back home in Sudbury and doesn’t know what to do with them. I can only imagine how beautiful they all are, if the one I saw was an indication of the superb quality of her work. Our friend has no family to give them to, so I suggested he donate them to a textile museum in Ontario (or anywhere in Canada, for that matter). I have scoured the web and the only place I could find was the Textile Museum of Ontario. They require photos of the items before they will consider accepting them, which is fair, but our friend is rarely goes home, so that is an obstacle. Anyone have any other ideas? It would be a shame for these to languish and perhaps eventually be ruined.

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