Dear Jen

I just talked to you, and while you claim to have felt nothing last night at 11pm, and are apparently still pregnant, I just want to show you something.

That’s right.  At 11pm last night I cast off the last little bit of the edging on the behemoth baby blanket, and this morning while I drank my coffee,  this beast went for a swim in the tub.  (Yes, by the way, that bit that got dragged along the bottom of the boat at the cottage came perfectly clean, and the beer that Erin spilled on it washed right out too.)

It is now blocking on our queen sized bed, which should give you a sense of the size of the thing – which while glorious, is both unintentional and no indication of the size of child I think you are going to produce.

I know when I give you this (and you’re not getting it until you’re ready for a trade. I get a baby to hold, and you get a blanket) you’re going to say thank you.
Don’t bother.  I didn’t make it for you. It is for whatever wonderful person you’ve been making, and I hope it travels with them for a long, long time. Long through cuddles, long past naps, well into journeys away from home. It should   be big enough to cover a crappy bed at University, sturdy enough to make it to a lousy first apartment, and if you teach this being how to take care of woollies, it might even someday wrap a whole other person that this person makes for you.

It also strikes me (along with the shocking realization that I could be a knitter for 39 years and still not be able to predict the size of a blanket if it’s on a circular needle) that this blanket reminds me of you, and your little family, and all that’s happened between us for the last six or seven years…

It’s a lot more than I had ever hoped for.  I bet the baby is the same.

Love always,


(PS.  Your move. Fire when ready, and not a minute before.)

383 thoughts on “Dear Jen

  1. That thing is frickin’ huge (and absolutely beautiful)! Here’s to Jen’s baby being just as beautiful, and nowhere near as large, relatively speaking.

  2. Yay!!
    Now Jen is sure to have her baby. What little person could resist the lure of such a soft and pretty blanket?
    Seriously gorgeous knitting there.

  3. Wow, Stephanie …
    *bowing repeatedly* That is gorgeous! What an inspiration you are to hang in there whatever circumstances come our way. You are so gifted. Blessings to the new baby!

  4. I dunno…maybe you should’ve written the note to the baby instead. Jen already knows what’s supposed to happen next.

  5. Absolutely lovely. I wish you were my friend so you could knit one for me when my baby is due in March.

  6. That is just stunning, and as I sit here holding my own little five day old, I have tears streaming down my cheeks at your beautiful sentiments. Can’t wait to read of good news from Jen in the coming days.

  7. “Fire when ready.” hee hee hee
    Beautiful blanket. Best wishes for the new baby and family.

  8. This is truly beautiful! Turn the air conditioner on full blast and wrap that new baby in it for a photo as soon as it presents itself.

  9. No THAT is a true labor of love! Yes…pun intended! It is so amazingly gorgeous and truly an heirloom!

  10. And this is why you are my knitting goddess…that is the most stunning thing i have ever seen. and every stitch made with love and warmth, and that darling baby will know it when it is wrapped up in it. You are amazing and that is one lucky little baby for having you in it’s life.

  11. Beautiful blanket. Egads it’s big though! No wonder that edging was taking so long.
    “fire when ready” brings to mind a wonderful image of childbirth.

  12. wow! fabulous! amazzzing! I am exhausted just looking at it. You inspire us all the time.

  13. Absolutely stunning; I’m speechless. Not to mention slighly jealous that there is no such knitterly bonds (bands?)to share close by.
    This child and her mother will be truly blessed, as are those who anxiously await her or his arrival.

  14. Man that’s lovely! No wonder it took you such a while to finish it — and so amazing that your record of no baby till the project is done streak continues!

  15. No wonder it took as long as it did. It’s not a baby blanket, it’s a blanket blanket!
    It is gorgeous. A wonderful job done by all (because baby making is serious business).

  16. Stephanie:
    It is absolutely beautiful…… and she is lucky to have you for a friend….. wish you were mine!

  17. Loveliness. Just like the little one it will envelope 🙂 May the delivery be easier going than the edging, though, relatively speaking.

  18. This came out absolutely beautiful! I bet Jen will be pleased as punch now that she has the green light to bring her little one into the world. This is one lucky kid, and someday they will truly love and appreciate the fruits of your labor.
    Good luck Jen!

  19. What a marvelous gift. The one you have been given to create such a masterpiece for a beautiful baby.

  20. Wow. That is a truly epic baby blanket. If every child could be so lucky as to receive something like that at their birth, I think we’d live in a much better world.

  21. I’m crying too, and I don’t know you or Jen. That is a work of art, and it’s waiting to keep someone warm and snug. Best wishes and good thoughts to Jen and her new little one.

  22. Just add me to the list of knitterly awe! You are an awesome knitter and friend! You just rock!!!

  23. I am so glad that I’m not the only seasoned knitter capable of producing ginormous blankets. I took so much ribbing for the “throw” I made that ended up as a king-sized blanket that I made everyone in my family come look at your baby blanket.

  24. Wow, what a fantastic blankie. I can feel the love in the stitches all the way here in the states! That is a blankie I would be proud to sport at every stage in my life. Well done!

  25. Wow. Fab. Maybe when you’ve recovered, there’ll be a pattern for us to buy? A mini-version would be fine – I don’t think I have your staying power! 😉

  26. Lol, and how sweet Stephanie! You’re a wonderful friend for someone to have. The blanket is still stunning and I’m absolutely astounded at how large it is!! I had NO idea. Congratulations on a job well done. I’m sure Jen is doing a good job on the baby, too 🙂

  27. Absolutely beautiful. When I see babies with hand made blankets or sweaters or whatever, I nearly always tell the person with said baby “Someone loves that baby very much”. (I’ve had lots of reactions — from tears to blank looks)… It obvious that someone must love them to put that much work into something a baby is going to throw up on.
    Jen? Someone loves that baby very much.

  28. That is the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen. Wow!!! I’m sure Jen’s baby will be just as beautiful.

  29. Lovely! no wonder it took so long and so much yarn to do the edging. This is an epic of a blankie.

  30. Lovely.
    It makes me want to finish Little Man’s blanket…granted, it’s going to be A LOT smaller and no lace (he’s a boy, after all…but I started it long before we knew what he was).
    Maybe by his first birthday in November.

  31. Stephanie, your finished blanket is stunning, and your words here are beautiful. Thank you, once again, for sharing your journey with knitting (and the brilliance that is this blanket!!!). Go Jen, go!

  32. Big and beautiful! And now I’m going to have to make one…..even without a baby in line for it. But there’s always more babies, aren’t there? Someone will get lucky.

  33. That is stunning! I actually choked up a little reading your post, so sweet! What a good friend.

  34. OMG!!! What a gorgeous blanket!! I sooo wish you would write up the pattern for it. What a beautiful baptismal shawl it would make! Just think about it. Pleeeeeease.

  35. What a truly beautiful blanket! And beautiful words for your friend Jen. Here’s wishing her and her soon-to-be little one the best.

  36. How lovely. I learned from Amy Detjen this summer that one does not create grandbabies by knitting for them. Who knew? Maybe if you publish the pattern and I start knitting on it our daughter and son-in-law will get lucky when they start getting busy and take only 9 months start to finish. I guess I could get it done in that time…
    I never miss your blog. Makes my day when you have the time to post!

  37. Beautiful words to go with the Beautiful blanket.
    Almost makes me want to move to Toronto, and get Pregnant again just in hopes of getting a blanket from you. (I said ALMOST, sheesh, I’ll be 50 next month, and I have not yet completely lost my mind).

  38. i’m not pregnant and this made me cry.
    so just be prepared, cause jen might unleash some water-powered appreciation upon you.
    the blanket is beautiful! and you finished it in the nick of time!

  39. Gorgeous. Wonderful job, Steph. Glad this gift hasn’t held up the birth (as it apparently has in the past)! Jen is lucky to have so many generous knitting friends.

  40. Huzzah! you did it! And quite a masterpiece it is. No doubt it will end up being a treasured family heirloom. Just gorgeous!

  41. Wow! Congratulations on hanging in there. Such a beautiful and tangible expression of love. The world is a better place already.

  42. Maybe it’s because my own 18 day old baby is hanging off my boob while I read this… I’m crying. Beautiful post, beautiful blanket! Jen and her impending little one are so lucky!

  43. Wow. Add me to the list of stunned and amazed knitters. I have just finished one baby blanket and am about to start another (something is in the water at my office) but I’m nowhere in your league. Any thoughts about publishing the pattern?
    And all manner of good wishes to Jen and her new little one.

  44. Not only is that blanket gorgeous, but your post made me have a good cry. You are a lovely friend, but I am sure she knows it.

  45. This is so beautiful. And what a lovely gift of your time. Your friend is blessed to have you as a friend. I am expecting a baby and due on Monday, Aug 29th and my knitting group surprised me with a blanket made by the group in addition to lots of knitted goodies and I am so touched and flattered that these lovely women took the time to welcome my baby in such a beautiful way. Knitters are wonderful!!

  46. I read this and I got rather choked up. I’ve made two baby blankets, collaborated on a third, and I’m on my fourth now, and this post is *exactly* how I felt when I’ve worked on them. Best wishes to the one who is coming.

  47. WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s all I can think to say! No wonder it took you so much yarn and so much time to finish. But I guess it had to be that big to envelope all the love you put into it. Jen and her baby are two lucky people to have you for a friend. It’s beautiful!

  48. Its BEAUTIFUL! had no clue it was that huge! I just thought it was a intricate pattern that was causing the hold up. Amazing! Great job

  49. Its BEAUTIFUL! had no clue it was that huge! I just thought it was a intricate pattern that was causing the hold up. Amazing! Great job

  50. The blanket is stunning, truly stunning, but ya know this is holding up to the legend… as per post on July 19th and I quote “There’s legend round these parts that no baby comes before I finish their blanket, …” you better hope she doesn’t go into labour until tomorrow.! lol

  51. Gorgeous! Would you consider posting the pattern somewhere? I would love to make one! 🙂

  52. A beautiful blanket but an even more beautiful letter to Jen. What a wonderful friendship you both share.

  53. Oh wow. That is incredible. It makes me want to start knitting a baby blanket for my two year old, since it is apparently perfectly possible to make one big enough to last 30 years or so!

  54. Add me to the list of people who’d love to have the pattern. But I think I’ll make it, say, 1/3 the size. The blanket for the currently pregnant niece is zooming right along, but these days there always seems to be another on the way.

  55. I was wondering how big the baby blanket was considering how long you have been blogging about it. Just beautiful! I would love the pattern as well.
    Considering “fire when ready”, has anyone seen the BBC show Coupling? The male main character has a nightmare where he is being exicuted by his girlfriend firing the baby at him. I hope that doesn’t happen to your friend Jenn. The imagery is wonderful though.
    Congratulations to all!

  56. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope I have the stamina to make a blanket like that one day myself.

  57. Wowsa. That is one *BIG* blanket (yeah, like you haven’t heard that already!). And gorgeous. It puts my goto baby blanket to shame. I know it will be loved.

  58. Gorgeous! It did turn out big, but I’ve made bigger – a baby blanket for my boss’s new son, for which I used all the skeins required in the pattern, in spite of my own concerns that it was getting too big. It was enormous! The mom and dad and baby could ALL wrap up in it. Much later my boss told me that the monstrosity had become the kid’s favorite. Who knew? Best wishes to Jen and baby and family. She’s lucky to have such a devoted friend.

  59. What a truly beautiful baby blanket……this will no doubt become a treasured family heirloom.

  60. OH WOW. That blanket is amazing. and beautiful. and a fantastic example of why we should all learn to knit lace!!!!

  61. This puts the baby blanket I’m knitting to complete and utter shame. It’s beautiful. Congratulations on finishing it!

  62. I am in total awe of you. The blanket is undescribeably wonderful, and for the size, I think you finished up in record time!!!

  63. What I’d like to know is: How are you going to top this when your daughters have babies? I know they have been watching, and will expect nothing less!

  64. Steph, you have such a beautiful way with words and such a beautiful way with yarn. A lovely gift, both words and blanket, for a new lovely person.

  65. The baby blanket is beautiful and I know Jen will out do you when she gives birth to her gorgeous baby! 🙂

  66. Wow, just wow. That is a stunning piece of work, thatnks for sharing the process with us….& maybe the pattern too?
    Best wishes to Ms. Jen

  67. The blanket is unbelievable (Blanket? You made a BEDSPREAD!), but your words brought tears to my eyes they were so wonderful.

  68. Ohhh, I love that border! Am a big fan of hap shawl construction and have knitted a few baby blankets like that myself but this one’s a really gorgeous piece! GO JEN!

  69. An utterly amazing gift to honor a friend and the amazing process of birth and motherhood and the connections that make us better people.
    Eve in Carlisle

  70. The blanket is beautiful, the words & sentiment however are breathtaking. How lucky Jen is to have a friend like you.

  71. You made me gasp, giggle, & cry all in the same post.
    The blanket is truly heirloom-worthy & I’m sure Jen’s little one will be just as special.

  72. Holy Hand-grenades! That is an amazing blanket. If I were to attempt to make a lace blanket that size it might very well take me three decades, and it wouldn’t be nearly so beautiful. Good luck to Jen.

  73. Beautiful blanket…but an absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful blog entry. I’m a jaded snarky knitting cynic 99% of the time…and you just moved me to tears. Me, a complete stranger who just voyeuristically hangs out on your blog now and again. I’m all choked up!

  74. So did you feel like you had just given birth? This blanket has the word “heirloom” written all over it, which I am sure was your intention. Wish I could get to say it was mine!

  75. Absolutely stunning. I have a baby quilt my grandmother made me and it’s very precious to me still. You are a great friend.

  76. Almost speechless! If that’s a true square she could turn it on point and it would make a spectacular twin bed spread. IF it’s a girl, of course. Giggling at the thought of a typical 12 year old boy’s bedroom with a white lace bedspread. Yuck. Only when Aunt Stephanie’s coming, of course. Snicker.
    Anyway, did I miss a post about how much yarn is left, if any? You were calling it kind of close there. Now we know why.

  77. Goosebumps!!! Oh goodness, Steph, it’s incredible and amazing and gorgeous! Wow!
    Also, this:
    “and you’re not getting it until you’re ready for a trade. I get a baby to hold, and you get a blanket”
    I think I’m going to start taking that approach! (For local babies, at least!)

  78. That is by far, the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen. What a lucky mom and baby.

  79. holy mother of purl, I can’t believe you finished this monster before the cute little monster popped out. Well done. It is utterly gorgeous!

  80. Wow, that is beautiful! And although I don’t know her, I bet Jen is going into labor right.this.second.

  81. Holy Baby Blanket, Batman, that is epic indeed. I’m speechless both by the beauty of the blanket and the sentiment of the words.
    You often speak of how lucky (for lack of a better word) you are to have the friends you do. I’d like to remind you, they also are just as blessed.
    I now have a strong urge to go find some random pregnant woman just to knit her a blanket.

  82. I can attest to the fact that the larger the baby blanket, the longer they will use it 🙂 As a matter of fact, as we were packing for the possibility of having to evacuate, I grabbed my quilt that my mother made for me when I was 3-years old…that I still use all the time, and that has warmed both of her grandchildren 🙂

  83. Absolutely gorgeous!!! It will be an heirloom for this wonderful child. What a lucky kid!

  84. Sooooo precious!!! Mom and the intended recipient are so blessed and will surely feel like the most special people!

  85. What a beautiful blanket. Jan’s baby is very lucky to have an aunti like you. And by the way your post made me cry.

  86. I am so impressed! What a huge blanket! Now, if only I could have the patient to knit that for my baby that is 6 months along 🙂

  87. That is by far the most beautiful baby(?) blanket I have ever seen…good job Steph…its freekin huge!!!

  88. That blanket is fabulous. I must also say, I missed you during the sock summit, not because I wasn’t there, but because you weren’t HERE. Thanks for the posts!

  89. Wonderful sentiments to accompany a gorgeous blanket. Both will last a lifetime.

  90. Steph,
    This is the most heartwarming treasure you could give a friend. True love sharing a stitch at a time. Especially at the 2am feeding.

  91. See…I told you. (See my comment on your previous post.) It turned out so fabulous!!! I know Jenn and the baby will adore it.

  92. Fabulous,lovely, lovely, lovely – how are you ever going to top this when you become a grandma?

  93. I’m SO glad you had enough yarn, and no wonder the knitting took as long as it did….even with concentrated effort, and even for YOU. It’s very lurvely. (And Jenn is still pregnant, but hopefully not for long. When you said your present was late yesterday, I feared the streak was broken. And so it continues!)

  94. wonderful blanket for a beautiful-to-be baby and a glowing mother. YOU are a wonderful Auntie. Cheers!

  95. Beautiful!!! Lucky baby, lucky Mum!
    Would love the pattern. If I start now I might be finished by December.

  96. There was just too much love for that to be a baby-sized blanket. (Let’s go with that. Use it if you like ::grin::)
    It is beautiful and the baby will obviously never out grow it. 🙂

  97. I don’t remember if Jen knows the gender of the baby, but that will be a lovely wedding shawl someday.

  98. what a fantastic blanket — so beautiful and yet, if properly cared for, so useful!
    i’m also smitten with the four-knitters-at-a-time blanket. HOW is that done? please give instructions, because a group i knit with is fascinated with the concept.

  99. Absolutely amazingly stunningly magically wonderfully excitingly marvelously awesome – both you AND the blanket! Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with us.

  100. We are preparing for a hurrican in NJ, so maybe that makes me just a little emotional. That blanket is beautiful and your post made me tear up. That is a lucky baby and a lucky mom. Good work!

  101. This post actually made me cry. The blanket is beautiful, of course, but I have two grown daughters,one in college and the other in her first crapy apartment. I did not knit them a blanket when they were little and now I feel guilty. It doesm’t matter that I didn’t know how to knit back then, I still feel like I have cheated them. I am off to knit them each a blankie for Christmas.

  102. What an absolutely lovely blanket. A work of art, with much love in every stitch. It will become an heirloom.
    Well done, Harlot!

  103. You’re wonderful. May that beautiful afghan wrap the baby in the same love you’ve shown.

  104. Dammit – you made me cry. That paragraph of who you made the blanket for and how long it will last is a beautiful as the blanket itself. This baby is much loved.

  105. Harlot, you have to let us know how much yarn you used, by weight, and how it compares to the baby’s weight. I’ve got a funny feeling the blanket weighs more. . . !

  106. Steph, you will remember this in many years to come. More than eight years ago I made a baby blanket that the child has thus far dragged around to the point of rags and the same child now views me as the hero that made his ‘bankie’. By the time your (Jen’s baby’s) blanket makes it to university it will likely be in the same type of wretched condition but that is the greatest compliment you can receive. Good job.

  107. What a beautiful blanket. You are an amazing knitter and friend. I’m sure that the little bundle of joy will be kept warm and know he/she is loved for a long time

  108. i just feel faint with admiration! beauty, art, love… all in one! is there a pattern to share?

  109. That is a big, beautiful blanket. Now all it needs is a baby. Might we get to see a picture or two when the wee one arrives?

  110. awww, so sweet! the blanket is beautiful! congratulations on finishing it – now, hopefully, the baby will make an appearance 🙂

  111. Simply Beautiful. And your message to all the future uses: priceless. You could write a knitting version of The Keeping Quilt….

  112. You truly are the friend we all want to hang around, talk to and learn from, this post (really all your posts about knitting you do for others) brings tears to my eyes. I wish for Jen and her baby all the love and warmth that you’ve knitted into that huge labor of love. <3

  113. Simply fabulous! I had wondered, when you said you had 1200 meters of yarn and were worried about running out, how large, exactly it was going to be. That is one big baby blanket. I made on that was 4 feet square, at one point, and thought that was large. I now feel mine is a completely reasonable size.

  114. What a beautiful blanket! I was checking to see if the baby had arrived. I am sure lots of snuggling will be done with that beautiful blanket.

  115. Instant Heirloom! Congrats to the mom-to-be. Stephanie, you amaze me everyday and I don’t mind telling you that I am humbled at the elegance and grace that you create! That is absolutely the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen! Thank you for being such a treasure and sharing with us!

  116. That is be biggest baby blanket I’ve ever seen! And, I loved the bit about it not being an indication of the size child Jen will produce. A lovely piece he/she will have forever!

  117. OMG, that is gorgeous and BIG. No wonder it felt like the black hole to knit. I thought a Bohus Cardigan took the endurance prize…but sister, your blanket has to be the Mt. Everest of knitting. Joyce Williams and a lot of Victorian ladies would salute you. We don’t generally knit blankets like this, anymore! The sight of this will surely start Jen’s labor, and when that baby is born this blankie will have to settle for being the second wonder of the world!

  118. Awwwww….that blanket is filled with so much love! So thoughtful for a dear friend and the new babykins!!
    And OMG!? What were you thinking with the size of that thing?! hehehehe…seriously Steph? Well, it is done and gorgeous!

  119. Oh beautiful!! that’s just so gorgeous, as it the sentiment behind it. Well done, Steph, you finished it before the baby made an appearance! xx

  120. Beautiful work Steph, simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world, most of us lost in more than we care to share UFOs. You are an inspiration!

  121. You were right in June when you started the blanket: epic, a big honking border and in July : the legend no baby arrives before I finished the blanket. A gorgeous blanket and the wool has the good definition cotton has, just much warmer and softer. Come on, gorgeous baby, look at your Mummy from the outside, your blanket awaits you (and we too).

  122. That blanket is absolutely beautiful, and absolutely huge! I really like the fact that it’s big. It means it will be useful and cuddly for a lot longer than a smaller blanket. I made a baby blanket for my great nephew (much, much plainer and smaller that your stunning blanket) and it’s not quite as useful as it was now that he’s a toddler. That lace is so pretty. Congratulations on your beautiful creation!

  123. Totally wonderful! Congratulations to you and to lucky Jen-sprog to have a world full of beautiful blanket to arrive into.

  124. This is absolutely stunning! As always, your work astonishes me in it’s beauty, as well as your humour and wit!
    I really hope you decide to publish a pattern, so this lovely blanket can comfort many more babies! 🙂

  125. Congratulations on finishing such an intense and hugely repetitive project. It’s stunning.
    On a side note: I happened to be in the car driving up north with someone from Guelph (I’m from the US) and I was able to know a little about Canada because I read your blog!

  126. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful. And you were working on that group project as well. Awesome!
    As for the size of it – I think I previously commented that it was a baby blanket, and how big was that baby going to be?
    Seeing it laid out – Did you miscount in the number of repeats around the center panel? With half the number, it would have been a more conventional baby size. Though especially if the baby is a girl, she will love this forever.

  127. Huh. After reading about how much people like smaller baby blankets, but I was sad that the one I made was so big. But now that I have seen TWO huge blankets for Jen, I am totally happy with the size that I made!

  128. It’s beautiful and I bet Jen will be crying with happiness when she is gifted with it. Please publish the pattern ’cause one of these centuries I might be a grandma….

  129. Well done, and well said. My hair stood up when I read how this blanket might someday wrap up a little one her child makes for her. Beautiful.

  130. Stunning does not even begin to describe that beautiful blanket. It is a masterpiece and your words brought tears to my eyes. WOW!

  131. Your knitting rivals your writing (or vice versa) for amazing creativity, deep gut wrenching emotion, true feeling, beauty that brings tears to my eyes and touches my heart. All this and you have a bathtub clean enough to wash this blanket in!!! I also would love this pattern; and the skill involved with the knitting.

  132. Having seen the blanket up close and personal I can tell you that the photos do not do it nearly enough justice. It is beautiful!!!!!!

  133. What a beautiful blanket!
    I’m wishing the best to the expecting mom.
    I love the contrast between your blanket and the baby blanket you and your friends made together.
    Two different styles, both beautiful!

  134. SO BEAUTIFUL! both in itself and especially in the sentiment with which it is being given. You are an amazing talent, Stephanie, and truly a blessing to all your heart & hands touch.
    Truly a forever fan from NJ, USA,
    Linda Barney

  135. Truly a work of art and love deserving to be passed down through the generations. I truly hope, as have others, that you will consider writing-up the pattern.

  136. This is one of the grandest, most beautiful hand crafted things I’ve ever seen. I’m so jealous of your talent!

  137. That’s absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks for showing it – it really is inspiring to see the possibilities.

  138. What a gorgeous blanket! I hope the little person it is for truly appreciates it someday. What an inspiration.

  139. Gorgeous! I also always have high hopes for baby blankets I make. So far, only one has become a favorite, but I persevere. It’s a wise baby who prefers woolens to polar fleece.

  140. Oh Stephanie, I bow down to your baby blanket knitting skillz. Sheesh, woman. You simply MUST stop outshining me. I have a rep to protect.
    BTW, I LOVED this post. It is, perhaps, one of my favorites to date. You are kind woman, and Jen is fortunate to have you in her life.

  141. OMG!! The blankie is incredible…hard to believe that human hands could produce such a perfect gift. It looks as though it fell from a cloud. Lucky Jen and surely, lucky baby to have you in their lives! This should be number one on your list of masterpieces. Best wishes to all.

  142. You wouldn’t share the patteren would you?
    Could put towards a colledge fund for the baby.
    I think it would make a lovely bedspread.
    Now Jen its your turn,no pressure but we are all waiting

  143. What is the name of this incredibly well-wrought blanket’s pattern? “Baby blanket,” my hind foot. “Lace for the Ages,” more like.
    S.F. Bay Area

  144. Wow! That is gorgeous! I hop nothing ever happens to it…. like the mucho smaller blanket I am reknitting for a friend. Her daughter got to it with a scissor at some point and now I had about 10 balls of the crap yarn to remake the blanket for her. Thankfully I did not make the origional but I’d best not hear of anything else happening to it. All the best to you and the baby!

  145. Simply stunning! I hope the blanket gets taken care of so it can last years
    Now Jen no pressure or anything but we want to see a baby sometime soon. And dear yarnharlot what about a pattern for the blanket. Please?

  146. Truly stunning, perfect for a new little one. I went to a baby shower today and my gifts were the only ones handmade by the giver.

  147. The “Fire when ready” reminds me of shooting things out of cannons. Which makes me wonder if we made the process of giving birth like firing a cannon ball from the cannon would be a better choice than what we have now. Then again, I don’t think anything launching out of my with great force is a good idea.

  148. That brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful sentiments to go with a stupendous blanket!

  149. You- Missy,are a great knitter,teacher,baby holder,artist,humorist,writer and friend. You should be taking so many bows on this blanket you should be dizzy. So there 🙂

  150. Simply brilliant! I am in awe of that blanket and your love for Jen and baby, not to mention your skills. yummy

  151. Truly awe inspiring. I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and what a lucky baby Jen is going to have to be the owner of such a wonderful thing!
    I know just what you mean about the whole size thing – I have several afghans that suffered under the same sort of delusions.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  152. I gasped and there are tears in my eyes. What an exquisite work of art. And Big! Come along out baby…love and blanket are ready.

  153. You just made me cry Stephanie, I am so very touched. You are a beautiful human being.

  154. That blanket is truly awesome! Well done you and best wishes to Jen for a swift and safe delivery of the recipient.

  155. That is absolutely gorgeous. And no wonder you thought it took you forever to knit. Wow!

  156. Please publish this blanket pattern! It’s LOVELY!!!
    And seeing as I have a new niece or nephew coming in May, I’d like to get started now, so you know, they’ll get it before they’re five.
    Your knitting speed amazes me!

  157. What a grand piece of work to behold. A treasure, and future heirloom indeed. Lovely. Just lovely.

  158. Beautiful blanket!!! It almost makes me think that I should move to Toronto and befriend you, so that you could one day make another most beautiful knitted creation for my future little person!

  159. The blanket is exquisite. And how beautiful to have evidence that this little one is loved before they even arrive!

  160. Beautiful!! Best wishes to Jen and family, who will soon have a beautiful baby to wrap in that beautiful blanket.

  161. Hey, how many people remembered to admire the hard wood floor, the paint job, the curtains? The room still looks great. Everybody should go look at the posts about renovating that room. When was that?
    Oh, yeah, nice baby blanket.

  162. Okay, now I get what you meant by EPIC. Gorgeous piece of knitting Ms Steph. Heirloom, that’s what!

  163. Perfect – Truly, Simply, Perfect. All the best to Jen and her wee one. May they share lovely life memories wrapped in your blanket.

  164. Could you suggest that Jen take a photo of her new blessing lying right in the middle of this amazing blanket? I would love to see that. Meanwhile, I will be praying for a safe delivery for Mom and baby both. Truly beautiful job on the blanket.

  165. Sorry, I could help but thinking…and you made all that blanket on only 8 skeins of yarn?? It is gorgeous, and what you have just written for your friend is even more beautiful. I hope we can enjoy the happiness of seeing that little one very soon too 🙂

  166. It looks amazing! I’m glad you were able to finish before Jen had her baby. This is definitely going to be an heirloom that this baby will carry through its whole life. Some day they will be cuddling their wife/husband and kids under it. I love things like this. I have some blankets that were kept from when I was born, knitted baby a few key family friends, that my baby will cuddle under some day soon. Still waiting though…. Good luck with the baby Jen! 😀

  167. How awesome is that!!!! It is simple the most beautiful blanket i have ever seen!!!! What an awesome gift!!! Loving it!!! Any chance on getting the pattern?? What a great friend you are Stephanie!!! 🙂

  168. I just had to go back and check previous post for the pattern, are you going to make it available? I don’t have any grandbabies yet and i would love to make (attempt) your beautiful blanket. Thank you so much for sharing!

  169. Exquisite. The yarn, the pattern, the blanket, your knitting skills. All. Exquisite.
    No need to publish the pattern for my account. It would take me months and months to knit one. I have six grandchildren. Couldn’t do one without the other five. I’m 63…I’d be 103 before I finished them all.

  170. Dear Stephanie, what a beautiful masterpiece! That is no blanket, that is what our family call a ‘baby shawl’. It is truly the most amazing piece of knitting I have seen. I would also love a pattern for it. Blessing to your friend and her little one. And blessings to you Stephanie for producing such a beautiful gift.

  171. Glorious! What a lucky child to have your as hims/hers personal knitter! I, too, am knitting a blankie but NOTHING like this! Your talent is amazing!

  172. That is beautiful, as are the sentiments behind it (I’m sitting here crying my eyes out!).

  173. That’s 362 Beautifuls, 50 Glorious, at least 100 Amazings, a really large helping of Outstandings, Gorgious, Wow, and Awesome. There are a lot of adjectives that I missed and would like to add whole heartedly. That lace is so lovely it literally brought tears to my eye. I would like to add my voice to those who would like you to publish the pattern and say thank you in advance. Really. ’cause boy howdy was that a lot of work and love and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  174. Wow. Just “wow”! This is so amazingly beautiful that I can’t think of anything except “wow”!

  175. Wow…. I cant’ wait to see the new wonderful little person wrapped up in it. So hurry up Jen!

  176. OMFG Stephanie!!!! This is the MOST exquisite baby blanket I have ever laid eyes on.
    Seriously!! I was never able to have kids and 8 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy. You make me wish my bits had cooperated and been able to have a little bundle to wrap in something like you’ve created.
    I’m totally in awe!!!

  177. Seriously, I need to become best friends with you, then get pregnant. As I turn 40 this fall, I had better get going. Want to come over for tea? 🙂

  178. STUNNING!!! It is honestly the most beautiful blanket I have ever laid eyes on! I am having a baby in Dec. and I only wish I had a friend to make me something as amazing as that blanket! I would love the pattern, not that I have a wonderful success ratio w/ blankets, but you never know!

  179. What a touching post — made me a little weepy (in a good way) on a Monday morning.
    Thanks for reminding us how lovely it is to knit for others, for love.
    That blanket is a beautiful legacy.

  180. Agree with all the comments about STUNNING needle-work and heart-touching words. I differ from those asking for the pattern, though. You created this pattern for THIS baby and Jen. I can understand if you want to keep it unique to them. There’s something extra-extra special having something that is JUST yours. (Does that make me selfish?) You’re a marvelous friend; and I think your friends must be pretty special too, to have grown into your heart as they have.

  181. Exquisite, Stephanie. I can almost feel the love in every stitch.
    I’m excited to hear more once baby comes.
    It must be wonderful to watch the birth of a baby and the birth of a new book at about the same time.
    Life is good.

  182. I lurk often, comment rarely, but that is one beautiful baby blanket and your words to your friend and the baby she’s been cooking are priceless. I think you are an amazing human being. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world through your blog and books.

  183. Wow!! Just wow! Beautiful sentiment, gorgeous blanket. I’m at my desk at work smiling on a Monday morning… Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  184. What a glorious gift! I am also knitting what is turning out to be a VERY large baby blanket, but it is with the intention of being one he can use for a LONG time. And it is no where near as beautiful as your creation. Congratulations!

  185. Steph, it is a beautiful blanket, but more importantly it is a nice size. Have you ever tried to bundle a baby up in a small blanket? Bigger in this case is better.

  186. Your blanket is just gorgeous! How is poor Jen doing, by the way? I would have thought that, upon hearing her blanket was finished, the baby would have made an immediate appearance. I hope, at least, that the weather in Toronto is being a little kinder.
    Also, thank you for the comment you left regarding my Girasole. You’ve commented several times, and each time I see your name, I have a little heart attack, and need to lie down!

  187. Oh thank goodness! I was beginning to worry that Jen would continue to suffer indefinitely (not a statement on you at all, I’m just very sensitive to the plight of pregnant women at the moment).
    It’s gorgeous (of course), and I can’t wait to see the new little person all wrapped up in it.

  188. The blanket is breathtakingly beautiful! And your letter to Jen brought tears to my eyes.

  189. Absolutely beautiful blanket.
    If you are taking votes about publishing the pattern, mine is a “yes, please make it available”.
    – Pam

  190. Beautiful blanket. Even more beautiful message. Congrats on the completion of a work well. You can pass on the same message to Jen when the little one arrives.

  191. OMG what a wonderful friend you are. That blanket is georgeous. I am in AWE of anyone with the tallent to knit like that.
    I am still on my training wheels doing everything in 8ply and 4mm needles.

  192. I stand up before my laptop screen & applaud you…BRAVO!
    (startled the cat, but he’ll recover)

  193. First; I have top say that is the MOST beautiful baby blankie I have seen!!!
    Second; I had a flash in my mind of beautiful madonna like photos of jen and baby following delivery… And after a bath I’d recommend. Beautiful pictures in my mind! Mom and baby wrapped in lace. Just going to hold that picture all day today.
    Kudos to you Steph. There are not words that could described the beauty of the blanket and your words to jen.
    Maybe with all of the knitters here thinking good thoughts, jen wool labor and have a beautiful birth… isn’t the smell of a brand new baby heavenly.

  194. First; I have top say that is the MOST beautiful baby blankie I have seen!!!
    Second; I had a flash in my mind of beautiful madonna like photos of jen and baby following delivery… And after a bat’ h I’d recommend. Beautiful pictures in my mind! Mom and baby wrapped in lace. Just going to hold that picture in my mind all day today.
    Kudos to you Steph. There are not words that could described the beauty of the blanket and your words to jen.
    Maybe with all of the knitters here thinking good thoughts, jen wool labor and have a beautiful birth… isn’t the smell of a brand new baby heavenly.

  195. Beautiful blanket, beautiful post. It’s enormous though, no wonder you were getting fed up!

  196. It is absolutely beautiful. I would like to add my voice to those asking for the pattern, or pattern notes. Please?

  197. Glorious. Absolutely glorious. And only worthy of a tiny newborn, made by God Himself. Wonderful, Stephanie!

  198. Your blanket is beautiful, so very beautiful! And your love for Jen and her upcoming little one is so dear, your words made me teary. Sweet. xo

  199. What a lucky baby! It’s truly an amazing and absolutely gorgeous piece of art – an heirloom to be sure. I always enjoy traveling along with you when you embark on these knitting adventures. Thanks for sharing both the ups and downs!

  200. I am happy to see that it’s not just me that misjudged how big a blanket is. I have been working on a throw blanket for my 13 year old for some time. A really simple pattern in a soft yarn that I know she’ll love. My twins (or possibly my 5 year old) pulled some of it off the needles and it came undone a bit. So I pulled it all off the needles so I could pull out a few rows (I think it ended up being about 5) and put it back on. I didn’t realize that it was as LONG as it is. She’ll be able to wrap it around her shoulders, with her neck at the exact middle and be able to cover her feet, with her legs stretched out. Oops.

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