Once more

I’m still the boring spinning factory over here, so once again I’m pillaging the comments for interesting questions to which I can give vaguely interesting answers.  Before I do that though, I have to show you my plan. 
I’m going to ply this these two of the Judith batts together…

and I think it will be amazing.  We’ll find out tomorrow.

How’s the post Christmas vest you were making for your daughter coming


See? This is a very well known down side of having a blog.  Nobody lets you give anything up for a moment.  There’s something interesting going on with that vest.  First up, I absolutely didn’t have enough yarn. I thought I would, but I didn’t.  I knit the back, and thought (quite cleverly) that since there were two fronts left, each of them would take 1/2 the yarn.  When I was only part way through the first front I could see that I was in trouble – so I asked for more yarn, but when it came it was the wrong colour, and now I think I need to show Tina the colour so that I can get the right one. Until then, it’s stalled and driving me CRAZY. It was working out beautifully, and it’s the exact right time of year for Sam to be wearing it. It’s going to be done as soon as I get the yarn.

How’s the weaving going? (Or what’s really going through my head: How can you be resisting this utterly addicting playing-with-yarn activity?)

I’m not resisting very well. You’ll see. There is a game afoot.

What about the Catkin?
-Judy in Indiana

You people have long memories.  My beautiful Catkin is upstairs, awaiting buttons, until it gets them I don’t really consider it done.  Unfortunately, I seem incapable of remembering it needs buttons while I’m somewhere that I could do something about that.  I’ll re-apply myself.  It’s very pretty, and it should be finished.

Yes, my (perpetual) question is, where is the picture of you modelling Gwendolyn?

Arrgggh.  That’s only not done because  I have to persuade someone to take pictures, and persuade myself to be in them.  I love that sweater and wear it all the time.  I’ll get it done.  I promise.  (Natalie is here this morning, maybe she’d help me.) 

Did I miss the part where that wool/stainless steel Habu jacket got finished?

No.  Neither did you miss the part where it got started.

89 thoughts on “Once more

  1. Reading today’s post reminded me of countless conversations I have with my husband. It’s always when I’m feeling super productive (like your spinning), so I show him something and make out like I’m a finishing star.
    Then he likes to remind me of projects that have been hiding for (ahem) a long time that I’ve completely forgotten about. Way to pull me down, love! Here I thought I was getting stuff done.
    I do think your combined batts will be stunning, for what it’s worth. Keep on!

  2. Those colors will be fantastic together! Did you drink all the single malt at SS11?

  3. I love your spinning posts. Spinning factory is not boring. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Must get back to my wheel after knitting class.

  4. FWIW, you could be a “Boring Spinning Factory” and show bobbin shots every day, and I would be a very happy, and well entertained reader.
    I think your combo will be fabulous!

  5. OOH! Natalie will be there?? Can you ask her to please check her e-mail or her Ravelry group? I’m having problems with her Oh Deer pattern and need some guidance. Been trying to reach her for 2 weeks without success.
    And lovely spinning, btw. Wish I could spin.

  6. Spinning isn’t boring. In fact I’ve been searching online to see if there is anywhere near my house that offers spinning lessons. I shouldn’t have been surprised when the results all turned up fitness sites. I live in a fairly rural area…I even pass sheep on my way to work in the morning. You’d think someone around here knows how to spin and is willing to share that fascinating skill.

  7. Well, since you’re taking questions, What’s up with the tally sheet for Doctors w/o Borders? As if you dont have enough to do, but there it is.

  8. I have a randomish question inspired by your photo. What is the best way to learn to spin? A class at a LYS?

  9. My Catkin doesn’t have buttons. I don’t plan to put them on. I’m not sure I’d wear it that way.
    Also, I forgot one of the buttonholes. Or maybe two. It would drive me crazy to try to button it that way.

  10. Laughed loud enough to scare the squirrels on that last line. I’ve always wondered why people would wear stainless steel yarn. Next thing you know, someone will try baking with the stuff: buns of steel!

  11. Yup, when you showed us the batts and committed to spinning them, I have to say my first thought was “Joe’s Gansey!” Shows how long I’ve been reading!
    I’ve really wanted to make both a vest for myself and a catkin, but by energy is going in to baby thing. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow though and starting a baby blanket now seems excessively foolish, because if I end up with babies who won’t be born until their blankets are done I’m going to be an unhappy camper! (PS any doula tips for either flipping a frank breech or how to deal with a vaginal breech birth? Baby girl is comfy where she is and my OB is happy to try a vaginal delivery)

  12. I am so glad that I don’t have people asking me questions about my “unfinished wips!” But I do often wonder how projects are coming and love to see your completed work. Thanks!

  13. Unbelievably beautiful yarn!! So gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it.

  14. Heh. The Q&A is cracking me up. (And I predict Loveliness In Plying. Plus they look rather like your happy place colors.)
    I meant to comment yesterday, but fell asleep before I got there….
    I am so unutterably, inexpressibly sad that there is no way that I can come to Sock Camp this year. I was worried back in November, when I found out my April work schedule, which had a irreoncilable conflict. But it depended on the exact dates. When they came out…I had to go just be with some yarn until I regained my composure. It does suck to be a grown-up responsible working person sometimes.
    Well, someone should use ‘my’ spot, and have an AMAZING pirate-y time. It will be wonderful (even without a resident parodist). I will be sending good thoughts Sock Camp way even as I miss you all something fierce. Give my regards to the eagles. (The otters don’t care. Like HB.)
    Next year in Port Ludlow? Right?

  15. Find it amusing that I’m not the only one who wondered about Joe’s Gansey…we just can’t let you get away with anything on here! Which is hilarious, when you consider the number of UFOs any of us have on a given day, week, month…..year…sigh…

  16. I like seeing wooly fiber batts and then seeing the finished spun yarn. I think this might be because I am trying to convence myself that I could do this too.
    The one thing holding me back is the fact I have eczema on my right thumb which makes it hard to flex it at times. I also have a hard time holding and pulling fiber without getting a very fuzzy thumb.

  17. My sympathies that your blog followers have such long memories, and no shame in asking about abandoned projects.
    May I suggest that you also avoid a reviewal of your Ravelry project page? While looking at my own, not only have I been reminded of every project that is a “WIP” – but I have been appalled by the start dates associated with those projects. 3 years? Really?
    The spinning looks lovely – and congrats on making progress (and room for the batt stash).

  18. My husband asks me the same kinds of questions. Thankfully he doesn’t comment on the quantity of yarn often. He has a similar $ value of stuff, but video games take up less space than the yarn and fabric.

  19. I love this post because it makes me feel better about myself and my relationship with my husband.
    Him: Hey, remember those pretty socks with the butterfly pattern? Whatever happened to them?
    Me: Stop talking, please.
    Him: Hey, remember the socks that you were making your cousin? What happened to them?
    Me: Stop talking right now, please.
    Him: Hey, remember those mittens you started? Are they finished?
    Me: Stop. With. The. Talking. NOW.
    Him: Oh, can I have a pair of socks?
    Me: Please see conversation above for full account of why you’re not getting anything ever.

  20. ok, my question is really basically selfish. but i will ask it, cos there must be other knitters in my position… Couldn’t Sock Camp be offered in the summer so that knitters who are also teachers could attend? School boards generally don’t grant time off for pursuit of professional knitting development..sadly. :]

  21. Beautiful yarn Steph. Makes me wish spinning was my thing. 🙂 I am planning on taking a weaving class though. The game could be afoot.

  22. I am so pleased to hear that the knitting of Catkin is finished, I have been too afraid to ask, thinking it was still a WIP, or was in Time Out. Will look forward to future photographs. The colour change/pattern really holds a lot of appeal with Catkin. I’m not sure how I would go for the button thing with Catkin – hell, I have lots cerebrally knitted shawls so far, have lots of stash for them, and my Ravelry Favourites looks pretty impressive, but haven’t got anything concrete so far. Big Shawls really appeal for the wearing, but I was thinking I might be better to get going with something smaller like Daybreak. (I have done a few Baktus).
    A good deal of my time goes into thinking about shawls but know I must finish off baby blanket for baby born early December first – yes it is mid March. I have been stalling on the duplicate stitch baby’s name and anchoring the flaws (split stitches etc) that are still apparent. I know that I am a process knitter.

  23. HAHAHAHAHA! LMAO! It’s like having all these wool starved children isn’t it? All have got to get their woolie demands met by Stephanie! boooowahahaha!

  24. What happened to the Wild Apple Bohus? And, the Roundabout Leaf Tank? So nice to see that even the harlot has a closet full of UFO’s!

  25. @deborah — I laughed outloud at the condensed dialogue with you and your husband — your having someone ELSE saying that to you is hilarious. I have that conversation with myself OR I apply the two week rule:
    Am I going to finish it in two weeks? or is it getting put away, frogged, given away, or burned.
    It cannot stay in my space…

  26. I only like strongly marled yarns in certain situations. But I do LOVE plying very similar colors together. It creates such a lovely, subtly varied yarn. Yours will indeed be gorgeous!

  27. In general, I wouldn’t call myself a burnt orange – rusty red fan, but those are some beautiful bobbins. I’m salivating about what you will do with them.
    I do love the fact that you share your knitting stories with us.. If anyone started asking me about *my* UFOs, I might have to scratch some eyes out.

  28. I’ve finally figured out my feelings knitters who take up weaving; it’s the same feeling I get when a beloved poet starts writing novels. It’s a worthy enterprise and one that gets you more respect — but always have a sense of abandonment, no matter how marvelous the final product.

  29. For Karlie @ 1:50 p.m., my daughter’s OB referred her to a chiropractor who specializes in manipulating/flipping breech births. It worked like a charm on the first try.

  30. yes. If by “boring spinning factory” you mean “producer of absolutely gorgeous yarn.”

  31. Absolutely cannot wait to see that yarn when it’s finished. After reading all those questions – do you feel like your blog is almost like your conscious??????

  32. Oddly enough your blog sounds like my husband… I said “Oh, look what I found when I was cleaning… isn’t this lace yarn pretty?” As I grabbed the stack of lace books off the shelf in the living room… I need something new to knit.
    He said “Don’t you have to finish the hat for your sister, Dawn’s, Christmas present?” Yes, but she won’t be here until May. “What about my sweater” It took me 5 years to finish the last one, you think you’re going to get one in months? “Didn’t you promise to make the girls bonnets?” I need to buy cotton to do that… What about that stack of baskets with 1/2 finished projects behind your chair?
    What are you, the knit police? Do I tell you about all the unfinished projects you have going?

  33. Katie: Try looking on Ravelry. Your state probably has a group where you can ask, or try in any of the spinning groups, especially the beginner or spinning wanna-bes or learning to spin groups.
    There will be someone 🙂
    YH: I love the spinning posts! Yummy! I wish I were as productive as you (with knitting, too). Darn work.

  34. Steph, in case you have another round of answering questions, here’s mine:
    I am knitting your Cutest Booties pattern. My question is: HOW??? Those suckers are so small and fiddly, it’s driving me crazy. These socks are for a baby to be born in August, so I chose Crystal Palace Cotton (Bamboo/Cotton/Elastic) yarn which I believe was put on this earth to vex me. It has accomplished this.
    I’m not a fan of DPNs, but can manage them. But itty, bitty booties – such close quarters. Yarn: kinda splitty.
    Any advice for knitting these teeny, tiny things successfully?

  35. I should probably read through ALL of the comments before saying this, because perhaps it’s been said in every conceivable way already, but I am really enjoying this question / answer thing. Very cool. Seems a little like I’m not paying close enough attention – folks are asking about things I don’t remember! But now I want the tell and show too!
    By the way – do you create your posts by using one of those programs that turn speech into text so that you can knit while posting? I’ve wondered how you find the time to post as often as you do, given what all you produce. Amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your SELF with us so generously!

  36. Say Steph…how about you make all three vest panels of the same yarn, but contrasting colors? This can make a lovely and unique item.

  37. If putting needles in a baby’s hands will make them a knitter, what does having yarn in a baby’s hand do? My toddler from 3- weeks old will not leave the stash, MY stash, alone.

  38. Can’t wait for tomorrow. I love the colors. I have been wrapped up in my spinning stash. One(me) does not realize how many roving one has until you decide to set down and create something beautiful out of all that fiber.I should finish this time next year. HA HA!! You are the best.

  39. Will you answer more questions tomorrow? Because I have one. Do you really chop up entire skeins of yarn and spit-splice them together in the color order that you want? I tried a very simple version of this with only two colors and 300 yards. I quit halfway through and felt nearly dead from yarn poisoning. Either I’m doing it wrong or you’re insane. (In a good way! like climbing-everest-insane)

  40. I love the crazy q&a sessions. Those no-longer-batts-now-singles are so, so pretty. Maybe you would want to weave with them….. Just enabling here.

  41. The two Judith batts — looks like a plan. I bet they’ll be perfect together.
    Note: Should you not post about it, I promise I will not ask you more about it weeks, months, years, eons later.
    Because my memory sucks.
    I must admit, I enjoyed reading about those who DO remember things — good for them.

  42. Honey, there’s nothing boring about your spinning factory. The colors are gorgeous! (They say “honey” all of the time here in the South. I’m getting with the program.)

  43. Since today was pi day, do you really believe that the numbers are non-repeating and extend into infinity? Also…did you eat any pie today in celebration of pi day?

  44. More questions ok? Would love to know your favorite way to create a selvage edge in stockinette. Mine is nice and neat on one and loose and loopy on the other. Also, what happened with the bohus?

  45. I thought until quite recently that I had no WIPs (other than the two I knew I was working on). No, I finish things. I’m not like all those other knitters.
    Then I took a look at my knitting cupboard. I think there are two projects that need the ends sewn in, one that also needs to be seamed, and I’m not sure that’s all. I just really don’t want to look.

  46. I love the look of the yarns you are spinning…especially the ones that have lots of color in them. But what do they look like knit up?

  47. Love what you’re spinning … and I tripped on your first sentence. Spinning is NEVER boring.
    I can’t even imagine how it would be boring to non-spinners. It is yarn gestation, a process we should all take interest in.
    Off to spin …

  48. Playing Irish rovers as i see your pix..nothing like wool, knitting, and good Celtic music. BTW spring peepers have started up here in recent warm weather so they’re coming your way over the lakes as are the songbirds stopping here to feast before crossing the water.
    Kathy in Cleveland

  49. Apparently you need to come up with something to distract all of these people with the long memories. Don’t THEY have a closet of UFOs themselves?

  50. I shall raise my hand with the folks who said you can just post gorgeous photos of spun yarn. Lovely! I think the plying-them-together plan is genius.
    And in the spirit of wanting-to-know about projects long past…I’m still curious about the green afghan from your first book. (Not expecting an answer, but still curious. 🙂

  51. Your singles are awesome! I can’t wait to see them plied together. I do have a spinning question, how long do you let your singles rest before you ply? I hadn’t heard of that before (only been spinning a year) and usually as soon as I’m done with the last single I ply! Have fun with all your spinning and for everyone asking about UFOs just know we all have them too!

  52. I don’t remember half of those things if it’s any consolation. Of course, I don’t remember half of what I’ve knit, let alone someone else’s.

  53. I have pounds (pounds, I say) of corriedale batts in very nearly those colors (add a flash of bright blue) which I made from locks I dyed from a randy ram named Buster. The amount I have is overwhelming, but seeing yours I plan to approach it with renewed vigor–at least until something else shiny catches my eye.

  54. Oh man are we in trouble. I love that you are answering all the questions, in the exact way we answer them to our families. My brother keeps bugging me about a hat I started for him in Novemeber, and really it just needs about 2hours of work ( I am a slow knitter). You know what I can’t wait for? The knitting olympics, I am so excited, bc I didn’t read you last year. I am already picking out projects that are challenging for me. Just think about how many projects will be finished, all thanks to your Olympic games.

  55. Jumping on the question train – I ,of course, adore the blankets you have made for the recent births. Respecting their uniqueness, would you be willing to share Joe to construct a blanket that is similar or point vaguely in the direction of such instructions? Thank you so much. You liven up my coffee time in the mornings!

  56. I think that yarn is going to be fabulous. Can’t wait to see it. I love the effect of plyinig a solid and a variegated.

  57. Today is one of those days when “The Blog” is very happy that you can’t query us about our UFO’s and WIP’s!

  58. Your answers illustrate why I am committed to knitting from stash this year. Even so, it feels like I am knitting, knitting, knitting and my stash is growing larger rather than smaller. And it is SO hard not to buy more yarn when there is so much beautiful yarny goodness everywhere.
    At least I don’t have anyone asking me how I am coming on any knitting projects . . .

  59. Here’s a question – did you ever finish the bohus sweater The Wild Apple. I think the yarn will turn out wonderful, love the colors.

  60. Hello, I know I missed the boat on questions, and actually this is more of a request than a question, but I would like to see more pictures of your cat, if he/she is still around. I remember one picture of him years ago. You don’t need to mention the cat, but just sneak him into some sock or stash pictures. Maybe hide him in your stash, take a picture and play “Where’s the cat?” Actually, that seems like a terrible idea for you, the stash, and the cat. Your blog makes me feel calmer and happier when I read it, and so do pictures of cats, so together, that would be super relaxing to read. IMHO. That is my request.

  61. A game, eh? Does this game involve the ever-zestful Denny, by chance? Just how many harnesses has she gotten you wound up in?

  62. Siri, that useful little thing on the iPhone, is supposed to tell you to do stuff when you get places. I am going to have to try putting in a reminder to “remind me to get x when I am at the yarn store” and see if it works. Doubtful. Might try the grocery store first.

  63. OMG. Do I have to read the archives again?? Habu jacket? Catkin? My mind is blank. Sounds intriguing! Man, I thought you’d finished Joe’s gansey. I’m losing my mind. I’m lambing. The little grey cells aren’t working like they used to 🙂

  64. I was wondering if your Catkin wanted to block out larger than the stated dimensions. I’m blocking mine now and it feels like I’m squashing it. My gauge seems to be okay. Anyway, just wondering.

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