In Which All is Revealed

This weekend was jam packed with interesting things, but I’ve been dying to tell you about something for weeks and weeks, and now that it’s over, I can reveal it all, which is a relief, because carrying this secret inside of me since August 10th, when I hauled off and sent a crazy email, has been killing me. 

Katie and Carlos got married on Friday.

From the moment they announced their wedding, I knew I wanted us to give them an unconventional gift.  They’ve been together a while, and they have a house and a baby – and somehow I didn’t feel right about giving them housewares or something.  Once, a couple of years ago, Katie had told me that this certain song was "their song." Now, that stuff changes, and maybe it wasn’t still their song now,  no way to really know…but I did at least know that she liked it, and thought it was romantic. 

Add that piece of knowledge together with the fact that this is a very musical family, and my idea seemed totally doable.  I sent an email to everybody in the family – and a plan was hatched.  Since then, there’s been people practicing all over, people helping Nana Carol keep a secret (she’s our loose cannon) and other people bugging other people to get on board.  (That would have been me. The idea could only work if I had total buy in from everybody.)

We were going to do a Wedding Flashmob.  Like all big ideas, this one had the potential to be absolutely fabulous, or nothing short of a trainwreck.  We practiced, sent around a million secret emails, rehearsed desperately Thursday night,

(I’m pretty sure Sam looks that shocked because Kamilah has just suggested she add a harmony part. She did.  You can see them get it in this video.)

and then Friday came. We arrived at the venue for the wedding, practicing all the way, with instruments stashed in all the cars. 

In my purse were lyrics for everyone at the wedding with instructions in both Spanish and English (Carlos’ family is all from Spain) and sheet music for everyone playing an instrument.  The plan was huge.

Katie and Carlos had a lovely ceremony, really, really beautiful –

and then all the guests went downstairs to the garden for cocktails… everyone except for our little crack team.  They ran to the cars, collected all the instruments (two ukuleles, four guitars, a tenor guitar, a violin and seven shakers and maracas) and ran them into the reception hall, and stashed them under the appropriate tables.  (There was also a brief rehearsal by the side of Queen street.) 

The guests came back up from cocktails, and my daughter Amanda,  Sisters-in-law Robyn and Kelly,  Katie’s best friend Lexa and I ran all over the place pretending to be chatting with guests all the while secretly distributing shakers, maracas and lyric sheets.

Dinner started, and there was a lovely speech by Kelly and Carlos’ brother Jorge, and then a really nice one by Nana Carol and Old Joe, and then what seemed to be a very well received speech by Carlos’ parents (it was in Spanish so I’m not sure what they said, but they seemed charming.)  Kate and Carlos cut the cake, and all the while, the family sat with instruments clenched between their knees, waiting impatiently for the right moment – desperate to get it done. 

Finally I got up to make my speech, and I explained that it was a super musical family, and how Joe and I got songs at our wedding, and Chris and Robyn got songs at their wedding, and that I wished that I could give them a song, but I’m not a good singer.  Then I said I figured out how I could do it.    With that, Katie’s brother Chris pulled his guitar out, and began the intro.  I said "All I need is a little help" and walked back to my table.
With that, Amanda, Megan, Samantha, Savannah and Kamilah (all the nieces) stood up, and Sam and Kamilah started to play the ukulele along with Chris’s guitar, and they sang the first verse. 

At the beginning of the second verse,  my brother-in-law Ben got up with his guitar, and Joe stood up with the tenor guitar… and Katie’s best friends and her sister Kelly and sister-in-law Robyn, started singing along.

At the next verse, Alex (a good friend of Carlos) pulled out his guitar, and Kosti (Savannah’s boyfriend) rose with another one… and the whole Dunphy side of the family rose and added their voices. 

The next verse, all of the Fernandez family rose –  Amanda pulled out her violin and everybody with a shaker started shaking.  On the next verse, all the remaining guests came up, and the full scope of our cunning was revealed.  We all sang along, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been part of something like that – but there’s something powerful about collective effort that’s just as fun for the people doing it as it is for the people they’re doing it for. 

We have a video here of what it looked like as it was going down – it’s a little dark, but I think you can totally see what we were up to. 

It was a great day – and I can’t tell you how awesome this family is that they would get behind something this crazy… and I think Kate and Carlos loved it- and I’ll just say it. 

It was way better than getting them towels.

Katie and Carlos, this family really loves you.

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  1. Extraordinary! (I’m trying to find another word than ‘Wow’ but nothing seems to fit)
    This is just great and exactly what people should be getting at weddings.
    They will always remember it and that is so much better than towels which lose their fluffiness and colour within a very short time.
    What an effort and how worth it is all! I love it.

  2. That was totally and completely AWESOME!! What a lovely and thoughful gift. Much better that towels! 🙂

  3. You thought of that. You organized that. You brought all those people into your vision. Just do me one favor. Don’t ever wonder why you have the following you have. Ever. Again.

  4. Just reading about it made me tear up, and I haven’t even watched the video yet (I’m at work). What a great, great gift!

  5. That’s such a sweet, thoughtful wedding surprise! I wish I had a family like yours.
    The groom is handsome, the bride is beautiful… but where’s baby Lou? Please tell me he was dressed in a little mini-tux!

  6. I just watched the video, and your family is AMAZING. It made me cry just to watch it and I don’t even know anyone in it!

  7. I’m more of a lurker, not poster, but after watching that video I had to post. That brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to all!

  8. That is utterly and wonderfully amazing! What a fantabulous gift to give them!
    Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  9. I’ve been a part of something similar (sans the instruments), and it creates an extraordinary memory for everyone there, and an extraordinary gift. Way to Go, Steph, for hatching the plan. Happiness to the newlyweds from The Blog.

  10. Now that’s an incredible gift and memory and touchstone for all involved. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  11. That is a memory to treasure. Good luck to Kate and Carlo! (Way to go Stephanie for pulling it together!)

  12. You are insanely, benignly mad. Joyous lunatic. Doesn’t your family dive behind the couch when you say “I’ve got an idea”? (I know you say that saying “You know what would be fun” has had various other effects, including Amanda, Erin and Sam.)
    My daughter’s getting married October 14. Just sayin’.

  13. Love love love. You all just added so much joy and love to so very many. Congratulations Katie and Carlos! Congratulations to all, well done! I’m going to be grinning like crazy all day. Thank you!

  14. Wonderful! I loved that. My son is getting married on the 29th and I just wish that we were a musical family and could do something like that. Alas, I will just have to be satisfied with the cobweb weight lace shrug that I have knitted for Bridget to wear over her strapless wedding gown.

  15. Yay – good job! In some communities in India, part of the wedding celebration is the Sangeet, which is a whole party around musical gifts/presentations to the couple. Our family does this the night before the wedding ceremony itself, in lieu of the rehearsal dinner. Great fun! (our song for our niece’s wedding last month was covering the Izzy mash-up of Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World; we got everyone to sing along).

  16. That is perfect, you could see her wipe the tears of joy from her eyes. Very lucky to be so loved by so many people.

  17. Fan-dam-tastic!!! Please could your family adopt me? And could I just hand my life over to you? Cos I’m pretty sure you’d do a much better job of making it work than I am.

  18. That was just lovely. I’m not familiar with that song. Would you provide the title and artist, please?
    Great coda to an extraordinary summer.

  19. You create GREAT gifts – knitted ones AND flashmob ones.
    This flashmob made me cry, but then again, almost all flashmobs make me cry.
    Brava! Guess this makes you an impresario 🙂

  20. Sometimes I get jealous of your family! You guys are all awesome! (I’m at work right now, but I can’t wait to go home and watch the video!)

  21. I’ll always been envious of musical people. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Lovely gift, and such a talented family!

  22. Fantastic! Absolutely awesome! It’s a gift that will last thru time – memorialized on youtube. (Now I have to explain why I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes for the wedding of people I’ve people I’ve never met.)

  23. This was absolutely beautiful. What surprises(snd delights) me is that your family may grumble but they always come thru and surprise themselves.

  24. Oh that was so incredible. Crying such happy joyful tears for such an amazing memory and gift to the newlyweds. Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful thing to be able to see!

  25. Fantastic gift!
    Now for the stupid question: Can somebody post who Katie is? Is she one of Stephanie’s daughters or a friend? I obviously have not been keeping track! Thanks!

  26. Beautiful! My colleagues did a flash mob dance for me at my retirement party and I cannot believe the amount of work that went into making that happen! Well Done!

  27. My, my, my!! What a beautiful couple they make… and your wedding surprise was such a great idea, something truly from your hearts to their hearts…You are blessed with great hands, great wit, a great stream of thought, and most of all- just by reading your blog,- we can all tell what a great friend you are, Steph..BLESS YOU!!

  28. Just beautiful. A fabulous way to express your love for them. It will be remembered long after any towels they may have received have gone into the rag bag.
    AND – you were terrific at the Kitchener Yarn Show. Loved your talk but especially appreciated how quick you are on your feet. Nothing seems to unsettle you. A podium made for Andre the Giant and Sam texting you right in the middle of your presentation. (Glad she found her blue shoes.) It all added to the fun.
    Just another ‘normal’ weekend in the life of the Yarn Harlot, I suppose. 🙂

  29. Just awesome…so fun and loving! A treasure for the bride and groom. However did you pull that off? I agree with Christian about world peace…you could do it!

  30. Every wedding couple should be serenaded by their loved ones.
    And I adore the woman who took that video at the link. First of all, she thinks you’re “very good” Steph. Then she didn’t really know the words so she sorta hummed/mouthed it. My style exactly. And then at the end, “Can I turn it off?”
    Also, Sam’s ukelele is Tardis blue!

  31. That was such an amazing gift! They are so lucky to have all of you! (Taylor Swift should be proud)

  32. What a totally amazing surprise/gift! I had tears in my eyes watching the video! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  33. What a wonderful, wonderful gift! You are an awesomely great friend to come up with something that will be remembered far beyond any towels. Like several others have said, you made me cry. Lucky Katie and Carlos!

  34. My daughter just came in the room and said “Mom! Why are you crying?” and I replied,”Women always cry at weddings!” It feels like I was there ~ beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  35. As a musician myself, I am so stealing this idea for the next appropriate moment! Truly lovely-thanks! Congrats to the happy couple! Many wonderful years to them!

  36. Absolutely amazing and wonderful. Your family is so special.
    (I second or third or twentieth the happy tears. That video needs a disclaimer.)
    Congratulations to Katie and Carlos!

  37. That has got to be the neatest thing I’ve seen…brought tears to my eyes! Amazing that everyone came together like that! (My musical family seems to only show its talents at funerals, alas!!)

  38. What a totally awesome gift! I am absolutely going to steal your idea if my son ever gets married (too late for daughter). I’m sure it will be a popular “gift” for years to come.

  39. Steph, I just watched the video, that was priceless. It’s not even my family and I was trying hard not to choke up! That is so very special. I’m sure they’ll remember that forever!

  40. It made me cry and I don’t even know any of these folks…there’s just something about the power of love…the circle of family and friends…of lives being woven together, even for a moment. Priceless. Beautiful.

  41. Dude, way to make me cry. Then have to explain why I was crying to my not-so-understanding 13 year old son. Then i showed him the video and he got it, and handed me a kleenex.
    There’s hope for him, and I thank you for letting me see it.

  42. That was so cool!!! I bet they were so incredibly touched by that. Your family and friends are awesome.

  43. That’s fabulous! Not only did you give them a wonderful splendid memory of how all their guests
    sang together, but it was a gift to all the guests.
    When does one go to a wedding and feel part of an amazing performance like that. So everyone will remember it. Great idea! and beautifully executed.
    Marlyce in Windsor Ontario

  44. What a fabulous idea…you guys did a great job! The video brought tears to my eyes, so I know it must have been very special for Katie and Carlos.

  45. Congratulations to Katie and Carlos, may they have a wonderful life together.
    You have made me cry many many times Stephanie and this time was no exception…it’s a wonderful gift.

  46. That was fantastic. I’m sure Taylor Swift would be proud you used her song for such a lovely undertaking.

  47. I would have been crying so hard if I’d been there. What a wonderful memory you have made for them, they will never forget that moment. Their family and friends obviously love them so much.

  48. That was amazing. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful, amazing, and loving.

  49. wow. That was gorgeous.
    Would you adopt me into your family? Pay no attention to the fact that I’m older than you.

  50. I sat here in front of the computer and cried. I mean the real kind of cried, with noises and snuffles. You know what? The world is NOT going to hell in a handbasket, and it’s because of people and families like yours. Thank you. Thank you for doing it, and thank you for sharing it with us. Sniffle.

  51. Oh, man, thanks. Watching both videos made me cry happy. I loved it and I don’t even know anyone there but you. I could hear the love in that gift. Lovely. Thanks for sharing, Steph!

  52. That was fantastic! The best gift I think they could have received on their special day! What a wonderfully talented family. Thanks for sharing it with us. *sniffle, sniffle*

  53. That has to be the best gift ever! I haven’t watched the video yet so will have my little cry then. What great family and friends!

  54. Utterly-freakin’-perfect! What an amazing gift and a wonderful way to show them they’re loved. Beats towels or place settings any day of the week.

  55. Genius. Such a talented family, and it’s great that they’ve been taught to perform and that everybody was able to be in on the plan and keep the secret. But as a family memento my absolute favourite part was the final dialogue (as the picture blurs and starts wandering into the corner) … “Can I turn it off now?” (“Yes, yes”) Now, *that’s* a family wedding video.

  56. A Taylor Swift song! Truly a love story (as she wrote it and as you all performed it). What a unique and inspired gift!

  57. Aw, Steph… Now you’ve done it… I’m sitting here in my allergist’s office in happy tears! What a totally awesome thing you all did. (Love+Love+Love+Love+Love) to the power of love!
    May their lives together be blessed with Peace, Joy and Love.
    Yet another in many moments when you amaze me in the most wonderful ways. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

  58. That was terrific! Katie and Carlos are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family that would go to so much effort to show their love. Great job!!!! I’ll just go wipe the tears from my eyes now.

  59. It was so wonderful that it brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I just celebrated our 45th anniversary and I wish Katie and Carlos years and years of love, laughter and happiness. What a treasured gift from people who love them.

  60. I too, wept. So delightful and sweet. That kind of beautiful spirit can go a long way to fix what’s wrong in the world. Thank you for sharing.

  61. WWWWAAAAYYYYY beyond AWESOME!!!! LOVED IT!!! Now you have been in TWO flashmobs!! You are just an incredibly awesome person. They are lucky to have you as family.

  62. Thank you for sharing! These things never fail to make misty eyed. Wishing them many years of happiness & love.

  63. Not that it takes much to make me cry, but my eyes seem to be leaking right now. I look forward to watching the video. You’re a sneaky one, Ms. Pearl-McPhee.

  64. Congratulations to Katie and Carlos.
    What a beautiful gift, I cried watching it. That was such a lovely family moment to share.

  65. Freaking. Awesome. Gift! Your family is the greatest. I can’t imagine many families doing that. Very unique, and wonderful.

  66. I have so many tears. That was so so special. And not like the special I tell my husband he is when he dresses himself either.

  67. That is amazing!!
    a) “I remember thinking two things. First I thought, Really?” Snork.
    b) Music. Family. Love. A truly powerful combination. It gave me chills. I love the look on Katie’s face 😀

  68. This was amazing. You truly found a way for all to participate and bring them together. Young and old singing, i was almost in tears.

  69. That was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing…. what a wonderful way to celebrate!! Watching it was fantastic…. being there must have been amazing.

  70. I was crying just reading the story. The video has wrecked me completely. How absolutely wonderful!

  71. That was so great. I cried through the post and then the video. What a thoughtful gift! How fun for the participants too! Great idea.

  72. I had a rough day highlighted by a crappy meeting with 17 people, who all think they know better than i what my son needs. I had one of those days where i am close to losing faith in the ability of humans to do the right things as a group. Then i just watched your video and i’m crying and i feel a little better. Thank you for that Stephanie.

  73. I’m sure members of The Blog added their voices to the song as well. Congratulations to the lovely couple! And what an amazingly wonderful idea to share.

  74. Totally made tears come to my eyes. What an awesome thing to put together! You are quite the woman, Steph – you know that, right?

  75. So utterly awesome! Waaayyyy better than towels. I especially loved the “Can I turn it off now Paul?” at the end and the look of joy Katie and Carlos’ faces at the expression of love from everyone in the room. Way to go Harlot!

  76. I don’t cry at weddings. Never have – they just don’t “do” it for me but I cried over this wedding reception video. Think your family might want to adopt me?

  77. Only someone who has planned a couple of Sock Summits could have pulled this one off! Way to go, Stephanie!
    I didn’t recognize the song, and the video quality wasn’t all that great, but I’m sure Katie and Carlos got teary-eyed when they realized their family and friends were just crazy enough to show their love by doing this.
    And, again, best wishes to the newlyweds for a happy and long marriage. May they get to spring a similar surprise on at least one of their great-grandchildren!

  78. I am from a musical family too. That took a whole lot of work, and you pulled it together beautifully. I will keep this in mind for our next family wedding.

  79. That was awesome. I had to act like my allergies were bothering me so that my husband wouldn’t suspect that I was crying over the wedding of someone who I don’t even know. Loved it!

  80. I watched the whole video with tears in my eyes and a very silly grin on my face. That was most definitely a labor of love. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  81. That was totally AWESOME!!!!! Better than the wedding party dancing down the aisle in that “other” video…WAY better than towels. The best gifts always come from the heart, and as a knitter you just inherently knew that. Congratulations to Katie & Carlos — many happy years to come!

  82. Not often the same person makes me cry twice in one day. Seriously lovely. Thanks for sharing that with us

  83. That is awesome! It’s so great that your family is so close and active together! This whole idea definitely made me misty around the eyes!!! Very cool!

  84. What a lovely, thoughtful, and memorable gift 🙂 Good health, long life, and best wishes to the newlyweds! Also, odd coincidence: “Love Story” is one of the songs I chose for my wedding three months ago!

  85. I loved the video BUT I am profoundly deaf and could not get so much as a note of music. What is the name of the SONG, please!

  86. What a great gift. I had to cry a little.
    I think this will make their day unforgettable not only for the happily married couple but for all guests. In 20 years they will still say: “Do you remember our singing at Katie and Carlos wedding?”

  87. This is so wonderful, it brought me out of lurkdom to say, “BRAVO!!!” What absolute joy for all involved. We can all learn something from this. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  88. That was just beautiful, and so much fun – nobody could possibly have got them anything more wonderful as a wedding present! x

  89. This is the sort of thing I can only dream to happen at my wedding. (You don’t happen to have travel plans bringing you near Wisconsin about 6 weeks from now, do you?)

  90. Nice one Steph. Made me cry. I kinda like that song too! The song that reminds me of my husband is nickelback “how you remind me” not sure how that would have turned out at our wedding… ;-). Congratulations to Kate and Carlos. Wishing them many years of happiness together.

  91. I watched the video at work and started crying at my desk. I wanted to tell my neighbor that I was crying about a touching moment from a friend’s wedding. And then I realized, I don’t even know you guys! You’re amazing at sharing so much of yourself that I feel like you’re all friends of mine (and I think we would be friends if we didn’t live across the world from each other). The song was so touching – well done!

  92. Oh my – I hope the bride had waterproof mascara on – I’m weeping and I don’t even know you guys [though feel like I do]. Your family rocks in every sense of the word!

  93. Another wow to add to the list! A priceless gift for them and how great of you to share it with us! Thank you!

  94. 100 million times better than towels.
    Katie and Carlos, I wish you all the joy and love you can handle, may you live long, happy and fulfilling lives with each other.

  95. Awesome and beautiful. Your gift will never wear out, break or be lost (unlike many gifts). Just lovely.

  96. You should really give a person some warning when you’re going to tell a tear-jerker like that. I’m sitting at my work maching bawling! So touching!

  97. I have to chime in and add my congratulations. I’m mostly just a reader of your blog,but the video really moved me. What a gift, well done!

  98. Big, fat, ugly, crocodile tears falling over here. That is so sweet, so memorable, and yes, much, much better than towels! You rock!

  99. Well done, Stephanie. It brought tears to my eyes. Everyone there will remember it as a highlight of the wedding – because THEY were part of it.

  100. I had goosebumps watching that, and then I surprised myself with tears. It was just lovely. All the best to Kate and Carlos.

  101. Oh my gosh – super choked up over here! I’m going to have to watch that when I’m home from work so I can have a little happy cry in private 🙂

  102. Reading the post made me misty-eyed, but then I watched the video hours later and I cried. What a beautiful thing to do. So much love in the room, in your voices, in the action. Well done, you.

  103. Oh, how lovely. They’ll remember it always…
    Altho no one got it on video tape, my daughter (who was 12 at the time) did something similar for my husband and I… She managed to get the sheet music, got it to all our musical friends, and they all sang “A Whole New World” for us at our reception. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

  104. How fun are you people!!!!!!!?!!!!! Got a bit misty. Truly heart warming to know such a family/friends exists. Thanks.

  105. Dammit, I am sitting here all weepy and stupid. I am a huge sucker for impromtu musicals! You are now my most favorite person in the entire world for making something like that happen in a real place.

  106. Oh boy..I am sobbing…and I have guests arriving in a short while…I am going to have to show them the video so they can understand that I am NOT sad that they came, but the tears are the result of you sharing such magnificent video…Thank you!!!

  107. That was beyond wonderful!! I hope Katie and Carlos will enjoy this video on their 50th anniversary. Congratulations and much happiness to them!

  108. Just watched the video. It was amazing!!! I’m crying. What a wonderful memory everyone will have of that special day. You are truly a wonderful person.

  109. Thank you for sharing such a personal gift with us. It was perfectly beautiful, and I am grateful to you for allowing me to join in you celebration.

  110. Sniff, sniff…happy tears…that’s sooooooo romantic…..congrats & BEST wishes to the lucky couple!!!!!!…(:

  111. I can’t think of a more perfect gift! Katie and Carlos are fortunate to have you in their lives!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  112. That was totally WICKED DUDE! What a beautiful wedding present! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us!

  113. That’s such a creative and wonderful wedding gift!! It makes me want to do that for someone 😀 I’m sure everyone will have great memories of that wedding!

  114. Bravo Steph. Seeing the video still makes me happy. On behalf of the uncommunicative Dunphy-folk (of which I am only married into), my apologies for the lack of response to your e-mails! But it still went off pretty smoothly.

  115. So many tears and fantastic comments ! Since there are some unanswered questions, let me answer;
    Song = Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”
    Katie = Steph’s husband Joe’s little sister
    Carlos = Katie’s husband from Alicante, Spain
    And yes, Stephanie rocks!
    Love Ben (one of the guitar players and brother-in-law (Kelly’s husband) living wishing you all the best from Madagascar)

  116. That is incredibly sweet! And I laughed so hard when I heard the first strains of Love Story! I would have said really? Taylor Swift? really? too.

  117. Steph, one of my fav songs too and i don’t have the significant other YET… got goosepimples and was crying as well so absolutely lovely!

  118. What a wonderful group of friends and family and how lucky this couple is to be surrounded by all this love. The whole thing just brought tears to my eyes.

  119. Oh great. I’m sneaking a read through your blog at work during my at-desk lunch break, read the wedding song story and start to get weepy eyed! Explain that to the boss.
    Still, wonderful idea, great execution. All thumbs way up.

  120. That was amazing! Thanks for posting the link to the video. It was so beautiful, it made me well up. You all seem like a really lovely family!

  121. My iPad did not like the video, so I missed the last 1 1/2 minutes, but it looked like your wonderfully creative gift was a big success. Congrats to the happy couple.

  122. I haven’t even watched the video yet and I’m already crying. Just to imagine the love, from so many people, that went into that gift. Inspired and beautiful.

  123. I cannot tell you how much I needed to see that video. I have lost both my mother and sister-in-law within the past week and to have tears of joy rather than tears of sorrow was a blessing. Thank you for thinking this up, for getting it done and for posting the video. You have a lucky family and set of friends.

  124. How cool is that. A truly memorable day. I know some think flash mobs are cheesy, but I just love them. They are so much fun.

  125. I was tearing up watching that! I think that had to be the best wedding present ever. Amazing job!

  126. This story, honest to god, made me start crying. What an amazing gift to give them! I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to actually be there! I would have been a bawling blubbery mess!!

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