In which my plan is solid

After several days of careful reflection, I realized several things.

1. The last time I went to A Verb for Keeping Warm, I bought some of this Kush yarn because it was so nice I couldn’t stand it. Those colours are Transnational Fury and Jade.)   You know how it goes.  It was a standard knitter scenario.  Cashmere/silk yarn, hand dyed in nature dyes… hanging right there at eye level…  I’m not even going to try to explain.  I’m sure you know.  Anyway, it was gorgeous, but I choked at the last second and only bought two.

2. Fast forward a little while and here I am with these two skeins thinking that I want to make Suki out of them, and realizing that I probably (definitely) don’t have enough. 

3. Realizing that really, I’m having this conversation with myself about how there isn’t enough as I’m deciding what my plane knitting should be, because I’m flying to A Verb for Keeping Warm in the morning, and if it turns out that I don’t have enough, I can just get more when I get there- and if I do have enough, knitting with Kush while I am in the presence of Kush could probably take the edge off. A perfect plan. 

Yesterday, I cast on in the cab on my way to the airport. 

By the time I got there things weren’t going well.  I decided to rip back and not slip the first stitch of each row.  It was too tight.

I started again after I had a bagel.

Then I got my seat on the plane…

flew 5 hours while watching a terrible, terrible movie…

grabbed my luggage…

Checked into my hotel, and realized I absolutely was not going to have enough of the red, and congratulated myself on my clever plan.

Went out to A Verb for Keeping Warm and told Kristine my plan and then watched her get the this nervous look on her face, and that’s when I realized that my whole plan hinged on there being a skein of that yarn in the store- and that I hadn’t really thought that through. 

But there was. 

The end.  I love it when things work out. (Now I can start worrying about how fast this project is going.  I might need more yarn.)

(PS. I’ll be at Verb all day, and I think the three classes are full but you could check if you wanted to be all spur of the moment, and from here I go to Texas on Tuesday to give a talk at MadTosh that evening and then it’s on to StevenBe in Minneapolis for teaching and a talk on Thursday, and teaching on Friday.  If you ever want to know what I’ve got coming up, it’s always in the sidebar if you click on "Where’s the Harlot")

76 thoughts on “In which my plan is solid

  1. I love your thought process Stephanie. But I have only one question for you today. How is process for your nephew’s sweaters going. I am anxious to see the purple yarn and the hoodie!!!
    Thanks for the entertaining blog, I get itchy when there is no post! Heather

  2. Lucky you that she had a skein for you!
    And lucky me, because I get to be in your class tonight – I am so excited!

  3. SQUEEEEEE! I will see you in Mpls. I am so excited. Look forward to seeing nephew’s sweater then too.

  4. It’s beautiful, Steph… but it doesn’t look like a nephew sweater, either. (Altho I’m not criticizing, seeing as I’m not knitting christmas sweaters, either… but working on a little lace cowl).

  5. You deliberately scared me into thinking something horrible had happened, and A Verb had *no* Kush yarn when you showed up.
    That was mean. Shame on you.

  6. You’re such a tease. I bet you already have the nephew sweaters done and are just holding out on us.
    But if you’ve finished the gansey without telling me, I’ll be forced to drive to your house so we can have a little ‘conversation’ about it. In the alley. Just the two of us.

  7. I do wish you were coming further south..But, hope your trip and stops are good. The Suki colors are really pretty.

  8. I love those colors! I’m doing a shawl right now (Mom…something, I can’t remember the rest of the name) and it is in your colors. Autumn oranges, browns, avocado greens, gold; all the colors of the 70s appliances. I think of you every time I pick it up!

  9. Does this mean that a free-range Harlot may be spotted at Rhinebeck? Or should I just keep my thoughts to myself?
    My girlfriend, Jane (frozen shoulder), and I (recovering from knee sprain) are driving up there. It should be a VERY INTERESTING TRIP, if you know what I mean.

  10. So disappointed that I will not see you at StephenBe – but your classes are happening during my work day, and we have a kid thing in the evening. Sad.
    BUT – I wanted to let you know that there are some great restaurants in Minneapolis that are veg-friendly. In particular, I want to commend to you Peninsula – which is Malaysian. Their crispy salted tofu has caused people who claim they don’t eat tofu to surreptitiously try to nab the last tasty morsel. They also have lots of other good stuff. If you’re looking for a place to eat- this is what I recommend! There are plenty of other good places too – and lots of good beer.
    Even though I won’t get to see you – I am so glad you are coming here!! All the best.

  11. I was gifted with a skein of that a couple years ago; I’ve knitted it (the transnational fury color) but I’ll look for the leftovers if you need it. Don’t think there was much, but there was some.

  12. The Harlot really needs to be in Denver right now. The Aspens are a glorious gold in the mountains, the mornings are crisp while the afternoons are plesantly warm. There’s plenty of sunshine to spare. And we have yarn. Just sayin.

  13. A solid plan 😀 I once went to a store, expecting to find a certain brand, disappointed to discover it was out of stock, and took the edge off with a little other yarn.
    Hopefully she starts dyeing again soon. I think I convinced my group to go and buy ALL THE THINGS from her.

  14. I agree with you about slipping the first stitch when knitting a triangle–it definitely makes things too tight. The colours are amazing; now I have to go to the store’s website and find out more. So much for saving up for Rhinebeck!

  15. Suki is lovely, but I’m pretty sure it’s not nephew sweaters! Did you bring those along for travel knitting as well (since Suki is obviously not going to get you through the whole trip!)?

  16. I wouldn’t have thought of putting those 2 colors together, but your project looks great!

  17. Your nephews are going to look so cute in the shawls. 😉 Not that I’m one to talk. My mom is going to love her ankle cuffs if I don’t get back to her socks one of these days.

  18. I’m so sad that all of your Mpls events are sold out. Rats, rats, double rats. Welcome to my fabulous home state of MN. Great places to eat and go in your spare time (HAHA your schedule looks insane) are:
    Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast–it’s HEAVENLY.
    Birchwood Cafe in S Mpls – great yummy food that a vegetarian would really appreciate.
    Try to get down to the Grand Round lakes in south Mpls, Lake Harriet is my favorite. Minnehaha Park and Falls are beautiful as well – great place to walk down by the river and relax.
    Safe Travels!!

  19. Do you think you’ll ever do an event in NJ? I can’t travel too far because I’m alone with my son during the day and there’s only so much of a car ride that he can take.

  20. As lovely as that is,.. don’t for one minute think we have forgotten you are supposed to be knitting sweaters for nephews. This does NOT look like a sweater nor, does it suit the parameters of a color your 12 year old nephew would wear (certainly not purple).
    I see what you did there,.. well played, well played!!

  21. I’m SOOOO excited that you’re coming to Fort Worth!!!!! Yippieeee!!! And on my 8th wedding anniversary no less – Happy Anniversary to Me! WOOOHOOO!!! Can’t wait to meet you on Tuesday! Safe travels!!!

  22. It’s funny how you mention that slip stitch at the beginning of each row. I don’t care for it either as it makes the garment too tight. I Just started work on a lace knit scarf and that slip stitch at the beginning of each row made it too tight, and kind of defects the purpose of the openness of lace knitting, as it prevents the pattern from opening up when blocked.

  23. I kept waiting for the moment you decided to call ahead to be sure they had more yarn before you started the project. Silly me. You knew you had it covered no matter what.

  24. The Fates must have smiled upon you because a.) you didn’t taunt the Knitting Gods & Goddesses; and b.) you’ve started the nephew sweaters and/or knit a few rows on Joe’s Gansey.
    And I can understand why you’re not talking about the nephew sweaters. One of the nephews is old enough to use the Internet, and that sweater may (might, perhaps, has a slight chance to) be his Christmas present. Won’t Hank be surprised to find it’s bubble-gum pink with olive green stripes and black polka dots worked in fake fur???
    (Just kidding, Hank. Aunt Steph wouldn’t make you such a sweater unless you specifically asked for one. Even then, she might try to talk you out of it.)

  25. I have been reading your blog and just read the most recent that you are in MY city and I missed you…I’m going to start reading where you are. Love your posts.

  26. So, you were in my neighborhood AGAIN, and I am out of town AGAIN. Next time, please check in with me first before scheduling 🙂 Hope you had a fine Bay Area visit.

  27. Yessssssss……I can just print out this blog page and hand it to my husband the next time he asks, “Why do you need another Knit Project Bag?” (Ok, he wouldn’t say ‘Knit Project’) It cannot be random that your bag matched the yarn, no way, no how :))))) (Me with many smiles.)

  28. I love that shop! I visited while up there staying with my daughter. Bought some wonderful Alpaca/silk spinning fibre and when I got home I decided I needed more. Sent them a pic and Sarah shipped me two more hanks of it super fast!

  29. Well, we HAVE to assume it is for Hank as it will be way too big for Lou. But there is no way you can pass it off as purple, dark purple. Just sayin’

  30. Pretty sneaky how you positioned the Danger! sign right over the nascent shawl prior to discovering whether there’d be any more yarn

  31. Dear Presbytera,
    If only a FEW of us with cameras showed up, and promised to keep our distance, you know, so you’d have room, would you let us know which alley and when? Please?

  32. I had a fantastic time in class and have already amazed friends and family with a little mawata demo – bonnet coming along nicely, and I believe I have gotten “a grip on it.” How great to spend time with you and A Verb(…) and the other knitters, and learn something that is so much fun, too! Please come back to the Bay Area soon!

  33. Ha! I love this. As much fun as it is to read about your knitting, er, troubles, I super-love reading about times when things go well and work out nicely.
    I suspect you will need some more travel knitting, though. Did you not bring socks with you?

  34. I’d need to check with you here. Which is not one thing I normally do! I take pleasure in studying a publish that will make people think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  35. Hmmm..sounds like you never should have told anyone about nephew sweaters….even though that shawl looks gorgeous.

  36. Gorgeous colors, so love olive drab and tomato red!
    Alas, we have so much in common, our love of 70’s earth tones, our total lack of geography…harlot, A Verb for KeepingWarm is in Oakland!
    A very nice area, but you keep listing it as San Francisco….are there hordes of lost knitters trying to find Piedmont in the City?

  37. I am so crazy jealous your class is full at StevenBe’s! It’s an amazing store- you’ll love it!

  38. It’s my first, FIRST Harlot comment! Ta DA!
    Stephanie, I had the fun of meeting you at Verb several months ago to learn how to knit for speed and efficiency (no, I have not been practicing, but I will….I WILL), attended the “This is your brain on knitting” night, and have been working on my mawata bonnet since Friday. Each of the classes was so informative and full of fun.
    I am slowly working through the Harlot Blog Chronicles. I’m up to July, 2006. This may take a while.

  39. What? You were only 200 miles away from me this week and I didn’t even know about it? Rats!
    Talk about life getting in the way…

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