Snow Day

We woke up this morning to a white and snowy day – perfect snow too – not too cold, not too blowy, it’s sticking to everything in the prettiest way, except that there is rather a lot of it. There’s about 20cm so far at my house, and it’s still coming, and coming and coming. You can’t tell that we shovelled this morning, and I’ll have to go out the front door to dig out the back one so it opens.

snow 2014-12-11

Not that I mind, far from it actually.  I’m in a warm house, and I’m cozy and I like the snow. (I like it from in here.) I have nowhere to go, my house is tidy, I’m all cleaned up from the dinner party last night, I’ve spent the day at my desk, and that means that this evening this knitter will be getting her yarn on big time.  Me, a seriously large pot of tea and a movie, while the snow flies outside. I’ll light the candles, and hunker down with a woolly scene.  My sympathies to those of you who have to drive in it, or try and get around, but I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve got a million things to knit, and this is the perfect set up. Speaking of perfect set ups…

What’s did Luis hang today?

If you think I’m happy about the snow, then let me tell you, Lou is thrilled, in exactly the way that only little kids can be. Snow  is all a win when you’re 2 3/4, you don’t even need to shovel the stuff. It’s all fun, all the time when it snows for him, and a very, very happy boy chose his ornament this morning.

snowflake 2014-12-11

The snowflake. (El copo de nieve) How perfect is that? This ornament was the one that made me the craziest. I used this pattern, but I did it on 1.5mm needles (that’s a little tiny) and used laceweight to make it small enough.

snowflakesoak 2014-12-11

When I was done, I soaked it in a solution of half white glue, and half water, and then pinned it out on my ironing board over parchment paper and then plastic wrap. (I was very worried it would stick. It didn’t.) The pins I used are toast, but the finished product was great.  Stiff as a board, and perfect for hanging on a wee tree, and diminutive enough to fit in a pocket.  If I were a stronger woman, I’d knit a bunch of these for my genuine large tree.

snowflakeblock 2014-12-11

Gifts for knitters Day 11

Today is short and sweet.  Knitting posters. If your knitter has a special space that they knit in, a studio (or your home) this might be perfect. Knitting posters.  You can frame them, you can tack them up with pins like you did when you were 17 – no matter.  These will all be up your knitter’s alley. How about Keep calm and Cast on?  Or one that outlines the steps in knitting? One of those might be perfect. Anybody have anymore?


52 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. It’s 60 degrees (F) in Colorado… glad it’s at least snowing *somewhere.* Thanks for sharing your snow with us! (Also, this is about the 4th time I’ve checked your blog today to see what Lou chose… thank you for sharing with us! Do we get the Spanish version?)

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  3. Love that poster, Keep Calm and Cast On. May have to order it for myself. As for the pretty part of the snow? I was over it after shovelling for the third time.

  4. I’m a huge fan of they have an adorable alphabet poster with sheep and knitting, as well as cards, tags, and a bunch of other knitterly stuff! fantastic!!

  5. I’m in Los Angeles and we’re expecting Stormageddon to hit any time now. By this time tomorrow I may be swimming to my doctor’s office. LOLOL.

    Last year I snagged one of these as soon as you posed the link. I had been contemplating it forever, and when you put it up on your Gifts for Knitters I POUNCED. I love it. Still unframed, but soon.

  6. Never thought about Knitting a snowflake until I saw yours. Lovely. I have a collection of gorgeous ones crocheted by my grandmother and my father. Constructed much like doilies. (Grandma taught him to crochet when he was about 13.) She and Daddy used heavy starch to stiffen the flakes for tree ornaments. Much less messy than glue, I would think.

    Grandma taught me to knit. Somehow I never caught the crochet bug….

    Now back to My way-behind Christmas knitting….

  7. I seriously need more snowflakes for my windows (my DH calls them *&%! DECOYS every time it snows) buy my fingers just will not tolerate the crochet hook anymore. I’m going to try this one, though.

    I thought I’d fill you in on how I stiffened mine. Do a few, then soak them in water till they’re really wet through (longer for cotton than wool I’d think). Squeeze them firmly and put into the bottom of a teacup. Drizzle the glue over them while sort of punching them with the back end of a wooden spoon til the glue is evenly dispersed. I pinned mine out over an aluminum foil covered piece of Styrofoam board. They peel off just fine. Just remember to wash the cup and spoon right away. The glue is forever. I washed my old ones as they were looking, well, less than pristine, and they did lighten up a bit.

  8. Absolutely love Juliet from Tilly Flop’s designs and even before I clicked the links I was pretty sure that it would be her posters you had recommended, I especially love her knitting rhyme one, and I have her teatowel that you featured the other day. It was Juliet that brought me to the attention of your blog back in June when we did ‘Unwind Brighton’ knitting show together. So happy that you are drawing attention to her wares!

  9. I am so jealous. We have green grass and 50 degrees predicted for Sunday, great for driving in but not so great to create those warm and cozy holiday feelings.

  10. (Someone may already have mentioned this, but that seems quite a long-way-around to avoid crochet, which would usually seem to be the natural choice for a white laceweight snowflake-y object…)! We should admire your commitment to your convictions, I expect–‘dance with the one that brung ya’ and all that… =)

  11. Love the snowflake. For my wedding shower, 30 years ago, my godmother made me a box full of little white crocheted snowflakes, angels, stars and bells for my own Christmas tree. I this she used a special kind of starch to stiffen them. It was a wonderful idea for a bridal shower gift. I only have two left and they get a special spot on the tree.

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