Blankie Status: 4

Blanket: Unfinished

Katie: Still Pregnant- but I think we can all agree that’s not going to to on much longer.katieplan 2015-07-03

Number of stitches on the needle: Approximately 280, but that, my friends, is nothing but an educated guess.  I’m not wasting knitting time counting anything.

Number of skeins so far: 8 and 1/3.

Number of skeins remaining: A rather disconcerting 1 and 2/3.

The point at which I snapped and tried to order more online as an insurance measure, only to discover that it’s out of stock: Yesterday morning. It will be enough. There is enough. It’s fine.

Number of repeats of the edging I’ve knit: 43 out of about 60, or as I like to say, who the hell cares, this is never going to end.

Number of readers who have encouraged me to stop where I am because it looks great: Lots. You guys are awesome, and it does look great, but I can’t stop where I am, even though the finished part looks great – the problem is construction.  Look. I drew you a picture.

blankieplan 2015-07-03

The middle part of the blankie was worked back and forth. Then I picked up all the way around it, and knit in circles until I’d completed the border. Then, I cast on a whack of stitches for the edge, and the edging is worked back and forth again.  Every time I get to the blanket edge, one stitch from the edging is worked together with one stitch from the blanket border. That’s sort of like casting off. One stitch goes away for every two rows.

Get it? In this picture, I’ve drawn what’s happening, and where I’m at in the process.

blankieplandet 2015-07-03


That means I can’t stop, it’s not like I’m still knitting in the round – if I were, I could choose to make the edging any depth I wanted to. If I stop now I’ll have a big part with no edge at all.

Number of times I’ve thought this was a pretty bad choice on my part: 98736354

Attitude of knitter: Let’s not discuss it. I’m trying to cut back on the swearing.

blankieplanwhole 2015-07-03

(PS. Thanks so very much with the help getting me to my public goal! (And yeah, I have a secret other goal in my heart. It’s a little higher.) Everything now is gravy. Amazing, special, unbelievable gravy. You’re all beyond amazing, and I don’t know how the world would get by without the kindness of knitters. For those of you who wanted to wait to donate so that you could make our phones “ding” while we were riding,  Ken and I will be on our bikes tomorrow from 8am – 3pm for 114kms, and again on Sunday from 10:30- 4. (Another 100kms. This is the weekend we need to complete our back-to-backs, and we’re on it.)

(PPS. Yeah, that riding time is going to effect the knitting time. I’m trying not to think about it.)