Blankie Status: 5

Blanket: Unfinished

Katie: Still pregnant, but I can’t tell you how little time is left, I think. Very, very little.

Number of stitches on the needle: About 280.  I know that’s the same number as it was last time even though I’ve knit a bunch. Apparently I can’t count my way out of a paper bag.  I either misjudged initially, or at some point along the thing. Who knows. All that matters is that it seems like no matter how much I knit, I have the exact same number.  I am in knitting’s black hole.

Number of skeins so far: A completely startling 9.

Number of skeins remaining: An entirely shocking 1.

Number of repeats I’ve knit: 50 – but I’m realizing now that it’s not 50 out of 60 – I miscalculated how many repeats it would take to get around corners, and so it’s more like 50 out of 80, which explains why the yarn math has also been rotten.

Attitude of Knitter: Oh man. So desperate. So, so desperate.  These last few days I’m suffering from “wrong place” syndrome.  No matter where I am, or what I’m working on, I am in the wrong place. On my bike finishing my back-to-backs? (Which I did, thank you so much for the DINGS that carried me through that.)  I should be knitting or with family or working on the Bike Rally Steering Committee. Working on the committee? I should be on my bike, or with my family. With my family? The emails pile up, and I fall behind on the knitting.  Of course I put family first – and rather horrifically, knitting last, since despite how it feels, nothing terrible happens if you don’t finish a blanket (as long as I can knit enough for my sanity,  even if that’s not enough for rapid progress.)  There’s one more meeting today I can’t miss, and tomorrow, I ride and knit – I hope.  The end is in sight. I just hope I don’t drop something while I’m juggling.