Life, properly interrupted

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blankie update to bring you an update of a much less boring sort. Katie and Carlos’ second son arrived last week, just about three weeks early, but perfect, tiny and delightful.  I did the only appropriate thing, and dropped everything – including the blog.

katecarlosfranke 2015-07-13

He is itty- bitty and healthy, and all you could ask for in a nephew, and he and his family are in the process of being properly, wonderfully and delightedly adored, on all fronts. There is not a person in this family that can wipe the smile off their faces.

joefrankie 2015-07-13 stephiefrankie 2015-07-13 layettewhole 2015-07-13

More about him later, so very much more, but in the meantime, a few pictures of the wonderfulness that is this wee lad. (I know you’ll ask, and yes, Luis adores him, although he did tell me the other evening that a big fire truck is coming, and when it gets here, it will take the baby to his home.)

loufranke 2015-07-13

I hope you can excuse me while I spend any spare moments I have celebrating this arrival.  He’ll only be little for a little while – and as much as I think you’re all nifty,

nanafrankie 2015-07-13 layettefeet 2015-07-13

you can’t hold a candle to this.

frankieface 2015-07-13

*PS.  I took a few minutes to finish the sweater I knit for him a little while ago.  It only needed the monogram, and I added that the other evening, and took it over today.

frankiesweater 2015-07-13

F.  F is for Frank – or Frankie, as he’s very rapidly become.

sweaterfrankiewhole 2015-07-13

It will be a while before it fits.