What was that noise?

Yesterday went by in a big whoosh. I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat there drinking it while I pulled together all my to-do lists into one big master list. Camping stuff to pull together, get batteries for the flashlight, pick-up my bike, find an air mattress, hit the drugstore, get some groceries – finish a pair of socks… by 9:30 I was on a streetcar heading across the city, and I got home just in time to say yes to sailing with Joe. (I’ve missed a lot of sailing lately – and Joe loves it when I’m on the boat, so off I went.) It was a real rush of a day, the sort of day where you’re answering work and rally emails while standing in a queue at a co-op with a bottle of chain cleaner in your hand, and could likely only be called “resting” if you consider the absence of training rides “resting”, which at this point, I really do.  It was a dash, and today was no better, but at least just about every activity yesterday was something that combined well with knitting, and so, voila.

monkeysmagnolia 2015-07-23

Another pair of socks.  These ones are headed straight for the Christmas bin, which does little to fix the sense of panic about the contents of that box, but I’ve decided to panic about it after the rally.  I can only freak out about one thing at a time. These are knit from the leftovers of Myrie’s last sweater.  I loved the Mad Tosh Sock in Magnolia Leaf so much that I couldn’t stand to see it go to waste.

monkeysmagnoliaside 2015-07-23

The pattern is the much loved and oft-knit Monkey, and it’s as fast an easy a knit as it ever was. Check out the colours though, nifty, right? The yarn’s a hand dyed, and so I love when things like this happen.  The colour gradually shifted in the skein so that one sock is more green, the other more rosy.  So lovely.  Usually things that don’t match make me nuts, but there’s something so gradual about this that it makes me happy.

monkeysmagnoliasidefront 2015-07-23

Another pair of socks is on the needles, and I’ve spent most of my day running around again  (I forgot epsom salts and large ziplocks and duct tape, and I still have to set up the tent and make sure I can do it, and have all the parts) but I think I can take a few hours to do several more Karmic Balancing gifts. (There are a LOT more in my inbox, I’m doing as many as I can each day. Even if I have to do some when I get back, I’ll get to them all.  Thanks for all your donations, they make a really big difference in the lives of the people who will benefit from the money. You’re all heroic to me – and to them.)

First – yesterday I missed a link to the really clever Star Trek and Marvel Comic’s bags that Marissa sent – sorry Marissa! The link to her shop is here, if you were as besotted by them as I was.

From Randi, 6 x 50g (125 metre) skeins of Diamond Luxury Collection Mulberry Linen – 50% alpaca, 25% mulberry silk, 25% linen in a teal colour that she’ll be sending to Renee J.
randiteal 2015-07-23
And then the same yarn and same amount in a gorgeous green for Kellie H. Thank you Randi!

randigreen 2015-07-23

From Colleen, a few treasures from her stash. Dibadu Funnies Seda de Mar Fingering weight sock yarn 100 grams 70% silk 30% Lyocell that will be going to Emily M.

sedademar 2015-07-23

And Miss Babs Mulberry Silk Lace weight yarn for Tracy HG.  Thanks Colleen!

Babsskirt 2015-07-23

Sakthi went into her stash and came up with 2 skeins of Bonny by The Yarn Yard. It is a good sock / shawl yarn.Fingering weight. 75% Wool, 25% Nylon, 420 metres / 100 grams each for Judith F.

yarnyardbonny 2015-07-23

1 skein of Oasis Grande by Skein Queen.  Fingering weight, 50% Silk, 50% Camel,400 metres / 100 grams for Rosanne T.

skeinqueen 2015-07-23

Fiona went on a happy excursion into the stash, and she came up with five amazing presents. 5 skeins in various colours of Zealana Kiwi for Rose F.

zelanakiwi 2015-07-23

4 skeins of John Q Earthware in denim (4-ply/light sport) for Jess P.

johnq 2015-07-23

1 skein of Old Maiden Aunt sport (alpaca/silk) in Red, red rose for Leanne C.

maidenaunt 2015-07-23

2 skeins of 4-ply Touch yarn for Bridgitte T.

24ply 2015-07-23

1 skein of 4-ply Touch yarn for Rosie G.

4plytouch 2015-07-23

2 skeins and a ball of Yarn Traders Annapurna recycled silk yarn for Jill S.

anapurna 2015-07-23

From Cynthia, a big juicy 400 yard skein of Jacob, in the winner’s choice of natural colour.  These were sourced as fiber from Never Winter Farm, and found their way to a local/home grown mill where she lives in Georgia and transformed into this beautiful yarn that she hopes that Elyse G will love.

hia 2015-07-23

From Joanna: two skeins of Brooks Farm Solo Silk. (Mercy, what a colour.)  She’ll be sending it off to Cristin D.

brooksfarms 2015-07-23

From Cathy, a skein of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus in the colourway Last Harvest (love this one too.)  She’ll be sending that to Jawon B.

jilldraper 2015-07-23

Jeanne, who sews for fun and not for profit, has a darling bag, and two skeins of String Theory Colorworks sock yarn, (one skein of Entanglement in the color Ion Propulsion, and one skein of Resonance in the color X-Ray) that she’ll be sending to Briana R, because they’re both good people.

jeannejeannebag 2015-07-23 jeanneyarn 2015-07-23

Christina, who apologizes because she’s a knitter, not a photographer, has three gifts. First is a lot of 4 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in the colorway Code Pink for Michaela C.

crystalpalacekid 2015-07-23

Next, a lot of 3 skeins of sock yarn- 1 ball of Lang JaWoll Aktion in variegated purples (with a spindle of matching reinforcement thread hidden inside) and 2 skeins of ZwergerGarn Opal- one blue green and one red-blue for Karen K.

christinasock 2015-07-23

Finally, a lot of 3 cones of Habu stainless steel yarn. 1 cone of A-148 in dark grey and 2 cones of A-20 in white for Maureen L.

christinahabu 2015-07-23

Whew – I’ve emailed all the lucky knitters, so if you think this is you, check your inbox. It’s evening now, so I’m going to stop sitting at the computer, and go and start packing. See you tomorrow pets.