This is another one of those posts from the road, the kind that I know some of you find boring, where I blather on about where I went and what I did and who I met, and what sort of transportation I took to get there. (Though the Kinnear thing was cool.) I know it’s a little boring…

Well, actually, I don’t. I know how it can be a little boring to you, it’s not at all boring to me. It turns out that something I’ve learned as I travel around doing all of this I’ve learning that there’s something in the world just about as interesting to me as knitting…and that’s Knitters, and I don’t think I should apologize at all for not finding them boring. Knitters come in such a wild assortment of humanity that I can’t help it. Besides, every time you think that you have a grip on what they are up to…..



These are the knitters I met in Boston. Don’t they look like every other sock/knitter picture I have ever taken? Doesn’t it look like it’s going to be ordinary and that nothing remarkable is going to happen at all?

Yeah. I know…but then? THEN THEY THREW PANTIES AT ME.



If I didn’t have photographic proof I wouldn’t believe it myself. I would have woken up this morning and thought…you know, what a totally strange dream. Totally. It turns out that the clever and perverse sense of humour among knitters has whacked me once again (much like the pair of gitch I took upside the head last night at the podium.) Apparently, I said in an Interview in Vogue this month, when asked how I coped with notoriety, that I didn’t feel at all famous. That it’s not like people were THROWING PANTIES AT ME.

Clearly I not only opened the door, but whacked a big ‘ole “hit me with underpants” sign on my head and I don’t think I have ever been more shocked, enchanted or amused. I am not sure who the instigators were, but considering that two of the panties that smacked me were signed by Danielle, and the The Feminist Mafia….and that Kimberly looked very, very amused indeed….I have my suspects. (I would also like to tell you how incredibly funny I think it is that the panties in question were size large and (mostly) white cotton. I think it is probably the first time in history that the pairs of panties whipped at someone haven’t been sexy little thongs. I love knitters.)

From there it got ordinary. If, you know..any of this is ordinary.

There were babies- little wee sleepy ones,


and funny laughing ones.


There were first sock knitters. (Yeah. I know. I said I was going to get a grip on the first sock thing. I lied. It’s first socks. I can’t help it.)

this is Curran and her first socks, not just a sock, but a whole pair, finished while I spoke.


Karen, Pam,Rebecca and Gina…(click to see them in all their glory)


and Downtown, who is not only showing off his first pair of socks,


but they are self-designed toe socks. Dude.

It was Meghann’s birthday!


And there were a plethora of young knitters. Behold, the next generation, Sophie, Louis, Taylor and Teddy. (Click to make the small knitters bigger.) Note that the next generation has an even gender split.


Finally, here’s Amanda, who brought me an Arizona washcloth…


Amanda, I made sure your hat got on it’s way to the hat lady, Kat, who I would like to thank for stepping up and getting it handled. Excellent job.

Now I’ve made my way to Madison Connecticut, where I’ll speak at RJ Julia tonight…and I got here this way…


He was not a knitter. I Kinneared him.

216 thoughts on “Knitters

  1. I know this probably will be competing with a bunch of other people, but I wanted to try and be the first commenter. I love your posts about traveling, and I wish someday to be in those photos!

  2. I don’t find your tour reports boring at all. I enjoy seeing all the varied knitters who populate your appearances. Someday I hope to be one of them. (Wichita. I will be in Wichita.) I have first socks to show you, but they’re about a year old now. Would they still count?

  3. I don’t think tour reports are boring either. What’s boring about our People? More interesting than celebrity sightings.

  4. Woot! That is hysterical. The only event I’ve ever been to where panties were tossed was a Tom Jones concert in Las Vegas.
    I wonder how long it will be before “Kinneared” will be in Wikipedia?

  5. I don’t usually comment on your blog, although I am a faithful reader. There are usually so many comments, I figure, “does she really want to read one more?” Does that make me a lurker. Sounds lurid. I love the travel stories. It is a reminder of “our common humanity” and knitterness. They are wonderful. I don’t know if I’d want to be showered by panties but what a hoot that must have been. Have a safe trip.

  6. Geez, if I thought you still cared about First Pairs of Socks, I would have shown you mine. Oddly, they are synonymous with First Pair of Darned Socks, too!
    Thanks for a fun night!

  7. Still pouting that I missed it. Kinnear away — nothing to see here.
    Have a great night tonight, and I’m so glad the Mass/NH knitter’s did us all proud.

  8. You know, I just read that interview yesterday and was wondering when the panties would be flying your way! Thanks for the pictures of knitters from far and wide. My six year old saw the picture of the lovely toe socks and said “Ooh, a boy knitter! Boys don’t knit.” Thanks for proving her wrong.

  9. Oooo–I can see myself in your sock shot–Cool. It was a pleasure to hear you speak–a great night out with my knitting friends. Thanks for making your way down to Boston. The knitters love you–as if you couldn’t already tell.

  10. My sister Tory met you last night in Boston and got books signed for her and for me – woohoo! I’m so glad she got to meet you (and she was glad too!). I told her about the Kinnear story before she got there so she’d have a clue about the whole thing. I think she was amazed at how many knitters showed up – though I warned her…. She loved the ‘early boarding’ since she did have little ones at home.

  11. Last night was a hoot. I’m trying to guage my friends and family, trying to figure out which ones I can tell the I-threw-panties-at-the-Yarn-Harlot-with-two-dozen-other-knitters
    story. I love the company you keep, Steph ๐Ÿ˜€
    ~Ericka and Chris

  12. PANTIES?? Oh man! I wish I coulda been there for THAT! How many days till Kansas??

  13. I was so sorry to have missed you last night. I love the posts from the road, although, admittedly, not everyone can communicated them quite as well as you!

  14. Who finds your tour posts boring? I don’t! Heck, I hope to be in at least one of your crowd shots someday.
    *grin* Granny panties!!!!

  15. New England Knitters… Represent.
    (And now my kids are making me say how totally sad and lame I am for trying to sound hip, because we are, after all, talking about yarn and sox and MOM UNDERWEAR!)
    There, at least the teenagers ran out of the room, thanks for the 30 minutes of quiet you just brought me. And I swear, it was all your post. Nothing to do with me swinging an honorary pair as I read your post ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you can make it back this way someday, the little one doesn’t handle the heat well and I couldn’t make it to see you. Figures I would miss the Great Pantie Throwing of 2007.

  16. You know, Stephanie, I was reading that VK interview yesterday and thinking to myself, if I’d read this before I drove up to Toronto, I’d have arrived armed with a pair of clean ‘uns in the knitting bag just in case, to whip ’em out if the other knitters were as perverse as I and started flinging undies in Indigo… I’m so glad I’m not alone in that thought! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Funny, when I got my copy on Tuesday and read that interview I KNEW that was going to happen. Had to, really. It was one of those “speaking things into being” that the universe seems to take very seriously! I don’t know who finds your knitters boring, I love to see them all.

  18. I don’t find those posts boring, either. I love seeing the knitters you meet. The first baby picture with the sleepy baby is “aww”-inducting. So cute. Don’t you love how they can just sleep anywhere at that age? The toe socks are cool. Maybe he should think about posting his pattern. And it’s nice that you didn’t have to take a plane and deal with all the security issues to get to Connecticut.
    Thanks for the update!

  19. What’s with the boring bit when you have such an interesting life and meet up with pantie throwing knitters !! GOOD for them–what a GREAT sense of humour knitters have. I’m proud to be counted in as a knitter . I read Maggie Muggins as a young girl and she had such fun adventures . At the end of each story she always said “” Well , I don’t know what will happen tomorrow “” You remind me of her . Love your posts, thank you .

  20. In the history of things knitterly, I’m pretty sure this is unique and original and a first. I’m crying at how touching I find this. My shoulders are shaking with the tears.
    Yup, that’s waht I am going to tell everyone here at the office. That I read something very touching. No way can I begin to explain the truth.

  21. Last night was such a blast, thank you! I wrote about it on my blog this morning, after I’d had time to stop totally geeking. Otherwise, I knew my post would read: OHMYGODTHEYARNHARLOTTOOKMYPICTURE!!!
    BTW, young knitter Louis was sitting behind me with his aunt, and not only is he a talented knitter, he is very charming. The grownups who are raising him should be very proud.

  22. What a hoot! Flying panties, indeed. I really had to hold in my laughter here at work. They just really wouldn’t understand.
    I love reading about your travels. Saw you in Ann Arbor, but wasn’t able to wait to get my book signed. Maybe next year…

  23. In your next interview state, “hat it’s not like people were THROWING TWENTIES AT ME!” … or Benjamins, or your denomination of choice.
    I love reading about your visits. I love seeing the big groups, the normal knitters, the babies – I love where ever you go – people are people.
    Yeah, Boston! Ram-niss and I are headed there in a month or so for our 20th.

  24. Hi – I’m new around these parts. Well, not that new, but new to posting comments. And aside from me sending my little message out there, I don’t know how this works. I don’t know if you’ll actually get it or if you’ll respond (ohmygodiwouldjustDIEiftheharlotwroteotme), but I don’t know much about this green sock thing. I see that it travels with you sneaking into little shots here and there like a little traveling gnome, but I’m dying to know – will you ever finish it? Or do you have an endless supply of green socks? Do tell.

  25. Will this lead into a whole discussion of whether it’s “gitch”, “ginch”, or “gaunch”?

  26. You are definitely NOT boring. I so look forward to reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Yes, I do have a life, but you are clever and funny and much appreciated for your humor. Thanks for keeping in touch with us daily.

  27. Delurking to say Knitters are so Classic! White cotton granny panties…totally fabulous! Have fun Kinnearing. Can’t wait to see you in VA in Septemeber!

  28. Gitch. Ginch. Gonch. Discuss.
    So many variations on terms for throwable undergarments. Which, by the way, is AWESOME, as is the very idea of knitters throwing them.

  29. What I want to know is, did any 2xists or Fruit of the Looms come your way?? You know, male panties?? Thrown by hunky male knitters? Whooo-hooo! Now THAT’S famous!

  30. For the record, I bought the sexy and colorful panties. Yes, they were big (the only panty store in that plaza was Lane Bryant) which seemed appropriate. And Kim bought the white granny panties. Perhaps her sense of irony is better. Or my fashion sense is better. In any case, thanks for a delightful evening, and for giving us rascals a reason to congregate/harass you. Welcome to being famous. Now that you’ve said it, CT will surely throw thongs. You -do- realize what you’ve gotten yourself into, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Panties…funny! PLEASE come to NC! Seriously. What does it take?
    I like the Kinnearing. It could be come the “in-thing”.

  32. Well, I wasn’t there last night sadly, and I’ve knit more than one pair of socks, but the second baby photographed is wearing the first pair of shoes I ever sold! That was before I started selling them from Kaya’s Kloset on Etsy. Glad to see that at least the shoes made it out to see you!

  33. I bet Sting didn’t even have panties thrown at him at the recent Police concert. You must rock or something! Sorry I couldn’t be there — I have a kid with strep.

  34. I love the panties story!!!!! I never find your stories about your travels boring. In fact, they make me feel a wee bit jealous that I can’t travel around North America meeting knitters. What fun that would be!!!! (OK – even without the meeting knitters it would be fun – just not as much) Love the pics of the young knitters. My younger grandson (for whom I have a special soft spot – he was supposed to be born on my birthday & he looks JUST like his momma, my daughter – his sibs look a lot more like their daddy) informed me that he wants to learn to knit – YAY – I bought some Red Heart kids’ knitting needles & I promised him next time they spend the night, we’ll start with the knitting.

  35. I am pretty new here, and have a question for anyone that can help me out. Why is everyone knitting “first socks” with the same exact green variegated yarn? And for the record, I’ve never knit socks. If I am going to start, do I need that yarn, too?

  36. what are you going to do with all the panties? Do you have to organize a panty person in each city now to work with the hat lady?

  37. I don’t find your travelling posts boring at all! In fact, they are my favourite sort. I love hearing about the towns you go to, seeing the shops you visit, hearing about the mishaps along the way (lotion, locking yourself out, kind fellow passengers giving you lifts) and especially seeing some of the knitters over there and clicking on the links to their blogs. It is like being part of a huge club – even if I am a long distance member. Travelogue and knitting stories all in one. I wish you’d write a book about it – Travels with my yarn, perhaps.
    And then of course, you could go further afield in the name of research. Oh, as far as New Zealand, perhaps!

  38. I enjoy your posts, no matter where you are posting them from! They are my afternoon procrastination break tea break and are always great.
    Hurray panties! THAT’ll get the Muggles good.

  39. I love that you are Kinnearing people…a new hobby! How cool…can you Kinnear and knit at the same time??

  40. So, you have really gotten that Kinnear thing down!
    I love when you post about your trips, I will be posting about my trips when the Women’s Professional Football League(WPFL) season starts Aug. 18th ๐Ÿ˜€
    The pantie thing is ausome! I hope some of them were in your size! hahahaha

  41. That Downtown has a wicked, wicked grin. Keep an eye out for that guy, I’m betting we hear from him again.
    *Panties*… Oh, Bog! Totally gone over here, man, simply howling. Plus again, irresistible visions:
    Customs Agent: “…”
    Stephanie (somewhat defensively): “It was a joke, you see. Because of an interview.”
    Customs Agent: “…”
    Stephanie: “…and I said I wasn’t that famous…”
    Customs Agent: “…”
    Stephanie (now mumbling): “…and… Well, you know. Throwing panties. Like a rock star? You know?”
    Customs Agent: “…”
    Stephanie: “…er…”
    Customs Agent: “And what *kind* of shop would you be planning on opening with all this yarn and the — underwear — ma’am?”
    Stephanie: “…notashop…”
    Customs Agent: “…”
    I dunno, Steph, you might need Joe to bail you out.

  42. Some people might be less interested in your travel posts, but I think they are fantastic. My autistic son sits in my lap while I’m online, and while he is less thrilled about knitting pictures your travel pictures almost always have pictures of babies, which make him very excited.

  43. You made my night when you wrote “arse” in my book. It makes me smile to think of it.
    Thanks for coming to Boston and thanks for spending time with each of us!

  44. Oh- I get it- “grins” don’t show up. Sorry about that. But I WAS grinning ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I love your blogs about your book tour travels, and those nasty you-know-whats that said you-know-what on you-know-which blog can stuff it. How hysterical that they threw white cotton panties! (Loved the interview in VKI too.) You rock! Oops, now am I being vapid?

  46. OMG- I get it- sorry to post so much my first time actually posting- I feel so stupid- but now I see it’s the same sock in every photo! (I thought everyone brought their own project, and it was all the same sock. Can I blame the heat here?)

  47. Now you know, we’ll all be carrying a set of panties around just in case, it’d be too funny to just toss them at you on the TTC, you’re lucky I only visit once a year & it’s a huge city.

  48. Can’t wait till you come to Atlanta in September. Should be able to knit up a pair of panties by then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. DUDE!!! I was sitting here, innocently pretending to work, when I got an email from a friend telling me that June & I were right in the middle of your blog! I didn’t believe it but, boom, there we are, green sling and all! I will try my best to explain to her how awesome this is when she gets older.

  50. Knitters are the best. One member of your audience (Jen at knew I’d decided to skip your CT appearance because my mom is so sick, and she had you sign a book for me. We’ve only “met” online. I can’t even describe how touched I am. Knitters are kind, generous, and thoughtful people, and interesting and humorous, too. I love the tour posts. It just proves that there are great people EVERYWHERE, and the more we are able to “meet” them, in whatever way, the better off we all are.

  51. I think I was the one that boinked you in the head with those big white granny panties!!!! Sorry ’bout that! Thank you for an enjoyable evening

  52. Don’t you think that after all these years Tom Jones gets granny panties thrown at him too? I’m just sayin’. Meanwhile, what a riot! Knitters rock. They are the funniest, kindest, cleverest, most supportive bunch of folks around. And they’ll hold your sock with no kinnearing required. Sorry I couldn’t see the look on your face when the panties started comin’.

  53. Excellent.
    You know, your 9/17 tour date is open. You could always come to Tucson and blow knitterly kisses at my boy on his birthday… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. You wrote ‘arse’ in somebody’s book?
    The panties thing? Dead Brilliant. Knitters of MA, I salute you!

  55. Awwwww! :0( I couldn’t wait to get my book signed in T.O. ’cause we had to get the grandkidlets home. And you maybe woulda written “arse” in it??? Next time the kids can just wail and howl while I get it signed. By the way, the travel posts are great. It’s fun to see how many knitters there are! Sometimes it seems that this is an isolating addiction. Apart from the lys lady that is. The panty throw was wonderful! Knitters are a great bunch of funny folk. :O) samm

  56. harlot, can you hook me up with downtown’s phone number? He seems like just the kind of cute, knitterly boston guy I want to meet…
    well, I’m kidding, but not really. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope the rest of your tour is just as fun!
    Oh, and FYI, I like tour posts best. mmm… or second-best, since those “I-hate-my-teenagers” posts are pretty awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. What is up w/the granny panties??? I’ll be sure and toss something your way that is more to Joe’s liking when you visit Northern Virginia in Sept.

  58. I always look forward to your posts from the road! Never bored with them. Ever! Always a treat to see everyone’s “first socks.” And how FUNNY is this one? That must settle it then. You are truly famous. Granny panties cannot lie.

  59. Damn, I thought I was the only one who people threw panties at wherever I venture. It gets a little embarrassing at the grocer. I chalk it up to the scarves around my wrist, the microphone in my hand, and my big arse lips. Oh, well, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  60. I am away from home and down in Southern California so I decided to check out some yarn shops. In one of them, the PROPRIETOR told me that “there are very few knitters.”
    Excuse me? He did tell me that his definition of a knitter is someone who makes six sweaters a year, but still . . .
    I was appalled.

  61. As I was coming down the escalator last night to hear you speak, there were a couple of muggles behind me wondering aloud what the gathering was all about – I told them it was knitters and they looked confused. I wonder if they hung around to see the great pantie toss? One can only imagine what they told their friends the next day.

  62. I stood behind Louis last night as he knit his lovely sock. Did you know that he designed himself? Pretty impressive that a person so young could come up with a real workable pattern like that. It was a delight to hear you in person and have you sign my audiobooks. BTW, you don’t sound like a hampster on speed on the 2nd disc!

  63. I love your posts, regardless of where they originate from. What a blessed life you lead, both home and out and about. Such opportunities that many of us can only share through a blog like your’s. Thank you!

  64. Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious! I wanted to be the first to ask what you were going to do with the panties, but Meg beat me to it. But, well, what ARE you going to do with them?
    It’s funny that you mention lacy thong underwear because I inadvertently found myself with nothing to wear but a pair of thongs recently. It’s a long story and it’s on my blog under “Wardrobe Malfunction.” The worst part of all was that I got “outed” by my six year old…
    Boston looks like so much fun and not one bit boring!

  65. LOL!!! Did you at least keep the panties? And dude, you’re like the rock star of our little (read: huge) knitting community. It’s… it’s… tradition and our right to throw miscellaneous undergarments at you. And you’re supposed to tack them to your wall and show it off with pride. ^_^

  66. Oh, Kinnering we will go, Kinnering we will go, hi-ho the dario, Kinnering we will go!

  67. Steph, I’m sorry I didn’t get to actually meet you, but I’m so glad I made it to the event – since I was only visiting Boston from Missouri. It took 2 trains and a bus, and a trek up a hill, but I was there! If you’ll check out the Boston group on Ravelry, you might find more evidence as to the instigators of Panty-Gate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Great, now I have a whole new hobby to take up. It’ll work out well too because recently my daughter decided that she no longer wants to be photographed. I have about 10 shots of her arm over her face this summer. Kinnearing here I come!

  69. OMG, I have arrived – there I am in the same photo as the Harlot’s sock and also the panties. Stephanie, you were an utter riot last night, and I so appreciated you sharing about Mick the Australian sheep shearer. Mine’s Ian, about 6’4″, blond, tanned. Talk amongst yourselves for a moment.
    Seriously, wool IS a miracle. You made me think of all those lovely sheep growing it for us, the farmers tending them, the dogs herding them and then those sweaty, muscular shearers. Oh, dear, was I using my out-loud voice again?
    Have a good time in Connecticut. They have a way to go to be more fun than we were.

  70. Phew. I felt as red as my shirt. Thanks for humoring my socks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Among the things I forgot to say last night, stammering like an idiot while you signed our books:
    (1) The ladies at Wild and Woolly in Lexington say hello
    (2) I hope I have the common sense you have about raising kids (and all manner of other things).
    Probably more, but gushing is ill-becoming. Hope you had as much fun as we did!

  71. That is so freakin’ hysterical! I totally had the same thought as I read your interview. Its great that they all were large, white cotton panties! Down with thongs! WooHoo!

  72. Clearly you bring out the best in people. I can only imagine what the other store customer’s must have been thinking. Large white panties. Does she knit on a lace edge? Hand dye them? Cut them into strips and make wash cloths with them? What a totally funny sight that must have been.

  73. Love the panties! And you’re in my little corner of the world tonight, but I can’t make it down ๐Ÿ™ Enjoy CT!

  74. i just enjoy you and your writing you
    write in pictures with out pictures
    no your travels are not boreing to us
    kind of hard on you but look how many
    people were happy to give you fun in return
    florida rocks pretty good you know
    now that you have the panties what next
    whole new wardobe? you do have to pay for
    the stove

  75. I love the posts about travel and look forward to seeing knit-sisters from all over the continent. The panty-throwing was brilliant – yeah MA!! I’m so very glad you’ve got a driver -yippeee…time to knit, write, rest.

  76. Panties are one thing, but they aren’t throwing hotel keys at you… yet.

  77. I did say that you should ask for Koigu instead! Although, I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised that this happened (grin).

  78. My husband thinks I’m such a geek! I read your blog and was laughing so hard he asked what was up. I told him… He didn’t get it (rarely does, but is such a doll to at least ask and listen to the answer before he leaves the room shaking his head.) I personally love the travel stories and think the underwear was brilliant! That and the fact that Kinnearing is now a verb that hundreds of people know and understand.

  79. i cant remember having such a good and funny time as i did last night, like, ever before. and then bertha and june are on your blog and thats so exciting!
    but the thing i think i will remember forever was “don’t knit for crack-hos”. that was, as we say here in boston, “wicked pissah” (that means good).

  80. I like your posts from the road, always entertaining in a different way than rants about those people who live with you, or knitting talk is entertaining.
    I see someone has already beat me to commenting on the new verb you have coined.

  81. Well, no one will be taking knitters for hum-drum grandmothers who knit itchy sweaters. Throwing panties–I tip my hat to the clever instigator of THAT one!!! BRAVO!

  82. Boy, you sure have to be careful what you say when you’re famous. First it’s the Barenaked Ladies with their boxes of Kraft Dinner, and now, knitters with panties.
    Nothing but good times ahead!

  83. Your stories and photos about the places you go and the people you meet are not now nor have they ever been boring.

  84. Lorette commented “I wonder how long it will be before “Kinneared” will be in Wikipedia?”
    I’m thinking OED.

  85. Soo… Downtown doesn’t have a blog? Someone needs to tell him to get a blog. I would totally read it. I’d like to look more at…his knitting…

  86. It is probably horrible and maybe even heretical that I am now imagining all the panties being hand-dyed in fabulous colours and hung up in a line in front of Lettuce Knit like the Tibetan flags of the knitting world…
    I know. “Overdrive” doesn’t begin to cover it.
    (But cotton dyes really well, you know.)

  87. I thought the whole Kinnear thing was hysterical ! Most of my regular pix turn out that way ! I also loved the “panties” thing too. You must have the most fun ! Wish I could have been there !! Knit on !

  88. Excellent entertainment last night, as always! Thanks for being in top form, it was fun!
    PS: I love the posts you do on your travels. Love them.

  89. I just read that article last night and saw that we (the Royal Knitting We) picked up on it! Yay! Too funny.
    The bus driver totally had to be kinneared.

  90. Writing about your life – travels and frustrations – and all the mundane in between – well in between knitting – is great joy for those of us who aren’t in that spot in life. It is fun to read where knitting can take someone as witty and verbose as you. And we all know where to take our socks when we travel – thank you! Its good to be the pioneer. Thank you for all the photos and knitting humor – it really is something I look forward to everymorning – latte in hand- kids eating cereal (preferably the kind that falls of the spoon – gives me an extra five minutes) for a whole 7 minutes. *chortle* Mom of 3 youngin’s stuck in suberbia – but loving it.

  91. I was in the crabbiest mood until about a minute and a half ago when this cracked me up.

  92. I know I’m just one of many but I really like your travel posts. I’ll never see you live, unless I move or take a special many hour plane ride (not that your not worth it but I like visiting my family to). The posts give me little glimpse of what it’s like to be at an event.

  93. Maybe you should announce what size panties your wear so we can throw the right size. I mean, if you are getting panties thrown they may as well be your size, favorite color, type(thong,highcut,bikini,brief,granny) so that you will never have to buy panties again!!!
    Or ask us to throw yarn,or money designated for yarn purchases.

  94. my only regret, is that we didn’t throw panties in MI…..
    My only question, What the heck will you do with all those panties?
    cut them up and knit a bath rug?
    Looks like a good time!

  95. Nice Kinnearing! Has anyone noticed your covert photo ops yet?
    And Panties? So funny! If I was there, I totally would have thrown a man thong just for a bit of extra fun. You know, one of those ones that look like a tuxedo…Anyway…this is a family blog I suppose, so I’ll try to restrain myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. What a crack up! That is so great! I love your travel posts too.
    Here’s a smile for you: I visited my sister-in-law last week in Burlington, Washington. I found a great yarn store, Knot Just Yarn, and they have a very nice newsletter called “The Wool Street Journal.” Their site has a very nice free pattern for lacy washcloth too!

  97. Last night was a great time–it was fun to meet Ericka and Kimberly and many other folks sitting around us. Sophie had a GREAT time and has not stopped talking about you all day (the look on her grandmother’s face when Sophie tried to explain our evening was priceless). In three years when the kid has stopped speaking to me this will indeed be a special memory. So will being part of the First Panty Toss! And I didn’t get a chance to say how totally amazing it was to see the Kauni in the flesh, so to speak, just casually draped over the table … Thanks!

  98. This is my first time ever writting a comment. It is an emergency and I have to do it. I LOVE YOUR TRAVEL POSTS. Please DO NOT even consider not doing it. It is a wonderful way to share with knitters all over the magic and love for our craft. And the way you do it makes me feel there.

  99. Hee hee!
    I totally cracked up at the panty flinging…too much. And with a mention of thongs you have to expect it next time since you left yourself wide open!
    As always it is nice to see all of the happy knitting faces…what a fun time!

  100. Knitters can be anyone and they can do anything they want!
    If we put in the effort to popularise the word, in a few years, we’ll find this in many major dictionaries.
    kinnear – v. to take pictures of people without looking at the subject. First coined by a famous Yarn Harlot to describe an action from her travel adventures.

  101. How can we top THAT one! You better expect the unexpected from now on…I can see all the future tour stops to want to outdo the PANTIE thing. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

  102. I am so glad that I dragged my husband and my 2 kids out to your booksigning last night! It was worth the rushed dinner and overtired kids today. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and it was so much fun to be in on the joke! And no line could top, “we don’t knit for crack ho’s!”
    There is only one thing I am peeved about — I should be in your picture, but am not — but my Muggle husband is! I was bent over, doing something with my baby! No fair!
    BTW — Mine was the first baby you held in the booksigning line last night. You clearly have a way with babies — he’s usually crying if I walk 2 steps away these days and he was as happy as pie with you.
    Again — great night and thanks for stopping in New England!

  103. The guy with the toe socks? Hot! I like the bookish understated hot guys. The one I got came with no hair – how do I contact the manufacturer? When I saw the young knitters, my first reaction was, “awwwwwww”. This gives me hope that being without female progeny, I can surely teach the only male progeny to knit one day and pass down my intense love of knitting.

  104. P.S… as male progeny bashes my wall with his suction cup rackets, I’m thinking teaching him to knit will have to come with “these are not pickle skewers” instructions.

  105. Undies, eh? They could at least have been in your size, which is quite obviously not large, so you could take them home and wash them a gazillion times before wearing them! LOL

  106. Tee-hee, I love that knitters threw panties at you. I really hope someone out there has a picture of your face when the panties started flying at you ’cause I bet your expression is priceless. As for your travel posts being boring…so not true! I love seeing the wonder of all the knitters in all the different places especially if there are muggles being completely freaked out. Of course, I am pretty biased because I love all of your posts!

  107. Where oh where will you be when you come to Houston? I can’t wait till September. My knitting sons will love seeing the pictures of other boy knitters. After one of my sons took his knitting into his Sunday school class and spent the time knitting, I had a request from his teacher to please come and teach the children in the class how to knit. Apparently they had all sat around him and watched him and had wanted to learn. It was a blast teaching a new generation to knit and thus make magic with a bit of string and some sticks.

  108. The panties are TOO funny. I once saw someone throw a pair of underalls–panythose with big white panties attached–at David Bowie. They kind of floated down to the stage from a balcony. He tried to ignore them and inconspicuously kick them out of his way. He also had a variety of Red Shoes rain down on him at “put on your red shoes and…” Earned his keep that night.
    Boys learning to knit are fun. The ones I’ve taught have taken right to it. I taught my nephew when he was about 10. He spent an evening industriously producing about 8 inches of a scarf. His mother told me he came looking for it the next day: Where’s my knitting? Oh good. I need these sticks for something!” And pulled the needles out and took off! That was the end of that.
    Love your blog & books. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  109. 1. City reports are my FAVORITES. And not just ‘cuz I was in one about a year ago… ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the faces and the stories. SO not boring.
    2. I woke my husband up laughing about the panties.

  110. Wow. Suddenly Meg’s suggestion at Rhinebeck that I have you sign my boob is not so… no, it’s still pretty weird. But now it seems a smidge less out-there.
    Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  111. How to get more knitters: Downtown. Sweet sassy molassy, that boy is going to need to get an unlisted phone number.
    I am in love with your Sweet Georgia sock yarn. Sigh.

  112. It was great to see you last night – I love how you gather a whole community around you wherever you go!

  113. And to think that FemiKnitMafia didn’t let on about her insurrection activities!
    The Vogue Interview is wonderful… I just picked up an issue today.

  114. 2 part comment:
    Part the One
    Oh my gosh! If I thought your tour posts were boring I wouldn’t have spent the last month and a half catching up on your entire blog. And trust me: I loved every minute of it. I’m actually kinda sad I won’t have months and months to read at a time. I’ll have to take my Harlot-Fix on a (close to)day-by-day basis from now on. C’est la Vie, mon cheri.
    Part the Two
    I noticed that a lot of your washcloths come from states with very neat borders. Maryland being, more or less, defined by squiggly rivers and a huge honking bay, it would take a lot of rum and motivation to do it (especially for a little old beginning knitter like me) but I totally would if only the Yarn Harlot herself would be in Maryland.
    Of course, someone has probably cracked the Maryland Washcloth Code which now makes my bate less attractive but, for now it’s all I got.
    In conclusion:
    -Your Blog= awesome, funny, COMPLETELY inspiring! (sorry about the caps and exclaimations; I’m rather excited.)
    -Maryland can’t wait til next May to see you again.
    (At least I can’t)
    -And you’re probably the reason I cant stop knitting everything in sight (I think my family is starting to worry). For this I owe you so much gratitude and a great deal of my recent happiness.
    Okay, I’m done
    p.s.- Sheesh. Can you say huge honking comment? sorry if I got over-zealous all over your blog. It’ll wash out with club soda.

  115. I want big knitting meet ups in the UK!!!All you Canadian/American knitters look such fun……no fair!Sorry rant over.Love the blog and your books!!!

  116. Dear, dear Harlot,
    I certainly wish I had been able to throw panties at you because you are one of the MOST famous people in my book!!!!! Your travel episodes never fail to amuse me greatly and of course you know we would all like to be “kennearing” you!!!!!

  117. You know you’ve just set yourself up to have “sexy little thongs” flung at you, right? By the way, do you still need a hat lady for the Bailey’s Crossroads event in VA?

  118. I was utterly perplexed by the underpants, but amused nonetheless. Now I get it. I never thought I’d say this, but I guess I don’t read enough things on knitting and knitters. As the underpants were waving, I thought, man I love Boston!

  119. I don’t often comment but I like your travel posts and the pictures of other knitters. I work with umpteen mechanical engineers and knitting is the last thing in the world on their beady little minds. So your blog is a breath of fresh air at lunchtime! Keep it up!

  120. I love these posts. I don’t find them at all boring, I think they’re some of the most exciting posts you make. Seriously, I love looking at other knitters and seeing myself blend in. ๐Ÿ˜€

  121. Panties. Honestly. We knitters are a fun lot, and I salute us! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I don’t find your on-the-road postings boring at all; I love seeing all the knitters gathered at the bookstores, and all the first socks, and everything! (I also rather enjoy the occasional airport story…I know you had the aggravation of living through the airport stories, but you tell them so damn funny!)

  122. I never tire of reading your travels. That was a funny group. Its nice to see them make you laugh like you do all the knitters who come to see you. You are our ‘Rock Star’ in the knitting world.

  123. Your next book could be about your travels & the people you meet. It seems I am not alone in my appreciation of your descriptions of your travels.

  124. Please tell me that you forgot to link to Downtown’s blog. Please tell me that he HAS a blog where he has posted the pattern for those toe socks. Or how I can purchase it. Or how I can get a hold of him to stalk him until he relinquishes that pattern. I have searched high and low for a decent toe-sock pattern and Cannot. Find. One. Woe.

  125. I don’t think that it’s possible to look up “Downtown” in the Boston phone book, so I think he’s safe without having to unlist his number. Also, searching for “downtown knit boston” on Google similarly yields no more pictures of a toe-sock knitting guy. Not that I’m stalking or anything…

  126. What to do with all those panties? I have a suggestion. Homeless shelters really need underwear. The knitted hats for the homeless are wonderful (I live in Edmonton, and a person can lose their ears here if they don’t have a good hat), but we all need undies every day.
    Gather ’em up and pass them on with the hats, I say. and I’m willing to bet that pantie flinging will become a part of every harlot appearance, scaring the muggles almost as much as the pointy sticks do.

  127. I had too much fun meeting knitters and I never made it into the line to get my book signed. Then, I was too shy to say hello at dinner (which I supposed sounds a bit odd coming from someone who tossed autographed panties at you!). But, I had more fun on Thursday night than I’ve had in a long time! Thanks for creating a space where the wacky knitters feel perfectly normal.
    PS — you’d better come up with a strategy for what to do with all the panties that will start coming your way! Perhaps if you hint that people might want to toss them with tags still on, you can have the hat collectors pick up the panties and donate them to womens’ shelters ๐Ÿ™‚
    PPS — How will your wonder-publicist prepare bookstores for the potential panty-flinging act??

  128. It’s never boring to hear about where you’ve been or see what goes on. It’s nice to see that there really are other knitters out there. That they get together in groups and have fun.
    I really do live vicariously through you, it’s not at all boring to me.
    And besides, if you didn’t blog about your trips, how would we see those great traveling sock pics?

  129. My apologies for a double post; at the risk of being a bore, I’m going to repost this at the Aug. 3 blog entry (it posted at Aug. 2 by mistake). Sorry!
    Welcome to the world of celebrities, Stephanie! We know you are, and now I guess youโ€™re beginning to realize it. Donโ€™t know whether it pleases you or not.
    I havenโ€™t read all of the comments here, but enough of them contain plans to throw panties at you at other locations that itโ€™s beginning to make me a little uneasy. I put out this thought for all of us knitterfolk to consider:
    Stephanieโ€™s genius largely depends on creating community among knitters. She is a fabulous knitter, yes, and we revel in all of the knowledge and beautiful examples she shares with us. But the strength that shines through so many posts, day after day, is her ability to relate to all of us as a human being and serve as a catalyst to forming other relationships, online and locally. Viz., the comments on her blog are a source of relationship, almost as much fun and satisfying as her blog posts.
    Now think what might happen if, at Stephanieโ€™s appearances, people continue to throw things at her and compete among themselves for the most outrageous weird new idea (e.g., thongs, knit panties, what next?). Instead of being a focal point, she could become a target, and instead of a community, the audience could become competitors, more interested in what they as individuals are doing than in what the knitting community is doing.
    And what about the gender-neutral aspect that is beginning to show up among the newest, youngest knitters? What kind of message will they take away from a gathering in which adults are throwing panties (or other objects) at the speaker?
    Do you see where Iโ€™m going here? We need to keep it safe for Stephanie to continue making offhand comments as if she were just sitting in our living room. She shouldnโ€™t have to watch what she says, like other celebrities do, for fear of mobs and stalkers. She shouldnโ€™t have to remain alert for flying objects while she is giving a talk. (In addition to distracting her, someone could get hurt.)
    And we need to keep in mind that our youth are watching our behavior and learning from it. We do want them to learn civilized, caring behavior, donโ€™t we? And we want boys and girls to realize that knitting is a creative, satisfying pursuit for everyone, free of gender stereotypes.
    We need to find a better way to demonstrate our affection for Stephanie. Make another contribution to Knitters Without Borders! Knit preemie hats for your local hospital! Start or join a knitting group in your area! Teach a young person to knit! Visit a nursing home and take your knitting and some needles and yarn, in case anyone wants to try! (If not, just talk and knit.)
    Iโ€™m sure you can all come up with other ideas and we can discuss them here, or perhaps on an auxiliary blog for the purpose. My main point is, we are a community of knitters, and now that it is growing so large, it will take conscious effort to keep it a community and not let it become a pack.

  130. Hilarious!! I love that they were cotton white too. So practical — I thought it was in reference to the ill-fated-no-time-to-shower gig from last year (was that last year?). What a relief that it wasn’t – that would not have been as funny.
    Sorry to hear about those fools at the airline – sounds similar to the rubes surrounding me at the Passport Canada office yesterday — I did mine online and was in and out in less than an hour! Yippee.
    Love the Kinneared chauffeur!

  131. I love your on the road entries. It is fun to see knitters across the continent and their creativity. Thanks for bringing them to us, Stephanie!

  132. Your posts about your tour and travels are some of my favorite ones. I love seeing all the wonderful knitters out there, it is nice to feel like you are part of something much bigger. I tried to explain a dream I had the other night involving a huge yarn store to some non-knitters and, well, you can imagine the looks I got. I feel a little less like a freak when I see your pictures and realize that every single one of those people would understand when I told them about a yarn store dream where Amy Singer personally escorted me to the sock yarn section. Oh, and the pictures of the next generation knitters…made me a little teary, but I’m sentimental like that. lol Thanks for the (as always) great post.

  133. I want to know if Sock Dude threw you HIS panties.
    Sweet holy mohair — a hot dude who knits toe socks. How sexy is that? If he turns out also to be a crab fisherman, I’m gonna cry.
    Boring posts? I think not.

  134. I’m happy that you called them gitch. Now that I don’t live in Canada, the only people I hear call them gitch is my family (and the nice Ukranian family that lives nearby).

  135. Love the flying gitch, love seeing knitters in all their glory and can’t wait to Kinnear someone! Thanks for cracking me up on a work filled Saturday.

  136. You know what I noticed about those group knitter pictures? They weren’t blurry, even the pictures that featured skivvies. Since you always say the blur is commensurate with your level of nerves, does that mean that even undie-throwing knitters don’t bother you now?

  137. Awesome. That was the most un-boring blogpost ever. Holy flying panties. Well, actually, maybe nice that they were not holey…oh never mind! thanks for the chuckle!

  138. I’m knitting my first socks – first real socks anyway, I’ve done baby socks and slipper socks, attempted Baudelaires but the first one came out too big so I never finished the pair. This time I’m doing Jaywalkers and I’m almost too scared to admit it actually just in case I don’t finish these either, but I have motivation in the form of a pair of new Mary Janes that I won’t be able to wear unless I have socks!
    The panties are fantastic, go the knitters!

  139. I saw my picture on the your blog, which was close enough to my 15 nano seconds of fame to be a thrill! The talk/singing was totally worth a trip back from the summer place on Cape Cod. I was especially amused by your comment that non-knitters think knitters aren’t techy. I had spent the entire day making excel spreadsheets for my stash and WIP and then inputting it all, all while listening to my fiber podcasts on my Ipod.

  140. It’s not boring to me! I’d look awful silly living vicariously through a famous traveling knitter if I didn’t know about her travels! Panties ~snort~

  141. The driver you Kinneared looks like Tim Robbins. Weird, but if anyone was going to be driven around by Tim Robbins, it would be you, you famous thing.

  142. NOT boring. Never. Hilarious, endearing, delightful – and I hadn’t read any blogs for a few days (it had to do with the bridge collapse in Mpls but all’s well at my end) and I have to shout THANK YOU! Perfect de-stresser and re-orienter and back-to-the-world-er. (Hang on to those panties; the Women’s Shelter idea was golden!)

  143. You’re in Vogue? When were you going to tell us about this!?!
    I’d always been told people in New England had no sense of humor. Then I moved to Massachusetts for a few years. Dude. Seriously. Those somber faces — it’s all an act. My friends up there are the most hilarious people I know. They get me every time. Add in the knitting factor and well — the panties do not surprise me. At all.
    Three male knitters sighted at this event. We’re infiltrating the men, one guy at a time . . .

  144. So, do you feel famous now you’ve had panties thrown at you!?! How clever and funny of those knitters to catch on to that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. coming out of lurkdom to agree w/ so many that the travel posts are great, beause to quote someone up top, these are “our people.” It’s good to know there are others out there who get it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also really like the sock’s adventures. I’m _almost_ finished with my first pair. woo-hoo! Thanks for taking the time to let us into your world, and I hope you make it to North Carolina sometime!

  146. So Stephanie – when you left your comment on Franklin’s blog did you see my comment 2 up from yours? I dreamed up a whole new collaberation for you and Franklin. Sharing the road, photographing the knitters….good for a laugh since reality may fall short.
    Linda “K”

  147. HOLY COW, with the self designed toe socks. With the uber cute and the sock-knitting-fu.
    You get the very nicest knitters at your appearances.
    Erhm. Glad you had a good time in Boston! ๐Ÿ˜€

  148. That’s too funny–I just read that article, too!!!
    (And it has me rethinking something I said to my son the other day… “Mom, are you famous?” “No, honey–when I’m famous, people are gonna come torch our house…” Yeah…Now I’m totally going to rethink my measuring stick for fame…)

  149. Dear Yarn Harlot,
    I have a favor to ask, if you are able to read this comment, you have so many. I friend of mine has tried to see you twice on your book tours and has twice missed you because of things beyond her control like illnesses and things of this nature.
    It would really make her day if you could maybe visit her blog and leave a small comment so she knows you were there. Her name is Amanda and her blog is

  150. After looking through the comments, I am glad to know I’m not the only one who wants to know if Downtown has a knitting blog! I want to know more about the toe-sock-design-and-knitting process… yes… that’s my story.
    (On a not very related note, we all know that your sock travels and sees some interesting things and people, but has your sock ever been held by a fishmonger? My sock wants to know. It is very prideful.)

  151. If you want to introduce your sock to a fishmonger, your perfect opportunity is coming up. The fish-flingers at Pike’s Place in Seattle are almost as famous as you are. I don’t think anyone throws panties at them, though.

  152. I know that red-haired lady! Looks like an excellent baby, which, knowing her, is no surprise. Happy travels, Stephanie, and thanks for knitting us all together.

  153. Imagine the possibilities. Start throwing out random lines in interviews, and see what people do.
    I was a psychology major. We think of weird experiments like that. In fact, the whole rest of our lives after college/university is like a big experiment. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to tell people you studied psychology, and then the next time they say something just slightly odd, you look at them, maybe raise an eyebrow if you can, and say something like “Interesting.”
    (Or DO we think this way? You’ll never know, will you? *g*)

  154. Stephanie,
    I thought your answers in the New Guard interview in Vogue Knitting Fall 2007 made that interview. They were excellent, funny, thoughtful and — as always — individual and creative.

  155. Now you’re going to need to be bringing a movie camera with you – instead of “just” a camera
    to record photos.
    Won’t it be hilarious
    when you start posting
    mini-movies of all the underwear flying towards you!?

  156. Big Whites. That’s what we call ’em here. Folks threw Big Whites at you. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.
    Safe and happy travels home…

  157. Hey Harlot,
    Not sure about the number of panties thrown, but maybe, if they are all new and clean, you all could collect those for a women’s shelter along with the hats. I used to work in a shelter for homeless women where new underwear was highly treasured.
    I’ve been listening to two young comedians on BBC 6 Music–Russell Howard and Jon Richardson. They end every conversation by saying, and I say to you “Love to your mother”.

  158. I was going to suggest the same thing as kj above me. We’ve begun an annual sock and underwear drive at my church. Those are the items that are almost never donated to Goodwill or other charity organizations. This winter, we had homeless people lined up at the door on the morning we had slated for distribution.
    So, I propose a way the knitters can band together and do something positive once more, and a way for Stephanie’s book tours to leave a legacy in every town from now on: If you’re attending the event, pick up a package of underwear in your own size and then throw them at Stephanie. Put someone in charge of gathering the goods and taking them to appropriate local agencies.

  159. Bad timing again! I grew up in Burlington, MA and was actually in New England (from OR) on the day you were there. We stayed with my husband’s folks on Cape Cod for a few days, then went up to New Hampshire on the 1st for the last few days. I was so disappointed I couldn’t stop in Burlington for your appearance. It sounds like you had a great time.

  160. Looking forward to Knitch, will have your Ga state dish cloth, and MAYBE a little georgia peach- gotta get knitting!

  161. Oh, tooooo funny! I nearly spit my milk at the comp. You really MUST post drink warnings! Actually, maybe I should just take it as a lesson learned: NEVER drink at the comp when reading Harlot’s blog!–this happens too often…I’m a slow learner.
    I’ll never look at a panty display the same way again.

  162. Hey, I’m a bit late in commenting, but I wanted to say how wonderful it was to get to meet you and hear you speak. Even the standing in line wasn’t as bad as it could have been, given that it was a line of knitters! I had a wonderful time!

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