I was Kinnearing

I left for the airport on time, I arrived on time and although it ended up with me pretty snarky on the other side, safely in Boston, I was not late. However:

– Every human being in the world was at the airport. Maybe not you. Maybe you were knitting. Everyone else was there, in line, and hostile.

-For some reason, all of the humans in the airport had taken leave of their senses and were flying like they had never heard of any of of the airline rules, ever. There were people in line without boarding passes, people without passports in customs, people who couldn’t use automated machines, people dropping breakfast burritos…..it was one of those mornings that is clearly coming off the rails – for everyone, not just me. One guy had metal in his pockets, then change, then a belt with a big buckle, then….THEN, he had a Nalgene full of water he tried to take through security. (Do not tell me that maybe he didn’t know. There are a million signs saying no liquids. A million.) When they told him he couldn’t take it though, he asked where he could empty it out. Told there was no such facility in security, he proceeded to make the rest of us in the queue wait while he DRANK A LITRE OF WATER. (He barely escaped with his life. I kept wanting to seize his whole relaxed backpacker self and shake him wildly while screaming “GET SMARTER. For the love of all of your fellow humans GET SMARTER.” Natural selection my arse. If we were still doing survival of the fittest on this planet he wouldn’t have made it onto the plane before he was killed and eaten by the rest of us.)

In any case, everyone was all over the place and there were enormous waits and all this time ticks by and there’s this guy and there’s everyone all trying to do impossible against the rules things and time is ticking by and I’m sort of panicking because I’m going to totally miss my plane if things don’t improve right pronto…

and Whammo….

I look over in the line near me and I recognize someone. Holy cow. It’s Greg Kinnear! At first all I can think is “I know you.. ” which it turns out, I totally don’t, so I’m glad I didn’t go with “Hey Greg….”

Once I had it figured, (I saw his boarding pass in his hand and couldn’t help but notice that it said “G. Kinnear”) I thought maybe I’d take a picture of him. Maybe I’d ask him to hold the sock? No…that’s too forward. Dude’s just trying to fly to Boston. Maybe I’ll take his picture from far away? Yeah……No. That’s creepy. I know, I’ll take my camera out of my purse and just sort of hang my hand down and look all casual and not even look at him and take his picture in SECRET.


…’cause yeah. That’s not creepy at all. It didn’t really work out, so I tried another one.


Sigh. I decided to stay with the technique though, and so I Kinneared Julia in her car. Better, this one has part of the intended subject in it….


Then I Kinneared her husband.


(Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Kinneared Julia thinking about lunch.


Kinneared Julia showing me her sock machine.


By this time I had begun to think that this Kinnearing was rather an art form, and that I was getting quite good at taking pictures without looking …. It’s fun. But I’m stopping now.

I wouldn’t want to take it too far.

207 thoughts on “I was Kinnearing

  1. Ah, now I can explain to people that those weird pics I take are really an art form.
    BTW, it was the oddest thing — I thought I was looking at today’s comments and it turns out that was yesterday’s post and then I hit back and today’s was up! Still love those needles.
    Oh, when are you coming to Montana?

  2. Does the level of insanity at an airport coincide with the skill level of the Kinnear-er?

  3. heh, wait till you try to leave the States! I wonder if anyone has ever Kinneared you… You wouldn’t ever know, would you?

  4. You should totally have said “Hey Greg” I’m sure he would have held your traveling sock for you. Maybe he even knits!

  5. Wish you would have Kinneared Mr. I’m not so smart, I need to drink 1L of H20 – would have liked to have seen what he looked like.

  6. Just watched Little Miss Sunshine on the weekend – Kinnear was great in that! I would also have done the embarassing and pointless attempt to take a picture without taking a picture.
    When I sat beside John Hurt (the Elephant Man himself) at the theatre once I said “I’m so excited to be sitting beside you. I’m trying to be cool – but I don’t carry off cool well.” He smiled and said “I don’t do cool either, it’s overrated.” So, if you ever meet John Hurt feel free to be uncool.
    (What did that have to do with Greg Kinnear? It seemed relevant when I started.)

  7. My 3 yr old is a natural Kinnearer, but we call it Juju vision. Good luck with your flights. And you so should have said “Hey, Greg”

  8. I have loved Greg Kinnear since he did Talk Soup – he’s the best with the one-liners. But in the kinnearing, which one is he?

  9. How funny. I’m sure you’ve heard of that old game 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon. Somewhere there is a knitter reading this that knows someone who knows someone who knows Greg Kinnear. Next thing you know, he’ll be on Letterman or Leno telling the whole world that some woman tried to Kinnear him. Wait ’til he tries to explain that to the folks at home.

  10. I tried to figure out which pair of legs was Greg’s, but I guess you just weren’t *Kinnear* enough to him! (Sorry. That wasn’t very punny.)
    I’m going to try some Kinnearing myself.

  11. Way sorry about the airport mess. You should definitely have Kinneared the Kinnear himself! I have Kinneared some, but didn’t know what it was called. Thanks for telling me! s

  12. I sat behind him once at a play with my Dad; he’s really nice! Now, whenever my Dad and I think we recognize someone we say “Hey, look! Greg Kinnear!”

  13. I know days like that, days when every driver on the road is trying to broadside you, when every pedestrian has a death wish. I know them because they happen to me periodically. They are the days when they open all the cages and let the nutcases loose. All. Of. Them. Every single one, all at once. There’s nothing you can do except ride the wave, because it isn’t over yet; there are more nuts to come.
    GADS, I hate those days. I’m so very sorry you got trapped in an airport on an “open the cages” day. What a major pain in the arse. I’ve never known them to last more than the one day, though, so tomorrow should be good. Or, maybe it happened yesterday, so today is good. Whichever, I hope you never run into that intensity again.
    dee near Berkeley

  14. Welcome to Boston! Hope you can understand the natives heah. May you be blessed with good traffic on the way to Borders in Burlington, but leave early, just in case it’s wicked bad. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  15. Great word, I hope it winds up in the Oxford one of these days. But you know, I think he would have been honored to hold The Sock.

  16. I have loved Greg Kinnear since Talk Soup and As Good As It Gets!!
    Between the wacky people who were in Boston with you and all the NWA cancellations I can’t believe you didn’t kill and eat the guy. Maybe that is what it is going to take to get people to pay attention. And the least he could’ve done was to move aside so that those of you who could read could get through security in time to board. Sometimes I fear for the future of the world when I see young people like this-were they brought up in a barn? yes, an indulgent,full of themselves,spoiled barn with parents who think the rules don’t apply to their children. I work for a school system-can you tell??? Summer is almost over, so parents, please go over the simple rules of etiquite with you offspring or I may be forced to kill and eat them!!

  17. Oh my, you made me guffaw at work. The image of the guy drinking the water while the whole queue glared…just great.
    I have a kinneared photo of myself knitting that my boyfriend took. It ended up just parts of my hands, some yarn and a bit of knitting, with trees in the background. Very artistic!
    Word coinage is an art. We linguists salute you.

  18. Sock machine??? Interesting.
    I’m guessing that I and many other people will be Kinnearing you tonight!

  19. So cool! I’ve Kinneared before, and didn’t even know it! (Glad you had a good flight…although I may have sacrificed a DPN to kill the water guy’s Nalgene.)

  20. Be glad you weren’t caugh Kinnearing by the security folks. One of my coworkers was harassed by airport authorities for taking video inside the terminal. He’s a 6’6″ lanky Indiana farmboy, but I guess they’re suspicious of anyone these days.
    I’m so excited that you’re coming to northern Virginia in September! I actually made my mom reschedule our annual mother-daughter shopping vacation (to Williamsburg, VA) so I can go to your event. She was remarkably understanding, but then, she does love getting hand-knit socks from me and wouldn’t want to shut off the pipeline.

  21. Heh, I like all the origami residue in the Kinneared sock machine picture. I think I also like Julia’s kitchen.

  22. Considering how diverse your readership is, wouldn’t it be funny if Greg Kinnear stumbled across this blog and commented/emailed about his profound disappoint over not be able to hold the sock? I mean, that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Poor guy.

  23. I got so upset about the youth of North America, I forgot to ask-Where can I get a sock machine????
    Please tell me-I have loved looking at the antique ones at various festivals but they make new ones that can be purchased??? Why do I not know where and how?? Please tell me!

  24. And I’m sure the Nalgene guy TOTALLY held up the plane ’cause he had to go to the bathroom just as they were closing the door and that ticked everyone off AGAIN. People, people, people, don’t you know how to play this game yet? (That’s why flying at the holidays is so brutal–lots of novices.)

  25. God, I hope he sees this.
    You remind me of someone….who do I know who freaked out and tried to take secret photos of someone on the streets of Victoria outside a wool shop, someone who would probably have been just fine with having her photo taken if said photographer had just grabbed some sack and stopped trying to hide behind her husband and snap secret shots of a known author/knitter/humourist without bothering them but it really just ended up making the person with the camera look like a complete freak……oh, right. That was me.

  26. I’m no longer taking surreptitious pictures of knitters on the subway. I’m Kinnearing them.
    Is it just me, or is a film about the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper kinda odd.

  27. i freaking love you, stephanie.
    if i ever see you in an airport, you can bet your sweet bippy i will say, “hey, steph!”
    i’m thinking maybe you saying it that way might have lightened the mood for the two of you, but then maybe not ’cause maybe everyone else around you would mob him for photos and autographs. but g. kinnear holding the sock would have been the best thing… heh. fun. glad you traveled safely… again.
    i finished the last of your musings in ‘at knit’s end’, last night. i took it in bit by bit, so it would last longer. i’m sad that it’s over, now, but alas, there is your blog. 🙂

  28. That is so cool! I love Kinnear. But PLEASE tell us more about the Sock Knitting Machine!!!! I have never seen one of those!

  29. Wow! Greg Kinnear is such a cutie. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have held the sock for you. He strikes me as someone with a good sense of humour. I Kinnear with the camera all the time. It is an art form I tell you (and my husband who always asks me “what is this supposed to be a picture of?”)
    I think you should have sat next to water dude on the airplane and told him totally made up stories of your great aunt Aggies gyno troubles.
    Would have served him right. Someone should have sent him to the back of the line.

  30. And, God I am not good at commenting today-must be the heat here in Michigan- I met Jeff Daniels when he came to Charlotte to do a show at our Auditorium. I was so excited that I could barely speak ,but he was just as regular as the next guy-he still lives in Chelsea, Michigan where he grew up and is raising his son and daughter there rather then in Hollywood. When I told him how excited I was to meet him ,he laughed and told me how when Clint Eastwood called him to do a movie with him , he thought it was his friends pranking him and hung up on him-twice! He did the movie-I guess Clint has a sense of humor.

  31. Welcome to Boston! See ya soon!
    Not sure what time you have to be at Borders, but traffic at the nexus of Routes 3 and 128/95 (where you are going) is terrible every day. Just a heads up. There are no “back roads” on which to make your approach. I mean, there are, but they’re just as backed up as the highway.

  32. Darlin´, I hear you on the crazy airport days. I´ve definitely been there. I often wonder if it is just that people find the whole airport thing confusing when they don´t do it all the time, or if they really are working at a lower level of intelligence. Sorry that you had to deal with it. Have fun in Boston!

  33. Gee, my kids have been absconding with my camera and kinnearing for years now. I can now sleep at night knowing the name for their subterfuge. Thank goodness we turned digital as, by some unspoken law, it is impossible to throw away processed photos in those paper envelopes no matter how bad they are. This happily doesn’t apply to computer photos, delete, yes I’m sure, no more Lauren with her mouth open and food spewing half-eaten from it. Technology has its merits, doncha think?

  34. I love how you just ever-so-casually mentioned the sock machine. Now I must know what it is!

  35. You’d think after the dude got part way through has backpacker martyrdom that airport security would have said “humpf, I guess it’s just water. We don’t need to hold up the line anymore.” And maybe made him stand off to the side where they could send side-long, creepy glances at him to make sure he wasn’t the idiot they were so worried about.
    I suppose it’s a good thing he didn’t decide to casually walk to the nearest restroom cause those are usually at least 3 miles away when you’re at the airport.

  36. I hear you on the obtuse people waiting in security lines at airports…I wish I had Kinneared Michael Stipe when I saw him a few years ago in a bar…

  37. I was just in the Boston Airport and could’ve choked a couple of folks who just ‘weren’t getting it’.
    Kinnearing is now the verb for those of us who see life from different angles and our photos show that. Thanks!!! How long before the OED picks it up?

  38. Greg Kinnear in Boston…..Be still my heart!! So, why the hell is he here and how do I find him?!!! Me, I would have made a fool of myself and asked the poor shlub to pose with MY sock!!!
    See you tonight!!

  39. My sister and I have this theory that in life there are people who KNOW and those who clearly DON’T KNOW. We share tales of our encounters with these two type of people, and there is no better place in the world to observe the stark contrast of these two types than the airport. We think Transport Canada should just make two lines for everything at the airport or train station. It would make the lives of all who know so much easier.

  40. Ah, I hates me those airports. Flew out of Philadelphia (domestic flight) on Monday, and the security was the worst I’ve dealt with. Denver’s was longer and just as mean, but Philly’s was pointlessly inefficient (only one security guy in the chute through which I was sent: he was viewing the bags through x-ray, dealing with people walking through the “magic door,” and returning the empty bins to the start of the conveyor). While at least four people were escorted to the front of my line while I waited, this guy refused to let a visibily distraught young woman move just SIX PEOPLE ahead in our line when her name was called in a final boarding/get your a*se to the gate NOW announcement. I probably didn’t help matters at that point by answering the incredulous look of the guy in front of me by saying, perhaps too loudly, that all the security people were going to hell (and I don’t actually believe in hell).
    I know they’re doing their jobs, and dealing all day with Einsteins like the Nalgene water-drinker of whom you write. Still, can the system be improved to permit efficiency, politeness, and the occasional grain of human compassion?

  41. I had a friend once that had kinnearing down to an art form. I couldn’t believe the shots he got. We were once in an area of North Africa with signs all over saying no pictures (it was near one of the palaces of said unnamed country) and he got the most amazing shots you could imagine. I couldn’t tell he was doing it and I knew he was doing it. Practice will make perfect for next time!

  42. Publish the word in at least two places and it qualifies for the OED. With all of us bloggers out there, hey, piece of cake. And English NEEDS that verb! (Now I know what I was doing with my camera just a couple of days ago myself. I was being cool and I didn’t even know it.) Thanks!

  43. Sort of the opposite of my husband’s preferred picture taking technique of holding the camera out to the side and randomly snapping pictures. I don’t think he’s looked throug a viewfinder (or at an LCD display) in the 7 years I’ve known him.

  44. My colleague (a muggle who has just started reading your blog) just walked into my office and said “A KNITTING MACHINE! Why are you screwing with knitting socks the old way??!!?! A knitting machine would be a lot easier and would keep you from cussing so much”
    I explained that the Harlot knits socks the old-fashioned way; therefore, I will, too.

  45. You’re beautiful when you’re angry. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get our civility back, but I think we need a new mode of transportation. Flying is no longer humane.

  46. How cool would that have been to get a pic of him with the sock. I’m on my way to the airport (San Jose to Seattle). Who knows maybe I can do a little Kinnearing. One time I saw Mary Tyler Moore in Seattle, and I know she would have held my SIP 😉

  47. So, which one was G. Kinnear? I have a friend that often “Kinnears” photos, and she gets the best shots.

  48. A sock machine???!!! Maybe there’s hope for me yet! I have enough yarn for at least 60 pairs (maybe more) in my stash right now and even though I’ve sworn not to buy more sock yarn – it still happens. If I do nothing else but knit socks (and not buy yarn, not to mention not eat or sleep) in the next three years I might catch up.
    I like Greg Kinnear – which legs are his?

  49. I’m wondering if a knitting machine is a good idea. Have you ever used one? Does your friend like hers. I wish I could rent one for a bit to see if I would like it. Be safe on your journey…Blessings……….Sandy.
    PS….when do we get to see your new haircut?

  50. Dude! You TOTALLY shoulda made him hold the sock! He’s a nice guy… I never see anyone famous, but by golly when I do, I will totally wig out on them! Why not?!

  51. The same thing happened to me once at a highway rest stop in Massachusetts. I saw this woman who at first I thought – “hey I know her!” and couldn’t place her completely. Then I thought – “OMG it’s the Yarn Harlot!!!” AND she was kind of checking out my knitting project, so I was like all shaky – “OMG she’s looking at my *knitting*!” I almost, but not quite, asked for this woman’s autograph. And I did NOT Kinnear her.
    And I’m glad I didn’t because I am about 99% sure that it really wasn’t you – you hadn’t mentioned anything at all on your blog about a road trip through Massachusetts, in fact I’m pretty sure you were blogging from home that week.
    But, I’m officially informing you that you have a doppelganger out there, and she even looks at other people’s knitting. Weird, eh?

  52. “If we were still doing survival of the fittest on this planet he wouldn’t have made it onto the plane before he was killed and eaten by the rest of us.” I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets frustrated when it seems like half of the others in line don’t know the rules. Hey, I make exceptions for the elderly. I’ve even been known to help by listing off the liquids one might have in one’s bag that are forgotten. But I have to admit that sometimes I do wonder if we could just eliminate the dumb ones for their own good.

  53. You know, you’re the most famous person I’ve ever personally met (no kidding). Greg Kinnear I could handle but Colin Firth or Alan Rickman and I’d be in deep “uncoolness freak-out”mode. There might even be fainting.
    Oh, and I totally wouldn’t have known about the water (hopefully, I would have noticed a sign).

  54. I wouldn’t kinnear you if I saw you in the airport. I’d just pull out the camera, ask you to smile and take your picture.
    Sorry you had so much trouble. People get real stupid this time of year, don’t they?

  55. Hey, is Greg the one with the black rolling suitcase and the muscular calf? (He seems like a laid-back friendly kinda guy; I bet he wouldn’t have minded holding the sock!) 🙂

  56. Greg Kinnear was one of the speakers at my college graduation. (He is an alum of the UofAZ.) The afternoon speaker. I graduated at the morning ceremony, and the bitterness is still with me all these years later. I don’t even remember who spoke at my graduation, just that it was NOT Greg Kinnear. Sigh.
    Re: survival of the fittest… You’ve been ruminating with Lene, haven’t you?

  57. Wait – did you say – sock machine?! Is this like a beefed-up version of those plastic i-cord makers? Could I use it to get my loving husband off of my back about ‘Where Are His Very Own Handknit Socks Already?’?? Would I have to tell him that I had mechanized assistance? Please, please talk a bit more about this “sock machine” that you speak of…

  58. Absolutely FUnny!!! I have very nearly the same story! About 12 years ago I was at DisneyWorld with the future spouse. Greg was making an appearance to promote “Sabrina” (meow btw) and I was very excited to see him because I love Talk Soup. So I was at the front of the line, at the velvet rope clapping and whistling and i wanted to get a pic. So my future hubby, in a effort to impress me, yells out “Hey Greg!!” and Greg actually stopped and did a double take. Guess my hubby has that sort of face! He started to walk our way (be still my heart) but his handler/agent grabbed his shoulder and drug him away. He waved over his shoulder!!! I have those pix ( not kinneared, cuz he was making an appearance, not waiting in a torture line at the airport). I agree that he is a great person that probably would have been totally cool with you taking his picture. He was born not too far from where I live, and sad to say the last we heard about him visiting was when he had to sell his mothers house for next to nothing. I was thinking, hey, i would have bought it just to touch the furniture……
    Well, anyway, I think my version of Kinnearing is when you choke when you are about to approach a celebrity, then stalk them!
    BTW, if he has ‘people’ they might just google his name on occasion and see how many times it has shown up on your blog!!! Get the sock ready…

  59. Survival of the fittest *laughs hysterically* I was in a store yesterday, and this man was standing at the coffee pot — the pot clearly marked with a 12-inch sign overhead as ‘self serve’ — and he was waiting for someone to pour his coffee for him. The scariest part was that he had his son with him – those genes are being passed on . . .

  60. I am so Kinnearing you tonight.
    (Would I reveal myself as a completely out-of-it social zero who should not be allowed out in public were I to ask, “Who is Greg Kinnear?”… yeh, probably.)
    (Or maybe I should be required to *stay* out in public until I have acquired a basic working familiarity with all relevant celebrities, assuming of course that I can figure out which ones are relevant.)

  61. This might seem creepy, but I totally Kinneared you once. It turned out when I got home and uploaded the photo that it wasn’t actually you. So, there’s a nice lady out there somewhere that things I’m stalking her.
    I’ve since learned that you would probably let me take your picture without stealth. This is wise, as it means you’re more likely to receive a flattering photo rather than one all sideways and with bad lighting.

  62. I’ll bet GK was totally standing there going… I KNOW her! It’s that wool harlot knitting lady. I saw her on the news during the last Olympics. Betcha!

  63. Oh, but natural selection does still work. No one wants to mate with jerks. Maybe you could start a second website as a public service, http://www.dontmatewiththisperson.com, where you could post photos of all the people you encounter being absolute boneheads so people would know not to mate with them. Other people could post photos too. So if someone’s considering going out with someone, they could enter that person’s physical characteristics and see if they’re in the database, and if they are, whoa, step away from the bonehead! Some people should not pass on their genes, people, and even if you don’t plan on having kids with them, well, you don’t really want a jerk like that in your life anyway.
    Maybe there’s already a site like this?

  64. Shall we take bets on how long it is before “kinneared” is in the OED? Given the effects of MS3 being metioned on this blog, I’m thinking it’ll only be a matter of weeks before we’re hearing the word “kinneared” on the evening news. I have no doubt that Mr. Kinnear is sulking somewhere because he didn’t get to hold the sock. What’s a lousy handprint on a sidewalk when you can hold the Harlot’s sock for a photo op? That’s real fame!

  65. You could kinnear me anytime that you wanted to. And I’m fairly certain that he wouldn’t have been freaked out if you had asked him (Greg Kinnear) to hold the sock. I’m sure stranger things have been requested of him.

  66. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard of… Kinnearing… I am going to have to try it myself.
    too funny.

  67. Tell me that you and Julia were not SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER when she left that comment.
    Kinnearing? You are truly an inspiration for all of use who are at the edge and pissed off. Kinnearing brought you complete and total derailment of any angst you felt, huh?

  68. It’s too funny that you saw Greg Kinnear – just three weeks ago we were breakfasting at this lovely buffet in St. Louis called the Bevo Mill – which is actually a working windmill – prior to hitting the local pagan picnic with some family and friends when conversation lulled and cousin Shannon leaned over and said “hey, you see Mike (name changed to protect the innocent) down there?” , I said “yes, Shannon, he’s two seats away from me, LOL” – she says “his uncle on his dad’s side is Greg Kinnear”. After some no ways and couldn’t be’s, I looked closer and I’ll be damned if he isn’t almost a spitting image of a younger Greg Kinnear. Hope your stay in Baaston is much less eventful than your tribulations through the airport. oh, if you have a chance, hit a pub or two on Landsdowne…great places there!

  69. Sorry you had trouble with idiot people at the airport. As a kind of seasoned traveler myself, I have seen these types as well. It’s ridiculous what people think is okay – really, drinking a litre of water so he wouldn’t have to dispose of it.

  70. And does it strike you that all of those who were fighting the rules at the airport (“How DARE you tell me I can’t…???”) are the same ones who will be shouting foul, blaming and suing everyone and their brother when something bad happens. Ugh. I too am a little more than curious about the sock machine…?! I have never kinneared anyone but I can completely understand the situation and would do the same thing if in a similar one! Good idea to practice, tho. I’ll do that before my next trip. PS have fun in Boston!

  71. Me too! I will be bandying about Kinnear as verb (‘specially since my photog skills lend themselves so handily to Kinnearing).
    Also, “Hi, I’m famous too” might not have been a bad opening.

  72. Airports hassels must be one of the worst parts of your tours… the waits, the food, the up & down (oh, wait I’m talking about me).
    On a sunny note ~ did you say sock machine? If truth be told I’m the world’s slowest sock knitter. I’d be very interested in a machine that can speed me along. Such pretty sock yarn. So unlikely that I’ll ever knit any of it at the rate I complete socks. More info, please!

  73. You would be surprised at how nice celebrities can be. I got Taylor Swift (3rd on the Country music charts) and Patton Oswalt (comedian and voice of Remy in Ratatouille) both to pose with my sock just by asking.

  74. Maybe…just maybe…the Nalgene guy was a member of the Secret Squirrel Society. Did he have fleece secreted in the backpack?
    I am SO glad I traded careers and no longer have to travel for a living…now I just deal with 100+ 14 year olds daily…making mothers rejoice around the world when the urchins go back to school. (I’m an agent for Operations Cast-On…gonna try to get some of them to knit this year!)

  75. Can you now invent a good swear word that I can use so that when I scream it in front of my 18 month old and ten week old, with an hysterical smile on my face (like nothing’s wrong), they can laugh and repeat it as often as they like?
    Arg, arg, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!Somebody help me, etc.
    (P.S. Hope your trip was great).

  76. Sorry, everyone, I’m a little behind tonight.
    So, Steph, you’re speaking tonight? Say arse!

  77. How come my personal info never gets remembered even though I tell it to?? (I know you have no control over it, sigh) I think I will take up Kinnearing as a hobby! Not tonight honey! I’m going Kinnearing! (snicker)

  78. Wish I’d thought to kinnear Willem Dafoe when we saw him at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. All I could think to do is try not to let him see me staring!

  79. Great new verb you invented there! It reminds me of a time many, many years ago, when Matthew Broderick was filming a movie at a farm just up the road from us. Mom and I were going out on some errand or other, I was driving, and she decided to bring her camera to get a picture of the movie-making. But, no, heaven forbid we should stop the car. Or that they should see her pointing a camera their way. No. What she did as we were driving by was, with her eyes straight ahead as if she had no interest in the camera crews and lights and all that, to quickly lift her camera up to the car window and snap! a quick photo through the glass. All without glancing their way. All without letting them see what she was doing. All in the space of about 15.3 seconds as we drove past.
    And, needless to say, all with me cracking up with laughter in the driver’s seat.

  80. Wow, who knew that the celebrity line at the airport was as bad as the line the rest of us have to stand in. 😉
    Oh, how I wish I could have been there so that when he was right next to you I could get all fan-geek and ask you to sign books and stroke socks and then look over at him and say, “oh hey, Greg Kinnear, cool” and then go back to gushing over my Yarn Harlot.
    We’ll get your buzz going in Hollywood.

  81. Leave it to a knitter to come up with a cool and trendy name for bad photography. Knitters are so creative and incredibly cool that I am amazed that we are not ruling the world!!!

  82. Sock machine?? I don’t think I want to know more. I might start knitting again and there’d go my food budget on yarn…
    I’m with you on the freaky trying-not-to-appear-to-notice-while-making-a-fool-of-yourself thing. I’ve often thought of what I’d do if I ever met someone whose work I admired, never mind someone I really, really liked. Sting’s a good example. I would completely love to meet him in a really embarassing hyperventilating way, but I couldn’t possibly, because all I’d be capable of would be incoherent babbling and then I’d have to live with that memory for the rest of my life. I’m so uncool…

  83. Personally, I feel better knowing you’re staying with someone tonight who is guaranteed to give you the large glasses of wine you so clearly need.

  84. Actually I think is it “International I’ve Never Flown So I Will Now” week, ’cause all those people you were writing about were in Detroit and Chicago on Monday.

  85. That’s pretty funny. My DH had the same reaction when he saw Julia Roberts in our little town. He was like, “Hey! I know her!…wait, I don’t”
    He didn’t get a chance to Kinnear her though.

  86. Sock machine? Kindly back up just a wee bit and discuss the sock machine. You may take the pictures at the angle you prefer.

  87. the man of the house kinnears me all the time, due to my deep dislike of having a picture taken. a person can become quite adept at this art.
    recent addict here; i don’t have everything memorized yet. but, have you mentioned that there are (is?) not one but TWO of your books on itunes? i’m leaving in the morning for a 3 hour drive to a wedding, so i have ‘casts off’ downloading at this very moment. yeah. life is good.

  88. Those same people have gotten off the planes and are now driving around here. Sigh.
    Kinnearing, great new word for day! Must do more of that.

  89. Anyone who works with large numbers of people (schools, hospitals, airlines, etc.) will give you the reason for all that insanity in a heartbeat…the full moon! No kidding…we all have stories to tell to prove it…honest! 🙂

  90. heh. I recently took sneaky shots on a vacation. Had to get some pics of the diners near us devouring some crab legs. Knew my daughters (9) would be good and disgusted 😉
    Ahh to own a sock knitter machine. Sigh.

  91. Think of it this way, at least asking a celeb to hold a sock-in-progress is a refreshing question. Who knows, perhaps he knows a knitter in Toronto that should be at knit night?
    Now, if you were really gutsy, you could have asked him to knit a stitch…

  92. OK, I am reading this post and laughing my head (and other parts) off and my husband says “what’s that?” So I try to explain the funny Kinnear pictures that you were taking of everyone and everything and he says “is that someone you know?” Of course, I start laughing even harder as we look at all the “Kinneard” “art form” pictures that you took. So here I am sitting at my computer, talking to and laughing at it and he then says “I guess I just don’t get it!” hahahahaha (I’m not sure I do either, but I STILL think this was hilarious. In fact, next time I am out, I am going to try it myself! tee hee So, my last response to you was “have TONS of fun” and I guess you already are (sort of in the Greg Kinnear, Kinnearing part, at least). Good luck to you throughout the rest of your trip….I’m hoping the worst is over and it will be downhill all the way!

  93. Yes we Kinneared you quite a bit tonight, this was the funniest night I can remember, Stephanie is a brilliant speaker, funny beyond words, warm , friendly, and yes it was worth driving for and hour and half in that horrible Boston traffic!
    ( what gives tonight??)
    I have a picture of us with “the traveling sock” I can ask for nothing more! Stephanie you were the greatest!!!!! Many thanks….now write about the panties!

  94. First of all, I’m seeing you in Atlanta in September! Okay, that sounded a bit creepy. I promise I’m not a preteen fangirl, though I was during the heyday of Britney Spears.
    [walks away from the computer for 6 hours and forgets everything]
    Greg Kinnear! yay!

  95. Yeah, unfortunately summer flying is indeed a bitch because there are a lot of “novices” out there heading on vacation. Of course, even we pros sometimes forget. The security guys got all hot and bothered about one of my bags on a recent trip. They wouldn’t let me touch the bag, but they kept running it through the scanner and mumbling at the screen and searching it and running it back through the scanner… Turns out I had completely forgotten about a metal tube of hydrocortisone cream and it had wedged itself down at the bottom of one of the inner pockets, so they couldn’t find it with their normal open-bag-peer-in-approve-bag approach. Oops. I’m sure I had a bunch of irritated people behind me as well. I was quite embarrased when they finally pulled it out and told me it was contraband because it was more than 3 oz. {sigh}

  96. Now, I think we all will be really impressed if he was on the same plane as you. Did you get to at least pass through first class?
    My dh, ds (2 at the time) & I were riding bikes through our local park & they had been filming Meet The Fockers. We had ridden our bikes for the past few days hoping to see someone good. It’s pretty secluded for a public park so there was no security around at all. They were filming at the end when Ben and Dusitn are riding in the “Thing” car. We happened to see just the two of them, no one else around, as they were waiting for their cue to drive on the road. We stopped to watch & Dustin yelled, “Is there anyone in the back of that carrier?” Well, I ran around to unstrap my son to show them real fast. Dustin calls us over to say hi, asked my son’s name (Guy) and is waving and saying, “Hi Guy, hi Guy”!! I told them we couldn’t wait to see the movie and Ben says he couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was so thrilling to have them be so nice – in the middle of shooting a movie.
    If only we had a camera!

  97. I recently Kinneared all the knitted items I could see at a local rock festival, just had no idea it had a name besides “freaky lady taking photos of strangers wearing knitwear”. Thanks!
    And also, I have no idea who G. Kinnear is. Should I?

  98. Drinking a litre of water in line at the airport – SAD
    Taking covert pics of Greg Kinnear in the same line – WILD
    Giving us all a new word for taking covert pics – YAAY

  99. I so love Greg Kinnear – not only is he a major cutie, he just seems so smart in an understated way. I too just watched Little Miss Sunshine this weekend & thought he was great.

  100. Hey, We just saw you in Burlington MA Borders. They had plenty of chairs…even had people wearing headsets to corral all those knitters! DH estimates 250 or so knitters. This afternoon my kids heard me yell that you would be there, Stephanie…the younger two, boys (9 and 12) WANTED to go hear you talk…the older girl (17) just wanted to know if me going would interfere with her seeing her boyfriend (it wouldn’t). The other girl (15), who’d have loved to come is still in Spain, poor thing ;-). But the girls both really feel sorry for your daughters, having a mother as nutty as their own, only even more public.
    You were great, as always!

  101. OK, so, having had the intense pleasure of seeing you at Webs, and preparing for a family vacation, 1/2 of which I will miss as I’ll be home working and turning my hands ten shades of purple, I chose to stay home with my family and catch your talk “the next time around”, only to get a call at 11 freaking o’clock that you are having dinner with my friends — the folks I would have been with! Ahh, the pains of being mommy. (Won’t make THAT mistake again! hehehe)

  102. I knew as I glanced at your post I was going to be entertained, so I hauled my tired ‘arse’ out to the kitch for a choc doughnut. Nearly snorted crumbs up my nose when your tale got to the ‘nalgene’ bottle. Knitta, you slay me. It was the best giggle I’ve had all week. If I could remember this week. come see the wall of fabric I put up (yarn wall still under construction, but it’s in your honor… wool houses!) Cami

  103. Had to laugh at your celebrity encounter. About 1000 years ago my (eventual) brother-in-law and I skipped school and ran into BOB HOPE on an elevaor in a recently opened Hilton Hotel in Portland OR. We were completely speechless at the moment but thought of thousands of hilarious things to say after the fact. No, we didn’t get caught skipping.

  104. Maybe HE was Pearl-McPheeing you and was too shy to ASK to hold your sock. I spoke to Bob Kostas’ wife once (turns out she’s a cancer fund raiser), and we saw John Madden. I’d rather see Matt Damon.

  105. The guy in the jeans ahead of you there was wondering to himself, “Why is that curly haired woman Kinnearing my butt???”

  106. I guess if you’d have yanked the bottle from Clueless Guy’s hands and poured it over his head, you would’ve been detained. It might have been worth it though…
    Greg Kinnear! Wow! Did it seem as if the other passengers knew he was there? I get all excited when I see local celebs like news anchors and stuff. If I saw a “real” celebrity, I’d probably faint.

  107. Kinneared…. awesome! I had to google him, and…ohh…yum! LOVED him in that Ashley Judd movie… Hope your return flight is/was better; it’s good that you didn’t bash the dude with his water bottle, but a nice fantasy is very relaxing, right?

  108. I am sooo excited that you are comming to Georgia in September! I got my ticket the very minute that they started offering them!
    Now I have never meet anyone famous before so I dont know how these things work. So im asking you.
    I am bringing a book of yours (Cast’s Off) with me. I know you will be signing them. Is it ok to ask for a pic of you and me? I would so love to have a pic of me and my all time fave person!
    Also,just to let you know, I have read all your books and my hubby always asks me “what are you laughing about now?” So I tell him.
    He now likes you too. (He doesnt even knit.) He told me that if I didnt get him a ticket to see/meet you then I couldnt go! lol You know you have done well when you get non-knitter males to like your books and blog! lol
    Have a wonderful day Stephanie!
    Nacole in Ga!

  109. I have no idea who that is. XD I fail. I saw David Beckham and his lovely wife, some Spice Girl or another, at the airport and not only did I not recognize him, I had to ask the person next to me who they were and call a friend and ask who David Beckham is. XD

  110. Airports are hell on Earth, and a prime place to implement a friend’s plan to enlist “Personal Drill Sergeants for the Clueless”: Whenever someone shows signs of slowing the rest of us down, a PDS appears and starts yelling, “Move it! Move it! Move it! Shape up, Soldier, or your ASS is GRASS!”

  111. I apologize. I was not in your airport or your line, but today I was in an airport and I had an entire bottle of water. Thankfully, there was a water fountain nearby in which to empty said bottle. The guy also kept asking me “are you sure there are no other liquids in here?” and I kept saying no, and then he’d find more. I haven’t flown since the liquid rule went into effect, and even though I’ve heard about it, I didn’t quite comprehend the idea that mascara counts as liquid. And I didn’t even realize I had mascara in there, or moisturizer or many of the other “liquids” they found at the bottom of my bag. At least I did get to say “only in my boobs” when they asked if I had baby food with me. I was traveling with my three year old and three month old, and all I can say is you’re just lucky you weren’t on the plane with us because you didn’t have to listen to the screaming.
    I took a secret picture of a “cute boy” in high school. You should have asked G.Kinnear to hold the sock!

  112. my goodness… have i told you lately that i love you? in a non creepy way, of course.
    kinnearing. i can’t stop smiling. thanks!

  113. For all those asking about a sock knitting machine. They don’t make these and haven’t for many years. All of the ones in exsistance are antiques. You can buy them from other people and there are only a few people who restore the ones out there. I know addi came out with a circular plastic one that does tubes but this is not the same thing as a real sock machine. Try googleling sock knitting machine. And Steph thanks for the laughs last night in Burlington. We love ya babe! Also in a not creepy way. I am now on the look out for CHOKE operatives everywhere.

  114. I think all the dingbats that held you up at the airport flew on to Mich. and came to our county fair. Honestly.
    Love the new word. Now can someone Kinnear your new haircut so we can see?

  115. a few months ago i kinneared the dalai lama in n’hampton with my cell. i then emailed this to my husband to verify that i had not lost my mind, but had, indeed, seen the dalai lama in n’hampton.

  116. I have visions of you Kinnearing (which I like much better than the other terms) when you’ve forgotten to turn off the flash, standing there trying to look totally oblivious and innocent amongst a crowd. “Who, me? Camera? Flash? No, I didn’t see any flash. Why are you all looking at me?”
    But if Gordon Pinsent can actually *knit* a bit on the sock, I’m sure Greg Kinnear would’ve held it for a pic. Might have been kind of bemused, but no doubt was equally frustrated at being in the airport with the clueless. It would have at least distracted him!

  117. I’m getting braver as I age–I would have taken a pic of Mr. Nalgene bottle AND I would have asked G. Kinnear to hold the sock for the blog. Really now, it’s not like you didn’t have the time, and it might have made the waiting in line thing more tolerable and entertaining!

  118. Of course you know my favorite part of this whole post is that the calm, earthy, loving vegetarian briefly became a barbaric cannibal. That’s my favorite part about people. Hee.

  119. Mr. Nalgene bottle should have been asked to step aside while drinking so that others could be processed. I hope that he was seated on an inside seat, far away from the bathroom.
    I love the concept of Kinnearing photos so much that I’ve been doing it for years. Most people (husband) complain that I’m a lousy photographer. Now I have proof from an international, published celebrity (The Yarn Harlot) that I’m artistic. Hope you have a great time.

  120. I love taking pictures like that! Occasionally you get some really great ones. Just remember, if you want to be stealthy, make sure the flash is off (I learned the hard way).

  121. I wish you could have Kinneared me laughing at my desk all alone while reading this. I’m sure my co-workers are confident they have confirmed that I am “not right”!
    I laughed so hard, I hope your trip gets better.

  122. I think under the circumstances you did really well with the Kinnearing… I probably would have thrown myself on the ground in front of him, taken six pictures, and been dragged to the security room… Good blog!!

  123. I was in an airport yesterday too but I was busy knitting on a sock so that the crazy people wouldn’t bother me. Didn’t get to see any famous people though… – just as well since I couldn’t bring my camera.

  124. The backpacker? After drinking a liter of water— he surely recieved his “dues” by spending his flight in the airplane toilet. Though for sure a solid smack would have been appropriate.
    Just a thought—- suicide bombers— wouldn’t they drink a liter of explosive before boarding….? If the whole point is avoiding dangerous fluids… what difference does it make whether is swallowed or in a nalgene bottle!
    The world is sick and it’s apparently affecting me. sorry.
    So- Dear Harlot— the knitternets (that’s my new word- I like it) await— will you be “WINGING” it on your Mystery Stole…or not? (I’m guessing you’ll roll with it- but am curious to see your choice)

  125. You’ve started a new craze among knitters…blogs will be filling up with Kinneared pictures…they’ll be KALs where everyone Kinnears their projects…they’ll be a Kinneared photos group on ravelry…

  126. You should have played it coy and made a crack about the crazy guy with the nalgene bottle. Then you could have asked him to hold the sock.
    (ya, like I’m that smooth…)

  127. Okay, so I’ve flown out of and into Logan a few times now and it never gets any easier. Ever. It really is embarrassing how poorly coordinated it is, and yes while you’re there you realize how much anger and frustration you can hold in (or not).

  128. ha, ha, ha!! This cracks me up. I am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who gets so fed up w/ this sh**t. I especially appreciated your comment about the overly relaxed backpacker dude, because I have SOOOO had those thoughts and I have often wondered if it was just because *I* wasn’t cool that I didn’t get it — didn’t share his relaxed vibe. Now I know it’s not just me. 🙂

  129. dear stephanie,
    where are you going to be in atlanta ga in september? got to make plans to be there!
    Joy Threlkeld-Brown

  130. When it seems obvious that the cages have, indeed, been opened to release the nuts on us, the unsuspecting, I also consider that they are:
    1. Allowed to procreate.
    2. Allowed to drive.
    3. Allowed to vote.
    Then, I go have a very stiff drink!

  131. just a thought- I wonder how many times YOU’VE been kinneared without your knowledge? (Or at least your knitting…..;)
    Admittedly- most knitters wouldn’t be daunted…as your approachability is beyond measure;)
    Kinneared new Harlot Hair shot please?

  132. Next time say, “Excuse me. You may not know me but I am a HUGE celebrity in the knitting world. I know what it is like to deal with flocks of fans. Could you please take my picture with this sock for my devoted followers? Then you can post a photo of the Yarn Harlot and her sock and tell us all that Greg Kinnear took the photo. Who knows? Maybe he’d laugh and offer to pose with you.

  133. I love that. Kinnearing. Finally a word for all of the crappy pictures I’ve been taking for years. I am physically incapable of taking a straight shot. Every picture looks like the world is tilted (which makes me think that maybe I’m the tilted one).

  134. Greg Kinnear! How cool! I touched his naked butt. In a perfectly professional manner, I’m a massage therapist and he was one of my clients at the resort I used to work at. He’s an hysterically, funny, sweet guy. And a good tipper!
    I’m going to try some Kinnearing, now!

  135. I’m glad you made it in last night. Now I’ve got all of your books, and two of ’em are signed.
    Thanks for holding our socks! (The redhead with the khaki & burgundy sock.)
    As far as the airport…well…it’s been that kind of a WEEK for me, you’re not alone! =^..^=

  136. I looked up sock machines for y’all– they’re available, but they’re in the Not Cheap department. Between $1000 and $1800 US. I don’t need socks that bad.

  137. There’s that perfect Canadian politeness coming back to bite you in the duff. That guy would have been beset upon & torn apart by his fellow line-mates at my local airport. The pack would have just thought of it as thinning the herd.

  138. No one would have a bigger laugh at this than Greg himeself. Have you seen the Chuck Norris joke website? Chuck says he is ‘humbled’ that there are pages and pages of jokes relating to his He Man status. Any celebrity who can’t laugh at the celebration of himself isn’t worthy of our worship…. and OH have you SEEN the new Vogue knitting Fall Special Collector’s Issue???? Yowsa! I’d say we’re movin’ on up to the Eastside…as the song says. It’s Gianormous. The printing costs alone….staggering. KNITTING RULES.

  139. So…. when my pictures turn out like that it is “Harlot-esque”? Or a “Harlot-ism”? Or “Harlot-ish”? Perhaps “Harlot-istic”?
    I believe I prefer A.

  140. All I have to say is thank heavens I’m alone at home when I read these posts. Other people would think I have lost my mind. I am as excited as a five year old at Christmas to see that you are coming to LA!! I can’t wait!

  141. I totally took pictures of Greg Kinnear at a distance! Granted, we were on the set of ‘Invincible’ so it wasn’t totally creepy.
    Btw, he’s kind of a diva.
    Oh, and I’m a first time commenter! Hi 😀

  142. Well, until I read the above comment by Shannon saying that he was a bit of a diva, I was going to say you should have just politely asked him if you could snap a photo. Isn’t it nice thought that even he has to wait on line?

  143. I’m completely going to define this, conjugate it, and push it into regular usage for a slang term (see if I don’t!)
    It’ll be in a rap song, on MTV (or Both) or in a parody by Weird Al before too long.
    Linguistic brilliance.
    If Kevin Bacon can have a game, then Greg Kinnear can have a photography method. Oh yes he can.

  144. So the Kinnearing was very interesting but what about that sock machine? I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that. Does it totally rock? Where can I get me one of those puppies?

  145. Love the Kinnearing. You crack me up. 🙂
    The guy with the Nalgene, while he should be praised on his selection of water container, needs to be smacked up-side his head. Who in their right mind tries to take something like that on an airplane? I don’t even fly (never ever) and I know that rule.

  146. You know, when I see famous people, I don’t know whether to tackle them for their autograph or leave them alone…because I know they get sick of people approaching them.
    You’ve offered me a solution. I can have proof that I’ve seen them without ever talking to them.
    That’s not “stalker-y” is it?

  147. I was just at Camp Obama, where they stressed that you have to ask people for what you want – and you’ll never get what you don’t ask for.
    So I overcame my shyness, asked a couple of the speakers to hold the sock, and it worked – my sock has now been held by one of Obama’s mentors from Way Back When, and by Chicago’s City Clerk (which sounds like a pretty important person for a city that size). I prefaced the question with “this is probably the weirdest request you’ll get all day,” and I hope I’m right.
    I’ve learned my lesson – maybe I’ll start asking everyone I meet to hold the sock!

  148. Welcome to the world of celebrities, Stephanie! We know you are, and now I guess you’re beginning to realize it. Don’t know whether it pleases you or not.
    I haven’t read all of the comments here, but enough of them contain plans to throw panties at you at other locations that it’s beginning to make me a little uneasy. I put out this thought for all of us knitterfolk to consider:
    Stephanie’s genius largely depends on creating community among knitters. She is a fabulous knitter, yes, and we revel in all of the knowledge and beautiful examples she shares with us. But the strength that shines through so many posts, day after day, is her ability to relate to all of us as a human being and serve as a catalyst to forming other relationships, online and locally. Viz., the comments on her blog are a source of relationship, almost as much fun and satisfying as her blog posts.
    Now think what might happen if, at Stephanie’s appearances, people continue to throw things at her and compete among themselves for the most outrageous weird new idea (e.g., thongs, knit panties, what next?). Instead of being a focal point, she could become a target, and instead of a community, the audience could become competitors, more interested in what they as individuals are doing than in what the knitting community is doing.
    And what about the gender-neutral aspect that is beginning to show up among the newest, youngest knitters? What kind of message will they take away from a gathering in which adults are throwing panties (or other objects) at the speaker?
    Do you see where I’m going here? We need to keep it safe for Stephanie to continue making offhand comments as if she were just sitting in our living room. She shouldn’t have to watch what she says, like other celebrities do, for fear of mobs and stalkers. She shouldn’t have to remain alert for flying objects while she is giving a talk. (In addition to distracting her, someone could get hurt.)
    And we need to keep in mind that our youth are watching our behavior and learning from it. We do want them to learn civilized, caring behavior, don’t we? And we want boys and girls to realize that knitting is a creative, satisfying pursuit for everyone, free of gender stereotypes.
    We need to find a better way to demonstrate our affection for Stephanie. Make another contribution to Knitters Without Borders! Knit preemie hats for your local hospital! Start or join a knitting group in your area! Teach a young person to knit! Visit a nursing home and take your knitting and some needles and yarn, in case anyone wants to try! (If not, just talk and knit.)
    I’m sure you can all come up with other ideas and we can discuss them here, or perhaps on an auxiliary blog for the purpose. My main point is, we are a community of knitters, and now that it is growing so large, it will take conscious effort to keep it a community and not let it become a pack.

  149. I am going to try this Kinnearing thing. I think it could be an art form.
    When I saw the title I thought Greg Kinnear? Nah, not on a knit blog.
    Ah the versatility of the knit blog.

  150. I hope Mr. Nalgene hit a lot of turbulence with a full bladder. Oooohh, shiny sock machine…

  151. 1- julia has a very nice kitchen
    2- i have just this minute (10pm) returned from cape cod, massachussetts and i have to say I LOVE MA!!!!
    3- which of those legs belonged to mr. kinnear?
    4- next time, just explain the situation to another person inline, pretend you are taking his or her pic, while the intended subject is actually in the background of your frame! a snap! stalking made easy and all that!

  152. Thank you for this post. It just converted my almost husband (12 days!) from thinking that most knitters are big dorks, into believing that knitters are regular people who want to take out the inept, just like him. We can just do cool stuff with string and some sticks. (ok, he didn’t say the last part, but he should have.) Thank you!

  153. How cool will it be when the verb to Kinnear turns up on the Urban Dictionary website? You will have coined a new word and only knitters will know where it came from. What fun! I feel a tiny bit sorry for Greg Kinnear knowing he’s about to become a verb, but not really.
    My own waiting in line at the airport (Boston Logan) funny/embarrassing moment – I was staring off into space, really, when I realized I was staring AT someone who looked familiar. It was Fabio and he caught me staring and so thought I was into him.

  154. OK, let’s see if I can play 6 degrees of Greg Kinnear…
    My aunt is Angela Bowie’s godmother. (true)
    Angie Bowie knows Iggy Pop (probably in the biblical sense.)
    Iggy Pop appeared with Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes III (1993)
    Tom Waits appeared with Greg Kinnear in Mystery Men.
    OK, that’s 5, right? Not that it’s going to help you at all.

  155. I’ll play 6 degrees too!
    Assistant principal (1) at my children’s first elementary school went to high school with Matt Damon (2) who appeared in STUCK ON YOU with Greg Kinnear (3).

  156. Just remembered I can do better, Lenny Clarke was in STUCK ON YOU too. From 1996 until 2004 I lived across the street from Lenny Clarke’s mother and I met Lenny many times. I’m 2 degrees from Greg Kinnear (and Matt Damon).

  157. Kennearing..so there is a name to go with it. Back in the 70’s I kinneared a dead fish lying in an old barrell in Rockport, Mass then recently I kenneared three women complete with nylons and black pumps standing in the entryway to the pancake house. Two of my best photos ever.
    Needless to say the shot of the women was just of their nylon clad legs and pumps.
    Keep Kennearin an you will keep kinnitering.

  158. See, that’s just wrong. There you were in Halifax telling me how WRONG cannibalism is. That you couldn’t even join in on Lene’s “fascinating” discussion. HAH Liar liar pants on fire!
    Maybe you should have given buddy a shower with his H20. Probably faster than watching him drink it!

  159. Kinneared my dd yesterday. This is fun!
    She doesn’t get it—she doesn’t knit either so I think that pretty much explains it! 🙂

  160. Well, people can estimate slopes better unconsciously than consciously… Maybe you could pretend that Greg Kinnear was a slope and then walk up him. Hm.

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