Socks Socks Socks

I’ve spoken (probably a lot) about my strong preference for socks as the ideal travel project, at least for me. They are small, light, easy to keep track of and come in a charming variety of difficulties. There’s a seemingly endless parade of sock yarns out there, and at the beginning of April, when I decided to only work on socks while I was on tour for the next 36 days, I relished the opportunity to make it through a bunch of patterns I’ve been meaning to work on. I thought that considering that there are lace socks, cabled socks, plain socks, large socks, little socks, socks with picots and socks with ribbing… I thought it would be really hard to get sick of them. Wrong. You can stick a fork in me folks because I. Am. Done.

This tour I knit the Rivendell socks out of “I am the Eggpant” Dyed in the Wool Handmade sock yarn.


I knit a pair of plain vanilla socks from the forthcoming “Sock Ease” from Lion Brand Yarn.


I knit another plain pair in Blue Moon Heavyweight (forthcoming colour “Grimm’s Garden”


Then I finished a pair I haven’t told you about, because I knit them all stealth so Rachel H wouldn’t find out, what with them being a birthday present for her. These are the lovely Leyburn pattern, knit up in the new STR colourway “Knitters without Borders“. ($3 per skein going to the good guys.)


I love the stitch pattern on this one. The stranded pattern does very, very interesting things with a handpainted yarn. (They fit Rachel H too…so it was a win-win.)


Then I finished the Loksins socks, knit from Unwind Yarn Company’s superwash merino (colour “Northshore”)


(She’s a little handdyer, so remember that as with all works of art there are going to be limited numbers.)

Coming in close to the end of the tour then, I started a pair of Francie socks (I LOVE this pattern. It’s wildly interesting without being at all as difficult as it looks like it might be.)


The yarn there is another one I hadn’t used before, Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox (60% Alpaca, 20% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon) in a colour I adore, what with my fetish for 70’s appliance colours.


This is 1843 “Cornsilk”…


and they fit Ken perfectly, which is awesome, because that was the plan.

Now? Now I think that I might knit a sweater.

170 thoughts on “Socks Socks Socks

  1. You may be sick of knitting the socks, but we’re not sick of looking at them. You’ve made me want to knit socks again! Darn you!! I was doing so good with repressing the sock urges… I feel the need to go buy sock yarn now. The Sock Force is great with you.

  2. Stephanie – Love your books and the blog. Your tour and pictures inspired me to learn to knit socks.

  3. That’s a whole lot of socks. But you are right, socks are great travelling companions. ‘Though they all look great, I like the Rivendell pair best, there is is something extra magical about that pattern in purple.

  4. Really love all the socks. Lovely patterns and colours. Looking forward to something larger from you. Congratulations on being done with the tour and “being done with” socks. (for a while at least!)

  5. Socks scare me. Your ability to produce them with such ease and ability is even more frightening.
    Does sweater knitting indicate the need to nest, now that you’re home?

  6. The smile on Ken’s face, though, that’s the thing that keeps us knitting, isn’t it? And it’s so easy to make someone happy fast with a pair of socks. But you could use a skein of sock yarn for a nice lace scarf or stole and two for a good-sized shawl. Your knitting doesn’t have to be underfoot all the time.

  7. Yay for much sock yummy-ness! Love what you did with the KWoB – that is definately an interesting, stand-out look. I can’t wait to use mine.

  8. Thanks for posting a pic of the STR KWoB colorway. I picked some up in Maryland this weekend and I was dying to see how it would turn out! Now to find the perfect pattern for mine. . . right after Sock Wars.

  9. Great socks! My fav: the Leyburn Socks.
    I agree with Chris T, I’m lucky if I can knit a pair of socks in one month.
    Is there a secrect to this phenom (other than incredible speed)??

  10. I was enjoying the sock parade until the last one (that’d be the “Francie”) when I was hit with that heart-pounding, breath-gasping moment. OMG I am in love–that is the most sensual looking pair of socks—I know it’s supposed to represent trees and all but don’t you just want to stroke those soles????? OK, to each his/her own….but I have to go and make those puppies. Right.Now.
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  11. I understand OH, so Completely about DONE with that project!!! I am starting a lovely sweater for my 9 year old… hopefully… if I ever get to see you in this area (St Louis… please come back!!!)I’ll make her wear it and show you.

  12. The socks are AMAZING (just the number of socks you have knit is amazing – and we won’t even get into the patterns and colourways and artistry of them all). But I particularly love the ones Ken is wearing. And from the look on his face, he does too…

  13. 6 pairs finished (if not all started) in 36 days….Wow… You continue to amaze me.
    And I love the stranded pattern-such a neat way to make the colors look just a little different.

  14. You’re so FAST! I’ve had Francies on the needles for 2 weeks for my mother, and the first one still isn’t done. (But we’re moving Mother’s day to June this year, right?)
    They look great in that yarn. I actually ran into another knitter at the airport a couple of months ago (my knitterly rays must have been strong that day, as she spotted my socklet from far away), and she was knitting with that same yarn, in the same color. So soft and fuzzy.

  15. Those socks are great! Really and truly great! πŸ™‚ But I’m glad you made it home safe, (partially?) sane, and sound! You’ll have to keep us updated on that sweater!

  16. Lace! Knit some lace! :o)
    I wonder if the ridges are uncomfortable on the bottom of Ken’s foot? I suppose I could ask him!

  17. I thought I was done with socks forever until I saw the Francie pattern. Now… one more pair, someday.

  18. I totally understand the burnout. I did that recently with scarves, especially as I was doing simple ones plus my own pattern over and over.
    So I got back to my center-cable EPS sweater. Today I’m going back to scarves for a while before I rip the body of the sweater up to the armholes. A large swatch in the round and two sleeves all match in gauge but the body doesn’t and is over 4 inches too big. I am not relaxed right now, either. Maybe in a couple days I’ll pick up my almost finished Biscuit cardigan for a while, but I think I need a little sweater break.
    It’s a good thing there are so many choices now days, isn’t it? Enjoy the change.

  19. Now that you have fed the need that you have for socks… what about Joe’s need for a gansey? Are you going to help him out with that one so he can wear it this winter?

  20. Beautiful socks! I’ve been resisting the Loskins, but I’m sold now, and those Rivendell socks are dreamy! Ooh, and the Leyburn (and what a great colorway!) and the Grimm’s Garden colorway, and and and man do I need to finish the two pairs languishing in SSS hell and start new socks! Socks are about all I can knit right now, since I had a couple of sweaters queued but can’t imagine knitting a sweater while I’m pregnant! Might as well wait until that’s over! Socks it is!

  21. So much travel = so much sock time! I just started a travelling sock for the commuter train to and from work. I also have a sweater to work on for home. And an easy blanket project to work on while watching movies. I used to just knit one project at a time…and then I discovered your blog!! And I also taught my best friend to knit, and now she wants to learn to make socks! Yippee!

  22. You had to say something about the Lion SockEase again, didn’t you?
    They aren’t making it available to us paeans until June (at least in the States).
    I am LOLing at the gansey suggestions.
    PS — How can FireFox not recognize the word ‘gansey’?

  23. I’m channeling you, I was done with socks as of yesterday. It has a lot to do with me wearing sandals and happens every time it gets warm. I’d be grateful if you would now think hard about what colour sweater I want to knit so I can pick that out of your mind. Avocado is out but I could see my way to harvest gold.
    I bet you’re back on socks when you come to see us (and me!)in London in September.

  24. Those Francie socks are seriously cool! That might just be enough of “I wanna make!” to get me out of my Basic Sock Recipe mindset.

  25. Oooh. When you posted the first picture of those Francies last week, I was like, ‘yeah, whatever,’ but now that I see them finished in their entirety, THEY MUST BE MINE. So cool!

  26. Hey! If anybody out there has also made the Leyburn socks, did you have a problem with your instep coming out way shorter than your sole, by the time you were ready to start on the heel? Or did that only happen to me because my feet are size 10 US?
    If you had the problem, how’d you work around it? THANKS! I’ve been stuck on those since January. πŸ™

  27. You are awesome! Once again I bow down before you. It takes me a month to finish a single pair of socks.

  28. Six pairs of socks in 36 days? Yikes! No wonder you’re sick of them. I was away for only four days, took along a scarf, a sock, and a sweater front, and only worked on the scarf. I was pretty sick of that by the end of four days.

  29. Wow! Lots of socks!
    I’m working on Francie right now (after having to rip back the entire leg of one due to knitterly denial – they were wayyyy too tight), and it really is a fun little pattern. Yours are lovely.

  30. Okay Ken could be a foot model seriously I didn’t think it was a real foot at first. Love the socks!

  31. Yeah, and what Presbytera said, too. Geez, at this rate, Joe deserves kilt hose and a long cabled cape to go along with that alleged gansey.
    I bet the squirrel made off with the gansey, or you spilled beer on it, and you haven’t screwed up the courage to tell us yet.

  32. Wow, my STR KWB seems to have a LOT of white in it! I’m thinking some sort of shoulder shawl-type object, because I don’t think I want to muck up such great yarn by making socks out of it.

  33. I never thought a sock could be sexy, but the mitered ribs on the sole of the Francie have me thinking impure thoughts.

  34. Wow, we might have to start calling you the Sock Harlot! You definitely didn’t waste all your free time in a frivolous fashion, did you? You are surely ready for sweater time.

  35. Those are amazing socks. I can see how you’d be ready for a change though.

  36. Love all the socks. Very nice!
    I’m looking forward to knitting socks that I can finish in the period of one week instead of the stockings I’m working on now…

  37. you’ll come back to socks, their siren is to loud to resist. it’s ok to walk away for a little bit. enjoy the sweater. the sock yarn (and dpns) are patiently waiting for your return and aren’t upset at all.. the dpns are tired and need a break.

  38. Yeah, you say that now, but you’ll have another pair on the needles in under a week, is my guess. You can’t resist! They’re like the mob! Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. . . lol.

  39. That’s funny. I was just telling my mother this morning that if something happened and all knitters had to specialize in just one article (be it shawl, hat, whatever) that I would definitely be the sock girl. But I can say that from the comfort of just making a quick little pair for myself every now and again. If I really had nothing ahead of me but socks and more socks, I would be dreaming of garter stitch scarves, I’m sure.
    p.s. Thanks for being so awesome on Sunday in SLC. (I brought the boxy Idaho washcloth and the knit-clad muggles.) I always get nervous when I meet someone I respect from afar, worried that they won’t be the same in “real life.” I should have known better.

  40. Ummmm…what? I’m kinda shocked. When I think harlot, I think socks! However, your teaser begs the question: What will the next amazing sweater be? Is it already picked out, or are you surfing Ravelry for inspiration as we speak?

  41. THAT’s alot of socks! Too bad they don’t count toward christmas knitting!!!! Ken seems happy!
    I finished my serendipity (rocking sock club) socks that you held for me at WEBS! Designer Adrienne was thrilled you held them!

  42. Holy socks Batman!
    And here I was thinking of how I was getting sick of socks! I’m leading a “tour” through Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book at my local yarn shop and I’ve been busily trying to stay one step ahead of my students (we’re callin’ em tourists) on the socks. Cat’s a genius but I grow weary of all the socks on a deadline. I started a sweater just to numb the pain.

  43. I gotta say, Ken’s socks look amazing!I almost want to knit them (this coming from someone that hasn’t caught the sock bug…yet)

  44. I have loved your journey through socks. I only started learning to knit socks this year and am working my way through Jeanette Trotman’s “Easy Knitted Socks” book. So far I have completed 4 pairs on two needles and am about to do my first pair on DPNs. Your socks are beautiful, and I hope you go back to them, once you’ve done a sweater. Any ideas on which sweater you want to do? You could start a KAL!

  45. You have the nicest readers. The consensus seems to be that Ken is smiling from gratitude and pleasure. My guess, though, is that he’s enjoying watching you sprawl in the daffodils balanced on one elbow eight inches from foot traffic .
    At least I am.
    (And Lynn, what a wonderful phrase. I’m going to think of it as the “alleged gansey” from here on. Not that I’d mention it. I have trained others to do that for me.)

  46. Oh my gosh I love your socks. Ok.. the real reason I had to comment is I’ve been reading all the old posts since I only recently discovered your super blog. I just finished November 2006 and read your green sock saga. Have you seen Firefly since then?? I had to ask even though the answer may be in December. That is one of the best mini series I’ve seen. And if you like geeky sci-fi you’ll love it!! I do. If you haven’t seen it. Go! Now!

  47. Yikes, guess that means you won’t be wanting the sock goodies I was going to send for the day of your birth….I have impeccable timing like that!
    love the rivendell socks especially!

  48. Your socks are beautiful. However, I am just finishing my first-ever pair of socks. I followed your sock directions–I didn’t even use the cheat sheet pattern. It took me three tries–I have very skinny ankles and feet–till I got the right number of stitches. I love making socks–so I am not going to listen to comments about getting sick of them. I think I may have finally found my niche in knitting! You were right when you said in your book, how turning a heel is almost magical! I turned it last night while watching “American Idol” and it turned out perfectly! Thanks for writing such great directions!

  49. In the event that I ever actually complete a handknit sock, I’m probably going to have to name it Stephanie in your honour, because it’ll probably be your fault. If you can make me actually THINK about knitting a sock, you’re possessed of super powers.
    All in all, it would probably be more productive for me to try to bribe Denny into doing it for me.

  50. LOVE the rivendell. Those have been on my list for a loooong time and I really should just knit them already!

  51. I know you’ll be back – remember all those green socks you knitted for that TV show? You were seriously sick of socks then, and I don’t blame you. Take a break, enjoy your sweater (forget the gansey – you’ve been killing yourself on tour and deserve to knit whatever you want) and come back to socks when you’re rested!
    Thanks for wonderful pictures!

  52. That’s a heckofalotta socks. I can understand being ready for something different now. πŸ™‚

  53. Ok.. you’ve seen it. I’m dumb and got all excited and everyone knows you’ve already seen it cause they live in the future where as I’m living in the past. At least it’s less than two years ago now. I’m catching up.

  54. Six pairs of socks in 36 days? Wow, that is fast. I’m lucky if I can get one pair in 36 days.
    I like Ken’s socks best. How does ribbing feel on the bottom?

  55. Step away from the socks… it’s time;) Well- unless you want to knit a pair for me….;)
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all time favorite books- I first read it in 4th grade. I must make those socks;)
    Can’t wait to see what you knit next… ps the stash n burn interview was great.. I listened while pinning out my Tuscany Shawl:)

  56. Hi Stephanie,
    You definitely completed quite a few pairs of socks on this tour. Love them all, but especially the last ones you made for Ken. They are very interesting and was wondering, did Ken say they were comfortable? Just wondering because of the pattern on the sole of the sock. As always, its great to read about your projects and adventures. Take care!

  57. I love all your socks — but I especially covet Ken’s Francies. What a cool pattern!
    Oooo, what kind of a sweater do you have in mind?

  58. You must knit in your sleep, 6 pairs of socks in 36 days. I suggest a lace shawl or something, sweaters are a little out of season.

  59. They are gorgeous, one and all. And who couldn’t love a colorway called I Am The Eggplant? I’m sure there’s someone, but don’t look at me.

  60. I’m on a sock binge too, for the much the same reason…lots o’ travel. I’m temporarily displaced to the deep south so sweaters and warm thick stuff is just not gonna happen for awhile. I love your socks. I’m glad you get a chance to relax at home now that your book tour is mostly over.

  61. You are a sock knitting machine! Do you ever wear tube socks from a pack? If you own any of those I bet they totally suffer from an inferiority complex while hanging out with all their mates in the sock drawer.

  62. I just ordered a skein of the Alpaca Sox in Classic Pinstripe to make my husband his first pair of handknit socks. I don’t think he’d like the Francie socks although I think they are wonderful.
    Here you are stepping away from socks to do a sweater and I am trying to finish up a toddler sweater so I can knit multiple pairs of socks. Knitting is like life – it moves in cycles.

  63. That’s lots of sock…and I love the Francie pattern, brilliant. Glad you’ve got some home time on your hands!

  64. I realize it was probably a typo, but I really hope there is yarn out there titled “I am the Eggpant.”

  65. Thank you again, Stephanie, for the shout-out for my yarns! I owe my success to you, and continue to dye my little heart out! The socks are gorgeous, and I hope to make so Loksins myself very soon, if I can get out of the dyeing kitchen long enough!
    Unwind Yarn Co.

  66. You talk a big game, Dear Harlot, but I’ll bet you cast on a new sock as soon as you clicked “post”.
    The socks are all lovely. πŸ™‚

  67. Shouting out to Ken:
    How does the texture on the soles of the socks feel? Can you feel it at all?
    I love how the pattern looks but am always leery of texture beneath the feet…

  68. Wow all of them are so cool and different! I want to knit them all! But I won’t but I can wish!

  69. Holy sheepcycle, that’s a lot of sockage for such a short amount of time. They’re all pretty, but Rivendell and Loskins are my favorite (cable sucker). At first I thought that might be Joe modeling the Francie socks. We’ve seen pictures of your girls before, but never of Joe. Not that seeing Ken is a bad thing. Do you ever take pictures of Joe or does he hide when the camera comes out?

  70. Wow, if you got tired of socks then I’m doomed. I just signed up for the 52 pair plunge as a companion to the Summer of Socks. I guess I’m behind the fashion curve for sure.
    I do hope to learn eventually what the red socks were that I got my photo taken with (along with scores if not hundreds of other knitters) at the Maker Faire.
    And I am glad you get to stay home and chill out now.

  71. What glorious swag! A delicious riotous overabundance of socks! I am in awe. I myself travel waaay too much and also was rarely seen in the flying cigar without two circulars in hand. But then… I hit the wall. Big time. So much so that I have been (wince) READING on the plane. Bah. You have inspired me! I am packing the socks right now!

  72. They are all lovely, as usual. I was looking at butterfly arses today and thought of you. You see, I have an evil secret plan regarding sock yarn and butterflies.

  73. Shoot, Steph, my todo list has just increased by 4 pairs of socks. As I’m a soon-to-be grandmother, it was already pretty long… and it’s starting to be gardening season… too much to do, no time.

  74. Six pairs in 36 days? Good grief! That’s a sock every three days – that would exhaust me, even without the travel!
    Lovely socks.

  75. I’m amazed that you managed airports and still knit such beautiful socks – though I guess the interminable waiting part would help.
    Love the socks for Ken (and great photo of both)! May just have to knit me some of the same.
    Darn! I’m in TO tomorrow for a conference. Had I known sooner you were speaking tonight….

  76. Siz pairs of socks in such a small timeframe? No wonder you’re sick of them. I love them all, especially Ken’s pair. Well done!

  77. My dear Harlotta – I swear the whole last few blog entries are making me rather Seussical “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Wow!!
    Re: socks – I’m halfway through second socks (on sock two of pair two) now that I finally have caught on that they really are not as hard as I thought they would be (knitterheaded…it needs to be a word that applies to the overthinking of things that are not that hard). I quite like the socks now. Many pairs behind you, and in not so intricate patterns (recipe socks) However am having one problem…the pain in my right hand. ANYONE and everyone who reads the harlot’s blog is invited to e-mail me with remedies of any kind. I have my crafters glove on…I am a continental knitter so all my right hand is doing is holding that needle and slipping some stitches along it ‘oncest’ in a while. I have taken a pair of isotoners an pinking sheared off the tips of the finger since my fingers are also having a wee bit of PAIN. I have put the sock away for a day or two (this is along time to knit no stitches for me…I read about knitting when I’m not knitting. I have changed to a larger needled not socklike project.
    Help, Harlot!

  78. I haven’t knit my first socks yet, though I have the yarn and needles ready to go… I keep getting distracted by baby projects. There are lots due in July (including mine). Plus I am scared of heels, and I haven’t learned to knit with DPN’s and not make ladders yet. Grrrr!!!
    I love the Rivendell’s the best; they really do make you think of LOTR. Elfish twists and magical purple…
    I need a simple sock pattern with detailed instructions and pictures!
    So good to see knitting again. I can’t believe how many socks you got done. I’m with the crowd, too… I love the bottom of Ken’s socks! Bet it feels extra squishy to walk on.

  79. I actually embraced the simple peace in knitting the 2×2 ribbing to start a plain vanilla sock this evening as I, er, enjoyed my first ever Elementary School Spring Concert. It was surprisingly good, (beginner recorder class though? maybe not so much my thing) but dragged on forever. The grade ones really are cute though.
    Excellent stealthing, by the way.

  80. not only are the socks beautiful, but they carry greatly powerful knitterly mojo – holding the travelling sock has had quite an immediate effect on my formerly non-knitting mom! Ever since hearing you speak, and meeting you (in San Mateo – we brought the muffins and the contraband *shhhh* beer) she has been quoting you like crazy and telling people (….at work) to leave her alone so that she can knit.
    She’s on bookbookbook the first, but coming along – can’t read and knit at the same time yet. love the socks, can’t wait ’til Dana has some yarn up for sale, and can’t wait to catch up with you in the San Francisco area again!

  81. Hey, you are So Done with socks, just as you inspired me to get started knitting them! (First [baby] socks for the Portland event!)
    And I LOOOOOVE knitting them!
    So, just to be a good soul and all, I’ll be happy to relieve you of all that boring sock yarn you no longer need.
    Isn’t that kind of me? ;o)

  82. Good on you Steph! They are all fantastic. The Francie socks damn near kill me. Angus sends his love.

  83. OMG! I hope your agent booked you a deep tissue massage at every stop along the way. My body aches just looking at the mountains of knitting you did on one trip. Each one is more beautiful than the last.
    Dear Stephanie’s AGENT – did you hear that? She should have massages every day when she tours! She deserves it. : )

  84. What a very socksy post! The are all faboo – I am especially intrigued by the socks that have a ribbing almost swirly thing going on, very hypnotic, weird/cool thing.

  85. OK, I, too, am deeply curious about how the Francies feel, because I find the shaping completely compelling. Ken, would you walk around in them with shoes on for a while and then report back?

  86. I adore the Rivendell pattern, and very aptly nsmed. But I think I like the Frankies best, just because of the surprise soles”
    Wow, Ken looks very cute at that angle! πŸ˜‰

  87. Cool! I need some new sweater patterns. Somehow, I got TWO copies of Urban Knits. I must have ordered from two places when they were hard to find. LOL

  88. I can’t believe you are that fast although I should after all this time. I just added Francie to my queue–don’t want to download the pattern right now because I’m expecting a new computer presently–yippee!
    I also love the LB Sockease color. When is this item going to be available now that you have us all inspired? Don’t they know that being “harloted” has a effect?

  89. Holy footwear, Batman! That’s a lot of socks! They’re lovely. Congrats on the completion of your grand tour.

  90. Oh – I can certainly understand the ‘stick a fork in it’ attitude about socks… I hit that same wall myself a few weeks ago. But what did I buy at MD S&W? NOTHING but sock yarn. Go figure…..

  91. all this sock talk reminds me to ask….did the recipient of the socks with all the teetiny leaves love them?? i remember the socks being modeled…they were very cool.

  92. Wow, socks. Having just gotten into the sock bug this year I’m not quite sick of them yet. Of course, i just got my first skein of noro sock and am awaiting my first skein of fleece artist basic merino sock 2/6 (or however they said it…).
    I can’t believe no one brought this up but sock-wars starts today! No one else doing sock wars? you’re not doing sock wars, are you? if not, maybe i wont get killed first round then! I might even last w/o the harlot competition!

  93. What a dazzling array! They’re all lovely. I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to try to make my first pair yet. I’m thinking that it might be easiest to make some for my baby daughter. At least that way if I have to frog them it won’t have taken up much yarn/time.

  94. Holy Schmitt, what a lot of socks! What an amazing line-up. When on earth did you make them???
    I am sitting here in anticipation of your sweater project; can’t wait to see what it is.
    One confession though…I have never ever made anything you made…you ARE a tremendous inspiration to me in many ways, but I am usually not an imitator.
    And a question: what’s happening with Joe’s gansey? Did I miss the day you finished it?

  95. I am totally in love with the Rivendell socks, what a fantastic pattern. But yes, I can see you are a bit socked out…then again, you are so FAST you knit so MANY. Perhaps next tour you can do mittens. The Smitten With Mittens tour.
    I’m going to go have that 2nd cup of coffee now…..

  96. oh the knitters without borders colorway is great! i saw the skeins at the maryland sheep and wool festival but didn’t buy it for fear of what it would look like knitted up. now that i see it, i wish i had bought a couple.

  97. You are the reason I have learned to knit! I have crocheted for a couple of years now, but crocheted socks just dont cut it! So after seeing some of your socks, I jumped in the knitting pool and have learned some of the basics. Hopefully soon I will try to conquer my first pair of socks!

  98. You make it sound so simple! “Now? Now I think that I might knit a sweater.” Like someone might say, Now I think I’ll go check the fridge to see what’s to eat.” It’s a frickin’ sweater!! Where’s the angst??? It’s not a walk around the block!! It’s a SWEATER!!! You always make it look so easy. Can’t wait to see what it is!!

  99. The socks are all wonderful. Do you have any trouble getting your dpn thru security? I’m coming to Canada soon and want to knit on the plane.

  100. This is truly inspiring, but I can see how a sweater would be sweet relief.

  101. And the KWB socks reminded me to send some money to MSF for the Burma Cyclone… and then I really got my act together and set up a regular donation. ~x~

  102. Would the sweater happen to be Joe’s gansey?
    Lovely socks, particularly the Rivendell!

  103. PS. crap. That was Ken at lettuce Knit when I was there for the launch.. I kept looking at him thinking.. “I think I know that guy……”
    oh well…Hi Ken;)

  104. Enough with the socks already. I’m interested in hearing more about the sweater! I have about 5″ of the perpetual Manos’ right front done. In the time it took me to knit that much, you could probably knit a whole sweater.

  105. You definitely rock socks. Love the Francies. I think I’ll get to work on the three different half-socks I have going now. And the one-third sweater. As soon as I can get myself to stop playing with my new blog. πŸ™‚

  106. I had to go straight to “Francie” and buy the pattern. I love ribbed socks for comfort and fit. These look like they will be super for both, AND interesting to knit. Yay!

  107. Wow, that is an amazing number of socks. I don’t even finish on average one thing a month much less 6 pairs of socks! That’s an average of a pair every 6 days of your tour!

  108. I am amazed at the way socks fly off your needles. And with your busy schedule! You must knit in your sleep (or have you given up sleep with the recent hectic travel arrangements). I am not a sock knitter, though you are making me want to put down my teddy bears to try one. I am excited to see your sweater selection. Keep the stitches coming.

  109. I’m so glad you talked the gals at STR into that colorway. It’s so pretty. You’ll have to let us know which sweater you choose (which I’m sure you will). I love to knit socks but only finish about two pairs—-per year. Maybe I need to travel more. BTW: I’m really enjoying the new book. Nice work–once again.

  110. Beautiful socks, every one of ’em. And thanks for pointing me to Leyburn. I have some handpainted that doesn’t know what it wants to be. I think this pattern just might be the very thing.

  111. I know what you mean – it must be a zeitgeist thing, I’m a bit fed up with socks, too. I’m all for scarves and mittens now. Weird, huh?

  112. I’m also using Classic Elite Alpaca Sox to knit a pair of bed socks for my sister. What lovely yarn! So soft, and even I, someone who doesn’t wear socks in bed, would be tempted by these.
    I’m using the openwork rib pattern for Bed Socks in Knitting Vintage Socks.

  113. Love the Rivendell. Also, the way you put up several socks and several patterns so the Harlot Effect is a little less intense.
    Wait a bit on the sweater–I’m nearly done with my current in-progress one! OK, go ahead, I can’t possibly wait.

  114. What a lovely form of travelogue! I love the Rivendell socks, although haven’t got the nerve to try them yet. And Ken’s socks? WOW.

  115. I was hoping to see your ocean toes… did you ever finish them?

  116. OMG! That’s a lot of socks for such a short period of time! Of course, you DID have lots of airport time….. They look great and I believe you are done with socks until the next time you find yourself fondling some new yarn…. πŸ˜‰

  117. Stephanie, Great Socks! They are all wonderful, each in their own way. Which those sock yarns did you enjoy working with the most during this hectice tour? I really enjoyed meeting you in Atlanta and look forward to being able to do it again sometime. (I have finished my first pair of socks since then, too!)

  118. I’m glad you used the Leyburn pattern! Of course your pair looks WAY better than mine.

  119. Those last socks are particularly interesting. I would have hesitated to work a stitch pattern on the bottom of the foot for fear of it being annoying when the socks were worn with shoes, but I’m guessing that is not a problem if people are doing it. I may be overly sensitive to the possibilty, however, as I have a medical problem which causes my feet to swell.
    Very cool, and he looks thrilled to get them which always doubles the feeing of accomplishment.

  120. Wow that is a lot of socks to have completed. I have two socks on needles, the Loksins, and i just started the Francie Socks as well last night. I enjoy knitting socks because i can finish them fairly quickly if i set my mind to it, i’m scared to start a sweater for this reason i get bored so easily!

  121. OK – I’m about to go on a Trip. (No no…a real one, in the car and all; those trips from the ’60s were – well, fun, but they’re over). Besides which, there was no knitting on the trips in the ’60s. I digress. (!) I have some projects but NOTHING FOR IT! I am SO filling my front-seat knitting basket with DPNs and sock yarn. If I get half a sock done in the ten days I’ll consider myself lucky. I perform you a service, cherished Yarn Harlot: I take up the “other side”, knitting one sock in two months, as opposed to your 200 socks in one month. I sort of balance the universe that way. (Your socks bring tears of awe to my eyes, and .. socks that are beautiful ON THE BOTTOM? Now THAT. IS. ART!)

  122. Welcome Home, Stephanie! Your socks are, of course, awesome. I’m 3/4 done with my first one and if it’s August when I finish them, I may just have to kick off my sandals and wear them anyway.

  123. Yes, but just remember who got all those socks! The sweater will await your sister as a “call to fall,” which might just be quite welcome after the *long, hot, steamy Toronto summer*.
    & thanks for all of the coverage of your tour — somehow you managed to make it more about “us” than “you.” I saw you in NYC, somewhat circumscribed after the party the night before, so had no idea of how you folded folks into each stop! Brilliant!

  124. That Ken is such a handsome devil! Love the socks, esp. the Rivendells; mmmmmm, poiple. ~MJ

  125. sweetie, Second Sock Syndrome must have came up and bit you in the leg a few times. i feel sorry for you. but those are some gorgeous socks.

  126. What happened to the Rivendell socks in Glacier? That colorway was so gorgeous. I instantly wanted it. And that’s not just because it’s yarn. The colors were those of my SOUL.

  127. Socks are so wonderful. I am so thankful that I stuck with it and didn’t give up on knitting them. I have become a sock fanatic and usually have two different pairs of socks on the needles. This way if I get bored with one pair, I can knit the other pair.
    After plugging away with a basic sock pattern, I have now ventured off and started a patterned sock. I began with the Monkey Sock pattern and I just love it. I now know I will do more patterned socks.
    It also helps that sock yarn is so cool and I have become a collector. You never know when you won’t be able to get it again (like Wollmeise that is so hard to get now, but I have at least 10 skeins to keep me occupied).
    It just goes to show, that a knitter should be brave and try different things, because we CAN do it. It may take a little more time and a little frustration, but we CAN do it.

  128. I know you’re crazy busy, but I’m having a sock contest on my blog and I know that everyone would love to see a collage of all the socks you’ve knitted since last July.
    Yes, there are two prizes.
    Even if you’re tired of socks, there’s nothing wrong with gloating…

  129. I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day! With all this traveling I hope you found/scheduled time to be home with your loved ones!

  130. Okay, I confess. I have a phobia about knitting sock, which goes back to a Bad Experience of trying to knit a pair at the very beginning of my knitting career, if you want to call it that. I love knitting fingerless gloves, even with fancy lace patterns and gussets and everything, but NOT SOCKS. Seeing all these gorgeous sock and having a friend in the STR sock club who asked me to try on a partially knitted sock that felt wonderful could go a long way to curing me of my phobia. Thanks, Stephanie!

  131. dear, stephanie, My daughter in law, God gave to me because, she knew that neither of my daughters would have any interest in knitting, painting, or cooking and entertaining, My daughter in law, Lisa thompson has given me two of your books, both of them signed. I am reading the Things I learned from knitting which I got as a mothers day present. It occured to me that you should hear about my harrowing trip across the livingroom hurrying, to do something and was impaled in my leg below my knee, with a metal needle sticking out of the knitting basket. It went in about two inches, a puncture wound THEY ARE DANGEROUS this happened after we were on aplane where I could not take my needles so I decided to not complain I started taking plastic needles round. I have the stash that my mother left when she died from the thirties to the seventies needles and patterns Thank you for writing such delightful books much love and peace. Patty

  132. So sorry about Joe’s broken leg! My husband broke his leg in January (he slipped on some ice while walking the dog), and the recovery period is long. He was unable to walk for two months; he’s up and around now, but still quite sore. We hired someone to clean the house once a week as soon as we realized there was no way I could handle it by myself (DH and I are both college profs). The weekly cleaning helped immensely! As for de-cluttering your house, have you ever tried FlyLady ( She gives step-by-step day-by-day instructions on how to de-clutter a space and keep it de-cluttered. The secret to using FlyLady’s system is to ignore the stuff that doesn’t work for you (the wearing shoes inside the house absolutely does not work in the winter where I live!) and admit that you really do need to do the stuff that does work.
    Good luck with everything!!!

  133. I LOVE knitting socks. Seems to appeal to my need to get things done… Been working through some patterns in the Knitting on the Road book, by Nancy Bush; finally overcame my fear of cables while knitting the Danish pattern with its neat little nup stitch. Love these socks in this post – very cool patterns.

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