Knitting Guilty

Before I left, I had done one of those things knitters do, and had wrapped up the half-finished Urban Aran (cardiganized version) for my sister and given it to her for her birthday. I felt really bad that I hadn’t finished, but apparently not badly enough that I was willing to either A) not finish the book I was writing at the time or B) carry a heavy project around with me from city to city for a while to get it done. Yesterday when I was thinking over a sweater and looking at the choices and fondling new yarn while I pondered new books (I am thoroughly besotted with Norah Gaughan’s Berroco stuff right now – which isn’t surprising, since I have a fetish for this book too) I had a sudden pang of guilt.


Rather uncharacteristically, since knitting guilt doesn’t move me much, feeling as I do – that people who get whole sweaters from knitters are pretty lucky folk… I pulled it out from the basket and took stock. I had knit the back, both sleeves and a front, and all that remains is a single front and the collar, making up and (much dreaded) zipper insertion, I pledged that I would finish this before starting something for myself. That’s how much I love my sister. (Kindly overlook the six pairs of socks knit in the meantime.) I’m delaying my own wardrobe and gratification for her. (Again, with the exception of those socks.) With a little luck, I can finish it this weekend, and totally relieve myself of the burden of knowing that I’m slacking on her present, and present her with a chunky wool sweater just in time for the steamy Toronto summer.

I might still feel just a little guilty.

123 thoughts on “Knitting Guilty

  1. A little guilt isn’t so bad. At least your sister will get the sweater in the same year!

  2. thanks Lynn… I’ve been wondering what black hole swallowed up that gansey myself. Hmmm?

  3. Guilt is a way of life for me. Fortunately all the gifts I *should* be knitting will have to wait another round of holidays. No one but me shall be the wiser and I intend to spend my summer knitting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well me, and all the brides and grooms who need gifts.

  4. Seaming and installing a zipper are just not flight-friendly, hotel-friendly, green-room-friendly knitting. Do world leaders build bookshelves on their official airplanes while visiting other countries to fashion war or peace? I think not; whittling is the largest that one could hope for.
    Unless your sister is growing or shrinking at an alarming rate, I don’t see a problem.

  5. Go for the Norah creations! I have made just about everything in Book one. The Manon cardigan is a show stopper. Every time I wear it I am stopped repeatably and people comment on it, even non-knitters. Enjoy..

  6. I’ve been wondering how that sweater was coming along. Now it truly will be a sweat-er.

  7. I’m sure your sister’s sweater will be beautiful. I have been trying to convince myself to feel guilty enough to finish the herd of hedgehogs my mother wants. So far, it isn’t work.
    But I did teach MY sister to knit this week. The sister who swore she would never, under any circumstances, learn to knit.

  8. I know what you mean about lusting to make Norah Gaughan’s Berroco stuff. I am lusting to make Athos but my LYS doesn’t have the book or yarn. Actually I looked for the yarn while traveling to Chicago and no one had it there either. Luckily I will be busy with Sock Wars III while I wait for the yarn and the book.

  9. I have given christmas gifts in April and June, myself (*after* the christmas they were due). So glad to know I’m not the only one with knitter’s guilt!
    This time, I’m starting my Christmas gifts in June. No really. Why are you laughing?

  10. working hard to avoid that gansey— aren’t ya?
    And a beautiful zip front sweater is perfect for long summer evening and early morning walks esp- on the beach or a river front….

  11. As someone from Minnesota, let me just say it is never too late to get some snow…you know, you’ve been to St. Paul! So hurry and finish this weekend in case the weather turns cold one more time before your month of summer.

  12. How cool and amazing it must be to look for knitting books on Amazon and see your own books featured under “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.”

  13. It snowed in parts of North Dakota today and probably will again tomorrow so we know that winter isn’t over until Mother Nature says so. Your sister will still have a chance at appreciating the sweater yet this spring!

  14. I just succumbed to the same book this past weekend! At least I am in very good company!

  15. Maybe you can guilt me into picking up my stepmum’s diamond fantasy shawl, too…! I actually just need some peace & quiet to knit in right now. Plus I need to look away from the other shawl patterns Sivia is posting on her site…that Norwegian Woods one is lurking in my bag and asking me to knit it…but I’ve got a fear of laceweight yarn so I’m really torn…

  16. Like there’s ever been a Michigan/Toronto summer without at least one evening when you needed a sweater.

  17. Good for you (and your sister)! Now, to avoid being a complete hypocrite, I’d better finish the sweater I started for my second son before my third son outgrows it. It’s his birthday today, and he deserves a woolen present.

  18. Have you considered knitting something for Joe, since he kept the home fires burning while you were gone? He likes gray, doesn’t he? Maybe an idea will come to you. Love all the socks.

  19. this is sooooo BTDT!!! there is a little PILE of baby blankets I have just about finished in time for – yep – summer!! at least I stopped doing baby sweaters that were outgrown by the time they were done – the arms were usually too small for the teddy bears, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Ha – I just presented my sister with a bag of yarn, a picture of a sweater pattern she loves, and a promise it would be done… sometime, so you are ahead of me. Maybe I’ll aim for her birthday (February).

  21. That’s very impressive of you. Keep it up! I love Ravelry because it lets me take stock of what I’ve left behind and forgot about for others…so yes, I understand those pangs of guilt. I had it with the Doctor Who scarf for my boyfriend that was only 35% done. Now up to 80%, but I’ve developed Knitters elbow, so I’m taking a break from all knitting. Shudder.

  22. I feel for you….I promised my gigantic husband I would finish a sweater for him before starting anything new…..last night I asked if he would settle for a vest. No luck with that.

  23. I dunno if I could have that kind of willpower. I’d advocate putting it aside until August or so that when she does get the finished sweater there’s a greater chance of her getting a chance to wear it and actually enjoy it. That conveniently leaves you free to work on fun spring/summer projects in the meantime. Think of me as the devil on your shoulder ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I think anticipation will make the gift all the sweeter. There is also an added bonus of being able to slip into it the moment she starts feeling a bit too cool, rather than feeling cold but wanting to wear that cardy, for days/weeks/months. My mother always told me handmade gifts had every right to be late (I love that woman sometimes!).

  25. How do you do that? Only this morning I e-mailed my lys asking about NG’s Berroco pattern books 1 and 2.

  26. I can understand not wanting to revisit a project after some time; you have to get in the groove again, have new projects on the horizon, etc. Well, at least you still want to knit! – I stopped knitting about three months ago and have completely lost my mojo. I have no desire whatsoever to knit. And I teach two knitting classes! Where I sit and do counted cross-stitch! What happened?! Where did it go?! I drive by yarn shops and the car doesn’t even give a hint of a swerve. Will it come back? What should I do? PS, I still love this site – I LOVED the pictures of Salt Lake – so cool!

  27. I have two SOPs when it comes to outgoing knitted luvins:
    1: Never tell the receiver that they’re in such a position. Ignorance is bliss, yo.
    2: Give randomly. They never need to know that the beautiful shawl or perfect sweater is a birthday present from two years ago.
    Steph, remember to breathe (in _and_ out. It’s easy to forget that last one) and enjoy your Ma’s day.

  28. pretty please… take us through your zipper insertion.
    I’ve done it successfully once, but am currently paranoid about installing the zipper in my Rogue Cardi.
    I’ve heard there’s a magic trick using a crochet chain, and I can’t find it.

  29. Hey, a handknit sweater is good ANY time of year! If nothing else it’s fibre art, yes? Besides, there’s always a building somewhere that has the air conditioning set at sub-zero levels. She’ll use that sweater before next winter, never fear.

  30. I steeked the hela i was knitting and a very wise knitter told me that enough was enough, and directed me to a seamstress. the zipper is.. perfect. i sweated not at all.

  31. You are such a good sister! But seeing as how she can’t wear it for four months or so, don’t beat yourself up too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. When it comes to handknits, I really think you have a year from the due date to get the item done. After that, it just gets a little hard to explain.
    She’ll love it and wear it soon enough.

  33. Don’t feel too bad! Im sure your sister understands – she’s family! Besides, if the situation was reversed, I am sure you wouldnt hold it against her!
    And I agree with Helen, PLEASE show us how you put in the zipper! I am a newbie (to knitting) so any little bit helps!!!

  34. I am really loving how your Urban Aran is working up. Lovely. I’m also a huge Norah fan and want to do the Athos pattern. I’ll second the vote for a zipper installation walk-through, please.

  35. There’s air conditioning in Toronto — totally justifiable early summer late birthday present!
    And I love how people are voting to make you photo-blog the thing you dread/loathe/dislike.

  36. I gave my mom a top-down Noro top-down raglan cardigan for Christmas 2007–in April 2008. She can wear it for the steamy Oklahoma summer. I feel very guilty, too.

  37. Yes, well, I know that at least 2 pair of those 6 pair of socks were definite gifts… but it is very sweet of you to finish the sweater for your sister :^)

  38. I find that this guilt is easily remedied by swearing never to knit a stitch for anyone other than yourself. Selfish knitters never feel the pang of incomplete projects. Selfish knitters never have deadlines. And selfish knitters always have plenty of sweaters, socks, scarves, hats, mittens, and gloves.
    But then again, I only take this perspective because I don’t know anyone who would love for me to knit for them.

  39. You are not alone, harlot, I’m right there with you. I took so long on a sweater for a nephew that he out grew it in the mean time. Now I have a whole lot of lovely aran weight yarn with which I haven’t a clue what to do.(snork, choke, cough.) I don’t think my sister is having any more kids either.

  40. Oooo, I heart zippers in sweater! You should back it with a pretty contrasting ribbon, it makes it uber special, plus way pretty to boot. Of course, it does take longer. Only like an hour, though. What’s an hour out of your life?
    An extra hour of knitting. Okay, maybe that was a dumb question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. You probably already have your own methods, though given the “love” you expressed for inserting zippers in your post, I thought I’d comment. I’ve written a couple of tutorials on zipper insertion which several people have found quite helpful. If interested, check the sidebar on my blog. There is a tutorial for inserting a zipper into a cardigan, and a two-part tutorial for putting a zipper into a placket opening.
    Your sweater is looking great so far! You’re sister will love it. If not, I’ll send you my address ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Let me get this straight…you’re knitting a cardi for your sister, and you’re feeling guilty about it? Wow, you’re way up there on the ladder, aren’t you? I thought I had pretty much cornered the market on the knitting for other people and feeling guilty I’m not doing it faster/enjoying it more/seaming it up just so thing. In Jan, we took my sister to Hawaii, and I had plans of letting her rifle through the sock yarn I had brought with me and the sock patterns I had brought with me, and then making her a sock during our vacation. We were there for a week, I can do that. Problem was, she didn’t pick out the yarn until Wednesday, and the pattern until Thursday night, so I started it on Friday and we left on Saturday. I still felt guilty though, but only for feeling like I forced her into making a decision too quick.
    Good luck on the cardi! Then go reward yourself. Oh, by the way, remember how sock yarn doesn’t count as stash? I think knitting socks doesn’t count either, unless you want/need it too, then it counts way more, since the yarn and needles are so teeny.

  43. Knitters’ family and friends learn the virtue of patience, and how well they will be rewarded for it! I just finished (last night!) a sweater vest for my partner, began in the depths of winter. He says that 70 degrees F is too warm for alpaca… but he loves it anyway. I’m sure your sister knows that when she finally gets her birthday gift it will be marvelous! A great reason to look forward to fall…

  44. So close. You’ll have it ready for the zipper by tomorrow at the latest, right? Hang in there. With each row, you know that part’s done and never has to be done again, fini.

  45. I made wings for both my sisters (shawl/wraps of my handspun yarn yarn in my “own” pattern) and finished them weeks/months ago and have I sent them? A well-meaning action suddenly becomes ridden with guilt. I’d better photograph the shawls and send them!
    Heh. At least your sister prolly won’t grow out of the sweater ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. At least the recepient of the sweater didn’t come home for the summer and is walking by the unblocked unfinished sweater on a daily basis. She even had the nerve to try on the sleeveless body and walk around looking sullen. We could race to see who gets done first…I bet you win.
    Thanks for letting us know that we are not alone in our endevours.

  47. It will be nice though to have the bulky sweater sized WIP out of your living space! Often, when sweaters don’t work out exactly as I had hoped I place a great deal of stock in enjoying the absence of the unassembled pieces from the corners of my various rooms! It feels great (even if the sweater doesn’t!)

  48. It’ll be the first thing she wears when the weather is cold again and she’ll be grateful for it with your winter weather. It takes a hardy soul to live that for north and off the water. I’ve visited Toronto in winter. I thought Detroit had it bad! Also, I’ve seen May ice storms so you may not be too late yet.

  49. You should only feel guilty if you tell her that finishing it is her Mother’s Day gift!
    Personally – I’d say it was anyway.
    But that’s just me.
    It is a lovely looking sweater. And it is going to be kind of chilly in Toronto…..down near the lake….at night….eventually.

  50. ” With a little luck, I can finish it this weekend, and totally relieve myself of the burden of knowing that I’m slacking on her present, and present her with a chunky wool sweater just in time for the steamy Toronto summer. ”
    I laughed so hard at this one, I almost choked! You are what my Mom used to call “a pip!”

  51. I have the yarn for the sweater. I am also dreading the zipper. Would appreciate any zipper pointers you can give. It takes me months to knit a sweater. I cannot understand your feeling guilty for taking a few. I am sure your sister will love it.

  52. Rams, it appears I have passed the torch without even knowing it.

  53. (chuckle) Maybe there’ll be a cold spell.
    That’s a lovely cardigan. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. When she can hold it without her fingers sweating.

  54. Guilty? Just stuff the sleeves with a pair or two of your gorgeous socks!

  55. Remember what I said about her giving you a half bottle of wine for your birthday? Forget that! Now she should open a bottle, pour you a glass, and drink the rest herself.
    Prioritize – “family first, family first”.

  56. Stephanie — we heard today on the radio that the Canadian government has “lost track of” 41,000 rejected refugee-status immigration applicants. Have you checked to see how many are hiding out in your yarn room?

  57. Gift knits are better late than never. I have yet to finish my annual sweater for my husband on time (american thanksgiving deadline). I am getting smarter and starting each one earlier than the last though!

  58. Well, than just think about something else…tell us where your vacation will be this year and what yarn shops are you yearning to plunder…I’m going back to Cape Breton-yes, Baadek yarns – but I really want to get back to that goat farm in rear Judique…a Mohair farm!

  59. I seem to recall there was a gansey you were working on for someone you’re quite fond of…

  60. I’m still slogging through a poncho for my sister’s birthday in February (2008, not 2009). I don’t really feel guilty just yet–I’m saving that for the 6-months-late mark….

  61. If you delay long enough, she might cave before you do on the Furnace Wars. Then she can have it as a consolation prize!

  62. I finished a Central Park Hoodie last month for my DIL’s birthday which is in July. Then I decided to make one for myself and I can’t seem to finish that last sleeve. Lesson to me, never do two of the same thing back to back…just simply too boring…ciao

  63. Hey Stephanie,
    I am about to start knitting my very first pair of socks! *gasp* And I would like to use your “unsual sock recipe” But unfortunatly I don’t have it. Could you perchance email it to me? Or someone on here? Pretty pretty please? (with a cherry on top?)

  64. oops I meant usual. That was a typo. Oh well you knew what I meant. (right?)

  65. I just requested it at the library, I’m only fifth in line, yippee! I wish I could buy ll of these fabulous books, but it’s hard enough to hide all the yarn ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good for you, being so virtuous. Plus it gives you more time to mull over your sweater and troll the internet and ravelry for the perfect yarn!

  66. But that varied blue is knitting up so pretty! Really, I don’t know how you resisted it so long.

  67. Socks are the ultimate yarn fling. Frankly, I have flings with other socks while having flings from other knitted objects.
    Love the socks, love the cardi. Knit what you like, and finish it when you like. Next winter is always close enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. Well, regardless of the timing, it is a lovely sweater-in-the-making. Good job, Stephanie! (I share your “dread” of zippers — they seem so handy, but I have yet to attempt one.)

  69. For the last 15 years, on at least two nights in June it has been cold enough to put the extra blankets back on the bed (after the hot spell in late May), and I’m in Maryland. You’re in Toronto. The sweater will be useful as well as beautiful.

  70. the models for berreco yarns
    are 5 foot 10 and more and
    size 6 will you show how to
    make adjustments on the garments
    tis our mothers day here in u s of a
    happy mothers day to one and all

  71. A little guilt goes a long way. We were just talking about “knitting for the seasons” the other night. Do you knit for the winter in the summer so that you have plenty of time to finish, or do you knit for the summer in the summer and run the risk of spilling into the fall? While I thought I was so smart for knitting my mohair sweater in July and August; I had mohair on my lap in July and August! It was hot and sheddy.But on the other hand, when the cold wind blew I just reached in my closet….BTW, is Joe’s gansey the next recipient of guilt knitting?

  72. The weather is all over the place at the moment, so you may be vindicated yet. After all, we’ve just had snow in April over here, which is practically unheard of, and the weather’s only just warmed up. Personally, I’m knitting my friend’s daughter a poncho for her birthday (at the end of this month) partly for that reason. And partly because I love the yarn and pattern and know that it will suit her. Your sister is lucky to be getting a hand knit jumper anyhow, so don’t feel too badly.

  73. Ya know, I completely forgot about the sweater! I wonder if your sister forgot as well…. It is beautiful yarn though. Can’t wait to see it finished.
    What’s harlot jr (meg) knitting? I’m in the process of reading through the archives and it’s always interesting reading about what she’s working on. We don’t hear too much anymore from the mini-harlot’s needles….. Are they still clicking away? =^)

  74. At least you’re finishing it and not giving it to her with a request that she finish the ends or put in the zipper or something…

  75. I always thought that socks didn’t count at all when it came to deadlines. Especially with sweaters. Socks are like spacers, sort of speaking, allowing you to cheerfully ignore the major project while you make something else.
    Of course, if you consider socks a major project, then we have a problem… ๐Ÿ˜€

  76. I have an unfinished simple baby blanket for a former coworker’s baby that only needs the ends over in. I am going to give it to her next month as a Big Sister present. She’s 2.
    She’s more likely to become attached to it, as she is older and has distinct preferences and because her brother will be born with special needs, it may be a concrete way for her to seek comfort.
    I’m willing to bet that it’s still the first handmade present she will receive.
    In unrelated news, when I heard about the quarantined train in Ontario, I was thankful that I always have hours more knitting with me than the number of hours I will be away from the house.

  77. I’ve been drooling over Norah’s Berocco stuff too, and forcing myself to finish a sweater for my sister first also – almost done except for again the dreaded zipper – what is it about zippers? And it’s so hard to find nice ones, too – you spend ages picking out a lovely pattern, gorgeous yarn, and then pick up a piece of stiff polyester and plastic in the nearest garish primary color – sigh. That’s the next great knitting business niche – specialty zippers!
    Sorry to have missed you at the maker fair. I was hoping to show off the next knitter in line in our family – 7-week old Mark, but he kept us up all night for two days beforehand, and no knitting or going to the fair happened that weekend -sigh.

  78. If it makes you feel any better.. My sister’s wedding present.. a quilt.. still sits in pieces waiting to be assembled. Her and her husband celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary next month. They’ve decided to start trying to reproduce (heaven help us!) so maybe if I get properly motivated at some point, the quilt will be a gift for the baby instead. Or maybe the kid will get it as a highschool graduation present to take to college. We’ll see.
    I refuse to think of how much stuff I’ve made myself in the meanwhile. I don’t deny the fact that I’m a fairly selfish crafter though. Only those who properly appreciate the effort get handmade stuff.. and in my life, that’s mostly just me!

  79. I would point out that, if you didn’t finish the book and haul yourself everywhere on tour, you’d not have been able to afford the yarn for her sweater, so, no guilt, right? And as beautiful as it is, I’m sure she’ll be happy to have it even a bit late. Especially since this past winter, with all the snow and cold, no one would have been able to see it under the five layers of coats and scarves!

  80. Well done. I don’t think she would have expected or wanted you to carry her sweater all over the U.S. Give yourself a little break on this one and pat yourself on the back that you’re delaying your own gratification for someone else. I think after a gigantic book tour and all the people pleasing that entales it takes a lot of love/fortitude to set your own desires aside.

  81. I totally get it. My 28 yo son keeps whining about the sweater that I promised him for his January birthday in 2007! I don’t get it. He’ll have it some winter when he needs it and it will be a nice surprise!

  82. ok see just like sock yarn doesnt count as “Stash” yarn – socks dont count toward knitting goals…
    they are portable projects that we take with us
    so there guilt relieved.

  83. Don’t worry about the tardiness of the sweater. Love is love, sometimes it takes a little extra time to finish the super important projects. As for the rest of us knitters, don’t sweat it, we don’t throw stones. I have tons of projects not yet finished, yes the guilt is there, but I am so easily distracted by hand painted or luscious cashmere that the guilt is soon forgotten.

  84. Don’ worry about the sweater. Once, I offered a knitted bolero to my sister for her birthday in September. I finished it 8 months later and my mom helped me…
    There is a French expression :
    C’est l’intention qui compte!

  85. Now this is why I don’t tell people most of the time that I’m working on something for them. Deadline knitting just isn’t as fun (and given my current spate of it, you’d think I’d learn), and guilt is just another form of deadline management.

  86. Steph,
    I was reading your older posts from earlier this year (I’ve been too busy to read blogs *gasp*), and came accross your interview with CBC, and was reading about how you were fretting over how you would sound and all that… and you were… -marvellous! I loved how you pointed out that it’s great to be able to actually make something, and that if everything in the modern society falls apart, your family will still have clothing. I feel the same way also about growing my own vegetables, or at least having the ability to do so. And I’m sure our kids will appreciate knitted pants, if jeans would cease to exist one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I always think that one of these days I’ll be in the same town, when you’re doing a book tour, and I’ll come and see you in person, and it will be wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Until then, happy spring and happy knitting!

  87. I know I’ve already asked a lot (as in here and emailed Stephanie) But does ANYBODY have that sock pattern for me? I REALLY need it and the book “Knitting Rules” which she said it’s in is checked out from the library and I need the pattern before the book is due back! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!! *sniff* *sob* *gets down on knees* PLEASE with a cherry on top?

  88. Except if the weather in Toronto is anything like the weather today (May 12) in central PA, she might actually be able to WEAR a nice warm sweater! Mother Nature is certainly having problems this “spring”; there was snow and slush on the mountains around here this morning!

  89. Harmony, lamb? The reason no one’s sending you a copy is that it violates copyright laws — and even if it didn’t (and I’m sure you just didn’t think this through — Dog knows I know that MUST CAST ON feeling) selling copies of her patterns is how Steph feeds her kids. If she even suggested the library I think twelve of her sins must have been forgiven. I know people don’t think about this a lot of the time — I know authors driven mad by sincerely enthusiastic people saying “I just love your book — I lend it to ALL my friends!” — and none of us can afford to buy everything we want…

  90. I totally am with you on Norah Gaughan. I am rarely star struck but she is truly an artist when it comes to knitting design. Hope your sister loves and appreciates the sweater. Sending good finishing vibes your way.

  91. Harmony, have you ever heard of Are there no bookstores anywhere near you? Buy the book already and then you’ll be able to knit as many socks as your little heart desires. Have a nice day.

  92. Hope you at least sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather this past Saturday as you knit on sis’s sweater! My friend Rachael and I were visiting your hometown this past weekend and enjoying sitting on the boardwalk at the Beaches with our knitting. Lovely day!
    As for the Norah Gaughan patterns, I just picked up that pattern book at a yarn shop the previous weekend. I was tempted by the selection of Berroco yarn at Romni Wools, but since I didn’t have the pattern book and yardage information I was able to resist.
    All the Toronto knitters we met were fabulous and you have such wonderful yarn stores, even a few with cafes and comfy places to sit and knit. You’re very lucky!

  93. Well, I guess you could wait until the end of the summer, finish it and give it to her on the first cold day. Then it’s like getting 2 presents, right? 1) the thought and 2) the sweater

  94. Stephanie, can you tell me, please, what you think a good substitute would be for Patons Ballybrae? I have a delicious pattern for a tweed jacket and my LYS suggested Briggs & Little, which I find very scratchy and full of little pieces of “stuff” that’s like straw. I’m looking for a soft wool.

  95. I think it’s an actual fact that sock knitting (as well as sock stash) doesn’t actually “count” against a main project, ESPECIALLY when many of the aforementioned socks were for other people, then they REALLY don’t count against you. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY (what a silly word…) when you were home 2 nights out of thirty and spent more time flying than sleeping. I’m sure she’ll have her sweater by fall, and she probably won’t need it before then anyway…in FACT, I bet you could knit yourself a quick little sweater AND knit her sweater in, like, a WEEK and no one would REALLY know except people who read your blog and that’s not THAT many people, right? Now’s the time to get all that stuff knit, right??? Before it gets hot?? You can work on hers when you need a break from your sweater, and get them both done in no time. No time at all. I’d go for it. If I were you. Which I’m SO not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. “So I think itโ€™s a really big deal for people to interact with something where they understand it entirely and theyโ€™re the whole boss of it. I did this and itโ€™s never going to be upgraded in a way that I donโ€™t understand.”
    This is a brilliant statement.

  97. I’ve been developing a theory for a while. My theory goes something like this:
    Guilt is patience, but with feeling.

  98. Ha! I just finished my first ever sweater last week…it was my sister’s Christmas present… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope Joe feels better soon!

  99. I’m in love with Norah’s new booklet too. I’m making Veil right now. We’re have her trunk shows at the shop I work at. It is a lot of fun trying all her designs on.

  100. Sorry for the double post – I think Joe might benefit from one of these Roll-A-Bout “solution to the age-old crutch”. If you have to gimp, this would be – dare I say – FUN? wwwDOTRoll-A-BoutDOTcom

  101. One thing that is certain about steamy Toronto summers: they will be followed by brisk Toronto autumns and frigid Toronto winters. That sweater will be worn often and much appreciated, no matter when she gets it.

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