Fantasy life

Imagine this…it’s a Saturday morning, the laundry is caught up, the house (unbelievably) is tidy, I don’t have to see a client today and I went to the grocery store yesterday to beat the weekend crowds. Today I will knit and spin and make a vegetable barley soup and homemade bread. It is raining/snowing/sleeting outside but me and my girls will be cozy. I’ll get all the dark grey for the socks spun up and it will be a great day.
Right. Welcome to my fantasy life. In reality, the house is trashed, I’ve got a 3:00 postpartum check, it will be a stretch to find something clean to wear, and 10 little girls are showing up here for Sam’s birthday party in 40 minutes. Joe’s skipping out of here to go to “work” for 15 hours. What kind of man is afraid of a pack of little girls?
White Buffalo yarn is being discontinued. If this means nothing to you, you probably aren’t Canadian. White Buffalo is a yarn like nothing you have ever seen. I don’t even know if it qualifies as a “yarn”, technically speaking. It’s unspun and drawn out for knitting, several strands come off the puck at once. It has some oils it in, and it is absolutely water resistant. Historically, it’s been used in here in Canada for sweaters that are a knock off of the Cowichan sweaters knit by the Salish of Cowichan Valley (West Coast of Canada). Wearing a sweater knit from this yarn is like stepping into a furnace. These sweaters are iconographic for Canadians, Mary Maxim is famous for the acrylic version of the bulky-large-graphic Canadian sweater. Here we have a particularly umm…Canadian version.
White Buffalo yarn is cool and it is Canadian history.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy life

  1. Steph, dearest, only a Canadian would title her entry “Fantasy life”, and end it with a picture of guys in hockey-theme sweaters.
    Love the father-in-law remark.
    That Newfoundlandish taste for understatement combined with some dark humor is why I’m so enormously fond of Great Big Sea, and the lovely Alan Doyle in particular.
    Listen to “Lukey” and “The Old Black Rum” and “Scolding Wife”.

  2. I love your blog especially the bit about that cardigan. So called ‘boyfriend’ sweaters were all the rage last season if ‘’ is anything go by. These are oversized sweaters are usually knitted in a rib pattern with roll-neck collars.

  3. OK, Stephanie. I discovered your blog this morning, read it in its entirety, spit coffee at my monitor no fewer than 4 times and marvelled at similarities – 3 girls, knitting at the movies, Toronto, Canadiana, Newfie truths… and then I came to ‘postpartum check’. Now I must ask, who are you really? Are you me in a different time warp? I gave up midwifery for knitting (well, something like that). Love this blog – you will now be my first read of the day!

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