Goodness is its own reward

I am knitting clogs. Endlessly, in perpetuum, clogs.
Even though clogs are sort of freaky cool (look at the size of that!) I’ve knit a dozen pair this winter. I’m sick to death of them. I’m starting to have fantasies about tiny little needles and tiny little yarn and very tricky lace and cable stitches and ….oh yeah.
I try so hard to be good, really I do. All I have to do is knit the three pairs of clogs and then I can knit something else. I told my friend they would be done this week and I swear it they will be. I’m not a quitter. Still, the stash is calling me. This morning when I passed the closet that holds the worst of it, I gave it a little kick to shut it up. I had to move the Fleece Artist sock yarn out of my field of vision, and the white laceweight somehow didn’t get put away the other day. Oddly, there is a pair of needles beside it and a little scrap of paper with the scrawled directions for a the beginnings of a “snowdrop shawl” has materialized. I have no idea how that happened. Somebody dragged “Folk Socks” off the shelf, and made a real mess of the sock yarn pile. Not me, no way..I wasn’t playing in the stash, I was …er, tidying up, yeah, that’s it. Cleaning up after all these other people who live here. When I wasn’t cleaning I was knitting clogs, because I’m a good person and I’m really focussed and I would never, never abandon the clogs. I also didn’t take this out of the interim stash box.
That would have been the mice. Tall mice. Scary really. The little turds likely printed off this pattern and put it by the wool too…The ball winder? I was dusting that, just put it down by the swift. Back off. I’m knitting clogs.

8 thoughts on “Goodness is its own reward

  1. Stephanie, I am VERY happy that you’re blogging now. Finding your writing was just too
    “hit or miss” for me the past few months.
    I’ll be turning to YARNHARLOT for a little relief from all the people out there who, from time to time, take all this stuff a tad too seriously.
    Keep it up friend.

  2. The interim stash box?? You have an INTERIM STASH BOX?? It’s worse than I thought. I smell an intervention…

  3. Erm, Steph. That Fleece Artist sock yarn won’t call to you anymore if it goes somewhere else.
    Erm, 120 Glen Valley Road, Yardley, Pa. 19067 USA.
    I’m here whinging for stuff because QueerJoe said I whinged for too much stuff on his blog.
    You don’t mind, do ya, Stephanie my NICE friend who has good taste and is such a fine knitter, better even than that QueerJoe guy……

  4. I’m also glad that you’re bloggin cuz now I have something fun to read! I made 17 pairs of clogs this past year and have sworn to never knit them again. I’ve put the pattern in an isolation chamber so that it doesn’t corrupt my other patterns. The results are worth it though cuz I love my clogs.

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