So, I knit and knit all weekend and I didn’t finish the mitten. I knit other stuff. Well, that and I engaged in my new hobby..shovelling out the front walk. (What? Don’t look at me like that. What’s wrong with you people. Did you really think I was absolutely going to finish like I said? You come here every day, you read the whole thing at the top that says “Yarn Harlot”, you email me and say “Hey Harlot” but all of a sudden I don’t remain faithful to a knitting project and wander off with some other tantalizing little fibre hussy and all of you are shocked? C’mon. Get it together people. HARLOT. What did you expect? Wipe the surprise off your face and get it together. I’m still giving away stuff today. I only fell down on the mittens. )

Ok. So now you are all wondering what could have tempted me away from my loving, faithful little MSF mittens and I have to tell you…it didn’t take much. It snowed and snowed and my feet stayed frozen enough to give me focus, and I finished the fuzzy feet.


I’ve put my foot beside them for scale, but really, the best indication that they are freakishly huge pre-felting is that they can be worn as a hat. (No, I’d rather not discuss what prompted me to put it on my head. )


I felted them in three trips through the washer. because they are small, and because I was really behind on the laundry I felted them by just tossing them in Mr. Washie with the dark wash. Yup. Every time I did a load I tossed them in with it. When they were the right size…I put them in the dryer with the other laundry. How’s that for a felting technique?


I love them a lot, and they are really warm and cozy. I made the ladies medium, which was a pretty classic mistake, since like every other thing I have ever knit for myself in my whole life…they are a little big. I labour under the delusion, despite being a pretty small person, that I am a medium. All three of my daughters, including the 10 year old, have bigger feet than me and I think I am a medium. Classic.

Thank you

Sit down, take a deep breath, and look at the total raised for MSF. You guys are incredible. Simply incredible. The generosity you have shown is absolutely boggling. The first deserving recipients of thank you gifts are below, (I’ve emailed the winners, to prevent confusion among people with the same first name, if you didn’t get an email…it isn’t you. If you think see your name here, check your email before you get excited.) and the party goes on all week. I refuse to say which day the mittens will be done.

(For anybody who wonders about these things….I used a random number generator to pick)

Laurie’s beautiful handspun sock kit goes to Leslie B.


Susan’s beautiful stitch markers go to Beth S.

2 skeins of Collinete One Zero in Cezanne from Shannon go to Kate W.


A copy of Knitlit, also from the very generous Shannon goes to Lizabeth C.

550 yards of a wool/silk blend handspun by Sandi goes to Sandy!


I know that goodness is it’s own reward, but these gifts are a nice bonus…don’t ya think? My most sincere thanks to Laurie, Shannon, Susan and Sandi for giving such wonderful presents. Feel the love everybody. Honk if you can’t wait for tomorrow.

Finally, Laurie from Michigan made the adorable “Wool house” button that is new on my sidebar. Gives a whole new meaning to “cute as a button” doesn’t it? Steal at will, but remember to save it to your own computer.

I’m going to go work on the mittens. Probably.

42 thoughts on “What?

  1. Hello! Just because I have never EVER been first at anything-I wanted to be the first to leave you a message today. From a fellow Canuck who has had to here (and here!) with the blasted snow and cold. Cheers! Now go knit. As I am about to!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to the first round of winners (as well as to everyone who donated)!! They truly are all beautiful gifts. I LOVE the wool house button! It makes me want to start my blog back up just to have that cute little button on it…hmmm, maybe I will…..

  3. Happy Blogversary, Stephanie! I just ordered the pattern, needles, and wool for my very own pair of clogs; I’ll be thinking of you while I’m knitting.

  4. Oh, was there snow in Canada this weekend? LOL…
    did ya get 30 inches? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the fuzzy feet, will have to make a pair for myself…
    but they look kinda good as a hat too!
    Congrats to all the winners…the gifts are awesome and so is the total of donations!

  5. Over 55.000? You have really made a difference! When the mittens have been lotted out, it’d be interesting to hear what the average donation was. Either you have a LOT of readers, or then we had quite a lot of wants…
    I like the way your fuzzy foot doubles as headwear. Maybe you should consider using one as a cap, as we know how you feel about hats and your looks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. So since you’re all warmed up from shovelling, come help shovel my driveway. It’s only about 300m. Only. I’ve been knitting when I cannot face the reality of all that snow out there. Which is quite a lot, I must admit. This is good for getting on with the “20 project yarn diet”. I’m not even cheating with only making mittens and socks for kiddies. I even made a pair of thrum mitts for my son. The snow and the ridiculous temperatures are sure incentives!
    FYI the fuzzy feet look better on your feet than head. just sayin’…

  7. Honk honk honk! LOL!
    Just as well I did not make the fuzzy feet for me in medium – I’d have to find a new home for them too, just like the thrummed mittens will need a new home. Are you over the unmatchingness? I love them as a hat, though it is possibly a leetle rude ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    As for yarn harlot, that is PROJECT harlot! I am a yarn h* -I don’t care what fibre it is or anything as long as I like it. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  8. Beautiful stuff!
    The stitch markers are wonderful – thanks for including the link –
    As to the Wool House button – I lovelovelove the roof still on the needles – delightful!
    Stay warm (it’s 70f here in Houston – I would like about a gallon of your snow to dip my face into) –

  9. Stephanie, if your lovely daughters recent behavior has ben any indication, the fuzzy will soon be on new medium sized feet. But they are lovely. I am thinking that I now have to make me a pair. But what size – small or medium?

  10. If I order the book through your carefully placed link, will you get a kick-back for it?? I want to make sure that you get everything you deserve and more for all the hard work you do. ^_^;

  11. I had cause to think of you and your trudge through a shin-deep basement on Friday, when I came home to find the house a mere 14C, not the luxurious 18C at which the thermo was set. A nasty burnt-dust smell was my next clue that things were getting cold fast, and in -25C, trending colder. Luckily only 4 hours (and $700) later, the repairman had come and gone, leaving me toasty, broke, and oh-so-relieved to have narrowly averted a shared fate. Have you and your plumbing completely recovered? (And btw, have *we* seen the back of your house?)
    Lovely job on the feets. Cosy is as cosy does, explaining why I rejected several almost-done-but-for-a-sleeve projects this weekend in favour of casting on for some much needed fingerless gloves in which to knit.
    You deserve yet another round of “For she’s a jolly good gal, Oh” for surpassing yet another astonishing figure with the TSF. You are a force, Ms. Harlot. Thank you.

  12. The Fuzzy Feet are great! I like how they look on. I *may* even make a pair for myself…and I am definitely of the never-wear-slippers variety.
    Congrats to all the winners today! Now if that isn’t Karma coming right back atcha ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hey, I put the Fuzzy Feet on my head too! I can’t explain my reasoning either. I get an inexplicable urge to pull them onto my head. Then I pretend I’m a Snork (odd cartoon from the 80s). I think it’s the same inexplicable urge that forces me to put knit purses on my head. It’s not just a knit-object phenomenon. I’ve been known to put fake fur handbags on my head in Winners.
    A big hip-hip-hooray to all you knitters who contributed to MSF! Perhaps this could be an annual fund-raising drive for MSF???? Just a thought.

  14. Ah ha dear Harlot! Neither of us can profit from the sock yarn! Um yeah.
    But I do like the sock on the head – it kind of gives you this “knitting elf” motif. LOVE the color schema – tres chic. Did you really put them in the dryer?
    It’s snowing in Washington again…

  15. (1) Happy Blogiversary, Steph!
    (2) On reading The Harlot and getting The Unexpected: See, that’s why reading your blog is so much fun. We just never know what will catch the Harlot’s imagination next!
    (3) The “Fuzzy Feet Hat” looks suspiciously like the Revenge Of The Whack of Farty Little Elves. I’m thinking I agree with Barbara from NS…
    (4) Awesome stitch markers, Susan.
    (5) Laurie from M.: That Wool House button is too cute for words.
    (6) Sandy: Email me! You won some handspun that wants to be something Fig can sleep on.
    (7) Last but not least: Harloteers, you all rock. That total is just awe-inspiring.

  16. How fun for all the winners. What an awe inspiring thing you did and the number continues to grow for MSF. Love the wool house button, too. Thanks Laurie in Mi.

  17. Ditto Sandi’s post! And Leslie B. should e-mail me so I can send her sock yarn to her!
    I am going to assume that the random generator will not generate my number (never does) and say now that it is an honor just to be nominated, ah, a member of MFS.

  18. Let’s just say that if you continue at your current pace of harlotry, I’ll be done with my mittens before you are.
    And that would be pretty sad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Ah, clever Cassie. Playing the Competitive card, eh? No, those aren’t the Northern Lights; they’re the glow generated by colored dpns at warp speed.

  20. OH! I am speechless! I won something? Could this mean that I have a lucky star following me? That handspun is wonderful. I almost fainted away!
    Or maybe what made me faint was the total raised. You have done good, my dear harlot. You are a good person, and I don’t care who knows! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your fuzzy feet are wonderfully fuzzy. And feety. Perfect, really.

  21. Yeah,that’s right. me again.
    It occurs to me that there is a scarf that is made like socks. Why NOT a sock HAT?
    I’m just saying..

  22. Hey, I’m not going to blame you for moving on past the mittens. I’m still working on Christmas presents. But have managed to crank out 2 prs socks and 1 pr. fingerless mitties since New Years.
    Love the hat. I am sure that more of us than would care to admit completely understand the urge that strikes…

  23. Love the photo of you with the Fuzzy Feet on your head! It reminds me of my mom….she used to dust the house with an old pair of underpants pinned on her head…..

  24. Is it wrong that I look at your description of the MSF funds as “boggling” and immediately notice that it’s an anagram for blogging?
    Just checking.

  25. The pre-fulled fuzzy foot on your head totally looks a multicoloured Smurf hat. You could be Yarny Smurf. How smurfy is that?

  26. I think that it is a perfectly valid felting technique. They look nice and cozy. Congrats to all the winners today!

  27. I agree with Bobby — you look very smurf-like in that hat. I love it. I also ADORE the mismatched stripes. I think that’s what Fuzzy Feet are all about — fun and funky.

  28. This is totally random…There is a commercial on T.V. for Hallmark where a lttle boy is asking his mum for a ‘sorry’ card. (He has shaved his brothers head) The Mom looks just like you, IMO.Just thought I’d share. I think of you when it comes on. Thanks for the blog, looking forward to the book.

  29. Love the fuzzy feet ๐Ÿ™‚ My sis made me some for Cmas and I refuse to take them off. Must make hubby some.

  30. Hats off (socks off?) to all the winners and donators!
    Ms. Harlot, the sock on your head makes you look like an elf. Its stinkin adorable. Dammit.
    Oh, yeah–Honk!

  31. One more thing–saw a picture of Meg on the net last night. Don’t freak out–it was on the Rock Along Gallery. I was all, “Dude, I’ve seen that ‘Rock On!’ before. . .”

  32. Ah! I just finished my fuzzy feet over the weekend too. I just /love/ them! Your’s look really great with all of the stripies.

  33. I know you said somewhere not to ask if you were the winner if you think you might be, but aren’t sure, because you would be emailing the winners personally (did I read that or make that up?) but I can’t help but wonder how many Beth S.’s there are out there who read your blog and made a donation and if indeed, as I suspect, I am the only one, I have not received any email to such effect, but I have indeed read on your blog that Susan’s stitch markers go to Beth S.! *whew* Am I right? That is just icing on the cake. Oh, and a respectful Kaddish for Bruce the Fish. May he swim in peace forever.

  34. I don’t think you’re strange for putting the pre-felted socks on your head – my kids INSISTED on wearing the pre-felted slippers as . . . well, I guess I’d call it a Rasta beanie. I took pictures so I can give them to my mom at the same time I give her the slippers! Now, of course, the kids want their own Rasta beanies – no felting, please! Yeah, riiiiiight!

  35. Argh!
    That’s decided me. When I get up to the thumb point from now on I’ll just slip a lifeline type thing in there but knit as if there were no thumb. That way I may not have any thumbs but I won’t have to suffer two of the same either. Wasn’t there a quick lesson here before on picking up and snipping to place a thumb if you forgot? Where did I see that? hmmmm
    I’d still be cursing if it were me. And spitting out the remains of my needles.
    How is tricot…TSF actually pronounced? in case someone doesn’t have any French?

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