Inspired, or profoundly stupid?

So I had this batt (Brushstrokes Batt from Indigo Moon Farm) and I set about spinning it up and was all pretty random about the whole thing. When I had two bobbins full (about half of the batt) I decided to let go, be random (that took a full glass of wine) and ply it against itself with absolutely no regard for what might happen. Blue against blue? Fine. Barberpole of blue and pink? Excellent. It was sort of freeing.


Turns out that I am very, very easy to entertain. Just like with variegated yarn, the excitement of seeing what colour is coming next charms and occupies me to no end. (This could explain much of my happiness in the world. I’m apparently simple.) It’s hard to publicly admit this, but it turns out that despite my experience and education, all the intrigue that I need to sit gripped at the spinning wheel for hours is waiting to see what two colours will ply together for the next 10 cm.

I’m very happy with the random, unconsidered yarn of my destiny. I started thinking about knitting the Highland Triangle shawl from Folk Shawls. (I’ve linked to Juno’s picture because I am smitten with hers. Smitten I tell you. There are others out there, but something about the “nutmeg” version has me covetous and planning. Please don’t point out that there is no hope, considering the plan that I have, that my shawl will be “nutmeg”. I am delusional, but happy.)

My plan was to knit the whole honking thing out of this yummy random yarn. Then I got to thinking. Why be random when you can be overly controlling, fussy and concerned? Why make it easy when you can make it hard? (Well. I didn’t quite think that last one, but you know how I like a challenge.) So I started coming up with a new plan.

I’ve taken what’s left of the batt (just about half) and separated it into it’s individual colours. Then I’ve started spinning and plying each of those colours. See?


The plan is to knit the centre triangle of the shawl out of the random stuff, then use the plain coordinates to knit the border in stripes.

What say you?

A) Wow. I don’t know how that’s going to look, but darn it, I sure do want to see you try.

B) Holy cow Steph. Bad plan. Put down the shawl pattern and back away from the spinning wheel.

C) Inspired. (Likely doomed, but inspired)

All suggestions will be, well..probably ignored since I might be obsessed anyway.

For the record, in case you were thinking about giving me a hard time about the gansey and, what was it Rams said? Joe freezing this winter while coughing weakly for want of a warm gansey?



No gifts today, since I’m still waiting for emails from all parties concerned from yesterday’s draw. Lemme sort that out, then I’ll add more. I will however draw your attention to the tally.

Knitters Without Borders has now officially raised more money than Willie Nelson. I’ll add something to the draw tomorrow, along with contemplating dancing in the street.

You guys are changing the world. Next stop…$100 000. 00