I’m so random it hurts

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when spinning the cotton candy batt I took many deep breaths, leapt off the deep end and spun and plied it randomly? I said “No, heck no” to being overcontrolling and manipulative with the fibre. I let go. I let it be what it wanted to be. I embraced randomness. I rolled in the vague, I allowed the fibre to drift as fate would have it, becoming only what it dreamed of in it’s secret silky/mohair heart. I let the will of the wheel take it down an unguided path and left room for whatever would happen. Bring on the aimless, indiscriminate colour change, ply against yourself at will. Be whatever your little wild self wants to be. I freed it. I let go and spun in an unscientific and haphazzard way and I vowed to cope with the result. I clasped the wildness and I spun.

I got this.


Stripes. Huh. There may be the tiniest little, wee chance that I am not embracing randomness on a subconscious level.

I cannot be alone in wondering what will happen as the shawl gets larger and the stripes get narrower and narrower. Will it stop striping completely? Will the second ball of yarn not stripe? Will I end up with something only partially organized in a random way? If my randon spinning is organized, what will happen if I try to make organize the random to keep it appearing organized…Will any attempt to organize the forthcoming randomness to make it appear less random than the really random spinning which appears organized in a random way be a good idea? This is starting to hurt a fair bit.

It also makes me wonder about the yarn that I didn’t spin randomly because I wanted to knit stripes…..What was the point of that?

Gina writes in the comments:

So it’s in my mind just lately to learn to spin …how did you know? I need the wise opinion of all you spinners, please. I’m thinking of learning on a drop spindle. I’ll do my homework, get a cd or a video (cuz I’ve never seen it done), buy GOOD stuff to work with, and I’m visiting a fiber fair this fall where I hope to further things along. What do you think?

So what do we say to that? I know there’s a lot of interest in learning to spin out there…if the blogosphere is any measure, Knitters are getting lured by spinning faster than a 16 year old boy can slam his magazine shut when his Mum comes in, and I can’t resist the idea of someone else being drawn into the consuming happiness (please ignore the first part of this post) that is spinning. What is your advice to Gina? Start with a spindle? What fibre? Was there a book you found useful? A person? Lay it on. We’ll enable the daylights out of Gina.

TrickyTricot would like me to pass along the message that Menknit.net is still looking for submissions to their Zine. Hop by Tricky’s blog for details, the MenKnit submission page seems to be down. (I’ve linked to it in case it goes back up.)

Finally, to all the London (and Ontario) knitters I’ll see tomorrow…

I can’t wait. Ken’s giving me a ride and I’ll bring the sock.