Small wonders

So, if you are sort of annoyed because:

1. There are still a lot of people in your office, (47 days until the first day of school) and they don’t. Shut. Up.

2. If yesterday you realized that really, most people driving cars really aren’t being careful about cyclists and that they actually are trying to kill you.

3. that even though these people are trying to kill you…somehow they still believe that it would be wrong for me to haul off and kick their car right after they tried to kill me. (Oh, excuse me, did I bother your enormous steel weapon with my BODY?)

4. That you are having actual real conversations with your husband about how he sort of resents that your opinion that Mike the family hamster probably doesn’t mind growing older on account of he has “a brain the size of a lentil”, and that your husband resents this because he actually believes that the hamster is (and I quote) “Smart, charming and funny” (and by funny he means not that he finds the hamster amusing, but that he believes that the hamster has an actual sense of humour…..)

5. That you have six (6) loads of unfolded but clean laundry on your bed that you have been moving around for 6 days. Each day you put a load on the bed, then bug someone under the age of 16 to fold it until nightfall, then move it to the dresser so you can sleep in your bed, then move it back in the morning and add another load.

That if all of these things are totally bugging the crap out of you and you are starting to think about blender drinks by about 1:20 in the afternoon….then knitting a tiny little pair of bee shoes can totally take the edge off.


I found it impossible to have any concerns more pressing than Bee Shoes while I was making them. Look! Bee shoes!

(knit from mystery stash sock yarn (something woolly and sock weight) pattern from 50 Baby Bootees To Knit. )


Also, I am caught up with adding names and numbers to Knitters Without Borders, so more presents!

Paula sends this wonderful Manos,


Leila W., enjoy!


and Jae has given a copy of the second edition of her fab Zine

Take back the Knit“. I love this little homespun mag, and this time it’s even better. I’ve got a little piece in there, and there are patterns or pieces from, Robyn, Laura, Birdsong, Jodi, Monika, Missy, Kristin, Ann & Kay, Erin, MK, Julie, and Michael among others. Despite the clear plan for bloggers to take over the world, my good friend and local non-blogging knit-genius Denny managed to get in there too.

Jill C. I hope you love it.

Finally, from me…A copy of The Stich & Bitch Knitters Design Journal that I’ll pop in the mail to Leanne C.


Tune in tomorrow to see if I finish the blanket or knit more little shoes. (I’m trying to be a better person.)