How can you miss it?

From the number of comments I got yesterday saying that you all couldn’t see my mistake in the baby blanket, I can imagine several things.

1. This was not a glaring mistake.

I am rejecting this idea. This mistake was massive. Look.


In the lace square there are four travelling stitches. The zig-zag their way up the square as in the bottom example.

What I did was zig, then zag…then haul off and instead of zig-zagging….I ZIG-ZIGGED.

See? That’s the mistake. It’s the whole wrong direction, plan and vowel between two consonants. I don’t know how you could miss it.

2. Maybe I didn’t convey the scope of the mistake. I did this on every square, all the way across the blanket. That’s not one bad square, that’s like….TEN squares that you would have to ignore. When I start to think about just leaving a mistake I repeated TEN times….I feel like maybe I’m starting to wheeze.

I could leave (maybe…maybe I could leave) one little square that wasn’t up to snuff, but a really huge honking mistake the size of Chicago repeated ten times? I bet if you laid the blanket out in my front yard, you could see the mistake from space…like the Great Wall of China or….Christina Aquilera’s breasts. You can’t ignore that. I bet it would give the baby a rash. Effect their developing and eventual sense of style, or worse, convince them that an anal retentive obsessive desire to have everything perfect all the time to do good work and commit to high standards isn’t a fine quality.

That’s why I fixed the mistake. It’s also why, now that I have painstakingly spent hours fixing every single instance of the error, it’s why….


Now that I have repeated the exact same error….

I will have to fix it again. A thousand curses.