The end of a perfect record.

My dear friend Lene had an incredible day yesterday. In mere minutes she was catapulted into the rich, varied and wonderful class of “eccentric aunt”. In fact, because she is Danish – she will be more than any ordinary aunt and will receive the title of “Moster”.(I don’t know for sure, but I would be willing to bet you a dollar and a bar of organic chocolate that in her secret “english as a second language” heart Lene celebrates how much that sounds like “monster”.)

“Moster” means “sister of the mother” and it’s very special – anyone can be your aunt (and given the way Lene’s mother adopts strays…these children will have many aunties), but they will only have one Moster Lene, and at present she is delirious with joy. She would have been merely thrilled to freakin’ death…but she got doubles. Liam and Morgan, a boy and a girl, (born seven weeks early but healthy and strong) arrived yesterday and you can see pictures and send good wishes to all parties concerned at Lene’s blog.

Which brings us (naturally) to the knitting for said babies and the fact that it is not finished. At all.


Whoops. There’s two blankets and two dales and ….they are not finished. I’ve espoused the theory several times that babies do not come until I have finished their knitting, so this is unprecedented, and frankly (since it would appear that I am drunk on my own apparently unproven knitterly power and ability to guide the universe with my knitting) confusing. This is the first time EVER that a baby has beaten me. (Is it wrong that I’m slightly vindicated by thinking that it took premature twins to take me down?)


This is Morgan’s Dale. As I mentioned yesterday it’s a Dale of Norway, “Voss” from “Soft Treasures for little ones”. (Very much a favourite book) knit from Baby Ull (a favourite yarn, superwash but doesn’t feel like it – it’s not flaccid like superwash so often is.)

Morgan’s dale has two sleeves and about 1/2 of the body…which is not bad, especially since Morgan currently weighs 1810 grams (about 4lbs) and is a little ways off of the Dale of Norway sizing chart. Liam’s dale is…well.


Ok. So I need to get that one going. On the upside, lest ye think that I am not doing something for Liam…this is his baby blanket.


It’s a joint project between Ken and I. Ken knit the diagonal garter stitch middles, and I’m bordering them. We have no pattern, we’re just faking it. Morgan gets a blanket too…


but only Ken’s part is done on this one.

I’m trying to figure out what this means to the deadline. Clearly, since my knitting schedule did not divine their birth, what does it divine? (The theory that my knitting does not rule the world and fates in any way has really not occurred to me.) I’ve decided that the blankets (I can let go of the sweaters…it will be a while before they fit) need to be finished before Liam and Morgan go home, and I’m trying not to believe that perhaps I don’t control when babies are born, but when they go home? In any event, there is this much wool to knit up before they will be wrapped in these for their trip..


which should happen when they are about 2250g (5lbs). I’ve seen this family eat…and I don’t think that’s going to take very long, so I’m going to haul arse on it. Please. Not one word about what this does to the Christmas knitting schedule. I am fully aware that this is the first of December and that Christmas is the 25th. Also not one word from a smartypants who feels compelled to point out that I’m talking about knitting up 1250 metres of wool faster than a set of twins can gain about a pound apiece. (Let’s see…babies doing well can gain between 4-8oz a week…let’s say they don’t start to gain for a couple of days, then gain at an average rate, 16 ounces to a pound… I’ve probably got about 2-3 weeks. That means that I have to knit at least a whole ball a day just to beat them home…never mind the sweaters…

Holy crap. I will I’ll flip out tomorrow. (Flip out might actually be a minor reaction. This may call for actually blowing a gasket or something.) Today there are twins, and I’ll be busy knitting love, welcome and good luck into their blankets. (Quickly.)