Pass the lysol!

I am so happy, so overwhelmed with glee and delight and simple unmitigated joy that I cleaned the kitchen floor. (I know. I’m not sure about my reaction either, I think I was so happy that I wasn’t even making sense.)

Happy thing the first:


Monty is getting bigger and fatter and is a pretty good baby. Monty is seen here wearing the better hat promised to him on the day of his birth and provided generously by Sarah. I think (considering the limited range of purposeful expression that three week old babies have, that he looks delighted.) Sorry for the odd angle, he wasn’t really into being laid down for a picture.

Happy thing the second:

Megan knit a hat,


all by herself, using this book and her wits. It’s the first really wearable piece of knitting she’s turned out (though she did alter the pattern a bit, which I think may be genetic.) and I’m feeling proud.

Happy thing the third:

Socks That Rock, do.


I love this yarn. Pattern, the feather and fan socks that Cassie loves, from Socks, Socks, Socks, colourway….forgotten. The only bad news about these socks is that I think I might be addicted to this yarn, and I don’t think I can get it in Canada. Brutal. I may need a hook-up.


Happy thing the fourth:

Blanket race

Days: 6

Balls of yarn knit up: 6 (almost. I’ve got a 1/4 ball left in one but I’m having such a great day I’m going to overlook that.)

Balls left to go: 13

Babies weights: I dunno, but they sure are cute.

Mood: I’m still having a good time, although I did sort of notice how long a ball of yarn was last night. Yarn is, (for those of you who asked) Mission Falls 1824 Wool. (Discontinued…get it while you can.) and the patterns for the blankets are…well. I’ll tell you tomorrow when I can look it up. I’m to happy for research.

Happy thing the fifth:

Amanda has a boyfriend. (That really isn’t the happy part, though I suppose that at sixteen and a half I had to accept that it was sort of inevitable that she would take up with a boy sooner or later.) The happy part is this…


Yup. When he duly reported here for reasons of parental examination, Amanda taught him to knit. I don’t know why he did it (He’s either actually interested or an Eddie Haskall type) but either way I think I speak for mothers of teenaged daughters everywhere when I say that I’m all for anything that keeps his hands busy.

Happy thing the sixth:

Dude. I finished the book. Bookbookbook III is sitting with my editor and I feel so light and happy that I sometimes giggle a little bit when I think of it. I could dance. (I did dance.) It’s good that I finished it before the caffeine intake killed me. (Link a generous heads-up from Ilsa, who was clearly concerned I was walking a little close to the edge.) I finished it, hit send, laughed out loud and then thought…

Holy crap. The Christmas knitting.