Pass the lysol!

I am so happy, so overwhelmed with glee and delight and simple unmitigated joy that I cleaned the kitchen floor. (I know. I’m not sure about my reaction either, I think I was so happy that I wasn’t even making sense.)

Happy thing the first:


Monty is getting bigger and fatter and is a pretty good baby. Monty is seen here wearing the better hat promised to him on the day of his birth and provided generously by Sarah. I think (considering the limited range of purposeful expression that three week old babies have, that he looks delighted.) Sorry for the odd angle, he wasn’t really into being laid down for a picture.

Happy thing the second:

Megan knit a hat,


all by herself, using this book and her wits. It’s the first really wearable piece of knitting she’s turned out (though she did alter the pattern a bit, which I think may be genetic.) and I’m feeling proud.

Happy thing the third:

Socks That Rock, do.


I love this yarn. Pattern, the feather and fan socks that Cassie loves, from Socks, Socks, Socks, colourway….forgotten. The only bad news about these socks is that I think I might be addicted to this yarn, and I don’t think I can get it in Canada. Brutal. I may need a hook-up.


Happy thing the fourth:

Blanket race

Days: 6

Balls of yarn knit up: 6 (almost. I’ve got a 1/4 ball left in one but I’m having such a great day I’m going to overlook that.)

Balls left to go: 13

Babies weights: I dunno, but they sure are cute.

Mood: I’m still having a good time, although I did sort of notice how long a ball of yarn was last night. Yarn is, (for those of you who asked) Mission Falls 1824 Wool. (Discontinued…get it while you can.) and the patterns for the blankets are…well. I’ll tell you tomorrow when I can look it up. I’m to happy for research.

Happy thing the fifth:

Amanda has a boyfriend. (That really isn’t the happy part, though I suppose that at sixteen and a half I had to accept that it was sort of inevitable that she would take up with a boy sooner or later.) The happy part is this…


Yup. When he duly reported here for reasons of parental examination, Amanda taught him to knit. I don’t know why he did it (He’s either actually interested or an Eddie Haskall type) but either way I think I speak for mothers of teenaged daughters everywhere when I say that I’m all for anything that keeps his hands busy.

Happy thing the sixth:

Dude. I finished the book. Bookbookbook III is sitting with my editor and I feel so light and happy that I sometimes giggle a little bit when I think of it. I could dance. (I did dance.) It’s good that I finished it before the caffeine intake killed me. (Link a generous heads-up from Ilsa, who was clearly concerned I was walking a little close to the edge.) I finished it, hit send, laughed out loud and then thought…

Holy crap. The Christmas knitting.

104 thoughts on “Pass the lysol!

  1. You are really having a wonderful day!! And yes, anything that keeps a teenagers boyfriend or girlfriend’s hands busy is a very good thing.
    I hope your day continues to be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What great happy things. the babies are so cute.
    Don’t panic, you still have twenty days til Christmass. There that makes it sound better, right?

    Congrats on all the very good things that happened today! It is a good day indeed!!!
    Now go knit. >:)

  4. Holy crap indeed! I am (still kind of…) hoping the speed of light knitting ability will kick in any time now, seeing how I have gifts to mail to Ontario. 100% hand-knit holidays: bah-humbug! Not one of my more brilliant ideas. Obviously I have become delusional about my abilities from reading you too much (I figured if the Harlot can do it, so can I…)

  5. Nice socks. Cute boyfriend and the busy hands seems like a most excellent idea. And Megan knit a hat! And the baby is cute and the babies are cute and the book is finished and life is good. You’re asking for a smack in the head from reality. You do know that, right?

  6. I am going to have to remember the knitting test when my daughters (5 and 3) start dating. That is so awesome! Good luck with the Christmas knitting !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So many happy things! Fantastic!
    [also: perhaps happy thing the seventh: I heard a rumour that other company is going to take on Mission Falls and continue to put out 1824 Wool. Will it be the same? Same processes, different prices? I have no clue! But I heard it at one of my LYSes, so I can only guess that they are mostly a reputable source.]

  8. Yeah for happy things! In Washington, DC they are forecasting 3-5″ of snow which means a snow day for anyone who follows the federal government. Fingers crossed!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Did Uncle Tucker ever get his other mitten last year?
    How many sets of DPN’s do you have? Can you just start a lot, and punt?
    Or, blow everybody off and work on the gansey that shall not be named? That seems valid.

  10. I love the socks! I too know the pain of not having access to Socks that Rock – I have been admiring them on people’s blogs, but Australia is sadly COMPLETELY DEVOID of good sock yarn. Sorry, am I sounding bitter again? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yup anything that keeps the new boyfriend’s hands busy that isn’t Amanda is a very good thing.
    And even if he did it simply to butter you up, hey at least he’s making an effort ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Christmas knitting?!?!?! Aw crap, where are my needles??
    And I canNOT wait for bookbookbook3, especially because that probably means another tour and therefore opportunity to see you again ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’ve been wondering why they put December right after November this year — seems there used to be more time. . .

  13. What a great day- the baby is absolutely adorable and the socks are gorgeous! If only every Monday could be so good……

  14. Dude. You finished the book! Now it makes sense that I have already ordered it on Amazon…
    We need to get Socks that Rock up here in Canada – we are being deprived on this wonderful stuff!
    Let’s not talk Christmas knitting unless you have figured out how to warp the time – space continuum – I need more time!!

  15. Actually, there are postings over at Knitters Review that Mission Falls is being revived. . .which would be another happy thing.

  16. I believe that those were the socks I touched at my first LK SnB…and I was going to ask you where a newbie knitter could find herself a dealer..woops I meant lys.
    they are beautiful.

  17. Thank gawd I wasn’t taking a sip of anything when I read the 5th thing. As a mother of two, count’em two, teenaged boys I very nearly choked. Yep, I’m thinking anything that keeps their hands *off* the girls is a good thing. Congrats on finishing the bookbookbook III!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS! Yay for finishing the book! Yay for Megan’s hat! Yay for Monty’s cute little babyness! Yay for the beautiful socks! Yay for the fact that you didn’t actually manage to kill yourself with caffiene. Would’ve put a serious damper on the fun of having a reason to type Yay so many times. (no, I don’t get out much. why do you ask?)
    I shall now, as someone who has only one measly scarf planned for Christmas gifting, sit back and enjoy the show.

  19. Adorable baby!
    WOOHOOOO Megan! Great hat!
    Must. get. bookbookbookII. simply. must.
    Mission Falls 1824 has been bought out. Both the wool and cotton should be back in production sometime in Jan. 2006. I received the news in an email from Busy Hands Yarn- they’re in Canada.
    I like how you gave the boyfriend the smallest needles known to mankind! That should keep his hands busy for a good long while.
    If you need a hookup- feel free to email. I’ll be happy to ship anything I can find.

  20. Woohoo!
    That’s a “woohoo” for the awesome day you’re having, for the amazing socks, for the baby blanket…. and for bookbookbookIII!!! (This is mostly a selfish woohoo).
    Huzzah for the fabulous day!
    (it would take 658.5 cups of green tea to kill me, in case you were wondering)

  21. I see full-fledged caffeine highs in your life until after Christmas. Then you’re going to crash land. Look for a soft place!

  22. Toni at The Fold will ship STR to Canada. We’ve had an interesting discussion about duties and such over at Jeanie Townsend’s Yahoo Group.
    So very glad about your book! You have the most amazing work ethic.
    Of course Amanda chose a nice guy who wants to learn how to knit — she’s *your* daughter!
    Thanks again for the term, “courtesy rows.” We’re using that one and “tandem knitting” a lot at the local Teen Knitting Club.

  23. More hoorays from here. Relax about the Christmas
    knitting. Make IOU cards with sketches of the planned items (not photos – too specific – and don’t include yarn samples in case the yarn doesn’t work out). Alternate knitting the more enjoyable projects with the less enjoyable ones. The first ones to do are the ones for kids who are old enough to know about the date and young enough to care. Then people who haven’t received one recently. The rest have received recently and are old enough to understand or young enough not to know or care this year. Me, I’m having fun using up ancient oddballs making experimental hats.

  24. Congrats on finishing the book! One of the best feelings ever, certainly. Well…up there in the top ten or twelve, anyway.
    And I heard the rumor re: Mission Falls too. Apparently someone bought the company and agreed to continue using the same mill, etc. Huge relief. Though now I feel a bit silly about the panic-driven stockpiling that I did.

  25. Woohoo, grats on book the third!!! And big thumbs up on the rest of your day. Enjoy it, revel in it, roll around in the yarn!
    PS Yes, I’ve noticed balls of yarn include a lot of yarn… not when you’re hoping you have enough, but definitely when you’re trying to use up your stash or counting your project by balls of yarn…

  26. The picture on the website notwithstanding, I’d bet on the socks being “Jewel of the Nile” — I’ve spun it and while the shades will vary from hank to hank, it looks right familiar. (Already spun and washable, too, though — quelle concept.)
    There had damned well better be both Christmas knitting and panic — I’m looking at the second sock for two different(to be mailed)pairs, a mobious scarf (the yarn should arrive any day now)(also to be mailed) and a handspun spiral scarf. (I’m no fool — ripped out the Fire on the Mountain merino/angora scarf which didn’t sell and it’s becoming a spiral.) AND I’m freezing in here, trying to keep the house at 68 without wristers. Panic? I should think SO!

  27. i wrote to the people that create “Socks That Rock” yarn,and it is sad but horribly true: this yarn is not distributed in Canada.
    i’m trying not to dwell on Just how wrong this is.

  28. First off, I want to kiss that sweet baby on his tiny, perfect chin. What a doll face.
    Sounds like you have quite a bit to celebrate. May your good fortune continue and may the Christmas knitting proceed without incident.
    BTW, while it’s lovely to hear news of Megan and Amanda, what’s Sam up to?

  29. Congrats on finishing B3! Mmm…socks that rock! And good luck with the Christmas knitting. I need to pass the hotline to my brother, who continues to make not-very-kind comments about my ‘wool habit’.

  30. Congrats on all the happy things! You deserve to hoot, holler, dance, drink, celebrate as you choose. (Even if you do have knitting still to do.) Those socks are gorgeous.
    Rest assured that as the mother of a 9-year-old girl, I am taking notes. So far she’s kind of doing the Early Knitter Dance: two steps forward, one back, one sideways. Now I know: it’s not so much if *she* knits as if her *boyfriend* does.

  31. Maybe you can farm some of the Christmas knitting off on Meg, Amanda, and the boyfriend (and doesn’t Sam knit too?). Unless they’d like to free up some knitting time for you by developing a close personal relationship with Mr. Washie and Mrs. Cookey (and Cousin Moppy and Uncle Toilet-brushy). Hey, it’s worth a try. Congrats on BBBIII. Can’t wait to read it.

  32. Congrats on the BOOK and all the other happy things you’ve got going on. I totally echo the “Holy crap. The Christmas knitting” sentiment!

  33. Wow, congratulations all around! Megan gets a gold star for a wonderful hat and perseverance! (perseverence??) Your socks are out of my favorite sock pattern as well! Your book, well we all know it is great before even seeing it! Your progress on the baby things–I am amazed with your level of dedication. As for the sock yarn, I found it on the Internet and the place where it is made and sold is not too far from where I live. I plan a field trip to the Socks that Rock store as soon as I finish my papers for this semester. Then, it’s onto I-90 and zoom down to northern Illinois!!!!

  34. Yay you!
    Shuddering at the whole concept of daughters having boyfriends.
    Maybe that won’t happen to me. xoxo Kay

  35. Way to go, Amanda! He’s got it bad for her if he’s knitting. Of course, he probably didn’t realize all of his super cool friends could witness him praciticing his “craft”. He may never live it down.

  36. Oh, Stephanie, thanks for brightening my day! I will not go in to details, but it has been the polar opposite of yours…..
    And if you get to NYC on the next book tour, I’ll be there!
    Mazel tov.

  37. Daughters with boyfriends can be ok. As in, if one drives through a blizzard an hour and a half (total drive 6 1/2 hours) to see one in his senior play, and when one arrives, he is wearing the wristers one knitted for him. That’s quite a cool feeling, actually. This *ahem* happened to a friend of mine. Not me. A FRIEND. *sniff*
    Way to go, Amanda; way to go, Megan; way to go, Mum!

  38. Forget the knitting, YOU CLEANED the KITCHEN FLOOR! I’m really edgy about the boyfriend. Scare the shit out of him. I mean that in the nicest way possible. I have an almost 18 yr old girl child…yes child. Will she ever grow up?
    p.s. have any good cable hat patterns in that wonderful curly head of yours?

  39. What an absolutely famtabulous day! And the two ‘hookups’ for the STR yarn are above by Tracy and Sylvia! Toni at The Fold is just super to deal with and she is such an enabler!

  40. so wonderful you have a list of happy things so sweet and diverse…thank god for the good days.
    I will share a happy thing, my 16 1/2 year old
    son asked for some BOOKS for Christmas.(!) not just sports video games. what a happy day
    REALLY looking forward to book the third. I mailed my copies of your first 2 books to my mom and she hasn’t sent them back….
    I went ahead and ordered some 1824 wool as soon as you told me what it was, it is on it’s way from DC to NJ…thanks didn’t know it was discontinued.

  41. Wow! What a great day! And now you’ve made mine better too, having seen Monty in his new topper. *grin* I’m glad to see that Amanda’s new beau is coming along well. We can’t be too careful. ๐Ÿ™‚
    HOORAY for Bookbookbook III! Can’t wait. Congratulations.

  42. Nice work. Now, could you come here and help me finish this brief? A shot of Harlot-ism certainly couldn’t hurt it, although the judge might be a wee bit surprised.

  43. Hooray for the new book! And, I must say, that baby is looking very very well formed and advanced for just 3 weeks old. And Megan’s hat is beautiful. Good for you!

  44. What a great day! Can’t wait for bookbookbook III. Now you can concentrate on babies and blankies, and yes, the Christmas knitting. Happy December!

  45. Monty is adorable (but then again, I’m partial to boy babies).
    Megan is a Goddess for knitting her hat!
    Amanda and boyfriend are great. Please tell him that guys who knit ROCK! Almost as much as a babe-magnet as a guy with a puppy!
    And I, too, want socks that rock yarn. Saw the “Sapphire” colorway online on the link you provided and I want, I want, I want!!!

  46. What a great day! Hooray, for you and the Harlot household. Good question K, did Uncle Tupper get the other mitten? Excellent socks. Did you ever think that if you didn’t flip the calender from Nov to Dec you would have all the time in the world? I’m working on that process now. Boyfriends and hands? Good idea there, is Amanda trying to lull you into a false sense of security? Do boys in Canada wear baggy jeans that threaten to fall off at the slightest touch in WINTER? If so, how do you resist the urge? Congrats on sending the book off. Don’t worry about the Christmas knitting , the baby blankets, et al. Everything will take care of itself in its usual wily-nily way.

  47. Congratulations on a wonderful day!
    As for the boyfriend…
    1) he came to be inspected;
    2) he learned to knit; and
    3) you like him.
    Clearly, this relationship is doomed.

  48. Congrats on finishing the book!
    Oh, my goodness! Monty, and his hat, but especially Monty IN his hat, are so incredibly cute I think I may actually be in pain. Adorable barely begins to describe it.

  49. Woooh Hooooh!
    Great Happy things.
    It is so totally cool that Amanda’s beau is learning to knit!
    And that your offspring has, on her very own, generated a cool hat to wear!
    But the bookbookbook III (is that bookbookbookbookbookbookbookbookbook ?) is DONE! YOWSA! What an amazing week/day for you!
    I am in AWE (well, I was before, but moreso now)
    you go girl!

  50. And a happy day for me too because I FINALLY got my copy of Bookbookbook II. It’s only been a couple of months since I ordered it…

  51. I know that you’re focused on keeping the hands of teenaged boys busy, as you’re the mum with girls. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the gentle time when teenaged girls didn’t phone teenaged boys 1,000,000 times a day. Of course, I’m the faux-mum of two teenaged boys. And, yes, I’m all for anything that keeps their hands busy as well — not looking for grandchildren just yet.

  52. Stephanie — That is fantastic – a clean floor! I wish I could say the same… nothing really stopping me but the big P (procrastination)… and of course big congrats to you and your family and friends on all the rest too!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about bbb3 (the book), bb2 (the baby), & b1 (the boyfriend). Special smiles go to Magan for her funky cool hat!
    Love the killer drink link… did you check out the dif between caf and decaf coffee… I usually drink decaf and am feeling pretty good about that right now.
    Finally, Knitty came out with winter patterns today… some great quickies for the holidays… check it out:-)

  53. The hat looks amazing. And what a cute picture of Amanda and “the boy”. You’ve obviously done a kick arse job of raising those girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Blue Moon Fiber Arts will be at Stitches West… I bet they’ll have lots and lots of colorways… I bet you could do some book signing while you were there and make your publisher think you’re working…
    Come on, you know you wanna…

  55. You have been *productive* lately!! The kitchen floor, even! You’re making me look bad. BookBookBooks One and Two gave me some of the best laughs during the hardest year I’ve had yet, so I can’t wait for Bookbookbook the Third!
    Oh, and your socks totally rock. I *love* Socks That Rock. They retail it at The Fold in Marengo, Illinois– just a short drive from my house. Perhaps I could be persuaded… well, I’m just sayin’, that’s all…

  56. I’m having a full on case of the vapors right now!!
    (It’s a good thing that my job is neither phased by my blog reading nor my random shrieking)

  57. CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS…….. OK, (wiping sweat from my forhead)……… my neighbor has this habit of letting me know every day how many more days till christmas…….. lol…. beautiful baby and socks. I’m comming up to the dating thing here real soon, my dd is 12, and have warned her she WILL NOT DATE!….. rofl

  58. Man, you’re one industrious mother of a three-week-old! Reading, mopping, knitting… Monty is such a laid-back baby, eh?

  59. Mission Falls will be back by January according to my LYS. Something about 2 partners feuding I think. I just hope Meg Kandis keeps designing for them. I like her stuff.

  60. Book 3 is Finished!! Two thumbs up and a bag of Cheetos. Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey!

  61. YOU rock! Socks are amazing, Monty is amazing (well, of course you had something to do with that, you knit for him, right?), and a clean kitchen floor is – well – almost beyond comprehension. I salute you!

  62. Congrats on finishing the book!!! Can’t wait to get it! Sounds like you are having a wonderful day! Hope it continues for you!!!

  63. Speaking of Christmas knitting, you have probably already gotten a million messages telling you about the Spiderman gloves pictured in the new Interweave Knits. Though that might be ancient history as far as Hank is concerned.

  64. So happy you like the Socks that Rock yarn. Makes a knitter happy to enable another knitter. I think Cara has enough to keep you in STR for years. Decades maybe. Colorway – Queen Rock.
    Also, I heard a rumor that the 1824 Wool is now NOT being discontinued. A yarn store owner told me this. She was a bit looney, should we trust her?

  65. Oh my God…. a clean kitchen floor? What is that? What a great day for you, you deserve MANY,MANY more for writing BookIII for us. I can’t express how much your writing touches my life (and obviously so many others). Thanks for everything, and May the Christmas Miracle provide help with the time-space warp!

  66. I am LMAO at the idea of a teenage boy knitting to impress his girlfriend and her mother. The concentration in his whole body was adorable.
    Hooray for Monty, who looks like he’ll grow up into a big beefy boy too.
    Sorry to tell you, though, I looked at Lene’s new pictures yesterday, and I don’t think the Tinks are waiting for their blankets.
    Congrats on the book – Sarah the Wonder Publicist promised that Arizona would be on the tour this time, so I can’t wait.
    Christmas knitting – 20 days is 480 hours. That’s PLENTY of time.

  67. Yay, happy things! And I think my “Holy crap. The Christmas knitting.” moment will be coming tomorrow after I hand in my final project for the semester…

  68. By the way, if Sarah the Wonder Publicist wants to know where to send you next, there are a lot of people in Colorado that would drive anywhere in the state to meet you. I think Colorado Springs would be a nice centralized location, but I may be slightly biased.

  69. So very congratulations on the wonderful day. I know it would have to be pretty damned spiffy to get me to clean my kitchen floor–and by that time, I’d probably just pay someone to do it using money I’d scraped out of the car ashtray or something, so I’m considerably impressed. The baby is adorable, the twins are adorable (tiny…so damned tiny!!!) Particular congratulations on BOOKBOOKBOOK!! I’m editing my own self-published masterpiece right now, and I know that when that chore is done, I just might clean something too… (btw? enjoy the boyfriend… as long as you save all the best blackmail stuff to the very end, she’ll be your angel princess to keep you quiet…)

  70. It’s MY happy thing that YOU flipped out about Christmas knitting… somehow, I feel slightly less insane if the Harlot is also flipped out.
    Seven things on the needles, not one finished, and at least 3 I haven’t started yet. And a Conference to LEAD the weekend before Christmas. (Who in the H*%*& came up with THAT scheduling???? Don’t they know that’s PRIME knitting time????)
    Breathe. And if that doesn’t help, throw another shot of brandy in the egg nog.

  71. How’s Joe feeling about this boyfriend thing?
    My husband will be administering a Java programming test to any and all boys who desire a date with my daughter. Me, I’ll be waiting at the door with an extra spindle AND a set of needles…
    Congratulations on all of the happy news!

  72. Oh heavens, that’s a wonderful sight! My young engineer boyfriend recently took up the needles, and while he used to help with dinner and dishes, he now just sits there knitting away. I can’t even muster up slight irritation! The guy even asked me to show him (in clumsy made up lingo) eyelets, intarsia and purling. My beginning knitting students never ASK to purl, much less use the most maddening colorwork technique known to woman. I feel extremely lucky.
    And so sorry to hear of the stench of goat. Perhaps a Kool-Aid dye bath?

  73. What a fabulous abundance of happiness! Congrats all around (that knitting b/f is killing me… If more did that, there would be far fewer of us singles at xmas, I think–imagine, an extra set of hands to work on gifts)
    And Steph, I am pretty sure there are at least eleventy folks here in the states that would be MORE than happy to see you in STR for evermore. Just say the word.

  74. Since I am a mother of a sixteen year old daughter I heartily agree with having a plan to keep the male of the species’ hands busy on anything BUT my daughter ;o)
    As well as in sight at all times.
    And both hormonal crazed persons must be in the presence of the parental units at all times.
    And vertical.

  75. I am the boyfriend, yes, the boyfriend. Appears I am famous to some degree, and yes, I love to knit. Oh and another thing, I do enjoy my male “critiques”. (I knit when I hang out with them :P)
    My mother reads your books obsessivly. She now has christmas presents for everyone.

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