An Invitation.

It is with enormous pride and satisfaction (as well as an impending sense of doom – which I’m learning is normal, at least for me) that I invite anyone who can make their way to Toronto to the Official Launch for Bookboookbook II – Aka: Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter. (Am I the only one who thinks that might be the first time I’ve typed the real title on this blog? I sometimes think about how twitchy it must make the publisher that we call it Bookbookbook II. How my complete failure to “stay on message” and lack of interest in mentioning the title as often as possible must make them want to lie their heads down on their desks for a little bit.)

Wednesday, December 7th, 6:00pm at the Textile Museum of Canada. Cocktail party, Launch and generally big deal (well, for me) and knitting gala. (I’ve always wanted to write “Knitting Gala”. So it is one, but you can still wear jeans.) Spread the word, bring a friend…bring your knitting.

A couple of notes.

– I know 6 is early. I know about the TTC and the Traffic and the thing with the guy. Do your best…we’ll wait for you. (That’s a lie. We’ll wait for my mother but she isn’t off work until 6 so I don’t know when we’ll start, but unless that’s the day my mum learns to teleport…I assure you that we will be shmoozing for at least 15 minutes before I talk. At least. If you feel you will require more time, please contact my mother, I have it on good authority that she can be as late as you need her to be.

– I will talk. I will talk and I will read from the book…or so they tell me. I havn’t figured out what I’ll say yet, but it will probably have something to do with knitting. I had a dream last night that everyone at the launch was naked and I had to knit you all clothes before I could give the speech. I was crying and knitting and all of the tape measures were gone and they kept yelling “now! now! People are waiting!” and it was awful.

I woke up this morning and realized that I may have some stress about the talking. That’s good for people who come to see me…since even if I suck it will be entertaining to see me sob helplessly and get all sweaty.

– The gift shop will have both books and I’ll sign both books so if you were trying to think of some sort of Christmas gift for a knitter, one of these books could totally get you out of giving them some yarn.

– I don’t know what “Cocktail Party” means…but I think you could get a drink. Pretty sure. Last time people got free wine.

-The Textile museum says that it costs money to get in, but that’s a lie. There’s no charge to come to the launch since admission is free after 5pm and the launch is at 6. If you show up at noon they’re going to charge you, but that seems fair.

Anything else? I hope I see anyone who can make it there. It’s a wonderful day for me, and the only day I feel like I’m allowed to be very proud of a book I really like…and I can’t wait to share my celebration with you. (I bet there will be an afterparty too. Joe’s big on the afterparties.)

The Blanket Race:


There’s my ball of yarn for yesterday. I decided to swap between the two blankets, partly so that they will be done at about the same time (just in case there’s any mojo in it.) and partly to attempt to make it a little more interesting in a probably futile an attempt to keep myself focussed on them so I don’t wander off. I’m keeping a little scorecard to try and motivate myself. I’m trying to race the babies for home, but they are so healthy that I think they might be allowed to go before they are 5lbs, and that (while their mother would be thrilled) is not helpful to their local knitter. Therefore, I have revised my plan to simply knit the two blankies ASAP and hope they are wrapped in them soon.

Days: 3

Balls of yarn knit up: 3

Balls left to go: 16

Babies weights: Morgan: 4lb and Liam: 4lbs 3oz.

Mood: I can totally do it. This and Christmas knitting too. It’s like my hands are a blur. Stand back so you don’t get hit with flying lint.

Yee haw.

73 thoughts on “An Invitation.

  1. You Can Do It. Wish I were closer so I could come to your party. Have a wunnerful time. Everybody will love you, for sure.

  2. You. Can. Totally. Do. It. Perhaps it’s time to introduce the girls to a rewarding relationship with Mr. Washie.

  3. I wish I could go as I was so thrilled to read both books. I have lent the second one to our gift shop lady who will order it when she finishes reading it. She is already selling book 1! I just loved Book 2, as much as Book 1! Can’t wait for Book 3!!!
    Unfortunately, living in Oshawa and working in Toronto, the commuting is tiring. Also I have 3 dogs and 3 cats who expect me home to feed them!
    Also, my knitting is just a scarf and since I know you aren’t fond of acrylics, I’d be hiding it.
    I hope to meet you and get your autograph on my books one day!
    Keep writing, you’re Fab!

  4. Sweaty and sobbing helplessly is fine. Just as long as you don’t throw up.
    Although, the chain reaction with an entire audience catching the barfing bug might make the launch go down in history…

  5. Am I totally out to lunch or just trying to buy you some time? Don’t babies usually lose a little weight and then gain? Like a two day minus some ounces and then get back up to their birthweight. Though the tast looms large before you – if anyone can accomplish this – you can. Knit more, sleep less? Wasn’t this the Christmas chatter last year? Sleep is so over-rated.

  6. I think it’s geniunely cute that you still, after all your successful book signings and talks, get wigged out about the whole thing. I’ve seen you now, what 3 times? And you’ve been charming and funny and inspiring every time. So relax, you’re going to be wicked (!) good! Wish I could be there, too.

  7. Stephanie, of course you can do it!! You always do. But I sure would like to see those needles throwing sparks. Maybe you could make the book party into an Extreme Knitting event instead? Surely you’ll be calmer if you can knit while you talk. . . and it’s so great that those babies are “too” healthy.

  8. Wow!! to everything!! As for the knitting race with the babies, I say forget your talk and just let the fans watch you knit at the Gala!! They can read portions of the book to you!! wouldn’t that be grand??

  9. “It’s a wonderful day for me, and the only day I feel like I’m allowed to be very proud of a book I really like…”
    You enjoy your wonderful day and allow yourself to be proud of Bookbookbook II every single day! Bask in the joy of new books, new babies and knitting!

  10. Cocktail parties ROCK.
    Congrats on the book! If I could teleport from D.C. to TO I’d be there!! I will send you good vibes about your talk. I loathe public speaking, so I understand your anxiety.

  11. Ummmm…. can I get your Mum’s number? I live and work north of the city and 6 might be cutting it a little close…

  12. Drat! 6pm! On a weekday! If I happened to be “sick” that day, and I left straight from work the night before, I might make it by the time you were done speaking. Sigh…

  13. I love the blanket, what’s the pattern for the edging you are doing. I am going to make a baby blanket for Christmas, and that edge would snazz it up nicely.
    Good luck with your Knitting Gala (see now you have other people saying it)!

  14. Um, Lene? The chain reaction thing? That’s really, really gross. Even moreso coz I can SO picture it. And I have a 4 yo boy. I know from gross.
    I actually called the Textile Museum yesterday to confirm the date coz they had ‘Thursday, Dec 7’ on their site. Went home happily planning an appropriately slinky and possibly sparkly outfit to wear to a knitting gala, and whether or not I’d have to cast on a new project to go with the outfit, and looking forward to seeing Emma again and…
    And then I got home and found Matthew’s school Winter Concert has been flipped from next Thursday to Wednesday. And it starts at 7.
    Depending on how early you’re planning to arrive, I’d love to swing by and give you a hug and wish you well. (And make sure someone’ll call me about the afterparty, which I could probably get out to. I love parties. And I don’t get out much. But you know that already)
    And you should feel proud of this book EVERY DAY! I am for you, and I’m just a new friend. It’s a really, really great book, Steph.

  15. I love the blankets, but did I miss a picture of the last baby in the snowflake shawl?
    Conga-Rats to you for believing you can do it all, and for the official publication reading! Hooray! Unfortunately, I’ll be in this frozen tundra known as northern Minnesota.

  16. Yee haw? I don’t remember that being part of the Canadian thing. Shouldn’t it be “Yee haw, eh?”

  17. I just thought of something.. you really only have to have them finished by the earliest due date that she had.. cause they got here tooo early 🙂 hee..hee.. i’m such an enabler.. have fun next week too 🙂 k

  18. As long as we’re swapping dreams, Tuesday morning, I think it was, I dreamt that I was staying at your house and got a peek at the manuscript of book3/3, which I can assure you was totally brilliant, and I can also assure you I totally don’t remember any of it, not that it would matter unless I were creepily telepathic, which I am not. Anyhow, I noticed a few typos and grammatical errors and asked if I could mark it up, and you said sure but print out another copy because that one was yours (or something like that). So I walked out of the room to go turn on the printer, and in the process walked right out of the dream, and there I was wide awake at 5:42 am (ok, a mere 9 minutes before my alarm would have gone off anyway), no Steph, no book. Waah. What do you get when an extremely picky editor is madly jealous of Juno? That dream, is what you get.
    Allow me just to say that your first two books were superbly written and edited, and I’m sure the third will be up to that high standard as well. Although I would be happy to take my intractable blue-pencil twitch to it, should your regular editor be busy, or snowbound, or something.
    Also, I wish your barfathon had occurred at Willow Books: everyone who was there just imagine the fit Dave would have thrown, if just hosting lots of knitters made him twitchy.

  19. I wish I were closer so I could come to your book launch, too. You SHOULD be proud–you should crow about your success every single day of the week! Okay, maybe not *every* day, that might get a bit obnoxious. But seriously, look at how many of us have filled out that questionnaire currently circulating and put “write a book” under “things I want to do before I die.” And you did it, sister. More than once. So get yourself a glass of wine and a pat on the back. We’re all proud of you, and please consider those of us who can’t be there present in spirit.

  20. Darling, you know you’re famous when:
    I had become addicted to National Geographic’s Wildcam Africa, a 24 hour live video camera trained on a watering hole on a wildlife preserve in Botswana. Unfortunatley the camera has been down for a few weeks, but the devoted following is using the comments section of the associated blog to chat and offer each other alternative amusements on the web.
    Yesterday your blog was mentioned. You can find it on this page:
    but it’s a very big file.
    And if this is indeed a small world after all, then the poster, “Gillian in Ottawa”, is my childhood friend from growing up in Toronto.

  21. You might want to mention that the description for Bookbookbook II now in Amazon is… uh… not attractive to readers. It’s specifically written to encourage booksellers to carry the book, as far as I can tell. But Knitters and Those Who Love Them already know how many wonderful Knitting people there are out there; they want to know why they should buy your book (for themselves or their Knitters…)
    Good luck with the launch…

  22. Is it sad that I have read Bookbookbook II and have lent it to 3 friends who went out and bought their own copies haveing all finished my copy, before the official release ever happened? Maybe we just read really fast and Amazon screwed up on sending it to me early.
    Good luck on the blanket race. I’m cheering for you, but I’m cheering for healthy babies harder. Sorry, hon. Hehe
    Have a great day!

  23. So if I come to the cocktail party, does that mean I should come naked so you can knit me some clothes? Seems only fair since you get to go through the nerves…the audience should have to be just as nervous!! You’ll do great! No doubt about that!

  24. Alas won’t be able to make it to the launch of the tour. I did finish reading the book last night. I loved it. Not very often is there a book that makes you both laugh and cry. I did both reading this one. Thank you.

  25. Although I’m scheduled to be in Toronto later this month, it’s not soon enough! Argh. Really, really, really wish I could be there. Sigh… Don’t be nervous, just remember to wear a handknit sweater for all the people to see you in.

  26. Oh oh, I think I hear the sound of IT coming on… Everyone, step back, step back – give Steph plenty of room. This could get ugly…

  27. You have every right to be proud of both books; they are wonderful! In fact, when my copy of book2 arrived, it caused a whole busload of people to think I was having some kind of seizure while reading it. Don’t ever try to stifle that kind of giggling.
    As for the baby knitting – you’ll get it done, you know you will.

  28. How late would your mother have to be to allow me to get there from Tucson, AZ?
    I say, on the blankets, give yourself a break and have them ready for Christmas. Christmas blankets! That way you are making them for the babies and STILL working on your Christmas knitting.

  29. Why is it I now hear the strains of “Rawhide,” complete with the bleating of sheep in my head when I read the last paragraph?
    I won’t go into the vision I have of you in wooly chaps (with the “cowgirl” underpants) while that song is playing. Although, if I describe it to my beau, he may be interested in knitting for the first time ever… Just sayin’…

  30. Stephanie,
    I wish I didn’t live so far from the bookbookbook parties. I did check on airfare, but on such short notice, the ticket would be $887(US) and besides, my husband is going to Russia so I have to stay with the kids. Maybe next time!!!

  31. Good luck at your book launch! Would love to come, but I’m in Chicago. Hope to see you here someday if you tour. As for public speaking, don’t imagine your audience naked. It doesn’t work. Either you’ll laugh, or you’ll be frightened. Just look slightly above their heads so you don’t actually see anyone and it will be fine. Or have a few cocktails beforehand–that usually works, too. 🙂

  32. Totally enjoy the bookbookbook party… I self publish, so when my book comes out, there’s a lot of me dancing around the house singing old 80’s songs at the top of my lungs, but nothing public. Cherish the public part–you totally earned it, you totally deserve it, and even though you have to talk, remember that everybody there worships your yarn-goddess word-smithing self and there’s not a thing you could say to them that would let them down. Congratulations.

  33. I would love to know what the name of the cotton yarn is you are using for the baby blankets. I am making one now with Arcania? Nature’s cotton and my fingers are tired… but the blankie looks very cool

  34. I so wish I could make it for the Knitting Gala, but I need to be home the next day and Calary is just a wee bit too far away from Toronto for that to work. I’m sure it’ll be fantabulous and you’ll be wonderful.
    Oh, and k who wondered about yee haw being part of the Canadian lexicon? It is here in Calgary, especially in July when the Stampede (huge,huge, huge rodeo) is on.
    Liza {who lives where a Ford F-150 is a status symbol}

  35. I love ya Steph, but I’m just sitting by and waiting for the fall. What does it mean if you have to call your own knitting hotline? 🙂

  36. I would love to come! Arrangements will have to be made, but if I’m coming anyway and if you feel that you need some professional (knitting) help, I could be (easily) persuaded to knit on your blanket while you read. (It can be our little secret and I will knit love into every stitch so that the babies will not suspect a thing!)
    You would have to make eye contact with me occasionally to feed my fantasy that we are close personal friends and posing with me for picture (or 20) goes without saying!
    Let me know so that I can start getting my hopes up!

  37. Knit! Knit like the wind! If anyone can do it, you can! And gee, I wish I could come to that thingy but the thing is, I don’t even live in your country. Toooo bad.

  38. Ok, so here’s what you do: the day before the launch, take a comfy chair and a good lamp and park them next to Mr. Washie. Knit maniacally whilst catching up with all the laundry. Pack the clean clothes in garbage bags, grab all your measuring tapes, borrow someone’s car, and schlepp everything to the bookbookbook II party. You will have plenty of clothes and measuring devices for every naked person there, and can concentrate on speaking.
    Now, as soon as you’re introduced, step confidently to the mic and say, clearly and distinctly, “Arse! Arse! Arse!” There, now THAT’s out of the way and you can relax and do the speaking thing.
    Congrats on the book — I’ve had my copy since my sister picked it up for me in South Bend, Indiana, in October. It’s wonderful!

  39. The Knitting Gala is a little too far for me on such short notice. I hope you will come back to Seattle, I saw you last August at The Weaving Works and had a great time laughing ’til I cried. I felt like quite the outsider, as I appeared to be the only person who did not know you had a blog, having received At Knit’s End as a gift and showing up purely out of appreciation for it. If you come back to Seattle, I will be prepared, wearing my knitting monstrosity, camera in hand, and with my daughters. One daughter knits the other doesn’t, but I have hope: I brought Bookbookbook II on a backpacking trip and began to read aloud, my non-knitting daughter stopped me and asked “Is this the Bacon Powder lady?”; I may get her knitting just for the humor.

  40. Why would you only be allowed to be proud of such an accomplishment on that one day?! That’s crazy talk! You should be proud, proud, proud all the time! I definitely won’t be there, as I live in the US, but best wishes…I’m counting on complete details of all sobbing/sweating!

  41. just make sure you wash the shampoo out of your hair this time – if you forget that minor detail it might push you over the edge and you could go beyond sobbing and sweating! 😉 You will do awesome! You are a natural comedian and great in front of a mic. Someone reminded me last night that when we’re on stage or in front of a mic the audience wants you to do well, they are forgiving, and they are rooting for you! Remember that!

  42. I’ve loved both books and thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in Hollywood. Wish I could come up just to say I’d come the farthest, but no such luck.
    Keep up the positive attitude on the blankets and gifts! It’s the only thing that keeps most of us from doing a nosedive into the brandy/spiked cider/egg nog this time of year, isn’t it?

  43. Have they printed more books yet? Oh, I wish I had ordered it online instead of at our local bookstore. It’s been on back order for what seems like months now.
    Hey – you should all wear your knitted corsets to tonight’s gala. Isn’t that why you were all knitting them? Ha!

  44. I just bought the second book (still saving the purchase of the first for one of those days when I need *a little something*), and I love it! I crochet and sew (learning to knit is on my list for the cold, dank days of January), and the chapters on stash are so, so true . . . just ask my long-suffering husband (who has a stash of his own, but that apparently doesn’t county).

  45. Yay, oh yay! Why does Toronto have to be so far from San Diego, anyway? It’s something about snow. I think. Oh, and as long as _you_ are dressed, that’s all that matters. Just remember to think of them all in their underwear.
    Since it’s twins, you only need to knit one blanket. They’re small enough that it will cover both of them.

  46. I rented your first book from the library.
    I bought the second, Im halfway through and really enjoying it. Im fairly new to your blog (a few months only) but enjoy your wit and humor. Thanks for putting it all into a nice knitting-bag-friendly-sized book.

  47. Go! Go! Go!
    BTW, someone might have asked this already, but do you think you’ll be promoting your bookbookbookII at Stitches West this year?! We’d love you see you there!

  48. You just *have* to come to Phoenix. There are 300+ knitters just dying to meet you. I know, ’cause I have the mailing list. 🙂

  49. Hiya,
    You did a book signing at Yarn Forward for bookbookbook I. Will you be in Ottawa to sign bookbookbook II? I hope so, ’cause I didn’t find out about the signing for bookbookbook I till after it had happened. The ladies at Yarn Forward still had smiles on their faces about it when I went in the following week!

  50. you’re the best!
    i have to share this one:
    you know you knit too much when you go to the store to buy a flatscreen monitor and you end up getting a laptop, because you think it will be fun to knit a cover for it!
    thanks – you’re an inspiration to all of us!

  51. Do I see sparks coming off those knitting needles? Clear from here in Washington State? I know you can do it, Girl! Bookbookbook #2 is absolutely wonderful. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. . .

  52. An invitation?
    Okay, here’s one
    Since you’re clearly without anything to do in the next few weeks, I thought I’d share this meme with you… of all the bloggers I read, only a few are likely to do as wonderfully with this meme as you are. So grab your dictionary, google your word, and type up a wee riff…
    (See the instructions at
    I can already see the marvelous things you’ll do with whatever word you get!
    ducking and running, fast…
    (and hoping I’ll be allowed to come back).

  53. Psst — just want to share because this sounds like a very supportive group. I was overcome with the desire to teach myself how to knit (and crochet) and I would just like to say — if I hear one more claim that this *(%$ is easy, I’m going to stab someone with my new really long metal thingy stick. On a positive note, it only took me FOUR HOURS to figure out how to cast on and now two days later that is still exactly where I am. 🙁 Don’t even get me started on how “easy” crocheting is. Feel like it would be easier if I was drunk and in a coma.

  54. We rode the NICU roller coaster this summer with a 26 week old baby boy, and found to our surprise that general rules of discharge are based on how well a healthy preterm baby breathes and eats (central nervous system development) rather than a weight goal. I saw several babies go home in the 4 lb range, and one at 3 and a half. Our little lovely came home at 35 wks, and coincidentally, a hair over 5 lbs.
    Just remember that if you don’t finish before discharge, the twins will still have plenty of time to be wrapped and cuddled in their blankies after they get home. And we (preemie moms) get a bit more use out of such thoughtful things as our little ones do have catch up growth to do.

  55. Sure wish I could make your bookbookbook launch. Thanks for the invite! Kudos, congrats and best wishes. Enjoy the experience! And blessings to you on the third book! What a great thing and in such a wonderful season to celebrate! I’ve ordered all three of your books (they’ll be gifts for my husband to give me on Christmas!) Congrats again! I’m so happy for you!

  56. Steph,
    With all your accomplishments you better be mighty proud of yourself..I know your mom sure is and so am I out here in Osoyoos..see you in JANUARY Di

  57. Congratulations on finishing BookbookbookIII! And I lovelovelove that kill you with caffeine link. I wonder what their algorithm is….or else it’s scary to think that death by caffeine is so attainable. 277 diet cherry cokes? No problem.

  58. Mission Falls is coming back according to my LYS. Stocks should be full by January. I know…I bought up all that I could afford three months ago of the cotton and have about 50 balls of the wool on hold. Well, I can stop kvetchig…

  59. Congratulations on the “official” bookbookbook II launch! It’s a delightful book. I have the first and second one on my nightstand and pick each up and randomly read something almost every night.
    I have it on good authority the true meaning of “cocktail party”: My 10-year-old stepson told me it’s where “you go and eat shrimp.” Try to imagine that said in the “why, what else would it be, you silly grown-up?” kind of voice, and you get the picture…

  60. Just received your book as a result of a “requested” Christmas present. Last night I was reading the chapter about the bride and groom sweater you were knitting with Ken and was laughing so hard I was crying. My partner was laughing equally as hard at me laughing at your sad, sad situation….because we’ve all been there and can TOTALLY relate to your experience.
    Thanks for making our knitting perils so entertaining.

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