Ironically, while I am enjoying diversity in my community, it is driving me batty in my knitting.


Several failed attempts to make these match perfectly have been abandoned as absolutely impossible. (This may be the only flaw I can think of with the Trekking XXL yarn. It seems to make fraternal rather than identical socks.) When I couldn’t take it anymore, I started the second sock of this pair.


Sigh. Let this be a lesson to us all.

I’ve been swinging back and forth about whether or not I should address the explosion in the comments the other day. (Who knew that suggesting we be all equal in the eyes of the public school board would inspire debate?) I decided to let go of the comments. We’re all (mostly) entitled to our opinions, assuming that they are expressed with respect, so I’m going to leave them as an illustration of the different viewpoints possible among equals. (I’d like to remind you that the comments are my virtual living room, and that you should speak there the way that you would in my home, but most of you get that already.)

I am however, going to address another issue. Some people felt it necessary to send me private email. To those of you who sent thoughtful, intelligent email that respected me as a person (even while disagreeing with me) Thank you. To those of you who sent me the mail that was cruel, hurtful and unkind to me and my family, I’d like to say this. (By the way, I think some of you should look up the word “secular” in the dictionary before you continue. Note especially that nowhere does it say “evil, evil, evil”)

1. I still believe that it is ok for our secular school to have a secular concert, and that there really is something wrong with believing that songs from around the world don’t belong in a concert called “Songs from around the world”.

2. You are not entitled to your opinion if that opinion is a hate crime. (Hint: telling people they are bad, trying to send them away from your community, or praying that God will defend you by harming them because they are not the same as you would fall into this category)

I’ve thought about it, and I don’t mind being told that I am being intolerant of bigots. (In case it comes up later, I’m also ok with being accused of intolerance towards racists.)

3. Death threats make the baby Jesus cry. Ho ho ho!