An Invitation.

It is with enormous pride and satisfaction (as well as an impending sense of doom – which I’m learning is normal, at least for me) that I invite anyone who can make their way to Toronto to the Official Launch for Bookboookbook II – Aka: Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter. (Am I the only one who thinks that might be the first time I’ve typed the real title on this blog? I sometimes think about how twitchy it must make the publisher that we call it Bookbookbook II. How my complete failure to “stay on message” and lack of interest in mentioning the title as often as possible must make them want to lie their heads down on their desks for a little bit.)

Wednesday, December 7th, 6:00pm at the Textile Museum of Canada. Cocktail party, Launch and generally big deal (well, for me) and knitting gala. (I’ve always wanted to write “Knitting Gala”. So it is one, but you can still wear jeans.) Spread the word, bring a friend…bring your knitting.

A couple of notes.

– I know 6 is early. I know about the TTC and the Traffic and the thing with the guy. Do your best…we’ll wait for you. (That’s a lie. We’ll wait for my mother but she isn’t off work until 6 so I don’t know when we’ll start, but unless that’s the day my mum learns to teleport…I assure you that we will be shmoozing for at least 15 minutes before I talk. At least. If you feel you will require more time, please contact my mother, I have it on good authority that she can be as late as you need her to be.

– I will talk. I will talk and I will read from the book…or so they tell me. I havn’t figured out what I’ll say yet, but it will probably have something to do with knitting. I had a dream last night that everyone at the launch was naked and I had to knit you all clothes before I could give the speech. I was crying and knitting and all of the tape measures were gone and they kept yelling “now! now! People are waiting!” and it was awful.

I woke up this morning and realized that I may have some stress about the talking. That’s good for people who come to see me…since even if I suck it will be entertaining to see me sob helplessly and get all sweaty.

– The gift shop will have both books and I’ll sign both books so if you were trying to think of some sort of Christmas gift for a knitter, one of these books could totally get you out of giving them some yarn.

– I don’t know what “Cocktail Party” means…but I think you could get a drink. Pretty sure. Last time people got free wine.

-The Textile museum says that it costs money to get in, but that’s a lie. There’s no charge to come to the launch since admission is free after 5pm and the launch is at 6. If you show up at noon they’re going to charge you, but that seems fair.

Anything else? I hope I see anyone who can make it there. It’s a wonderful day for me, and the only day I feel like I’m allowed to be very proud of a book I really like…and I can’t wait to share my celebration with you. (I bet there will be an afterparty too. Joe’s big on the afterparties.)

The Blanket Race:


There’s my ball of yarn for yesterday. I decided to swap between the two blankets, partly so that they will be done at about the same time (just in case there’s any mojo in it.) and partly to attempt to make it a little more interesting in a probably futile an attempt to keep myself focussed on them so I don’t wander off. I’m keeping a little scorecard to try and motivate myself. I’m trying to race the babies for home, but they are so healthy that I think they might be allowed to go before they are 5lbs, and that (while their mother would be thrilled) is not helpful to their local knitter. Therefore, I have revised my plan to simply knit the two blankies ASAP and hope they are wrapped in them soon.

Days: 3

Balls of yarn knit up: 3

Balls left to go: 16

Babies weights: Morgan: 4lb and Liam: 4lbs 3oz.

Mood: I can totally do it. This and Christmas knitting too. It’s like my hands are a blur. Stand back so you don’t get hit with flying lint.

Yee haw.